Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Shaverdina to Zsolt (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Zsolt! Thank you so much for your reply. I was surprised and happy to hear back from you. Sorry for the delay. I don’t often use this e-mail address. I accidentally decided to check my mail box and was happily surprised to see your letter. I have another e-mail address and I use it to correspond with my friends. So please, write me on this e-mail address I will send you a detailed letter from this address so you know it. Well, I do hope that you’ll forgive me and write me back very soon. I would like to get to know you better. I am sure there is so much interesting we can find about each other. I promised to send you my picture and so here I am attaching my picture. I will tell you more about myself in my next letter and will send it from my main, I will be waiting impatiently for your reply. Have a good day! Take care.
P.S. If you liked my picture and you are interested, please, write me soon. And if you are interested , please, don’t forget to send letters on this e-mail address - This is my main mail address.
Letter 2
Hello Zsolt! This is me again. As I promised I am going to tell you more about myself now. My name is Natalya. I am 28 years old. I have never been married and I have no children. My height is 5.4 and my weigh is 120. You can have an impression about it from my picture. I am a very affectionate person. I believe in a life full of physical, emotional and spiritual happiness. And I want to share such a life with a person who wants the same. I love the outdoors, spending time at home with a beloved person. I love nature, water, picnics. But I don’t do this as often as I would like it to be as I don’t have the one who could share it with me. I am honestly ready to open my heart to a person who could really appreciate this. I work as a shop-assistant and do sell clothes for women (skirts, trousers, blouses ). I really like my job. It is great when you can help someone to look more beautiful and I like to be around people. I live in Russia. The city is called Tomsk. If you look at the map, you will find it close to the center, in the beginning of Sibiria. but somewhere I am going to get a student visa and I am going to come to your country. I thought a lot about it and had come to such decision. I love Russia but I do really want to move to a more stable country. The life is very complicated here. I know it will not be easy in a foreign country. But I am sure I can do much more in your country. I am a hard-working person and I am not afraid of difficulties, so with the opportunities that your country gives I can do more than I do here. I already have some experience living and working in a foreign country. Some years ago I worked in Australia and I should say I liked it very much. So I know what is waiting for me and I don’t want to waste time. And I decided to try and find a person I could rely on, the one who will be with me in joy and sorrows. We all work a lot now and it takes so much time that we miss the most important in this life – love relations and family. Living in Australia I had relations with a man. But I had to go back to my country as my visa was over. He didn’t want to wait for me any longer. It was too difficult for him. It was a very hard period for me but I could handle it. And now I am ready to fall in love and to have new relations. I tried to have correspondence with foreigners. But as soon as they get to know I was from Russia they disappeared. They thought I was a scammer. I hope that you are not scared that I am from Russia. I want you to understand, I am not a scammer. I don’t need money from you. I heard much about it and I really feel sorry for women who are true and want to find their happiness. All this is so wrong as there are so many people who really want to find their second halves. And internet is a very good opportunity for this. I hope that you like my picture. I am not a model, of course. I am just an average Russian girl who is truly seeking her love... I hope that you are interested in me and I will hear back from you. And perhaps, in the future we will have an opportunity to meet. I go to the internet cafe 3 times a week. That is why I am going to write to you in a day. Well, I hope that now you understand me better and I will be waiting impatiently for your reply. Natalya.
Letter 3
Hello Zsolt! I have written you two letters from my both addresses. But there was no reply from you. What does it mean? Are you not interested in me? Or haven't you got them? If you are not interested in me, then write me, please. Then I will not bother you any more.
Letter 4

Hi Zsolt. I do not know the reason of you keeping silence. Perhaps, you just didn't get my letters. I have sent you some and wrote you more about myself. I didn't write to you earlier as I didn't see your letter at my email address. If you do not remember me, I wrote you at the dating site. And I've got your reply at my e-mail. But I didn't see it earlier that's why I had a delay. Your letter was in the spam folder. Perhaps, you are not interested in me. So, please, just write me if you are interested in me or not. And then I will not bother you any more. Perhaps, you have someone already. Then just write me and I will not wait for you but look for another man. Maybe you are scared that I am russian. But I don't think it is a problem. I have lived in another country (Australia) and worked there. That's why there will be no difficulties with our communication. I speak English fluently. And I am going to come and live in your country in a month. I am going to enter the University in your country to get another higher education. I could enter the one close to you so we could meet. I am waiting for your reply. And I will understand everything even if you don't want to talk to me any more. Natalya.
Letter 5
Hello again Zsolt. I am very glad to hear from you. Thank you for paying attention and for writing back. I am going to write to you 3 times a week so we could get to know each other better. You can call me Munya. My name is Natalya, But all my friends call me Munya. it is my nickname... I am going to tell you a little bit more about my lifestyle. My apartment is rather small but very cozy. It is very expensive here to rent an apartment. So this is what I can afford to myself now – one room, no phone and a small kitchen. But my friends say it is very comfortable. It is difficult to live alone and do all by myself. My parents live in another city. I moved from there when I was 17. And I don’t see them often. We are not in very good relations with them. But any time they need my help, I will come and do what I can for them. Though I am 28 y.o. I am ready to settle down, to have family, to give all my time to my husband. I think that every person needs a place he could come and feel easy and comfortable. This is what I am looking for and what I need. I don’t want to be lonely any more. I was disappointed several times. And I don’t trust men here any more. By the way, how it happened that you still haven’t found your second half? You are a very interesting person and a good man. And I am sure you break hearts. You already know that I am trying to get a student visa to your country. And it could be a very good opportunity for us to meet if we like each other through letters and find that we match each other. The situation in our country is very uncomfortable now. With our president Putin we have no democracy. And our new president Medvedev same as Putin. There are no good laws; we live like it was during the Soviet times. And I don’t like it at all. Other countries are developing fast. But we are still on the same level as it was many years ago. And consequences of an economic crisis have very painfully struck Russia. I liked living in Australia. It is a big and well developed country with lots of opportunities for good life. I lived there for 1,2 years. But unfortunately, I had to go back because of my visa. I was there in 1997-1998. And it was a very good time for me. I enjoyed it. I worked as a nurse with children. And I liked the family I lived in very much. They are good people and they helped the first time a lot. My language skill was not good and they helped me to speak and understand it better. My living there helped to write and speak English fluently. So there will be no problems with our communication. I told youalready in my previous letter that a man I had there just left me and I don’t want to anything to remind me about this again. I am going to tell you about interests and hobbies in my next letter. I have to stop here as the time in the internet cafe is limited. I don’t have my personal computer at home as most people in Russia do. Well, I will better stop here for now. Natalya.
