Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Kaznacheeva to Christian (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello my love Christian!! I am very glad to see your letter and now I will write you the answer! My loved Christian it is heavy to me to be in a distance from you and consequently today I went on the various organisations and learnt as I can arrive to you! My dear Christian today I visited a tourist bureau and to me have informed that my LOVE what to arrive to you is required to me and to build our love and a family; the visa + the passport for travel abroad + the insurance + other documents = 440 euro. In me tears because to me have told that it much very much money for me my salary makes very little it approximately 160 euro. You understand as me it is sad that I cannot to arrive to you? I very much would like, but I cannot pay, what to me to do? You could arrive to me my love? I very much would like our meeting, in me tears because I LOVE YOU and it speaks my heart which loves and waits for our meeting!! I will wait your fast reply! With love! Yours Alexandra.
Letter 2
Hello my love Christian!!!! As I miss on you. I very much love you, and I look forward our meeting. As I have got acquainted with you, I became happy, I have understood that I do not wish to be with anybody another. I thought, believed, that as to me have carried. I was in in the power of dreams. I am happy. Yesterday before a dream I had dream of us with you when we will meet you. You do not represent, as strongly I wish to be with you, to love you that you loved me, to be engaged with you in love, to go to cinemas on days off, to look after you, to prepare for you, to take with you a shower. I never will forget you! You for me everything, you - my life! Without you there is no pleasure, there is no happiness! You as air, and after all to me so are important to breathe to live, but you are not present nearby! Today at us here fine weather. Favourite mine, I very much miss you. I do not have not enough you, your love. I wish to be with you, and as soon as possible. I very much love you. All my girlfriends are glad for me, they constantly ask me, as you business. I say to them, that is fast we with you we will meet, and we will be happy together. I still never met such fine, kind, gentle person as you. I feel the happiest. I am ready to shout in the sky as strongly I love you. I wish to be yours, and only yours. I want, that you were mine that you loved me constantly. You after all never will throw me? How I lived earlier? I do not know. For some reason thought, that I will not meet never the person for the sake of whom I can to be ready to do anything. But the destiny has presented to me you. You, the unique little man in the world to which to me not only this day would like to present gentle words. Speak, it is possible to meet the especial person and to consider it, to allocate from crowd for 5 minutes, it is necessary half an hour, that it to understand, day, that of it to grow fond and the whole life to forget. But how to understand, what exactly It you can forget never. Only having lost it it is possible to understand it. I am afraid to lose you. I do not know, that I will do, having lost you. You to me are very expensive, and I will not give you to anybody. My thoughts always with you. Everywhere, everywhere, that I did, that I heard, that I saw, everywhere one only you. My thoughts, they always about you, always with you, and nothing can force to cease to think me of you, to feel you everywhere, in everything where I was and that I did, everywhere you. As though any force does not wish me to release from you. Now you for me inaccessible, but simultaneously very close and native. Any your sign on attention became the presents, sincere, gentle, how much you can allow yourself it. It after all, the truth? You - the most remarkable, that happen in my life, you trust in it or not. I want, that you knew, I love you strong love! Every day, you are more and more necessary to me. And I am confident, that you know it and feel. Feelings overflow me every day more and more. And every day the love all is stronger and stronger, though it seems, further simply there is no place. And your love forces me to work wonders. Your love such strong, and sincere, that helps to overcome any problems-after all you love me. On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience will wait from you the letter. I love, I miss, gently and passionately whole you. Yours Alexandra. P.S. I wait our meeting, I wait your help to me!
Letter 3
Hello my love Christian!! My loved, I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I looked forward it, and now I am happy, to read it. I miss on you and to me is sad that we yet together!! I at all do not know, that to me occurs!!! My lovely Christian you speak to me that it is necessary to wait time to our meeting. I am ready to wait for you though all life!!! But my darling I madly miss you, every day spent without you it seems to me very difficult and I feel very lonely. Your letters certainly do my day better and lift always my mood. BUT my favourite I do not wish to wait long!!! I am ready though right now to run in the airport and to arrive to you!!! I very much-very miss you!!! I very much wish to see more likely you my favourite!! It is my dream!! I would be the happiest ******* the Planet if my dream was carried out!!!! On it I finish the letter. I have opened to you all heart, and I think, that you see it, and will try to use the best efforts, that we have somewhat quicker met you. In this letter, I have enclosed all my love, all my passion, all my care to you. And I think, that you will not begin to hesitate with our meeting. I trust you, I hope, that you as strongly love me, and is fast with you we will meet. I will wait for your answer. With love! Yours Alexandra. P.S. I very much hope that you will soon understand with the problem and then we can prepare to our meeting! Excuse, if I have not answered some your questions, I have badly understood it! Write to me again, but it is detailed, that I would answer you!!
