Scam Letter(s) from Alisa Chernysheva to Brian (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend! It was the big pleasure for me to receive your letter because it is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet and I did not expect that will answer me so soon.
Recently my girlfriend has advised me to search for my special person through the Internet as she heard about such opportunity. You can be surprised why I have decided to get acquainted with the man from other country, but I It has been disappointed with the Russian men as they are very thoughtless Also are frequently irresponsible in attitudes to women, therefore I have decided To try to find the happiness through the Internet. I understand, that you more I am more senior, than, but I think it will not be any obstacle for Us. For me in the man the most important is soul and heart and the attitude to a life And it is very important for me.
Now I to you shall tell directly about me. My name is Alisa. I was born on May, 10, 1980.I`m 29 years. I live in Russia in city Archangelsk.
This city is in the north of Russia.
The population of my city is made approximately by 350 000 person. A climate in our city moderate, these are cold winters and warm summer.
I was born and have grown in this city. Now I live with my mum which call Nadezhda. She is 59 years and she already the pensioner now.My daddy has died when I was 11 years and after that I was brought up by one mum.
My hobby is cooking and also reading books. I very much like to prepare new dishes and to experiment it.
I very much like Jack Londona's books, you heard something about this author?
You love reading books?
I would like to learn more about you and about your way of life.
I think that our correspondence will be interesting, I with impatience shall wait for yours answer with impatience. I shall tell to you more about myself in my following letters.
Your new friend Alisa.

P.S. I send you the picture and I hope that she is pleasant to you!
Also I would like to see more pictures of you!

Letter 2

Hello my friend Brian! How your day today was? I am very glad to receive your letter today, it has given me the big pleasure now. Your letter has very much interested me and I very much hope that you will continue to write to me.
I have education of the manager and I studied in Arkhangelsk State University. Unfortunately I could not find work on a speciality and now I work as the seller in grocery shop. I hope you understand that in Russia it is very difficult to find work on a speciality.
My working day begins in 9 a.m. and comes to an end in 7 p.m. Sometimes I have to work and the days off also.
I want to tell you that I have no own computer and I use services Internet - cafe for correspondence with you. Now it is very interesting to me everyone day after work to go and check my e-mail box to see your letter, my new friend!
As I already spoke you my family will consist from two person: it I and my mum.
I am the only child in family. Now my mum any more does not work therefore that she the pensioner. She is nearest person for me in the world! I so love her!
She is very cheerful person, and always helps me the wise advice when I have any difficulties. We frequently waste time together with her. When I come after my works we are in the habit to have supper together with her and to watch TV. What are you prefer telecasts? I prefer to look comedy shows, various adventure films and cognitive programs.
While I did not speak mum that I have got acquainted with you but I am going to do it in the near future. I think that she will be very glad to know that I have met such the good person as you!
My daddy has died when to me there were 11 years and I have very few memoirs on him.
It was very fine husband and father for us was. I think that you understand me, but it is very difficult to speak about my father because this loss till now forces to long me...
Can you tell me how you spend your day? Than you prefer to be engaged at leisure? What your favourite color? My favourite color is red, therefore that I think it the most romantic color!
I hope that you understand my letters, the English language it not native my language, therefore I can be mistaken a little. I studied English at university, and now I try to do it independently. It is very interesting to me because self-education is very useful now, I think!
Me photos which you have very much liked me have sent.
I hope that you have not got tired to read my letters.
I shall stop for today, my mum waits for me. I shall wait your answer.
I want to tell that dialogue with you very interestingly for me!
The hope to see your letter is fast!

