Scam Letter(s) from Mary Jame to Nico (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

The world is a free place to live, a free place which many thing are happening around you, to know how human being behave different from animal, I just know everything about life , I just view the world as a place of open and close , I waited to long to know about this but in life you can never run away from you time, you have to wait until you time is here, I know the different about this when I give birth to my son, I know how woman feel when there want to give birth to a child, I cry for 24 hours before I could give birth to a son, giving this had been the best experience of my life and tell me why should I lie again after seeing all this?

I pray to meet people in my life time and pray to meet people of success , I’m broke today don’t seek that I will be a beggar for life and ever, I know what I wroth and what I’m looking in my future year to come, I have everything in life to be the greatest person on earth , it’s just happen where by I have to be pintails to get my success in life, I make the payment for the good and that more reason why I’m broke today, last night I can’t sleep just thinking about someone that could save my world? Will it be you?

I will like to make a business proposal with you where by you will have interest and profit of the business which will be %5 percent of the profit of 1.5 million us dollar of Raw Gold, I try to persuade you to lend me money but you maybe be thinking she will run always with my money or something like that, why should I? I’m a promising persona and stand on my Margate in life, I know how you will feel but I’m giving you my word that I will never let you down , you can count your trust on me, I know you will need the money for your person use too, I will work on paying you back.

Hope to hear a positive reply from you and hope you having a nice summer out there? Sending you all kisses, hug and love.

Mary J



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