Scam letter(s) from Elena to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello, Dear! I have recently joined the Internet to look for my second half hereand all about on line dating is so new for me! But I hope that thisexperience will be a good and sucessful one for me. Now we are at thestage when we only start getting to know each other and we know solittle about each other's lives. I really want to change this:) Iwould really love if you tell me more about about your life , yourdreams ands goals in your next letter. I will do the same and I hopethat my little introduction will touch something inside your heart ,so you will not leave my message without an answer:) I am 24 and I live in Konstantinovka, Ukraine. I attached severalphotos for you, so you can get an image of who I am and what life Ilive . I hope you will enjoy the photos of me and my aunt and also mypets. I am very close with my aunt , she is like a sister for me! Iadore her. My aunt's name is Anna. I am a family minded girl and Iappreciate warm and close relations in a family very much. I may seemyoung to you but do not judge book by its' cover - I am very matureand responsible and the last five years I have been raising my littlesister on my own. As you can see on my photos I love animals. I havetwo polecats. They are so cute and funny , they stick their curioussnouts everywhere:):) I also have a dog .My pets bring me so much joy.I love to take them out for a walk , I enjoy nature and outdooractivities a lot. I love picnics, bbqs, the beach and sport! We aregiven only one life and I believe we should enjoy it in the fullestway. So, if you like what you have read here and think we can match do nothesitate to write me back! I will be happy to hear back from you tothis e-mail address. I check it regularly and will be waiting for yourreply:) Wishing you a lovely day, Yelena
Letter 2
Hello, Dear Patrice! I hope that my letter will put a smile on your face:) That was whatyour letter did to me as I was really waiting for your answer and Iwas very glad when I received it! Thank you for sending me yourphotos. You look great and i find you to be very attractive. I will beglad if you send me more photos! I am very glad that you like myphotos. I will send you more with pleasure. I was born on the 22nd of September ,1984, in a small city calledKonstantinovka . My family is not big - it is made of me, my littlesister , my grandfather and my aunt Anna , I told you about her in myprevious letter. I lost my parents in car accident almost five yearsago and since then I have been raising Sonia on my own. My grandpa isdoing his best to help us but he is getting old and weak.. I doeverything to be sure Sonia has a happy childhood! I am a student of Culinary faculty . I cook very well , my friends andfamily say I have a talent and my meals are delicious . I also work asa fitness trainer at one of the local health centers to help ourfamily make both ends meet. I love my job as I am an active girl wholikes to live a healthy life. I do not have any bad habits , I do notsmoke and drink only on holidays and special occasions. Dear Patrice, I am very attracted to you and I hope that you feel thesame way,too. I really hope that we can create a happy couple. I willbe waiting for your answer impatiently, write me back soon! Have a great day and don't forget your new friend Yelena:) Yelena
Letter 3
Hello, Dear Patrice! What a nice surprise I got today - a new letter from you:) I am gladyou write to me again! How are you today? I hope you are having alovely day. Thank you for your new photos. You are so handsome on them. I am getting more and more attracted to you with every new photo! :)I am happy you like my photos,too, your sweet compliments about mybeauty and my eyes touched my heart. Dear Patrice, I am very sorry to hear about your father. I know howbitter it is to loose your beloved parent who gave you life. I beliveour dear people are in better place now and they are watching us! I hope I am this princess you are looking for to share all your lifewith her. Right now neither you nor me know where our communicationwill lead us. Will it be more then friendship? I really hope so. I amnot interested to have a pen pal as I have true friends in my life. Ineed a special man by my side who will fill in this gap in my heartand life. I am ready for serious relations and I want to find theright one for me. I want to build relations on respect, honesty,loyalty, mutual understanding , care, affection and romance. I belivethese points are essential for a solid and happy relationship! I come from a simple Ukrainian family . My parents loved me to deathand gave the best they could but, unfortunately, they could not affordto give me a good education. When I was at high school language werenot taught as basic subjects and my parents could not afford for me tostudy a foreign language as an extra subject. Therefore, I can speakonly Ukrainian, my native language. You may wonder then how can iwrite you in such good English? Let me explain you . I use a specialservice where I get your letters translated . I can not read yourletters on my own because I can not read English , so interpretertranslates your letter to me from English into Ukrainian. I write youanswer in Ukrainian and give the letter to interpreter for translationinto English. I do not have my own computer at home with Internet asit is not affordable for me. But it is not a problem for me, I cancheck my mail almost everyday, so we can be in contact regularly! Ihope language is not a concern for you as I am willing to learn yournative language, so we can communicate without any problems! Dear Patrice, the more I get to know you the more attracted to you Ibecome. I like everything I know about you so far. I didn't expect tomeet a man like you in the Internet and I am happy that I got to knowyou! I am waiting for your answer with anticipation. I hope this newday will bring only god into your life! Will you allow me to end this letter with a warm embrace?:) Bestwishes, Yelena