Letter 3

Hi my friend Brian! How are you doing today? I`m fine and it became even better to me when I have come to the Internet-cafe now and have seen yours letter. I was very glad, that you remember me and write to me the letter! Yours letters always very interestingly and me it is pleasant to read them! I hope, that our friendship will be long and there can be later it will not only friendship. Who knows...
Today there is a good weather and it has given me very good mood.
How is the weather in your sity?
I want to tell a little to you about the childhood. My childhood to pass as well as at all usual children: I studied 11 years in high school, and then I go in University. At school I have got acquainted with girlfriend Anna, with which I am friends till now. She is very good friend for me, I know that I always can to ask her about the help and she will help me! It is very good for having such the friend, I think! Have you the best friends?
Sometimes we with Anna have a supper together or we walk. I always tell to her about the affairs also I consult to her. I think that we very much close friends!
She as well as I very much has a hobby to prepare I peep and sometimes we together prepare for new dishes! What foodstuffs you prefer ? My mum speaks, that the way to heart of the man lays through his stomach:)
Who are you on a horoscope?
I on a horoscope - taurus.
Today I had very heavy day on work because there was a lot of buyers in shop. Sometimes it is very a pity to me that I have no own computer and I cannot write to you at any time when I want. But that not less I always with impatience go to Internet - cafe to see your next letter!
Sometimes I am afraid that I incorrectly select some words, but I think that you understand me and there is no difficulty for you to read my letters.
What can you tell about your childhood? I think each person has much interesting histories from the childhood.
I have a pet and she is my favourite dog which call Charsi.
On the Internet I communicate only with you.
Now I shall well finish the letter, I should go home, because already late.
The hope to see your letter is fast,
Your Russian friend

Letter 4

Hello my friend Brian! How are you doing? I always wait for your letters and always I think that you will write to me. Your letters make my life more interesting.
I am very happy to know that in other part of the world there is a person which is interested in me and also waits my letters. Our friendship really became something special for me.
Today when we with my mum had a supper I has told to her about you!
She was very glad to learn that I have such good foreign friend as you.
I always listen to her advice because she always helps to choose to me a correct way to lives. She also has helped me with a choice my trade when I entered the university.
Unfortunately in my city it is very difficult to find good work even with such educations because here there are not enough workplaces. Therefore now I work in shop, but my salary is too small to live.
Certainly I try to overcome this difficulty and I believe that sometime I shall not have financial problems. Now my salary makes 156 US dollars a month, it is the average salary for our city. I think that later I shall try to search for new work, because now my salary is sufficient only for the things most necessary for a life.
Certainly I hope that you do not think, that I to complain to you.
but it is my life and I try to make my destiny.
I believe that all will change for the better!
Certainly I do not want to concentrate attention on financial problems therefore that it is not important for our friendship.
Now I want to tell a little to you about culture of our country.
As you know Russia differs set of traditions and customs.
For example we have many various holidays such as Maslenitsa.
It is day when all Russians eat pancakes and it see off old winter.
I think that you would like to try Russian pancakes. If we with you sometime to meet that I necessarily would prepare for them for you.
I think in your country you have as many special traditions.
Could you tell to me about them?
I yet did not inform you on that what music I prefer.
I love classical music and a little popular. From the western executors I like Madonna and Robbie Williams.What executors you prefer?
Yes certainly I know where our administration.
Much to our regret I do not have home telephone number and my mobile phone at me was stolen about 2 weeks ago.
Well I think that it enough for today.
I hope that you to not get tired to read my letters.
With impatience I wait for your fast reply!

Letter 5

Hello Brian! How are you? In my life everything is not bad.
Today it was the usual day. But I noticed one thing which happened with me. Almost all my time I think only about that moment when I can get your letter, I think what you write me. I miss your letters! I think it `s not bad! I really consider that you are my very good friend, with whom I can talk and tell about things which interesting me! Do you feel the same? I think our friendship is the best what happened with me the last time.
Now in our city the true summer already, it approximately +20 degrees Celsium.
How is the weather in your country?
I think that the spring and summer is the best seasons because it is warm and valid very beautiful nature during these seasons. To me very much to like when
trees start to blossom and there are leaves. It is similar to a birth something new in the nature... I think that it very beautifully!
What season you like most of all?
What happiest moment was in your life? My happiest minute was when I received the diploma of university! Then I have felt completely the independent person who has higher education. I studied 5 years at university and was really very glad that I have sustained it and at last became the diplomaed expert!!!
Today I was released from work earlier as I have decided to go on an exhibition of painting. I liked pictures of some Russian artists such as Shishkin, Savrasov, Levitan. Earlier I never especially was not fond of painting but today I have understood that this serious art and it is necessary to be very talented person to create such fine pictures.
How you concern to painting?
I very much hope that you like my photos which I sent you.
Now I need go home. It ` s late time and I need to go. My mother wait for me.
I will be wait for your letter!
All the best!
Your friend Alisa!

