Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Mayorova to Ron (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Ron.
It is very pleasant for me that you have answered my letter, for what To you many thanks. And from first lines of my letter I want To you to write about itself and about my parents.
My name Marina, and we live Russia in fine city Ivanovo, this City at us in Russia name city of brides, and have named it as In our city it is a lot of weaving mills and basically for us work Only girls. My mum in the childhood told about our city What is time from all cities came to act in ours educational The establishment to study on weavers. My mum, and it of 56 years itself works already more than 30 years On a weaving mill the bookkeeper and I use a computer mum as She not against that that we write with you each other letters and I think That since this moment we with you shall be friends. Mine the daddy, to it 60 years work so At this factory, but only the mechanic, checks machine tools that they always Were in norm. I after the termination of study too work On this factory in a staff department, I accept people on work. Now I want to write about myself. To me 35 years and I Has been never married as in me the big conflict to mine Once was The guy as my former guy Has changed on me and very much frequently Deceived. I tried to speak with it, but all this without was useful and Then I have decided, that to us it will be better to forget to us each other. And after that I any more do not want to speak about it. After that I have decided that In Russia is not present fair about kind men. And mine girlfriends have advised me To find the friend in the USA as in yours the country of the man respect women and concern To them with the big respect and very well appreciate women. And I think that at you Interest will lay to me and in the further correspondence we can learn each other better. As I very much hope that I was not mistaken in that that have decided to write to you. I was born in 1970, March, 12:), in an atmosphere of the zodiac of "Fish", my growth 5 ' 6, and mine Weight 56 kg. Color of my eyes - blue, and color of hair - the blonde.
Please write to me as a little about itself? To me will be as interestingly a little To know and about you and your remarkable country.
On it I shall finish my letter and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you. As I send you the photo and I hope that she is pleasant to you.
Sincerely yours the friend from Russia

Letter 2

Greetings Ron!!!
Big to you thanks for your fine image, you have very much liked me. It is very pleasant for me that you have answered my letter and now I think that we shall be friends and more to learn about each other.
I think that you that you agree?
Parents at me very good people also approve my act, and the daddy The person speaks the is more senior, the it is more than respect for the woman. I live With parents, in two room apartment, an apartment at us not big and places Suffices all. At me the separate room, and at parents the.
Unfortunately I do not have native brothers and sisters, but I very much would like That at me the younger brother was.
At us in Russia it is very hard to bring up many children and on this parents Did not begin to get the second child. But after a while I have got used And not so I suffer. I when was not married and I have no children.
I shall be very glad if you write more about myself, and I shall write to you About itself and me it is interesting what life at you in America. During free time from work We with girlfriends go in to walk in park and to carry out there big Part of time. As we go to cinema and in cafe we drink coffee.
As it is interesting to me as you carry out the free time? With such simple The question to me will be easier to learn you better every day and please To believe me, except for you I was more to whom I do not write, as I have seen yours Structure on the Internet and you at once have liked and on this I have written to you The letter. If you are interesting for learning something about me ask also I to you necessarily I shall write.
I very much love animals and at my place there is a beautiful cat his name is Mushka and I of it Very much I love and when I houses it always sits next only me and where not Departs. To it almost five years, but it as the small kitten and always plays all and scratches The calendula. I send you a photo of me and my beautiful cat.
On it I shall finish the letter and I shall wait from you with impatience the answer.
Up to the following letter.
Sincerely Marina.

Letter 3

Greetings my friend Ron!!!
I very much like to receive and read your letters, in each yours The letter it is a lot of heat to me. My parents ask me constantly As at us correspondence also transfer you greetings.
They are very glad for us that we have got acquainted with you.
Today I want to ask your full name and a surname and your home address And certainly I shall write to you the home address, well?
My full name and surname Osenkova Marina, and my home address
The Russian Federation
Ivanovo 153000
Street Stepanova 156 apartment 74
Please keep my home address and full mine the name, I think that it can to you it is useful.
Only at me to you one request if you want to me to send the letter mail, It can not reach, as I already heard about thefts of mail in Russia much And many people complained and now to write through the Internet of cafe more As well as I too write through the Internet of cafe more.
I think that you have understood me and be held back it. You to me every day All become closer and closer also I would like to be with you very much close Friends.
I want you to assure that except for you I more to whom I do not write, you one for me Steel the close person.
On it today I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait from you the answer.
Sincerely Marina.

Letter 4

Greetings road Ron!!!
I am again very glad to receive your letter, your letters for me Steel the most expensive and from them at me it is warm and cheerful, simple even The bad mood and on soul only the most good vanishes and Now I as cannot without your messages, they very much please me.
Today at us good weather also shines the sun, and later we with girlfriends Let's go in to walk in a wood, on fresh air. At us very beautiful wood And many different trees, but most of all a birch and a pine. At you in America I too heard that there are beautiful trees, it so?
My favourite season summer, because this warmest and joyful time Year. It is possible to go on a beach to bathe and sunbathe, go to a wood to collect Berries and mushrooms. The daddy to love mine fishing and frequently goes to catch a fish. It always Takes me with itself, but I unfortunately am not able to catch a fish, and simply I go To have a rest and breathe fresh air. You like fishing and to collect mushrooms? Still I like winter because I love winter sports and ski And skates, this my favourite winter employment, and you like to ski? I shall be It is glad if you to me write.
Dear Ron, mine girlfriends ask me constantly about you and I answer them that You very good person also what to us with you all is good, it so?
And many my girlfriends envy me because I have met you, such remarkable The person. But I understand the girlfriends as at us in Russia is not present present Men, and simply all of them like only vodka.
Recently I heard that at us in city the man and the woman as well as we have got acquainted Through the Internet and they are fine but when it{he} has decided to give to loved a gift Flowers from America to us in Russia they have not reached it and have been stolen without a trace.
Please, if you want to give me a gift it is not necessary better, main for Me the gift, is your letters to me.
Dear, I want to ask to you one question, please only write to me the answer fairly, ie?
I want to ask you, write you to other women whether or not? Please write only the truth. On it I shall finish the letter and with all my heart and from all heat Souls my parents transfer you huge greetings.
With this letter I send you two photos, the first at a birch, she The second has been made in the spring, and approximately one month ago, I think they to you will like.
Up to following time and with impatience I shall wait from you the letter.
Yours Marina.



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