P.S. I will try to send you my pics with each letter. I hope you don't mind?
Letter 6
Hi Zsolt, such a pity there is no message from you. You have received my last letter? In that letter I wrote more about me to you and said that my nick name is Munya. May be my letter has got in yours spam folder? Look there! I only want to tell you that I think of you and wait for your reply. Please, write me as soon as possible. I am waiting for your reply impatiently. I have some time and I decided to tell you more about myself. I really like you and I would like to know you well. And I want you to understand me better too, to know how I live, what I do in my spare time. Well, I like cooking very much. This is one of the things that make me relax and forget about all the bad things that happen during the day. Salads, different soups, pasta, souses, cakes and pies– it is just a short list of what I cook. I like very much to try new things. It is always nice to go to a good restaurant or to a nice pizza place, cafe. I do it seldom, usually it happens when we celebrate someone’s birthday. I very like sushi. I like trying new cuisine and trying to guess what are the ingredients. What’s favorite dish? I like pool? do you like pool? I like Bowling? do you like Bowling? What’s is your favorite colour ? Mine is red and black. I like animals a lot. Also I like watching programmes on TV about animals. I do love cats and dogs. Also I have a dream to make a horse ride. I think it is very exciting. I have no pets. But my best friend Vika has a dog and a cat. We often walk with them along the street. Watching movies is one of my adorable things to do, especially at the weekend. It is always so nice to rent some movie, to cook something tasty or something sweet, to invite someone of my friends and enjoy the time together. It is especially nice doing it in the cold winter evening with a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea or coffee. What’s favorite movie? Any favorite actress and actor? I like Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron very much. I think she gorgeous. And I always try not to miss a new movie with them. Also I like studying languages. I try to improve my English and also I would like to learn French some day. I have a phrase book and trying to learn something though sometimes it is rather hard. I always try to find time to read something. The last book I’ve read was “Loneliness in the internet” by Vishnevskiy. I liked it very much though it is sad but it shows the true life of people. I also like to read classical things by Tolstoy, Bernard Show, Dostoevskiy and others. I regularly go into aerobics. And I also I go twice a week to the swimming-pool. It helps me to stay in a good shape and to be healthy. I try to lead a healthy life style, don’t have any bad habbits. Music helps me to be a in good spirit. I like ballads very much though sometimes I can listen to a fast music. I like Lara Fabian very much and Darren Hayes. I like to have long walks in parks. I like to drive on a bicycle. I have no it, but often take for rent bicycle. What about you? What are your prefers? Tell me, please, more about you and your interests. I have one question for you. Do you know any colleges and universities close to your place? I could check them in advance and enter then when I go to your country. I wish to arrive to your country. I wish to receive the visa next month. I have already started to collect documents necessary for a trip. I wish to study and live near with you, that we could meet. I wish to study as the medical worker or the bookkeeper. I like both trades. But I can choose and any other branch of formation. Well, I have to close here. But will be waiting very much for your reply. Natalya.
Letter 7
Hi Zsolt! There is no reply from you and I wonder what happened. I hope everything is fine with you. Did you forget about me? If you decided to stop correspondence with me, please, let me know. It is better to hear the truth. I trust you and I am waiting for your reply impatiently. Please, write me as soon as possible. I worry about you and I wonder what could happen to you. I just hope you are not going to give up on me. Please, remember there is someone thinking of you a lot. And I care about you more than you can ever imagine. Hope to hear back from you very soon. Natalya.
Letter 8
Zsolt. Please, answer me one question, are you going to continue correspondence with me? If yes, then please, answer my previous letters, if not, then write me not to wait for you. I am just getting tired to wait for your reply. Natalya.
Letter 9
I did not ask your money! Natalya.
Letter 10
I want you to understand one thing. I really like you, I am interested in you but not your money. I feel sorry you had a negative experience. But don’t judge before you know the truth. Not all women are the same. Natalya.