Letter 6

Hello Brian! How are you doing today? I'm fine and I am very glad that have received your letter from you. Each your letter gives to me a lot of positive Emotions and I feel that very much I get used to your letters and each time I wait with impatience to read following your letter. All the day long I think that I learn about you something new and interesting.
Today I had free day from my work because recently I to replace my colleague also worked instead of her.
Today I have woken up late, in dream I saw the sea and have understood now that it began mine dream! I want to live near the sea, that I can swim every morning. I want to admire a fine decline and to look at waves! But I even never seen the sea.
I like to dream, I think it ` s very important because such way we create our plans. And it helps us to go to our dream.
I like to read books about flowers. It ` s so interesting to know that every flower has so interesting features. If you have TV, computer and many engineering in your room it ` s very useful to have in this room many green flowers. Some years ago I have planted bone of lemon and orange. Now it ` s enough big plant with bright green leaves. This plant clean the air and make calm. But unfortunately I don ` t have flowers on these plants. It ` s need to
impart it myself or to have two plants of different sex.
As I already spoke you I very much I like to prepare. My favourite dish this mashed potatoes and French meat. You eat it sometime? I think if we lived with you in one country, we could have a fine supper together and would talk about all on light!
I want to tell you that you can talk with me about what you wish. I always try to understand you and if you will have problem, I ` ll try to help you.
Now I am going to go to take a walk with my girlfriend Anna. We are going to have today a supper with her.
I will wait for your letter with impatience!
Wish you all the best!
Bye for today!

Letter 7

Hello my dear friend Brian. How are you???
I very much waited for the moment to read your letter. I am very glad that you have written to me and it has given to me the big smile on the person. From first our day acquaintance I represented our meeting with you, but last night much after I have written to you the letter and I many reflections about you have gone home had and that what will be our first meeting and I want to share with you my reflections and I hope that it will be interesting to you.
Our meeting occured so. As always I after work went in the Internet of cafe to write to my friend and much thought what to tell to you about me as I like and I want to tell to all of you as I see that it is possible to trust in you completely and I will be interesting about what I shall tell to you. I have read your letter and have written the answer to you and when I was going to leave from the Internet of cafe behind on mine a shoulder whose man's hand has lain, all over again I have thought that it is the serving Internet-cafe wants to tell that my time of stay already has left,but when I have turned back it there were you and I could not tell words but only stood and was silent as my eyes could not believe that you are near to me. It was simply incredible also we so stood long time, looking against each other and without a word. After that I all the same have told to you Hello and you too have answered me and then we have gone to walk on night city and talk about all that could not to write in our letters. We spoke much, if that is fairly now I at all I do not remember what, but it was very good me with you and is cheerful. You were very polite and very kind. I very well it have remembered also to me it very much it was pleasant.
After that you carried out me up to a house and has told to me that to you is time to go and have told to me in a trace when I already left to myself home that we still very soon shall meet.
These words were very much remembered also I hope that so really and will be.
After all it I want to know more and more and more about you and now letters for me to you became something big in my life and I really very much like to write you.
I hope that you liked my reflections about our meeting and I shall think of that for a long time how and when we shall meet with you.
The French meat this meat baked in an oven with a potato, vegetables, cheese and mayonnaise.
My mother very pleased, that I have found very good friend. She liked to tell me they are friends the best that we can find after love. But sometimes I think what more important love or friendship.
I think, that really like, arrive from very close friendship.
Now I should go. The hope to see your letter is very fast!
Wish you good day!
Your friend Alisa.

