Scam letter(s) from Olga Dolgireva to Claude (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hello Claude. Thank you very much for writing me… it means, that you are interested in me and very pleasantly for me…I have to tell, that I bought a computer one week ago and I am not good in this and in internet. But I know, that the most interesting thing in internet is communication with interesting people from different places of this wonderful earth….Do you agree?
I think, that people should give Nobel Prize to the person, who invent Internet. It is so amazing…The most popular in internet is international dating, contacts with people oa other countries, difeerent cultures… and I decided to try….
May be you will ask - why is international dating? I will replay you with pleasure… Because I am from Russia… my city? I will tell you about my city in other letter, if you will tell me about yours…I was searching American (european) man and choosea you, because Russian man is not so interesting, so wise, gallant, not so honest, as other man… may be this is because we had communism, which broke all our culture..
Certainly, American and European man can be not so nice, but I hope, that you are not? I am kind and sympathy women and I am ready everytime to help to the people, who need this… Certainly, I want so much to meet the person, who has also good and clean heart, who will value love, respect and trust to women…
I think, that the most important thing between man and women is trusting…it demands time and power, it is very easy to brake trusting, bit very difficalt to make again…Unfortunately, here are not men, who can love value women’s love… only cynics, who searches *** only for one night…they are unbearable, when they are *****, because they can start to stick to the women, hit her and even kids…
Even teetotalers don’t have respect here to the women. They use much abusive words, what I don’t like and it is so unpleasantly to hear…I want to be with good-oriented man, who can care about me and protect from people as in my city….
You should write me without mistakes to understand me you well…if you understand me not very well, please, forgive me… I also will try to write you without mistakes…ok?I think, that I wrote already much, if you are not tired to read, I will continue…
My name is Anna... I am 28 years old…I am 174 cm and 62 kg. I was born 26 jule…I work as seller in big supermarket. I sell toys, they can be 2-3cm, but some of them is taller, than you. They can dance, sing, talk, move and go…
Certainly, if you are not crazy, you understand, that they have mechanism and that’s why they can do this….My work is very interesting… it is so big happiness, when you see how childs love this toys and they start to be more kind… it is very important…
I am lonely, I live in flat. I rent. My parents live in 30 km from me…sometimes I spend my weekends with them there…I have never been married…Every morning I make different exercises, I like to run…I think, that I have everything, but I don’t have love…I really feel myself lonely…I don’t have person, with whom I can be happy…and I decided to find love in internet …
I would want, that you will answer to my questions. Claude, what do you want in a women. What is your demands to the women?What do you like in a women? I will wait your letters.I hope, that you will replay soon and I will get your answers…
Thank you very much for interest of my person, and I hope very much, that you like my letter….i tried with all my might Anna
Letter 2
Good morning or evening? Claude, I am glad to get your letter.Do you know time difference between us? I think, that it Is not much …
You answered me, it means, that I am interesting for you? Internet dating really works.My mood is very excellent now, do you know the reason? I think, that yes. If you still did not guess - because of your kind letter …
I am glad and I am happy to know about you and to tell about myself. I am glad, that we can talk to know each other better …I have much questions to you, but I will not ask this suddenly, because may be you do not have much time to answer to them.
I will answer to all yours with pleasure. If I will not answer to them, please, do not be upset to me, simply answer me again with other words … may be I simply can understand this not correctly … ok?I want to meet the person, who also as me want to be happy, and to present him this happiness …
It is so difficalt to live alone. It is so nice, when you are with person, from whom you feel love, passion, kisses, support …Do you agree with me?I like to do massage, to cook, it is so big enjoyment for me to invent different foods. Also I like to make photos of my life … my girlfriend help me to do them. She is good photographer. We are always together, she is very close for me person, whom I can tell everything and take good advices … her name is Ekaterina
I like water, lakes and rivers. I enjoy, when cold wind **** on us. Do you like to swim? Fishing?I tried one’s, but I could not catch anything. I like to joke and I have sense of humor. But sometimes I think we need to be serious. Do you agree?
What is the most important thing for you? Work? Love? Sweetheart? Entertainment? Resting?Already 3 years I am single. I did not have any relation and man all this time. Now I want and I am ready to meet new love … because I am alive and want to be happy. If you are not ready for serious relationship, it will be better, if you will stop to write me.
But if you want to know me better, I will be happy to correspondence with so nice man as you. I want so much to believe you, my heart tells me, that you are very kind person.In the future we can speak on the phone.
I will be economical to phone-card and will call you from post office. I want to hear you very much!!!Or you can call me on a mobile phone. I will write you number when I will feel, that we really should talk.
If I will not write you at the weekends, please, do not worry, I wirk 6 days in week, exception is only Sunday. But in Sundays I go to my parents, I already told you about this, they live in 30 from me. Claude I have looked the reference which you to me have written. I have learnt much about false brides.
But first of all I think, that the present bride is easy for distinguishing from the false. I am right?And your thoughts apropos gmail are not correct. All my friends have there boxes! It is the post service most popular in Russia.
Claude I do not wish to think of the bad! I dream only of the good.I want to be with man, who will give me care …I will meet meet every day with together with love, tenderness and passion and we will enjoy of our love.
I dreamt to be sweetheart and to love only one man and to be faithful to him.The most important - to be with lovely man. And everything else will come to us with feelings. I think so. Do you agree with me?I like you, and it is so pleasantly for me to get your letters. I already miss your letters, where are them? I hope to get your letters soon.
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