Scam letter(s) from Sara Smith to Paolo (Italy)

Letter 1
From The Tesk of Lawyer United United kindom (UK) Isabella County Trial Court
405 peace Main Street
Mt. united kindom UK
Office .
phone: phone...+447024069872 Hello Mr
We recived evrything about what you said we own this site Multimedia File Viewing and Clickable Links are available for Registered Members only!! You need to or you are right about evrything you are a very inteligent man. but you shuld know that sara smith is real and she love you so much. you have about 80 million dollars and some amonmth in U.S.A with BARISTER WILLIAMS tell us how much do you love sara? coz sara dad mr john smith is a very nive man in USA.
get back to us wen you recived this. do you still want the money to be transferd to your account in italy? thanx for your co-opration
Kevin Adams sara smith
102 embassy road
phone : 2348060232537 Kevin Adams
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