Letter 4

Hello, My Dear Patrice! I am happy with a new letter from you! Every time I get your lettersit is like a holiday for me:) I have such a good feeling about you andme, our communication. I appreciate our communication very much , Ilike that we can share everything with other. It doesn't happen veryoften that people feel so comfortable with each other, that they areso open and sincere and I think that our letters are somethingspecial. My heart is open to receive your love. Through the letters weshared you have become a special man for me and i am not interested inwatching other man. I am very loyal and devoted woman and I expect thesame from you. I am sure you will be faithful to me,too, I can feel itin my heart. Yesterday I was talking to my grandfather. I am very close with himand I often ask my grandpa for advise. He is a wise man and he alwaysgives me a good advise. I told grandpa about our communication andasked him what he was thinking of it . He told me that in his opiniondistance had never been an obstacle for true love. Grandpa met hisfuture wife, my granny , during World War 2. He was a soldier and shewas a nurse . They met only once and then were sent to the differentsides of the country. But they kept in touch through letters, theywere writing to each other as often as they could even though it washard during the war time. Grandpa told me that he fell in love withgranny as they built strong mutual understanding , respect and honestyin letters , he could feel she was very sincere with him, very lovingand her heart was open to him. The war ended , my grandparents met andgrandpa made a proposal to granny!:)) They were married for almost 60years until granny died two years ago from a heart attack. I admire mygrandparents and for me their story is an example of true love! The story grandpa told me inspired me , put so much faith into myheart and I am thinking now - if they could keep in touch through thedistance during incredibly hard war time and developed strong and deepfeelings for each other we can do this,too! Now with modern facilitieslike the Internet it is much easier to keep in contact . I am gratefulfor the Internet for brining us together from different sides of theworld, I am happy we met!:) Dear Patrice,I will be waiting for your answer and thinking about you.I have a good feeling about us and I hope that my intuition is notmistaken:) I wish you to have a nice day and sweet dreams at night:) Ilong for your new letter. Take good care of yourself and pass my warmregards to your family and family. I want your kiss on my lipssensually and on my heart gently to leave a trace in it forever:)..Blowing a gentle kiss to you, too, Your Yelena
Letter 5
Kolesnikova & Partners Translation Company
Dear Mr. Patrice, This message is sent to you in order to notify you that Miss Yelenacan not reply on your last letter. As Miss Yelena has informed you inone of her letters she is using services of our translation company inorder to communicate with you. The lady doesn't know English languageand therefore she needs help of a professional interpreter whoprovides translation from Ukrainian into English and vice versa. Also,Miss Yelena doesn't have a personal computer with Internet connection,therefore we provide her with this service as well. Miss Yelena has an account with our company and she paid the fees forthe services using the funds she had put on the account. At the momentMiss Yelena's account is at zero point and it needs to be refreshed.The lady was informed about the situation as well and she was veryfrustrated to hear that because as Miss Yelena informed us she was notin position to refresh her account . The lady really wants to continuecommunication with you and she told us she was very serious aboutrelations with you and wanted to create a strong and happy coupletogether with you. We are sorry about this situation between you and Miss Yelena butfurther translations will be possible only when the fees for them arepaid. If you are interested in further communication with Miss Yelena,please, advise us and we will forward you our translation options andfees and an explanation how to make a refreshment . You are welcome to contact us on the following phone number:+380954338927 . Working hours: 9am/6pm Ukrainian time.
Sincerely yours, Inessa Zavorotnyk
The General Manager of Customer Services Department
Kolesnikova & Partners Translation Company
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