Scam letter(s) from Anna Ashley to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Darling,
Thanks for your message, I really appreciate it all, my name is Mercy , 30y ears old single, I was born in GhanaA0 but my Father come fromA0 in Unite d states Of America and my Mother come from Ghana, I just completed my stud ies at university of Ghana and now I am looking for real soul mate to plan together and to achieve a goal together in life I have no option for me I o nly want happy family home in life with more peaceful, well about Ghana, I live with my mom here in a single room apartment in a city called Accra, Gh ana is a good country but I need to relocate because since I completed my e ducation I have been searching for Job here but yet I have not get one and is very painful to me because I love to work as management or as a Nurse ok , since I complete my physics at University. i want to share life with my future husband together.i m will honest woman and smlie always.i want to sp end all rest of my life with a right person.and nice meet you honey.i want peaceA0 and happiness always together,please let us build trust and a good relationship together and know each other better honey,but i hate li e and cheat in my life honey,i will like to tellA0 true always darling.i a m good christina.because i read bible every day.i follow bible in my life.y ou can tell me more about yourself there. take good care of yourself there. i like to get you more.
Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible,
Yours Truth,
Letter 2
Hi Dear,
I am doing real good. I really enjoyed our chat together. How are you doing too? Okay, I am really in affectionate love with you and you are hence always in my dreams and thinking. You always makes my day when ever I read from or chat with you.
I believed two kids will be very perfect for us so that we will be able to take very good care of them both morally and educationally.
I love you honey and I am always looking for the time that I will hold you in my hands and give you a personate kiss on your lips.
Hope to read from you soon again.
Loving you all the time with namy hugs, lots of kisses and best wishes from God Almighty into your life and business.
Your lovely Sweetheart,
Letter 3
Hello Sweetheart.
How are you doing there. why you not reply my mail again ,i miss you so much honey.
i was think of you here right now.i really wana to be your wife over there. believe me honey am real serious with you about our relationship together. i want to be you very soon. and enjoy your weekend there. kiss and Hugs.i love you billy.
Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible,
Your new wife mercy.
Miss mercy.
Letter 4

Hello Dear Billy.
Thank for your mail to me sweetheart. how are you doin i believe you do will there honey.
i was think of you here now,because i want to talk to you online tonight you very busy over there.i miss you so much.i am real serious with you because i want to get settle down with my future husband i want to be your queen wife over there,i am will honest woman.but i promise you i am will be honest with you as husband and wife.i wish to spend all rest of my life with you usa there., I will just be waiting till the day we will be together. I will do anything it takes to make you happy because that is the only thing that matters to me anymore., make my dreams come true tonight. If I close my eyes will you hold me tight,
i pray almight god to make our dream come true together.i love you bill.please don t play with my feeling over there.take good care of yourself there and have a great weekend there kiss and Hugs, live with peace and joy life.
Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible again.
Your new wife mercy.
Miss mercy Billy,
Letter 5
Hi Billy how are you doing today. you real make me feeling happy here more and more. because your love deeply in my mind here always. how is grandmother over there send my greeting her there.i can't wait to be with you over there darling. am fall in love with you here my love husband billy i love you so much.I love you foreverHow can I thank you for coming into my life, for teaching me the value of true love, for loving me. I thought it wise to check out my mail and its good you make time to write back. good looking you are and I sure will appreciate if we can chat online. I see marriage as a very important issue as it’s from God. Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one.This will put you on a solid foundation to build a healthy and happy relationship. Thank you am very sure this did sound tasty'i miss you so much .you are my everything.and here without you i have nothing can't wait to see you i miss you so much until you come home to me . because am belong to your house in USA, let us meet online tonight.take good care of yourself.Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible, your new wife mercy,
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