Scam letter(s) from Alexandra to Jonathan (Poland)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Mat!
It is pleasant to me to see your letter. Thanks that have answered me.
Today I have come to the Internet - cafe and I see there
Your letter, I was glad to see your letter, and at once I answer you.
Unfortunately I have no own computer, on it I write from the cafe Internet...
I would like to begin correspondence with you!
Be probable at us good relations can!
So, I at all do not know from what to begin :))...
I think to you it will be interesting to learn little bit more information on me.
My name is Aleksandra I live in Russia, in a city which Kazan is called.
To me 29 years, put a birth was on March, 10th...
I of 172 sm growth, and weight of 57 kg.
I understand, that you are more senior me, but it not a problem, do not worry in this occasion.
The the man is more senior, the more cleverly, and I like clever men.
I have finished university and studied at economic faculty. In the same place I have studied foreign languages, but basically I have studied English language.
I work in household chemical goods shop, we sell washing ii?aoee and so forth.
I will try to tell about my interests, about my hobbies!
I like to walk in park with my girlfriends and along the river Volga which proceeds through my city.
I like to read the book and I like to go to cinema!
I like to listen to music. I listen to different music, all depends on mood.
I do not have any bad habits, I do not smoke and never accepted narcotic substances.
Seldom happens, that I can drink easy alcoholic drinks,
But it happens only during rest or in the company of my girlfriends.
I was never married and I do not have any children.
I do not know why, but I cannot find the pleasant person for opposite *** dialogue!
I have thought, that at me it will not turn out to find the love in Russia and have solved will get acquainted with the person from other country. I hope that you will not be against what I from Russia???
I have heard on TV, that the Russian girls leave in other countries and live there in happy marriage,
And I also have decided to try to find love in the Internet!
I hope that by means of the Internet I find second half. There can be it you? :))
If you have any questions, ask me I with pleasure will answer them!
I will wait for your letter and photos.
Today I send you the photo, I hope to you it is pleasant?
Your new acquaintance Aleksandra Photos please find enclosed. I will waiting for your reply
Letter 2
Hello my tiger Mat!!! I am very glad that our relations become all more strongly and more strongly. Me so pleases that soon we shall together, we shall rally in a single whole. My tiger I so am happy that we with you so seriously we concern to our attitudes . I am at present very tired because all the day long passed. I have visited agency and have taken an interest that is necessary for me for arrival in your country. To me informed that I shall address in your country under the visa which does not demand visiting embassy in Moscow and by that I should not make superfluous expenses. As it is necessary for me to issue the passport for travel abroad insurance. Registration of all documents will occupy 10 days and after that I without problems can arrive to you my tiger and caress you. It will be necessary for me to have at itself 2 tickets. One up to your country and the second on a way back. I should take advantage of services of the plane company Aeroflot. My lovely I did not begin to be interested how many to me it will cost. I think that I cannot allow to pay to myself all trip, therefore I do not know that to me to make. My lovely if you can help me write to me about it in the letter. I think that anyway, you in my heart on always. Such Feelings which I test to you I never tested to other person and I shall not test!!!!!!!!! I hope for your understanding and with impatience I shall wait for your answer. Your lioness wants to be with you Aleksandra
Letter 3
Hello my love Mat. For me the large happiness to receive your letter. I do not know, how you will treat this letter. I hope, that you attentively will listen and will understand me. Me very much pleases, that you as want our meeting. As you know I went in a travel company and found out full details concerning our meeting. I have found out, that the travel company for registration of the visa takes 65 dollars, the passport cost 178 dollars. Tickets to Moscow and from Moscow to you will stand on 340 dollars, and still back 340 dollars. Here all that will be necessary for arrival to you. We with the mum tried to find this money but it is very difficult for us. It is the very large money for our family. I have asked the mum to sell our garden, but she does not want do it. Now I do not know, that to me to do. You can help me with payment of registration of my documents and visa? It is the very large sum and I cannot find it soon. I understand, that you still itself have not learnt at present into the account of holiday, But my holiday begins on Saturday and I would like to arrive as soon as possible to you.
I will be at you to the middle of August and you in any case will have time,
When you will be compelled will leave on work.
For me it not a problem, I am ready to sit at home, to wait for you, to make a supper
Even if your chief will not give free days I all the same wish to arrive to you.
The problem consists that it is necessary to find where that 923 dollars
Here is how only I will find it the sum a smog to pay services tourist agency
And to a smog to arrive to you without problems
By train or the bus I do not wish to go, all to the priest to myself I will stay there.
And I think what to travel on such distances by the bus not really badly.
Here the variant to arrive by the plane to you, but money is necessary.
Write to me as we will arrive and whether took you holiday from the chief. I will wait for your letter. I send you a photo, I only left a shower))
Hair magnificent at me here))
Write me the letter and send the photo...
I kiss you my darling, with love yours Aleksandra
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