Letter 11
Hello Zsolt, I am glad, to receive your answer. Unfortunately, I can’t talk to you on-line, as I write letters to you from the internet cafe and the time is limited there. I wish I could chat with you but right now it is just impossible as I don’t have a personal PC. But I shall continue to send you email letters and pics. I am going to send you my address here. As I already told you I rent my apartment and I don’t have a phone there. But here is my address, in case you decide to send me a card or a hand-written letter: - to Natalya, Krivaya street – 13, apartment –16. Tomsk, 634003, Russia. Yes, I am going to come to your country. Somewhere in a month. I am going to enter the University or college. I am doing all the paperwork for this now. That's why I asked you about the colleges or Universities close to your place. So I could study and meet with you there. I shall live in campus. Do you want it? Do not forget to send me your photos. As soon as I finish this letter I will go and have a short walk. You know walking is one of the things I adore. It is so nice to have a long walk and then find some small cafe and get a cup of coffee there. I don’t have a car and I don’t really want to have it right now. And it is too expensive for me. I have no money to buy a car. I have never tried to drive a car and I have no license. Walking is much more pleasant. Unfortunately, most of the times I have to walk alone. All my friends are married and they try to spend more time with their families. I also like to go to the movie a lot. But do it rather seldom. Usually I go there with my friends, but they don’t do this often. They try to spend more time with their husbands and children. As I don’t have children and a husband, I try not to bother them often. Sometimes I feel rather lonely but I try not to think of this often. Any way, my city is too beautiful not to walk. My city is very beautiful. There are so many places of culture there, lots of monuments. It is very green. It is especially beautiful in spring and in summer time when everything is awaken after the winter. There are also many parks and we have one boulevard with fountains. And it is gorgeous. Also we have some really beautiful churches. I am Christian but I am not really religious. I have my own faith inside. And I go to the church but do it seldom. I am not fanatic about this. I like nature very much and it is always a please to go somewhere to the country-side and to spend a day there. I like picnics, camping a lot. It is great to spend a day on the fresh air, especially when you are with friends or family. I try to enjoy it every time we do it but sometimes I feel very sad as I miss not having my second half near. Well, I am not going to be sad, as I am sure everything will be fine. Please, tell me about your city? What is it? What’s interesting there? Natalya.
Letter 12
Dear Zsolt! I decided to come to the Internet cafe again to write you. I shall arrive to you in a month. I still choose college in which I shall go to study. I shall inform you the name when I shall know... I am going from the post office. I decided to send my parents a letter. As I already told you I am not really in good relations with them. But any way, they are my parents and I love them. I also have a brother and he is younger than me and they give him all the love they have. They always loved him more than me and didn’t pay much attention to me. My mum wanted to have a son very much and she couldn’t get pregnant for a long time and she was very happy when she got to know she was going to have a son. Of course, it hurts to know that they love him a lot and are not very interested in my life. But if they are happy, I am glad for them. I moved to Tomsk when I was 19. I entered the Pedagogical Institute and studied for an educator. I worked as an educator in the kindergarten as soon as I finished it. Though I like children a lot, the salary was too small to continue working there. You know it is rather difficult to live alone when you don’t have any help from anyone. That’s why I decided to try and find another job. I had relations with men in my life. But I can’t depend on a man. When I love I give all of myself to this person. Unfortunately, men can’t always appreciate this. I like *** but I think that when you are in relations with someone you should be faithful and do not betray the one who lives with you. Unfortunately, men here want to have everything, a faithful wife and another woman as a lover. I am a very devoted and faithful person and this I can’t accept. Hope you understand me. *** is very good but I accept it only with the person that I love. I am not a ****** but at the same time I am not a ****. My last relations were 2 years ago. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as he was too busy spending good time with his friends all the time and he almost paid no attention to me. I was just like a beautiful thing for him and nothing more. Since that time I had no relations with other men. Well, it is not really comfortable to talk about *** right now. You know that I write from the internet cafe and there are lots of people around me. And also I don’t know you too good yet to discuss this topic. I have to go now. People are coming and coming to the internet cafe and you know my time is limited. Internet cafe is a place where everyone can come and use a computer there. We have to pay for such a service. It is not a library where you can use computers free of charge. When I lived in Australia I often went to the library and could use computer there as long as I needed. But here the time is limited as there are too many people who need to use them. Please, tell me about your family. What relations do you have with them? Enjoy you day!!! All the best to you. P.S. I asked you in my previous letter to send me your address. I want to send you a card and my picture. Or perhaps, I will send you a hand written letter. Natalya.
Letter 13
Hello Zsolt, I am so glad I have you in my life and I have an opportunity to come to the Internet cafe and talk to you... I am not really in a good spirit today. I had a very bad conflict at work. Some people here in Russia think that if they have lots of money they can do and say everything they want. I had a conflict with one very rich woman at work. She didn’t like the quality of the clothes. And was so rude with me. But I am just a shop-assistant. I am not the owner and I just sell things. Sometimes I feel that I am very tired from my life in Russia. I have nothing. I rent a very small apartment and can’t afford anything better. I get a very small salary and prices increase here every year. But salaries are still the same. I was shocked when I get to the store to buy some food yesterday. They increased prices again for milk products. Milk costs about one US dollar which is too much. For-example, my salary is 120 US dollars a month. And a half of it I pay for the apartment. And what is left I spend for food. Very seldom I can afford myself to buy something from clothes. Therefore I wish to leave to live in other country. Therefore I save money for a trip. I am just tired from a hard life here. And I want to move to a foreign country. I want to get another education, to find a good job there. That is why I am trying to get a student visa. I haven't decided yet what University I am going to come to. I am still searching information. I would like it to be close to you. I am doing the paperwork now. And as they told me my visa would be ready in a month. But I don't know the exact dates. It is just the way things are done here. As soon as I know everything, I will let you know. I want to have a more stable life for me and my future family. And what is more important I want have a strong man near me and to have a comfortable life for us. So I am trying to save money any way I can for my trip and studies. Please, forgive me for writing this to you. But I need to talk to you. It is sometimes so hard to be just by myself. And sometimes I need a strong shoulder and a friend to cry and to get an advice. I know that you are a very understanding person. So, please, try to understand me. You are my friend and I trust you. Now I shall go to a bathroom. I like to lay in bathing with foam. It would be great to take a bath together. It is very relaxing. And I think it is rather romantic. PLease,let me know what you think of this. Write me your thoughts and your dreams. I have attached pics. It is made in Tomsk. I have made it in September, 2008. You love autumn? Write a replay to me. Your letter will make me glad. I will wait with hope. Natalya.