Letter 4

Hello my love Christian!! I am glad to see your letter and it is very pleasant to me to write you the answer again!! My loved Christian, thanks you big for your help!! I am very grateful that you help my dream, that you help our meeting will be carried out!! I understand, that it was the difficult decision to send me money, but I to me am pleasant that you have made it!! As soon as I will receive your money I will go at once to travel agency and to begin registration all necessary documents for our meeting!! I will write then to you the letter!! My love Christian I has presented to you my love, I have presented to you the heart and soul! It is all is in your hands and I ask you to be cautious with it what not to break and to break my heart, what not to hurt me! I have trusted in you, have trusted completely, all without the rest and I hope that I have made it knowingly!! I very-ochne strongly love you!!! I will be strong, I will be patient and I will wait our meeting, I will wait that moment when we will be together!! I feel, that it is already very fast!! I finish the letter and I look forward from you a fast reply! With love! Yours Alexandra.
Letter 5
Hello my love Christian!! I am glad to see your new letter and I again about great pleasure write you the answer!! My loved Christian, I wish to tell to you in the beginning my letter, that I could not receive your money as to me have told, that I have given the information with an error!! For this purpose that to me to receive your money to me it would be necessary to have your correct data!! I ask you to send me once again the name your city, a city of departure money, your full name, the exact sum money!! If I have this correct information I easily can to get your transfer but if one error I cannot take away money is admitted at least!!! I will wait your data tomorrow!! Sweet my Christian, me very sadly from that that I not could begin today registration all necessary documents for our meeting!! To me has very strongly raised mood your fine letter, which full love and tenderness! I about great pleasure read it some times!! My love Christian, I think every day of you, I dream every day, as we with you will live together. You are very necessary to me, I still never met such fine person, as you. Without you I cannot and live and minutes. Favourite mine, you are necessary to me as air. You know, that without air no person can live, even the strongest, and here as I cannot live without you. My honey, I very much grieve without you. I would like to arrive somewhat quicker to you, and to remain with you for all life, to look after you, to love you. I very strongly love you, Christian, and I wish to be with you, and only with you. My dear, I do not keep away from you. I wish to be somewhat quicker with you. If there would be at me a possibility, I have thrown all and right now would sit down in the plane and have arrived to you. I very much love you, I cannot live without you. Christian, I very much grieve without you. Before laying down to sleep I think of you when I go to a bath I I think of you when there is early in the morning I I think of you. My most treasured dream it to see you somewhat quicker. And I am very glad, that soon my DREAM to be carried out, and we with you will be together. And it will be the happiest day in my life. I very strongly love you. Sweet , Christian, Is a pity, that now I am not near to you. I so strongly wish to be with you, that all my feelings not to write on a paper, not to express in the letter. You will see all, when we will meet you. I will show all love, and our love will be envied by many. I wish to love you, and to be favourite. I know, that you love me. And I am very glad, I am happy. You have presented to me the love, you have shown to me as it is possible to love. You careful, you the remarkable person. And I am more with anybody I do not wish to be except you, I wish to be only with you. With you to me it is good, with you I feel the happiest ******* all earth. Nobody is necessary to me except you, you are necessary to me, and only you. I very much love you, Christian. And I have more except you than anybody is not present. Nobody is necessary to me. I love only you. On it I finish the letter. Now I need to go home. Favourite mine, I will wait for your letter Write to me, I with impatience will wait from you the letter. I love, I miss, gently and passionately whole you. With love! Yours Alexandra.
