Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Louzenina to Patrice (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hi for you Patrice! We met each other on the site, and I am really glad about this. Thank you forsending me your photos, you are nice man and it was a real pleasure for me toknow you closer. I hope that during our further correspondence we'll get toknow each other better. This is what I really want. I don't know what exactlyto say about me, as we know each other for so short time. So, I'll starts fromgeneral things and in the future we will have more private and personaldiscussions, if you want. Besides, you can ask me questions :-) I am Elena, charming Ukrainian girl :-) I will turn 26 in July, 21. My birthyear is 1983. I live in a small town Chop which is in Zakarpatskaya region. AsI said, it's really small. Here live only nine thousands people. Every dogknows each other :-) I finished local school and then studied in the college inthe neighbor town. By my profession I am a cook, but here we don't have evenrestaurants to work, so I didn't have any other choice, but to become a traderepresentative. I work for the company that deals with construction supplies.But deeply in my heart I still hope to work as a cook some day. For me it'svery interesting, besides I adore cooking. I live together with my Mom. My parents divorced ten years ago. Actually thatwas my father who left us for another woman. I was living alone for two yearsin a rented apartment, but last summer I had to move back home because Icouldn't pay the rent any more. It was right the period when all this worldcrisis started. It effected my job, so I had to move back to my mother. We livevery friendly with her, so I don't complain. Finally I want to touch upon the question of the Internet. Here I look for anice and decent man whom with I will build serious relations. Yes, I seek forserious and long-term relations, for building family in the future. I want torealize myself as a wife because family always comes first for me. I will begood life-partner. Now I hope you'll tell me more about you. Tell me anything you want. It will beinteresting for me for sure.
Letter 2
Hi Patrice, thanks for writing me again
Thanks a lot for your photo! You arevery handsome man, I should confess.!Your mail brighten my day. I am very sociable girl and I like talking to people,meeting new friends. I'm pleased to talk to you, and it's interesting to knowmore details about your life.There are a lot of things I can tell about myself. I am an open book, so youcan read me. I don't have anything to hide, that's why I will be always openand sincere. By the way this is what I expect from you too. To answer your questions, Patrice, I am very romantic person, but I am notlooking for a prince on a white horse. I am looking for a normal man whom withI will be happy. I don't believe in ideal people from fairy-tales. Yes, I makeup my eyes and my lips, and I am sending you a photo in black skirt and blackboots. You know, if we decide that we want to meet and be together with you, Iwill surely be ready to relocate and live with you in your country. It's not so easy to speak about myself, as I don't see me from aside, but allmy friends say that I am good person. I am kind-hearted and trustful. SometimesI even trust people too much, that's why I was hurt several times by my closepeople, by those whom I considered to be my real and true friends. Anyway, I dobelieve that some day I'll meet a man who will appreciate this my quality andwill never cause me pain.I like travelling, but till now I had a possibility only to visit someUkrainian cities, like Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov, Donetsk and several small towns. Iwent there with excursions from school and college. In the future I hope tovisit other countries and see how people live there, to know about their customsand culture.Also in my plans for the future I have studying English. I didn't have thissubject neither at school, nor in college. But, don't worry, this will notbecome an obstacle. I will learn it fast as soon, as enroll myself. Hopefullysoon.I am here search for my man in the Internet because I want to spend my lifewith a man who understand what family is, who really wants it, who can love hiswoman, who can be honest and open, intelligent. Here men are different. Theyare materialistic and rude. I don't want to suffer for all my life from sometyrant.I like cooking, swimming, playing tennis and reading, like watching movies andlisten to music. I attend a gym. Not regularly, as sometimes I simply don'thave time to get there, but it's enough for me to keep fit and healthy. In themorning I go jogging. I like this.I love nature, I like barbecue with friends, picnics on the bank of the river.In spring we do it often. And during the summer time I spend weekends in thevillage where my grandmother lives. There is a garden, and I work there. It'snice, necessary and useful to grow fruit and vegetables.I hope you will also tell me more about you. I will wait for your letter.
Letter 3
Hi Patrice! How are you? Special thank for your photo! I like looking at you! I hope you're doing alright and maybe my letter will make your letter a littlebit brighter. Your letters always bring a smile to my face. I like ourcommunication and hope it will continue and will lead us to very seriousrelations. I believe we have all chances for this, what do you think? Today from early morning I was at work. I have to work almost every day thistime in order to earn some money and make my both ends meet. As I told you, Iam trade representative at the first that sells construction supplies. Todaypeople don't build much and don't make a lot of repairs because of the crisis.No one has money. So, we don't meet the plan at the end of the month, andsurely it is very bad for all workers and especially for our salaries :( I amready to work every day to be able to scrape through somehow. What about you? What are you doing? In the evening I plan to have some rest atlast. I found a new receipt, and tonight I'm going to prepare a new dish.Yummy.. :) I already feel excited about this. Though I work as a salesrepresentative, inside my soul I am a cook. I chef-cook :) Who knows, maybe someday this will turn into really. Would you risk to be the first who tastes my newdish? :=D I also want to watch TV. I don't watch it often. Well, TV can steal a lot ofour time, so I try to avoid this. I'll better make something useful instead ofsitting in front of this box for hours. My mother says that I'm little awl, asI can't sit at one place and move all the time. And it's really so. If I don'thave what to do, I get bored. Indeed, moving is life! :) Well, I wish you very nice day! Take care of you and know that now you have afriend in Ukraine!
It's me, Elena
Letter 4

ADDRESS: Ukraine, Chop, 89500, Priozernaya St., 165
TELEPHONE NUMBER: +380939822521
Dear Sir, We are writing you on behalf of your lady Elena whomwith you were corresponding. As you know, Elena doesn't speak or write Englishand doesn't have a computer at home, that's why she was using the services ofour translation center. She has been paying to us for translation of theletters and access to the Internet, but for the moment Elena has some financialproblems and can't pay any more. She didn't want just to disappear without anyexplanation because she is very interested in you and in your communication.That's why Elena asked us to write you and inform about the reason why shecould not send you any more letters and photos. We are working on making a web site. As we are in this business for not longtime yet, we don't have a web site. But we are doing it right now, and as soon,as it works, we will send you the link, so you can see everything yourself. Elena was very sorry for this situation, but unfortunately she didn't even havemoney to pay for translation of one mail to tell about her problems to youpersonally. As Elena is our customer, we wrote to you on her behalf andinformed about the problem your lady had. As this is a part of our job, we aresuggesting you to use our services. If you are interested in continuation ofyour communication with Elena, you may help her with the payment for ourservices. We also ask you not to mix us with a marriage agency because we provide onlyservices of translation an access to the Internet. For further information,please, write to our e-mail address Thank you very much for your attention. We hope that we will reach mutualunderstanding, and you will become our customer. Please, be so kind and informus about your decision regarding continuation of your communication with yourlady Elena in order we could inform her about this. Thank you in advance foryour answer.
The administration of the translation center "The Touch"
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