Letter 14
Hi dear Zsolt, In the first lines of this message I want to apologise for complaining in my previous letter. I don’t really want to complain and I don’t want to talk about money any more. This was the first and the last time I did it. I was just in a very bad spiring while writing my last letter to you. Sometimes we have bad periods in life and we need a strong shoulder of a friend. I hope that you let me think you are my friend. And I trust you that is why I decided to share my thoughts with you. If you ever need to talk and if you ever need a friend, you can always talk to me... I have been thinking a lot about our meeting and I want to meet with you a lot. I am doing all the paperwork now to get a student visa. And I do hope to get it. So if I get it I will be in your country. and I think it is really a very good opportunity for us to meet. I shall arrive to you after June, 15th. Please, tell me do you really want to see me? Do you want me to visit you? Do you think that we could like each other and be together in the future? Please, be honest with me and tell me the truth. I know that you are being tired with this question. But you should understand my concerns. This is a very major decision to move to the other country. Perhaps, you wonder why I have such a big desire to move from here. The reason is very simple. I have nobody and nothing to stay here. I will miss my friends, but they already have their families and they live with their own lives. I have parents but you know we are not in good relations with them. And I think they will not miss me. I have no good job, have no stability. I have no family. It is very hard to live in Russia and I don’t think it will ever be better. And I am really tired from this life. That’s why I have such a strong desire to get a student visa, to come there, to get a new education, to settle down and already to have a family. I hope that you understand me and that you support me in my decision. Please, don’t be offended if I don’t always answer your questions. I do it because my time in the internet cafe is limited. I don’t always answer your questions because I am in a rush when I answer your letters. I come here 3 times a week and have only 15 minutes to write to you. Natalya.
Letter 15
Hello dear Zsolt. Sorry for not answering all your questions. I don’t safe your letters and can’t always remember all your questions. So please, ask me again if you are interested. Today I am writting to you why I am alone. I am so tired that males sees on me as on beautiful pic only but not on woman. I think you like my spirit mainly not my appearance. That's why I feel so easy myself with you. I have never felt it with another males. I feel that you like my spirit firstly and then appearance. I want you to understand that I do really like you very much. And I think that we have much in common and may be if meet we will understand that we are a good match. I am trying to get more information about the student visa and I am doing a paperwork that is neccesary for it. There are so many things that I should do for this but I think it is worth it. I am going to come to your country. I am sure I will get my visa. And I want to know will you meet me there? You are my friend and you are a very close person to me already. And I like you very much. I feel that there is something between us. I hope you too have the same feelings. Of course, I can’t say that I know you very well. But I feel that you are close to me. I wish to know you better. I wonder how it can be to spend time with you, to be with you, to cook together, to have dinner together, to watch movies, to walk holding hands. Letters are good, they help to understand people better. But only meeting can show the real feelings. When you can touch, look into each other’s eyes, it says a lot. Please, tell me what you think of this. Would you like to meet me? Any way you can be my friend. I will be in a foreign country and I will need a person I can trust. And I trust you already and I hope you do the same. Please, think on this and let me know if you too want to meet with me. I want it very much. I want to see you in real life, to talk to you, to know you real but not only through the letters. I think, I can trust you? And nobody will see my picture. You promise? I have attached my ***** picture in this letter. This picture are made 3 years ago. It picture has made my friend Vika. She says I have a beautiful body. She is a very talanted photographer and I like to be her model. She is my friend and is a very good girl. She usually takes pics of me. We went to work together. She works close to my place. She is a shop-assistant too. Also today she has made 2 pics me and my passport. I shall attach to you it in the following letter. It was only once when she did take my ***** picture. I hope you are not angry with me for this? I send you such picture as I trust you. And I also want to show you that I have a beautiful body. But please, don't ask me to take any other ***** pictures. I don't have any and I won't take any. Please, remember that I am writing to you from the Internet cafe and I don't want anyone to see my ***** pictures. Just tell me your thoughts about the picture. Hope you don't judge me for it? I will go now to get more information about visa. I am going to get very important information. I hope to hear good news. I shall have information approximately in half an hour. Natalya.
Letter 16
Hello my dear Zsolt! I have all the information about my visa now. And I will get it without any problems. It will be so great to come to your country at last and to see you. I even can’t believe this could happen some day! Yes, perhaps, I act like a silly girl. But I already dream of our meeting. I try to imagine how this could be. How I will touch your hand, look into your eyes. So now I have to do is to show them all the papers and to pay for it. But here I have one problem. I tried to save money. But I didn’t expect I would have to pay for visa so soon. I thought it would be later. So I don’t have enough money right now. And I need your help in this if you really want to meet me. I need 240 US dollars to pay for visa. It will include medical insurance and everything that should be there. Perhaps, you think why it is so expensive. Well, sum of money includes visa, insurance, medical certificate and many other papers. I already have got my passport for going abroad. I have already made it and have paid for it. But I didn’t think that they would give visa so soon. And if I don’t pay for it now, I could have problems in the future with getting visa. And I don’t want to miss this chance. To prove you that I am real and I don’t lie to you, I am going to attach you a copy of my passport. So all I need to do now is to pay for visa. And then everything will be done and all we have to do is wait for the time it is issued. I have only 7-10 to pay for it and I will get it without any problems. This visa allows me to stay in your country for 3 months. And to enter any university during 3 months. I can stay for longer is I enter the university. But if I find a job I can stay for the rest of the time in your country if I find a job when I finish my education. But I also plan to work there while I study. I don't want to depend on any one. I will return back your 240 $. I am asking it to borrow. I will work and return back it. I promise. I’ve got to know that the best way for you to send money through Western Union or Money gram. Please, don’t send me money by regular mail. First, for sure I will not get it as they steal money and things here. And also it will take long time for the mail to come. And then I will miss my chance with visa already. So, please, use WU or Money gram for sending money. It is an easy and quick way to get it. You already know my address, I’ve sent it to you already. And my full name is Natalya Filimonova. You better check or to get more information and also offices that are close to you. You can send money to any Western Union of Tomsk. Please, understand my problem and send me 240 dollars. So, please, let me know if you can help me in this. Natalya.