Letter 6
Hello my love Christian!! I am glad to see again your letter and it is very pleasant to me to write you the answer again!! My loved Christian, it is pleasant to me to see, you have given to me the data! Now I will go again to branch Western Union and I will receive your money!! I have not had time to make it today as was late, but I hope that tomorrow at me it necessarily will turn out! I love you Christian, and I hope that soon I can to see you and itself personally to tell to you it!! My love Christian, I do not sleep at night, I wait, that day when we will meet you. You love you me. I know, that I LOVE YOU! Day after day I think of you, my dear the person. How you? What with you? What new in your life? My life has changed since then when, I in the first have grown fond. I all so - think of you and all as I imagine you, that you near to me, caress, gently kiss me! You as if an angel have gone down from heavens to present to me happiness, to warm soul in a fierce cold, to replace water in hot heat. After all happiness-it You! I simply could not imagine, what will be, if I lose you? I asked the God only about one, never to admit it. After all then I cannot feel you any more, look in your eyes as the sea which is not knowing borders and limits, attract me to you, call behind myself. I would like to live long, and all this time to love you that we never left you that our feeling has not run low, keeping freshness and force long years. Well here again I dream. Sweet, Christian, me is enough to look at your person to feel happy! When I will look at your eyes, they will speak to me about tendernesses, your lips about love, and your body you will say that you exist actually, about that that a reality for the sake of which I am ready on all! I love you, in my heart memory of you is eternal. I know, that soon we will meet you, and I love, I love, and I will love only you, my most gentle and madly beloved on light!!! My love Christian, Without you - it is dark and cold. I, as the little girl in a thunder-storm, in wood and without mum. Around emptiness, cold senselessness, prickly grief and terrible fear, you after all know as I am afraid to lose you. When I will be with you nearby, I will feel as behind «a stone wall»; the same little girl, but strong and assured, happy and lovely, and times to impropriety the defenceless. I very much on you miss. I love you. I love you such what you are. I love you, Christian, I will always love you. I would like to see your smile, your sight, I wish to see, how you embraced me with fading heart, I would feel, that, simply having embraced, we became a single whole, and it cannot be denied. I trusted and I trust in the feeling because such remains on always. I believe till now, that you love me. I love you! I would not like to meet others, nobody will cause more than such feeling, and I do not wish from it to get rid and I can not. I do not wish to think, that there are other men. I LOVE And I WILL LOVE YOU! CONTRARY TO ALL And ALL! My darling Christian, To me today it is sad, very sad, that we now not together. I so strongly wish to be somewhat quicker with you, to see you somewhat quicker, to kiss you on your fine, gentle lips. I will finish the letter and about the big impatience I wait from you the answer!! With love! Your gentle Alexandra.
Letter 7
Hello my love Christian!! I am glad to see your letter and I want will apologise, that did not write to you earlier!! I was with my grandmother!! She was ill very strongly and supervision was necessary to it! I unique who could do it! I therefore could not write to you as all this time was with my grandmother!! To it also I now am better I hope that she will soon recover!! My loved Christian you always write such sweet, romantic letters, that when I read them, I conceal as a candle!! I love you Christian, and I trust that in the near future we will be together! Christian, I could go today only again to branch Western Union and tried to receive your money!! To me said, that all your data are true, but you have not correctly written my name! I spoke to them that I learnt from them as my name is correctly written, but to me the senior manager has told, that it makes to me the apologies, but the name is not written by you, Christian, not correctly written!! To me have told that my name will be correct, as Aleksandra. Sweet my Christian, I do not understand why all so difficult, but to me have explained, that I can receive your money only after you will correct my name! You should write correctly: Aleksandra Kaznacheeva is my correctly full name! My love Christian you such fine, you such kind, gentle, careful. You the most remarkable person on all earth. My feelings overflow me every day more and more, I love you strongly, strongly. And every day the love all is stronger and stronger. And your love forces me to work wonders, your love such strong, and sincere, that helps to overcome any problems. I do not wish to leave you, I wish to be with you always. I live you, I live for the sake of you, I rejoice you. And I want, that our Love never died away. My honey Christian, I dream to touch your hair, to become a wind, cheerfully to disarrange them and to burst out laughing in reply to your annoyed kind. You will pretend, that is awfully annoyed. And I will know, that to you it is good, and it will be for me happiness you my eternity, my infinity. You in my heart, I yours, you in me. I wish to tell to you, that I love you very much, very much, after all in another way it is impossible to love such darling, the sweet, kindest person!! I love you, and I will love!!! I on you very much miss, and I wish you to see, meet you. At night I do not sleep-think about you, in the afternoon I too think of you. Between us now kilometres but meet and be fast we with you we can together. I very much love you my sweet, and I can not without you any more!!!! As though I would like to be always near to you, to see you always, to hear your voice. For me there are no others, and there is only you. I love how probably loved nobody. With you all in another way, all somehow not so, all is much better. With you I have felt, that did not feel with one man. My darling Christian, I never can forget you. You the best, that are in my life, and I do not wish to lose you. I so would like, that you now were a number. I finish the letter and I wait fast your answer with the big impatience! With love! Yours Alexandra(Aleksandra).
