Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Hill to Darren (UK)

Letter 1
What for why you do not want that I have arrived...
Letter 2
Greetings. I if will arrive to you that it there will be a celebratory visa. What for you ask me about flight to you. All of you equally do not want that I have arrived to you. You simply are afraid for the money and you at all do not love me. For you that is a pity even for me what 400 dollars. It is possible to speak about what love.....
Letter 3
Hello my favourite. I am very glad that you have understood me. I promise to you that I will not deceive you. You should not be afraid to send me money it I to you I guarantee. Because I because I you love you when I will not deceive and for what I will not throw. My darling as soon as I will arrive to you I there can be with you 3 months. My visa will last so much. I very strongly wish to arrive to you. I love you I can not live without you. Please do not postpone our meeting. We so long went to it. My dear that you could translate money to me, you should go tomorrow to bank the western union and from there to translate me money for tickets. My lovely it is the most safe way of transfer of money. My darling you should know and my information: Svetlana Romanova, Street May Day 40, Cheboksary, Russia, 428006. That I could receive without problems your money you should send me all information of transfer. I should know your full The name, MTCN (number of acknowledgement of a remittance), the address of bank from Which you have sent to money. My darling I know that if you trust me as I to you I trust, at all of us it will be good. I very much love you and I wait for our meeting.
Letter 4

Hello my favourite Darren. I am very glad again will receive from you the letter. I have been very pleased when have read that you can help me. My dear I hope that today I can receive your money. I precisely know now that you trust me. My darling Darren I love you and I wish to be on always with you. I precisely know now that our meeting already will take place soon. My favourite this month we already will be together. To me not to be trusted at all in such happiness. I am grateful to my destiny that it has reduced us together. My dear I very much love you and I wish on to arrive faster to you and to jump to you on hands. I wish to kiss you and to love all heart. My darling Darren I love you!!!!!
Letter 5
Congratulations my dear Darren! Have good day my penalty! Dear, I am glad, it You Cared of agency payment. I have received money and have paid Agency. All is good, the favourite, and we are fast, we can together. In I will inform the majority of stuffy days to you the information concerning a deposit Weeds From the plane and arrival date. Darren, I am very glad, which is Quickly There there there will arrive our day. They - such emotions for me and The big Vanity. You you cannot present in general, how many various things Are necessary for me to go for travel. It and clothes, and Cosmetics also - a significant amount of Other trifles. Also it Some gifts, for you, from me and from my aunt. She has asked, that I Have transferred you, the favourite, there are some gifts from them. All of us We hope, that our desire of gifts pleasantly for you. I very much Absent on you. I LOVE YOU! I Wait for yours expensive Messages. Yours Svetlana. One thousand my kisses for you!!!
Letter 6
Congratulations my sweet Darren I have told about us to friends. They very much It is glad, that I have found happiness, and I am going to leave yours inside The country. Certainly they will be absent for me. You seem to them, it And I already on so, we co-ordinate with the friend to the friend, as though The husband and the wife, only, unfortunately, divided into the huge Distance. My dear I will send tomorrow to All of you the information of mine Flight. Tomorrow I will write, that you are dated the beginnings. My favourite Darren I Love you, and I know, that soon we will together. We should keep to love Each other also trust each other. The love sings in me as a bird in The spring sky. I think, that it is destiny to which it can be dangerous Me, but I love you very much. Your letters are filled by the such Tenderness and care. Sometimes tears of a stream of pleasure on mine Cheeks. I think: My God, gratitude, that you have helped me to find a Bring a unique thing, and I hope, that we will incorporate to it, and We will be happy. I dream of our meeting and about which as we leave On walk with you to keep for hands As we will care one behind another And as we will make love. I precisely know now when it is fast in some Days will occur. I LOVE YOU, YOU FOR EVER In my HEART, In my IDEAS. I The dream as you give birth to me on hands to kiss and capture my gentle Body. I hope your letter to see short. Yours Svetlana
Letter 7
Congratulations expensive deposit! Have the good favourite of day! Today I Have reached in agency up to the end with them everything, has placed for travel. Darren, tomorrow evening I go to Moscow, my train, there will arrive There the day after tomorrow. There I will be three days, on my plane. I To you already informed, that I wish to visit there some shops, also I Demand to choose in advance my ticket of the plane. As I promised, I At once I will find there, that the Internet holds identical sights With you of communications Darren. The favourite, my plane will be (on July, 15th) in (05:50), from airport "Domodedovo". To you I will be Reach Newcastle Arpt. The favourite, necessarily meet me Personally!!! In front of my plane I will write to you and to inform About I will decorate, what clothes for travel, that you could at once Study me. Darren if to speak yours faithfully, I however I can trust, That all Preparation in the past also divides us now only a few days. I Are happy, That we have made it!!!!! Inform me, the favourite, ideas rather It. What do you feel, when think of these things? Tell, how you love me? To me will be very much, it is pleasant to hear about it! Fine, my Return flight home, will be. Flight: Moscow (MOW) - Newcastle (NCL) British Airways
Flight BA881: 15 July 2009 05:50, Domodedovo Arpt
Economy class: 15 July 2009 06:55 , Heathrow connection in London (LON) British Airways
Flight BA1326: 15 July 2009 09:50, Heathrow
Economy class: 15 July 2009 11:00 , Newcastle Arpt Flight: Newcastle (NCL) - Moscow (MOW) British Airways
Flight BA 1335: 15 October 2009 18:10, Newcastle Arpt
Economy class: 15 October 2009 19:20 , Heathrow connection in London (LON) British Airways
Flight BA80: 15 October 2009 22:00, Heathrow
Economy class: 16 October 2009 04:55 , Domodedovo Arpt I hope, that our days together, will be for us happy! Now it is time to me to go, it is necessary to get enough sleep well before train. I shall write To you tomorrow Darren. I LOVE YOU! My kisses and love!!! I wait for yours messages!
Letter 8
Hi my favourite ! Darren, soon my train and I write this message. To tell to you, that I love you and very much I miss on you. I have already prepared for my bag with things and I shall soon go on station. Lovely, I very much worry, probably you too have similar feelings. Write to me! Tomorrow, in Moscow, I hope to see your message. Now to me it is time to go, see you soon Darren ! My kisses and embraces. Yours Svetlana . I LOVE YOU!!!
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