Letter 17
Dear Zsolt, I do not know what to start my letter with. I feel shame and offended. I just want to tell you that I am completely serious. I have serious intentions to come to you and I am not going to lie to you. I am not a silly little girl that plays games to get money. Can’t you see it from my letters? I understand that I should settle down already and that is why I am going to move to another country. I know that in Russia I will not be able to have a strong family and good job. I will be unhappy. Here men don’t look at women as you do it. I have decided to move long time ago. But couldn’t start doing it before I met you. I didn’t want to go to your country without love. . I asked you to send me 240 USD. And I feel shame for this. But I had no other choice then to ask you. The problem is that I have only 7-10 days to pay for my visa. I didn’t realize I would need the money so urgently. They took my papers and told me that I wouldn’t pay in 7-10 days, they would just refuse me. And then I will not have another chance to get visa to your country. It was a shock for me . I thought that I could just leave the papers and then pay for it before the trip. I think I would be able to find the money by that time. But it was beyond my forces/ I was shocked. I went to all my friends and acquaintances. But all refused to me. They don’t give such a big sum of money. I don’t ask my parents as they just don’t give me money. When the last time I asked them to help me, they refused me. They told me they had to support my Brother and themselves. It hurt me. That is why I do not ask them about anything any more and I almost don’t talk to them. I asked my friend Vika to help me, but she had not such money. She is married and has a child. And recently they have bought an apartment and took it in credit. I also went to the bank to check there. But they even didn’t listen to me. My salary is only 120 USD. And they just can’t give me 240 USD. I had tears. That is why I decided to ask you. And I feel shame for this. I understand that it is very difficult for you to trust the girl you have never seen before. Lots of Russian women lied to foreigners. But I am not the same. I am real. And I am not going to lie to you! I promise! I know that 240 USD is not such a big sum of money in your country. And I ask you this money not as A present to me, I am going to give them back to you. As soon as I come there and start working I will give you money back. I told you I was going to study and to work. I will be able to pay for my studies and for my accommodation. I already told you I was going to get a student visa for 3 months. I will be able to come to your country and to choose any university or college. I have 3 months to enter it. And I can stay there as soon as I finish it. I am going to choose the one that is close to you to be able to see you often and perhaps we could get married. You are really a very dear person to me and I want to be with you and if you fall in love with me, we can get married in the future. If we are together, we will build our future together. I am not the one who wants to get everything in at once. WE will work together and pay our bills. I understand that family is for the rest of the life in joy and sorrows. And I will understand if you decide not to have a family with me, and we can just be friends. I will understand if you fall in love with another woman. You can’t order your heart who to love. I understand that you can like me through the letters but in real life you may not fall in love with me. I ask you one more time, please, understand me and send me 240USD. I already told you that you have to send me money to my city. You should use Western Union or Money Gram for this. And use my address that I have sent to you. You should send money to Tomsk for my name. My full name - Natalya Filimonova. Natalya this is my name Filimonova is my last name. You don’t need anything else to send the money. As soon as you send the money they will give you secret number ( MTCN or Reference Number ). And you’ll have to tell me it. Or I will not be able to get the money without it. As I already told you could get all the information and the address of the office at the site - or I don’t know what else to say for you to send me money as soon as possible as my time is limited. Next time they will just refuse me in visa. I wrote you all the truth in this letter. I am sincere and open with you. I hope that you will understand me and decide to meet with me. Please, believe me and send me 240 USD. And please, remember that I have only 7-10 days to pay for it. P.S. I was in such a rush that I forgot to take pics with me. I will send them next time. I promise you. Natalya.
Letter 18
Dear Zsolt, I do not understand you a little??? Have you sent money??? If yes than I cannot receive it without MTCN (Transfer Control Number). These are 10 estimated figures. Or if send from Moneygram. I need Reference Number. These are 8 estimated figures. Please, send me this iformation!!! Natalya.
Letter 19
Hi dear Zsolt! I am going to try to get money as soon as I leave the internet cafe. Thank you very much. I want you to know that I am very thankful to you and this is a great help for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about us yesterday. I have so many feelings and they are so different. My heart aches when I understand that you are far from me. I wish I could lessen the distance between us. I know that I have to be patient and wait. Perhaps, you will think that I am silly but I don’t want to hold it all inside and I want to share my feelings with you. I am emotional person and I want you to see my feelings. Please, understand me. I want to share this with you. I think I am in love with you. Of course, I have to see you in real life and talk to you to be sure. But I have so many emotions about you and I miss you so much. I think about you all the time. I get up with the thoughts about you and I go to bed thinking of you too. I feel that I want to take care of you, I want to give you all my love. Please, don’t think I am weird. But this is what I feel about you. And I want you to know this. Life goes one. Nothing new happens. I go to work, do different things at home, meet my friends. But any way I do something I think of you. Please, tell me what you think and feel about me. It is really very important for me and I need to know this. Natalya.
Letter 20
Dear Zsolt, I can't write much. I have just came from WU. But I haven't got your money. Have you sent it? They told me there was no money from you. Maybe you have done a mistake somewhere. I used your full name and MTCN(573-971-7293) that you gave me. But they told me there was nothing there. Please, explain me. Or maybe there is a mistake? Please, go to WU and check with them. I will be waiting for your reply. Natalya.