Letter 8
Hello my love Christian!! I was glad to see your new letter, but I was afflicted, when have read it!! My loved Christian, what for you offend me, what for you speak me such insulting words!! I the fair girl, I love you and I never deceived you!! I always with you was fair, I always spoke to you only the truth because I know, that only on the truth and respect it is possible to build happy and strong relations!! I love you and you to me very expensive!! My dear Christian, I do not know, why to you have told. That money is absent, because to me said, that I cannot receive this money as my name is specified not truly!! I am very upset, when you have written to me that I deceive you, that I play with you, because it not so!! I will go tomorrow again to branch Western Union and I will understand with this problem, I will understand why such problem about money and what really problem, where money!? I will learn it, and all to you I will inform!! Christian, I did not receive this money!! I speak the truth!! Believe to me!!! We will solve this problem!!! I will write you tomorrow all that to a smog to learn!! My love Christian, forgive, that because of me it is so much many problems!! I am not guilty!! I wish to be only with you, and instead there are various problems and obstacles!! BUT I am assured, I firmly believe, that we should overcome all it together and then our happiness will come true necessarily!! Our award for our diligence will be our meeting!! I love you Christian!! I will finish the letter and about the big impatience I wait from you the answer!! With love! Yours Aleksandra (Alexandra).
Letter 9
Hello my love Christian!! I am glad to see again your new letter and it is very pleasant to me to write you the answer again! My lovely Christian, today I have not had time to go to branch Western Union, but I necessarily will go tomorrow and I learn, why money was gone!! Sweet my Christian, I am not angry with you!! I understand, that you were malicious, I probably too was afflicted, if my money was gone!! I do not understand, why such problem about money!! I hope that have not stolen them!! My honey Christian, I very strongly miss on you, I grief that we not together still, but I hope that our meeting will very soon be carried out!! I miss, I wait and I hope, that very soon we will together!! My love Christian, I is very glad, and is happy, that we with you will be together. I trust you, I trust in us, I trust in the future, all will be good, because I very strongly love you! Does not pass such day when I would not catch myself do not think, that my love becomes all boundless. I did not think, that so it is strongly possible to love, I am convinced of it. There are we, there are feelings which connect us. There is nothing on light more important, than search of the present love, that only thing which I have already found, has found it in you, and one day of a meeting with you this happiness, recollect, on what our world is similar: one happy day, it almost a miracle. Give we will live the present, we will think of the future. We will be happy, if we slightly help our happiness. I will always thank destiny because she to me has presented you. I cannot transfer words as I wish you to see, embrace, kiss. That I did not do, I think only of you when we will meet you. Only you know one, what I and that at me inside, knows, that my feelings are very strong, therefore I and wish to tell to you all it. I believe, that anybody, and nothing will prevent us to be together, even time, I wait ours with you a meeting. Without you, I was not present, without you I do not live. Christian , Thanks that you at me are. I do not wish you to lose. Let our expectations will not deceive us, and all fine our dreams become the truth. I wish to be always with you nearby, I am ready to divide with you ups and downs, good luck and failures. And I wish to present to you words which never will lose the wonderful force: "Loved my, I love you!!!" You know, I the happiest ******* all planet because I have you! Each particle of my body misses on you when I do not receive from you letters! What long days without you seem to me! Constantly I think of you, I see your eyes, mentally their whole and to tone in their blue! Loved Christian, thanks you that you mine!!! My darling write to me I yours during a century Aleksandra.
Letter 10
Hello my love Christian!! I to see glad again your new letter and I about great pleasure again write you the answer! I called to you and it is not a pity to me that I could speak with you!! My loved Christian, I wish to tell to you, that without you to me it is very boring, I know, that you are far and that you are now inaccessible and from it to me only becomes worse! I wish to tell, that your day will be better another time, main that you not despair! When we will be together I will use the best efforts, I will try, that such bad days during our life was as small as possible!! I love you Christian, and I wait that our meeting will necessarily be carried out in the near future! I love you and it is not simple words, these are my feelings which I test to you! My darling Christian, today I visited branch Western Union and to me could not to answer that my questions! To me said, that they do not know as it probably! To me advised to go to the main office! There should answer all my questions! YOU as should go to branch Western Union and ask them rather money! YOU should complain, as I did not receive money and consequently they are obliged to return you all money! To me said still, that probably your money has stolen the Internet-moshejnik or the hacker! I hope that it not so!! I as learnt, that in our case the system remittances Money Gram is better to take advantage!! What do you think of it? Christian, tomorrow I will go to branch Western Union, and then I will write you the letter!! My love Christian When I close my eyes, I see you near to me - two hearts connected in a love Circle. Two bodies, pressed it is close to each other. I want to kiss your lips and capture you strong. I with firmness look yours eyes, and our souls are united. I start to understand that my life without you is not meaning. Today I thought only of you all the day long Long. We became frank with you, and I think, that we should be together. I wish to demand you and to be with you. My thoghts only about you and about us together. I wait day when we meet when you speak to me at a meeting: “Hello my loved! At last we meet!”. Kisses! On it I will finish the letter and I will wait your fast reply!! With love! Yours Aleksandra.