Letter 8

Hi Brian!
Very much happy to get a letter from you. You know I start catch my mind on that I miss your letters. Day by day I think if you'll write me a letter or not. If not, I will feel upset. I want to talk to you today about solitude, particularly one of soul and body. Solitude is a terrible thing. As for me, being a lonely person I have no desire for opening my eyes in mornings. I don't need a fake of love. I need real love. Solitude concerns not only soul when one gets nobody to confide to, when nobody takes care of your life, your health, your mood, when one has all the days gone by in the same way. Only troubles. Such a person knows nothing but his soul, his senses and his body. My body suffers from solitude as well. It is deprived of making love with a desired man. From your letters I understand I draw to conclusion you are a deeply talented person. You are gifted. You come about to be in a situation of not being understood. Such people like you and me feel the wall of estrangement stronger and more painful. Owing to your intellect you are higher than your environment. You as well as I have some difficulty to find people of our mind for communication and mutual understanding. Even people the closest to us pretty often can't have our ideas. They try to impose their life style. But you are queer. You aren't like everyone. This doesn't always get to people's mind. You are a keen personality and make me surprised every time. You are able to occupy your head with clever thoughts. You have got nice passions filling your free time. A lonely person is a very thoughtful person. Solitude is followed by consideration. This is the lonely individual who may give an objective judgement of life values. Man rules all his life. Perhaps you draw a sad sense after reading of solitude? Every person is a brilliant star if he has one he shines for. Waiting for your answer.
Kiss you
Your Alisa

Letter 9

Hello my Love Brian!!!
I am so glad to hear from you. I very much like to receive your letters and to speak with you. It makes me very sad if I do not see the letter from you. I just don't want to lose you. My heart belongs to you and beats your name every minute of the day. I have never been able to talk to a man the way I talk to you and it fills me with joy.
I used to feel empty, lonely, and left out because I didn't have anyone to share my thoughts and feelings with. Then I met you and became close friends and was able to express all my feelings about you and all the empty and lonely feelings left me. I am so blessed to have such a courageous the man who cares about me the way you do and who tells me she has no greater friend than me. That is very important for me to hear. I believe the bond we have together grows stronger every day and the words we speak to each other have much more meaning and become more personal and intimate with each letter we write. I love the direction our relationship is going and I want you to know that you are the most important person in my life. I see a very bright future for the two of us, full of sharing, laughing, playing, learning, growing, and most importantly, love. It's my Dream...
I do not think at all of you as you have described.
I wished to tell about you another instead of that that you have described to me.
I very much regret in this occasion.
Two Hearts United As One
Your Alisa.

Letter 10

Hello Brian!
It really very pleasant letter to me. I want to tell to you, that I never before did not meet so special person to me! You became very important person in my life. Every day falling asleep and waking up, I think only of you. I really love you and I do not lose hope for that that we shall meet soon. It will be probable it is the big pleasure for us and I hope it changes our life! I am happy to think of it.
There was time earlier when I only woke up in the morning, went to work and coming back fell asleep to wake up in the morning the next day. Now my life has so changed because of you! It has appeared many new paints and I do not understand sometimes as I could live without you earlier. Probably it was not life and simple existence. I did not live that time, I just now start to live, when I have met you! I dream spend the rest of my life with you. I only very much love you!
I want to go to the travel agency tomorrow after my work to know what documents need I to go to you. You know that I never leave my country and I want just to know how it is difficult or not. I know that I need get a visa, but I don`t know for what period it is. Also I must have passport for trevel. I will know everything and I will write you about everything.
Name - Alisa
Surname - Chernysheva
Country - Russia
City - Arkhangelsk
address - Engel'sa 12 - 24
Zip - 163139
I just can`t to sit and do nothing. I know that you are so far from me.
And such thoughts are so difficult for me. I`m very happy that I find you, that we met that I love you and you answer me! But only one can sadden my dreams it is that you are far from me, you can`t hugs me, kiss me.
But I belive that all my dreams, that we will be together will be true!
Write soon! Always with love your Alisa.