Letter 21
Hi Zsolt! May be pics which I add today prove to you that I am real. I made it yesterday to prove to you that I am real. Hope you remember my nick name? (Munya). I have written about it in my second letter to you. My friends call me Munya. I think that you have concerns about me real. Here I am attaching you the copy of my russian passport. I've got it for long time now. Every russian citizen has it. Last time (In the last letter) I showed you the passport for going abroad. I got my russian passport when I was 20 y.o. It is to prove that I do not lie to you. I am going to get money in WU office or MoneyGram using this passport. If I was not real, I wouldn't be able to get the money!!! Please, understand that I am real! The problem is that I have no time to wait. I have only 7 days for this. Please, understand that next time they may not even take the documents for visa, if they refuse me now. And they will refuse me in this if I do not pay in time. They will just tell me what for I try to get visa for the second time if you have no money. So I am just in hopeless situation. All my thoughts are about one thing now. Then I may not have such a chance again. Your goverment has a limited amount of student visas. And if I miss my chance now, i may not have such a chance again in the future. It is impossible to get another kind of visa. NO one will give me a tourist visa. It is impossible for a single russian lady to get it. I asked about the work visa. It is a very difficult process. And also more expensive one. I don't have a diploma about high education in your country. And the russian one is not valid in your country. The Fiancee visa is a very long process and complicated process. It will take about half a year to make all the paperwork and if they don't see that we do love each other truly they will just refuse in the Embassy. I want to repeat. please, understand - I ask you to lend me money. I understand it is too expensive for a preset. I understand that 240USD is a big some of money in your country. I don't believe in miracles as I was disappointed many times in this life. You will not loose this money. I will come to your place and will work there. And as soon as I earn I will give you money back. Natalya.
Letter 22
Dear Zsolt, I do not remember why I did write to you. I just remember that I liked your profile. But I do not remember exactly, please, forgive me. Well, I have just read your letter and I do not know what to say. I couldn’t realize that I could hear that from you. I am shamed and offended. You are so cruel to me. You were just the only hope for me. I trusted you and believed in you. Ok, one more time I understand now that I could rely only on myself always. So don’t worry. I will find money somewhere any way. I will come to your country by all means. I have decided it already and I am not going to give up. Of course, it is very unpleasant to see that you do not trust me. Whether I do not know I can find money. But I shall try. But... I can understand you. You have never seen me in real life. And of course, it is very hard to believe the person you have never met in real life. But any way, it was very offensive to hear that from you. Well, life is going on and now I have to manage something not to miss the chance to get to your country. I want you to know that I still like you very much. And I would like to continue our relations. I will not ask you for anything any more. If you still want to continue our correspondence and meet me one day, let me know, please. I am waiting for your reply. Natalya.
Letter 23
Hi Zsolt! I want to start that I got used a lot to you during our correspondence. I want to meet you very much. I asked you for help but you didn't believe me and refused me. It is so offensive. But I understand that it is very difficult to tust the person you have never seen. I just want to tell you that sometimes it is necessary to trust people. There are many honest people in the world. And it was very offensive when you refused to help me. But I have good news now. I have found money for my trip. I am going to come approximately in 1 or 2 weeks. I have sold my fur coat. I have already paid for visa and now all I need is to wait when I get it. I have money for the ticket. They promised me it would be in approximately in 2 or 3 weeks. I do not know exact dates but I will let you know as soon as I know. I will get visa for 3 months. And during this time I should enter any university in your country. I will choose the one that is close to you. Are you happy to hear this? We will be able to meet but not only communicate through the letters. Perhaps, our relations will grow into more close. Please, write me your thoughts. I want to know that you still want me to come to your place. I will be waiting for your reply. Natalya.
Letter 24
Dear Zsolt, I am going to write about major things now. I have very little time so I better write you some lines of important things. I want to see you very much. And a meeting with you would be so great!!! I have paid for visa. It is going to be ready approximately in 2 or 3 weeks. Yes, I have money for the ticket. I shall not your financial help to get to your country. I don't have an exact information now. I only know that I am going to have a visa approximately in 2 or 3 weeks. I will let you know all the details about my coming in approximately in 2 or 3 weeks. Are yo happy to hear that? Would you like that to happen? I’ve got up today with the thoughts about you and it is such a happiness to know that I have a close person in my life and I hope you feel the same about me. So if you want, I can stay at your place. If not, it is not a problem. I can just live in a campus. But any way I will be very close to you and we can meet often. Natalya.
Letter 25
Dear Zsolt!!! I have very good news!!! You have to tell me the international airport close to you, that you have met me. You will not believe me….but I have just got an invitation for the interview. It means that very soon I will get my visa. The only thing I need to do now is to pass the interview and then I will just buy tickets, take my passport with the visa and will just leave for you. How do you like it? I think it is just great. I am a little bit nervous about the interview but I think everything will be just fine. Please, think of me during the interview and cross your fingers for us. As soon as I get my visa, I will be able to see you. What do you feel? I am just happy. I am flying. It is great. I still can’t believe this happened. I am leaving for Moscow tomorrow. I don’t know how much time it will take. As soon as I have all the information and the results, I will immediately let you know, Ok? I will do my best for a good result. I need to repeat again. I have to know the name of the airport where to go and where you will meet me. You have to meet me there by all means. Also I should take care of the tickets in advance if I get visa. Till soon. Natalya.