Letter 11
Hello my love Christian!! To me you are very pleasant that again to write to me the letter and I about great pleasure write again you the answer!! How your day today, loved? What did you do today? My love Christian, to me that I could not write grief to you earlier! I to write to you as soon as it became possible!! Love Christian, I miss every day very strongly on you! I ask you, please hurry up with our meeting as it is painful for me and my heart to wait every day, to suffer every day all sufferings because it is intolerable to expect, is intolerable to wait our meeting! It burns out a pain my heart and every day expectations is similar eternity! I ask you, Christian, please help me to carry out our meeting quickly! Love Christian, these days I thought only of you. I represented it as you meet me as we search each other for eyes, we find, and we rush into embraces everyone another. You - my prince whom I so long waited. I dreamt of you, it is a pity, that you cannot see, how I smile, probably, do not see pleasure on my person when I think of you. My charm, I want, that our life was pleasant in every respect, that life a way to be in the pleasure, surrounded with silent and long happiness. My Christian, Each time when we go to bed or rise, I wish to kiss you and to tell, that I LOVE YOU!!! I look send for our meeting when I can capture you and a kiss. My feelings to you so wide as the sea, boundless as the sky!!!! I wish to be with you very much. Kisses for you, Christian!! I will finish the letter and I wait about the big impatience your fast reply! With love! Your gentle Aleksandra.
Letter 12
Hello my love Christian!! I am glad to see your new letter and it is very pleasant to me to write you the answer again! How you today? How there has passed your day? What will you do in the days off? Love Christian, I read the newspaper and there have learnt that the planet which is called "a red star" or "a planet a devil" because bears disasters comes nearer to us!! I read article, it was interesting! You heard about it? What you to think? My Christian, my affairs it is normal! My mood now high as I again to read your letter and I is glad to write you the answer! Love Christian, I to understand that you need to overcome distance to help me and I hope that you can make it for the sake of our love, for our meeting! I to think, that if you will send me in the beginning the small sum money we not will strongly risk and it will allow to see as strongly differs Money Gram from Western Union! You agree? Christian, I hope that you already can begin tomorrow our experiment!? Tell to me, you can do it tomorrow? My love Christian, I waited for our unusual meeting so long! Sometimes I think, how interesting the destiny can turn: some happy unexpected case - conversation with the interesting person, a sudden meeting, - and all your life changes considerably. But limiting good luck - always depend on the person. I adore your letter which I can tell even more: I love it!!! :) Thanks for were in a way you: so opened, fair, sincere and fine. My dear, your words now, I know, that you can be my second half, the person I waited. I wish to win your heart, but not as a trophy, but as a gift of beauty from the God! My Christian If these relations work for you and me, I promise, that you will be happy, I will support your dreams, your purposes, your wishes and I will divide with you my life, everything, that it is the good and bad moments. I will finish the letter and I will wait from you a fast reply! With love! Your true and loving Aleksandra.
Letter 13
Hello my Love Christian!! I about pleasure in heart to find out your new letter! I always about trembling in a shower to check my e-mail in I hope that you wrote to me! I am very happy what to write you the answer! How you today? Love Christian, I is revolted! I to send you the answer!! I always to do it and consequently I surprise, that you not to answer!! I not to understand why you not to receive my letter!! I am very strange!! My Christian, me as it is sad that you to write about that that I to forget you!! Really you so to think!? My thoughts it is constant about you, they always with you!! I should think of you!! YOU my LOVE!! YOU my Life, my Destiny and I wait that day when we to meet and I can speak you all these words personally!! My Love Christian, I to expect every day our meeting! YOU speak to me that can to help me about it in the beginning month, but to pass already many time! I not to understand how long to expect still! I ask tell, when you to make a miracle? When our meeting will start to be carried out!! I wait!! I ASK not to hesitate time!! Christian, tell to me please how soon our meeting will be carried out? When it will begin realisation? When we to meet! I ask to hurry up, as in tourist every day it is more person to start to do documents and visa and consequently with every day more and more turn!! I ask do not hesitate time!! I will wait from you good news!! I hope that it soon!!! I will finish the letter! Set of kisses in your beautiful lips 10000000000000000 With the Big Love!!