Letter 11

Hello my dear Brian! How are you? Hope you are well! I`m fine!
Love and all feelings which are now in my heart help me live. But unfortunately one thing make my life not so nice and wonderful as I want. May be you need it too as I need. I want be with you, to feel you... Oh, it`s the greatest what can happen with me. I so want to know that you also feel it! That you need to be near with me!! I so love you.
As I said I went to the travel agency just to know what I need for my trip to you.
I wrote down everything what they said me. It has afflicted me. I know that I need many documents together. But it`s not so important. I can do it, I`ll ready to spend time for doing it. But it`s very expensive. I even can not to think that it`ll so big sum. It was very hard for me to know. All my dreams began to seem me very fragile. Everything what I dream is so far for me now. But my love began only stronger. It begin stronger and stronger with every day.
Here I want to write you what's I need first of all:
The international passport is necessary, it's about $ 150 USD. The short-term visa.
Is given out for the period of 90 days. It's coast about 200$ USD. The obligatory insurance $ 100 USD is necessary. If with me that be happen. And me then will render medicine the help free-of-charge. Ticket aboard the train up to cities Moscow $ 100 USD. What to receive the visa. The following documents are necessary.
The Russian passport. 2 color or black-and-white photos 5*5. The application for the form DS-156. The information from a place of job with the instruction (indication) of a post and wages (original). Registration the visa ia about 10 days.
It's mean, that's first of all I need 550$ USD. It's very hard for me, but I have not such big sum of money. I don't know what I can do for our meting. But I want that you`ll know any way I`ll love you!!! And you will always in my heart. I so want to think that one day I can meet with you. That I`ll able to come to you. It`ll be the happiest day in my life...
I should go home now. I will wait your letter!!
Love you!
Many kisses
Your Alisa.

Letter 12

Hello my love Brian!!
I`m so miss you all time!! Hope you are well. I`m ok.
I`m thinking of you every minute and I always think that may be you are thinking of me this time too. It`s so exciting for me to know that on the other side of Earth among millions of people there is man who are thinking of me and love me. Sometime I think that may be in our thoughts we can be together. But it makes me want to be with you more and more. I believe that this day will come!!! You know I always try to believe in the best! I think that to dream it`s very good but it`s not enough. We should do something to come true our dreams.
I want to tell you one story which I read in one book.
It happened in one small town, may be in America. One woman with her two sons lived in small house. This woman had a sick sister. One day the woman with her sons went to come to see her. It was the day before the Christmas Eve. Mum with her boys spend much time with sick woman. But when they came back home they saw that the robbers were in their house and took many things and even Christmas presents. The woman was very upset and she sit near the house and cried.
This time near her house were coming two policeman. They asked her what had happen. She told them about everything and they wrote about everything what happened and said to her that they tried to find the robbers. Then they went away. But policeman decided that this poor family would not celebrate Christmas and that little boys would not get the presents. And they decided to help them and bought some presents for them.
When they came to the shop they began to choose different things, toys and sweetness.
When policemen began to pay for it they told about this story to the seller. And the seller said that the policemen were very kind persons and said that the part of costs of this presents he would pay himself. After it he called his friend who was a journalist and told him this story, the journalist wanted to write about these policemen in the newspaper. And in some time every body know about these kind people. And in Tv and on the radio were said about this poor woman and such magnanimous policemen. But this family didn`t know about it because they even didn`t have a TV. But after that case people were brining a lot of presents for her and her sons. And one man even presented them a new house.
The end.
This wonderful story always show me that there are many kind person and the kindness wins evil.
I hope you like it too.
May be you`ll ask why I wrote it to you. Sometimes i`m afraid that my dreams to be with you are not real and I`m afraid to lose you. I know that everything can depend only from us, but I`m not calm until I`m not with you. And this story can belive me that everything will be ok!
My love I will not send you such photo which you ask from me. I really seriously concern arrival to you!!!
You want that I thus have proved you my love but if you so strongly love me and you trust me that would not ask such photo. I very much hope that you will understand me.
I the decent girl also will not send you such photo.
If your trust is expressed in that that I should you prove something then I think that at us can not develop further relations. I wish to arrive to you and I completely try to trust you and I do not ask to prove me your honesty somehow!!! I so love you! And I will wait for this moment when you`ll able to help me to come to you! I don`t want to hurry you but I want that you know that everyday without you is very hard, and all I want it`s just to be with you!!! You are so important for me!
You became the part of my life and It`s not easy to live when you are s far from me.
I need to go now! I`ll wait for your answer!!
With love your Alisa.



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