Scam letter(s) from Elena Shumkina to Erich (Switzerland)

Letter 1
hi Erich!
how are you doing?
I gladly send you another photo of me taken this summer, and hope you will like it.
as for my work, they don't want to hire me full time, and i don't mind it. the most important is that i have job now and i am paid something for it.
i too wish i were with you in your place, can we make this real?
the weekend passed nice for me because i like spending time at nature. at the same time i was feeling lonely. i was feeling lonely that you are so far from me and we can not share these beautiful moments of summer together. i was sad because we could not go together to river, we could not sit on the bank and talk, we could not be holding hands and kissing. i know that i have never seen you in my life, but i feel that i need you very much, i feel that i need your touch and i need to see your smile. i need to feel that you are very close to me and will never let me go. it's enough for me to stay alone, i want changes in my life, i want to be with the man who thinks the same as me, who is always with me at good and bad times and i am the same for him. i want to share beautiful moments of life with my man. Life is to short to stay alone, do you agree?
staying two days completely alone ( i am not taking into account my grandparents) made me think of many things. and i am completely sure that i want changes in my life, i want to travel, i want to see new places, i want to be with you very much. and this is on the first place for me. of course you can say that my parents and friends will be sad to let me go. but i am a grown up to make my own decisions and once i make them i won't change my opinion. now my intuition tells me that i want to be with you very much!
i am happy in my heart that after this long weekend i can finally receive the letter from you, i was waiting for this moment with impatience!
now i will send this letter and wait to read your opinion about all the things i told you. just tell me everything that comes to your mind.
warm kisses,
Letter 2
Hi Erich!
How are you?
I am glad that you write me and i think that meeting in Turkey is a great idea, we will have an unforgettable summer vacation together!
you are right that i don't need visa, but i need international passport. is it possible that you help me to make it?
today is Tuesday and another day of work has started. we have a gloomy weather today, it seems like it is finally going to rain, and it cooled down, so life seems much better now after the heat.
for me it is a usual day and i don't want to talk about it because there is not much to tell about, just daily routine and i don't want to bore you.
i so much got used to getting your letters in the morning that this became a big part of my life. i can not any longer imagine my day without going to Internet cafe. people who work here already know me very well. of course they don't know that i am writing you, so for them this is a big surprise why i come every day for 20-30 minutes, type something and go away:)
every time i open my email box i see if there is a letter from and this is the most exciting moment for me when i see that your name appears on the screen and then i am very impatient to read what you tell me today.
it is important that we keep regular communication because Internet is the main way that we can use to communicate, and losing this chance to write each other we are losing a chance to know each other better. and every relationship needs thorough work, especially a virtual one where you can not see the person you are talking to. the only way you can express yourself is words and telling about yourself, this is why it is important that every day we tell something new, we need to know more and more about each other.
for me you already became a very dear person, the one who i can tell everything that is going on in my life, open all my secrets. to tell you the truth, even my parents don't know something about me that you already know. i have a deep feeling in my heart that you are a reliable person and i can share with you everything. you are my soul mate, this is the most important. Understanding each other is much more valuable than being friends, dating or being married. i am sure that you are the person i was always looking for. i value our communication very much and you should always know it. no matter what happens remember that you always mean a lot to me and i treat our communication as something precious, as a diamond.
i miss you and wish you all the best for your day!
write to me soon, i am waiting here every morning!
big kiss,
Letter 3
hi Erich!
How are you?
I know that you are thinking of me in a very tender and warm way and i really appreciate it.
i also value your wish to meet me as i want is very much too. there is no point in writing each other letters for years. we found that we have a lot in common and now came the time for us to meet in real life. i would like to come to your country with big pleasure, but for travel i need to prepare visa, passport and tickets, which i can not afford at the moment. can i count on your financial help?
now i am writing you from internet cafe and i have some free time. my parents left today to another city for business, they have some clients to meet in that city. and as my job was to help then, i have not much to do today. they will be home late in the evening, so while i have time and empty flat i have a plan to make everything in order. after working 5 days a week and leaving for weekend i had no time to clean the flat and wash my clothes. today i want to come home earlier than usual, and do all these things. i like to do cleaning when there is nobody at home and nobody is walking from one room to another. i like when i am not in a hurry and i can think slowly of what things i don't need any more. you know, it is useful sometimes to dig inside wardrobe and other places where you store things. very often there you will find a lot of things that are already broken, or not needed at all, but you will keep them for "better times", which will never come. and when you throw away all such things you find out that there is so much spare place you could never imagine.
i am the kind of person that i don't like keeping all old things. i don't earn much to buy new ones, but this does not mean that i should keep old ones. especially in my room i know every corner what lays there and what i need it for. i don't understand when people feel pity for old useless things and still keep them, even not knowing what they need them for. life is very short and we should keep what we will need today.
outside it is pretty cool, hot days are over now, but soon it will be hot again, so i enjoy staying outside and even sometimes take a coat with me.
i feel excited now reading your letter because every word you tell me has big importance for me and i like rereading your old letters, see what we were talking about before, it gives a lot of pleasant emotions. by the way, i have very big imagination and i like to dream. and all my dreams are only about you!
I hope to hear form you soon again!
hugs and kisses,
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