Letter 26
My dear Zsolt! How are you, my sweetheart? I am OK, just a little bit tired. I am already in Moscow and the city is so noisy. I don’t really feel comfortable here. But well, I came here on purpose. So it is Ok. I have very good news for you. I’ve got my visa at last. So this is done now. I have my passport for going abroad with the visa inside. The only thing left is a ticket. I already know the airport I should go to. And I even went to the cash department of the airport to check about the ticket. They offered me the ticket on July, 2th. Mosnow (svo) – Vancouver. And the price is rather reasonable. It will cost $976. Unfortunately, there is a problem. I have only $600 and I still need $376. I really don’t know what to do. I have to pay for it soon not to be sold to someone else. So I have to ask you if you can help me with this. Will you be able to send me $376? I told you that I sold my fur coat to pay for visa and ticket. But the money was not enough. I sold my fur tree for $900. I have spent $240 for all the papers with the visa. And $60 I spent for my trip to Moscow. That is why I ask you to help me and send me $376. As soon as I buy the ticket I will immediately leave for you. And in some days I will be in your arms already. Think on this. Dear, I really have no one to rely on and I have only you who could help me in this situation. You know I will give you the money back as soon as I will be able to work in your country. So this is no going to be a problem. I will give it back to you by all means. This is the only thing left now before we could be together. I really hope that you will help me and we will be together at last. I am sure you want it the same way I do. So, please, write me your thoughts on this and when you will be able to send the money. I can’t stay here for long in Moscow and also the ticket could be sold to another person if I don’t pay for it shortly. You can send money to my name (Natalya Filimonova) by any office Western Union or MoneyGram and I will get it without any problems in Moscow. My sweetheart, I need you and I hope you too need me. I love you very much. And I miss you badly. Natalya.
Letter 27
My dear Zsolt!!! You don’t read my letters attentively. I have answered all your questions. My pictures were taken by my very good friend. Her name is Vika. I already told you that I was going to buy a ticket. The cost for the ticket is 976 dollars. I don’t have 376 dollars. That is why I ask you for help. I ask you to send me 376 dollars. I don’t know the exact time of my flight yet as I haven’t bought the ticket yet. If you send me the money then I will buy a ticket and send you all the details. All you need is to send me money for this. Everything depends on you now. Yes, I understand that asked you for help though told you that had all the money for the trip. But please, understand my problem. I have has sold a fur coat. But this money is not enough for the ticket. I don’t know where to take the money. I hope only for you. Nobody can help me here. I don’t know anybody here in Moscow. I didn’t know I had to buy a two way ticket. $976 is a cost for the ticket there and the return ticket. Your government asks to have a return ticket for the case my visa is inspired or I am not able to enter the University. They do it because they are afraid of the immigrants. When I checked the cost of the ticket they told me the cost only of the one ticket. Do you understand now why I don’t have enough money for the ticket? I am still in Moscow. And I have spent lots of money already to stay here. Everything is very expensive here and my money is limited. Please, understand my worries and help me. I have already paid part of the money for ticket not to be sold to another person. I have left 300 dollars that is why I ask you to send me money. I ask you to send me only $376. 976 dollars is a very reasonable price. And if I don’t pay the whole sum of the money for the ticket then I will loose all the money that I paid for my ticket to be reserved. The other problem is that my visa is given to me only for 2 months except of 3 months. I don’t know why they did it. But that was the decision of your Embassy. And they even didn’t explain me the reason. And I can’t wait. That is why I should come as soon as possible and enter the University. If I have my visa for longer time then I could stay here for more time and try to save money. But I have no time. I ask you to help me but don’t ask you for a present! I will come, enter the University and give you the money back. I will work and will be able to give you it back. I don’t want you to think that I want to use you just to move to your country. I hope that you will understand me and will send me the money. There is only thing left before we meet. There is only little step left. So please, think and send me the money. It is only 376 dollars. I don’t think it is much for the opportunity to be happy. I think we will be able to be happy with you. But you should do this so we could meet with you. .. I tried to prove you that I am real several times already. I have sent you a list of paper with my your and my names. But why don’t you want to believe me? I have sent you also the copy of my passport. Why don’t you still believe me? I am going to try and prove again that I am real. I am going to attach you the copy of my visa. And I want you to understand that I have only serious intentions and I am really going to come to you. I don’t play any games. I am going to get your money in Moscow with my passport ( I have sent it already in my previous letters ) and with my visa. If I am not real I would not be able to get the money! And I really want to come to you. Please, believe me and send me the money. . I hope that you want to see me and will send me the money. I already wrote to you that you could send the money to any office of Western Union or MoneyGram in Moscow. Please, send the money to my full name. I will be able to get the money without any problems. I just wanted to let you know that you are a very close person to me. You know I often think of us and think how it is to be close, hold your hand, kiss your face… Sometimes I miss you so much that even feel a body ache. But hope that very soon the waiting will be over and I will be with you at last. In the evenings I sit down and try to imagine our life. There are so many things that I want to do together. I want to take care of you and to have a true family. It is such a happiness to love and to be loved. And you can’t imagine how happy I am to know that you love me and I love you. When I feel sad, I immediately think of how great it will be to spend time with you. To go shopping together and then to cook in the evening, to watch movies, to go dancing together, to read together, to go out all together. Please, write me your thoughts on this, how you imagine us together. Take care. I need you and I truly hope that you feel the same. Sorry, but I can't send you pictures now as I am in Moscow now. I have no here a camera. I don't think it is a problem as soon I will come to you and you will be able to see me in real life but not at the pictures. Natalya.
