Scam letter(s) from Anna Ashley to Dameon (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Dameon, I am glad to see your warm words. Thanks, that you have agreed to help me. It is really serious The step in our life to meet. Yesterday I could not write to you the letter because I slept. We all the night long stood In christmas night and we sang prays. After that I was little bit tired. I went today to bank and I have taken there The detailed information. To make a remittance to you it is required to go to any bank in your city where is Service of the western union. There you should fill in the form. You should specify your full name and your full address. You Also should specify my full name and the sum which you will send. In bank to you will give 10-oecia?iue number, Which you should tell to me. With iiiiouu? these figures I can receive your translation. Then I shall go with these Money in travelling agency and I shall order all documents which are required to visit yours The country. My name - Irina and my surname - Ivanova. Me does not suffice 780 dollars to legalize all papers. My lovely, I hope, that we soon shall meet you and we shall have pleasant time. I very much hope for you. Now Our meeting depends on you. I have told to my parents, that you will help me with payment of my travel To you. Mine mum and mine the daddy were very pleased to this. I the daddy has told, that you present the man. Mine Dameon, Now I shall finish my letter and I with impatience shall wait your answer.... Also I with impatience wait our meeting... Your future wife Irina
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