Yours Aleksandra.
Letter 14
Hallo meine Liebe Christian!! Mir ist es angenehm wieder, in Internet Cafe zu kommen und deinen neuen Brief zu sehen!! Es sehr, meine Stimmung zu heben!! Danke dir Christian, was, mich glucklich zu machen!! Wie du heute? Wie geht es dir? Wie deine Gesundheit? Christian, heute ich, die Neuheiten zu sehen und daruber zu erkennen dass Michael Jackson gestorben ist!!! Es traurig! Der gute Star! Zu erinnern! War ich mich es seine Musik von der Kindheit!! Aber traurig dass er der Rauschgiftsuchtige war!! Was du daruber hortest? Erzahle mir dass du die Noblesse? Mein Christian, die Hauptsache dass wir zusammen, die Hauptsache dass Ist unsere Liebe Lebendig eben wird starker sein und ist um jedem Tag starker!! Liebe Christian, mir ist dass unser Treffen traurig, nicht aufzurucken!! Ich dir zu glauben!! Ich das Vertrauen dir!! Und ich hoffe dass unser Treffen die Realitat sein kann!!!! MEINE Liebe Christian, Wenn du ich sehr wei?t vermisse ich dich und du fehlst von meiner Teueres Christian bei mir sehr!!! Ich liebe so stark dich!!! Du - das Geschenk des Gottes und kann ich im Gluck mich ich schatzen ich wei? solche den wunderbaren Mann wie dich. Wie du der Mann meiner Traume schon haufig gesagt bist und wird es so doch du immer hat mein Herz ergriffen. Ich Liebe Dich und ich werde ewig lieben!!!!! Ich bin dir die leidenschaftlichen Kusse und die zarten Umarmungen elegant. Jetzt werde ich den Brief beenden eben ich warte jetzt schon leidenschaftlich deine Antwort. Mit die Gro?e Liebe! Deine Aleksandra.
Letter 15
Hello my Love Christian!! I with the big pleasure have found out your new e-mail today!! It to create heat in my heart!!!! How you to spend the days off? How you? How state of health? Christian, you represent again looked news on the TV and to me is sad to hear again about death!! It is not pleasant!! I heard that the oldest woman in Europe, Italian Lucia Lauria has died early in the morning on Sunday in the native village, at the age of 113 years. She has gone through two children whom was more than 80th years. What you to hear about it? My Christian, I to understand that you to speak to me!! Star was great and his loss not to replace! He was unique, but I to think that money has spoilt him!!! Love Christian, forgive that I to write to you on German! It on the reason of that that I to hurry up to write you the letter!! I to take advantage the translator the program, but I not to understand as it works!! Forgive I will always write you letters!! My love Christian, month already to come to an end!! And the question on our meeting is not solved!! It is very sad for me as I hoped on your help, hoped that our meeting already will be carried out also we to be together!! To me grief in heart!! But I to trust in the light and happy future!! I hope that all will be good!! We will together necessarily!! I LOVE YOU CHRISTIAN!!! I will finish the letter and about big impatience to wait from you the new answer!! With the Big Love!! Your loving, gentle and true Aleksandra.
Letter 16
Hello my dear Christian!!! My loved Christian I some days in expectation of your letter, but you so also do not write to me! Why you do not write to me my loved Christian ? At you all is normal, with you happens nothing? I very much worry and I worry about you! I miss on you. I miss, when I do not see your letters. For days on end I only a thought about you at me approximately to appear tears. All my thoughts, all my dreams only about you as I have very strongly grown fond of you, and very much I want and I dream, that we were together. You for me all in this world. I know, that you the fair and sincere person, it is destiny that we would meet you. My darling Christian write me please, you at me one. I write to you and me overflow feeling, I love you. Never earlier I met such remarkable person as you, and I never opened as you earlier! I cannot so more. My love Christian write to me please, I cannot calm down. Even now I write to you and I on eyes have tears. I VERY STRONGLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wait your letter with the big impatience, write me at least a line that would not worry!! I very much wait your letter!!!! With love!
Yours Aleksandra.
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