Letter 28
My darling Zsolt, My plan? I should arrive and enter the university till August, 5th. To me will submit only documents to any university enough. And my visa will prolong after that for 5 years. It will prolong for all term of study. I shall work till September. I shall work prior to the beginning of study. So I can pay my residing there and study. Now you understands my plan? In the first days I can live in campus. The university will give it free of charge. Therefore I can live in campus and meet you in your free time. I am so tired to be in Moscow. Everything is very expensive here. And I save money on everything. I do it for us. I want us to be together and to be happy. I want to come to you and that is why I am ready to overcome all the difficulties. But I need your help. There is only one step left – you to send me money. You even can’t imagine what I have to do here to survive. I stay in a very cheap hotel as I have no money to live in a good room. I live in one place with people who have no place to stay in. I stayed even at the airport some times to save money but the police paid attention to me and I can’t stay there any more. People are so cruel. No one can help me here. And you are my only hope. Do you understand now why I don’t write to you often and don’t call you. If I have a digital camera here I would show you the life here for you to see what kind of difficulties I have here. I know that happiness is not given so easily that is why I try to overcome all the difficulties on my way. That is why I ask you to send me money as soon as possible for the ticket. If you don’t help me, then I will have to get back to my city. And I don’t want this as I have spent so much forces and money already to get my visa. There is only one step left to be in your arms and I don’t want to stop here. And this is a step you should do. Now everything depends on you. Please, try to understand me and send me money for the ticket. You can send money here(western union): VNESHPROMBANK KOMSOMOLSKIY PROSPEKT, 4 MOSCOW, 119812, RUSSIA. or ALFA BANK NOVOSLOBODSKAYA, 3 STR. 1 MOSCOW, 103030, RUSSIA. or MOSCOW BUSINESS WORLD LESKOVA, 16 MOSCOW, 127549, RUSSIA. my full name: Natalya Filimonova. I want to tell you one story. I saw it on Tv. It was last year. And I decided to write to you. There was one woman that She was born in Russia and lived in Russia. But she is married and her husband is from Italy , Rome . She told a story how they met. They were corresponding for some time and then he invited her to come to his place. She was concerned at first and didn’t know to go or not. But then she decided it would be a good chance for them to get to know each other. And she agreed. They did all the paperwork together and he supported her in that and helped her a lot. Ad at last she came to his place. She said it was so beautiful and romantic. When they landed she saw him standing near the airplane with flowers and balloons. There was also a sign in his arms: “My waiting is over. I love you!!!” She said it was so touching that she couldn’t stop crying for minutes. They spent a great time together and She decided to stay with him forever. They married And at last they were able to be together. They come here sometimes as her parents live here in Russia. And they are very happy together. I like this story very much and I hope one day we will be able to feel the same. Natalya.
Letter 29
My darling Zsolt!!!! I see that you don’t trust me. It is very offensive. I see that you don’t believe me. I have spent so many forces and money to come to Moscow and to get this visa and I see that you don’t appreciate this at all. You have a very strange attitude to me. From one side you write to me come there, that I am good and we could have good relations. From the other side you don’t do anything for us to be together. You write that you don’t believe me, or you have no money, or something else. I think that you just don’t want to be happy. When the one wants to be happy he does everything for this. I did everything I could. But my forces are limited too. I’ve got visa, I came to Moscow. I’ve spent so many forces and money for this. But I feel that you don’t appreciate this. When I asked you about help, you didn’t help me. There is only one step left before we meet. You just need to send me money for the ticket and that’s it. I have done so much already and I think that I deserve this. And I have already proved to you that I am real many times. I am hurt and offended that you still don’t believe me. And I see only one way from this situation, to come back to my city if you don’t send me money for the ticket. Please, remember that there is only one step left for our happiness. And you should make this step! You should send me money for the ticket. I miss you badly... You even can't imagine how hard it is to be here without you... I need you so much...And dream of our soon meeting. I also dream of your tender and passional. I try to imagine how it is to kiss your lips, your hands, your strong body. I imagine how it is to make love to you... I love you so much that even have a physical ache sometimes. I need your strong touch, your lips, want to lick every part of your body. I know this is only a dream but it will come true very soon. Everything depends only on us. We just need to be patient and wait. But how sweet will be our meeting at last. I think I would kiss you till death. I am hungry for you, my sweetie. Hungry for your kiss, for your body. I want you to hold me tightly and to be with you forever. Hope you are not scared with my feelings... I do love you and need you a lot. Natalya.
Letter 30
Honey Zsolt, I have FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have found money for buying a ticket to come to you. Soon I will be able to come to you. I have found money to buy an air ticket. Now I need only to buy it and get into the plane. And in some hours I will appear into your big and tender arms. My acquaintance gave me money. I am so thankful to her. Tomorrow She will send me of money to Moscow. I can buy the ticket after that. I need your phone number. Please, write me your phone number so I can call you if I can’t write to you. Internet cafe doesn’t always work here in Moscow.As soon as I know all the flight details I will call you and let you know when and where you should meet me. Are you happy, my dear? Soon I will meet you and will kiss you and hug you tightly. Natalya.
Letter 31
Darling Zsolt! I missed you badly... Every day I think of you and our soon meeting and dream how sweet it would be to be with you at last. My sweetheart, I have news not really good one. I decided to go to the tourist agency to check if everything is alright with my papers. I have the visa and the ticket. But it is not enough. Well, everything is fine with my papers but it appeared that I would have to have some money crossing the board. I am so tired from all this bureaucratic system. I am having a student visa and everyone who leaves for anothercountry having a student visa should have some cash crossing the board. So I will have to prove at the customs that I have some money with me. Your country is afraid of immigrants. And also Russian people are not really popular all over the world and they will check me any way at the customs. I have 100 USD but this is not enough. I should have more 300-400 USD with me leaving the country. Dear, please, send me 200-250 USD. As soon as you meetme at the airport I will give you the money back. Please, understand me and my situation. There is so much already done, so much time and forces and money spent on all the stuff. So, please, send me this money. And then everything will be already done. You can send me money to any office of Western Union or MoneyGram in Moscow. You know that I am still in Moscow and I am already so tired from this city and want to leave it so much. Honey, I need you and want to bewith you as soon as possible. You are the ray of light in my life. I want this all to be over soon and to get into your arms already. Hope you still feel the same about me and want me as much as I want you. I love you!!!!! With tenderness. Natalya.
Letter 32
Please, don’t think I am a scammer. I don’t understand what is going on. I thought things could happen like this but I didn’t think this would happen to me. Scammers steal pictures and letters from the internet and perhaps, the same thing happened to me too.
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Name: Tatyana Osokina
Age: 25
Name: Zhanna Melnichenko
Age: 29