Scam letter(s) from Natalia Tyuhtiy to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
At first I want to say thank you for email!
Secondly I want to say I hope so much I will receive an answer from you.
And every time I want to fly through the miles and kilometers only to you.
What do you think , my honey is it possible to unite two lonely hearts Only give me the opportunity to show you that I have strong intentions to win your heart and soul. I really feel that you will be mine and I will be yours.
This feeling full my bady.

But what a pity:there are so many kilometers between us! I really want to see you close with me, feel your breath,and do a lot of crazy things only with you.
But now it is only dream. And it depends on us to make our dream come true. Today is a good weather,it is shining now and I see you are looking at me from your place, you think about me as I think every moment about you.
I have the one only thought in my head:how can we build our future life together?
Allow me read your thoughts about this. Hope you are too want the same from our relations. You can ask me anything you want.
Big kisses to you. P.S. I'd like to come to you a lot!thank you for your proposition!
you are wonderful man and it'll be wonderful if we can meet...we can see each other eyes, hold our hands...kiss each other...and whisper "I need you!"
...Oh!you even can't imagine how strong i'd like to see you!
but I don't know if it's possible... =(
i really would like to meet you, and to come to you!
baby, I don't know if I can come, cause this trip will be too expensive for me!but just know that I really would like to come to you a lot!darling, but maybe you'll help me with money, so then I can come, and be with you?what do you think? With warm love,
Letter 2
hello my love Patrice!!! Frankly speaking,I understand that you become very close person for me and I really love you!!!
You is the sense of my life. I miss you when I do not get your letters for a long time. Without your attention I would feel lonely and uncomfortable.
Our communication helps me feel strong and sure of myself.
My only and cherished dream is to be with you.
Do not break my dream,ok? Patrice,I was in the travel agency, and I was told, that I need international passport, it cost 300$ visa 210$ and both way tickets around 240$ but this is too expensive for me darling...((( can you please help me with it?
in the travel agency I was told that you can use Western union, or money Gram to send me the money... will you help me with it??? baby, and as you asked, so I haven't got camera now to make you this photo!
but as soon as i'll have I'll send it to you!!! I'll wait for your answer! Olga
Letter 3
Good day, my darling Patrice!
How are you? How is your day today?
I hope everything is good in your life.
I am fine, of course, missing you as I always do. But, all in all, life is good.
Thank you very much for your nice words and that you care about me!
You are so kind and sweet man!
Today, I had a quite hard working day, my colleague was sick and I had to work instead of her too. But I'm even not tired, because you are always on my mind, thinking about you, I become inspired again and again. You are in my mind all the time! I did not think that it was possible but it is true.
Your words make me feel so good inside that..... now I cannot find the right words to describe how good you make me feel. I think we are both very lucky,we have the same souls,hopes and hearts. We found each other and we both are ready to be together. I think this is something special.
I'll be the most happy woman in the word,when I'll see you and I'll hear nice and sweet words from you in the real life!
darling, as you asked, so you can send me money by western union or Money Gram:
My adress is
Ukraine,town Popasnoe,(93300)
street Rudneva, 18/3
my full name:
Palagina Olga
Baby, i really would like to meet you a lot!
you can't even imagine how I'm exited about it!
please can you help me as soon as you can!!!
I really would like to be with you!!!
I'll wait for your answer!
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