Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Henry to Anil (USA)

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Letter 1


I was fortunate to spot your profile on this site and find it interesting, maybe getting better acquainted with you could be a start?Writing to someone you have never met before I think its extremely difficult.Anyway,am Alexandra by name Take this e-mail for instance,I had all the words in my head but could not seem to put a coherent sentence together, was going to start with hello,hi there .... or how are you doing??...All i am looking for in a man is honesty ,happiness,love,care and affectionate ,most of it all must be ready for a serious relationship and if you think U have the listed qualities am seeking,Kindly get back to me via my personal email address {luv2ave (AT) G . M. A. I. L (DOT) com}.Because am only on 3 days free trial and might not be able to read your reply.I will be looking forward to read from you,please don't make me wait too long,i bet you wont be disappointed.Get back to me ,so we can exchange pictures.My y! messenger is luvtoave (at) Y A H O O.Am so sorry that my picture is not attached,due to some reasons over the internet,I'd love to see more of your photos to see if there's a physical attraction. Include a message if you are sincerely interested


Note the email address below:

luv2ave (AT) G . M. A. I. L (DOT) com

Letter 2

Hey Anil,

Thanks so much for the message,am so sorry for getting back to you this late,its so nice to hear from you even when you don't know what I look like,anyway age doesn't bother me,but all am after is how you intend to treat a lady like me.Thank you for being so open about yourself, it is refreshing as I've had a few contacts who were so coy and guarded, I just couldn't open up to them and I think by now you must have known a lot about me through my profile but let me tell you a little about me.

..Umm Well as you already know before my name is Alexandra Henry,30years ,120lbs,5ft8' still single with no kids.I am into exporting computer hard wares right now,I moved to Washington after I lost my Dad at very tender age to Cancer and i lost my mom and my little sister on an auto crash...ever since then I have being on my own,striving so hard to earn a living.I am presently in Nigeria to supply computer Products to a newly established company in Nigeria but I will be back home as soon as I am done with work down here,for fun I like cooking,watching movies and listening to music and dancing...Lol for sport I love tennis.. I think this should tell you a bit about me for now..lots of my story its now your turn..

Tell me what kind of relationship are you seeking on TRUE?
What do you like in a woman?
Do you like kids? though i don't have any kids right now but I do love kids and i hope to have some in the future.
Whom do you stay with?
What do you do for a living.
I hope to hear from you soon and take care of yourself and have a great day.I hope one day we will meet or probably chat on the computer or get better acquainted through constant email messaging before I come back to the States.Pls send me an email and tell me more about you or hopefully we continue the love story so we could get better acquainted and see where it goes or I probably call you when i get back to the US i.e if you choose not to continue because I'm far away at the moment...

I hope that gives a better impression about the person who I am.I'd really love to continue but i cant write much because I am using the hotels computer here.I am not Searching for a man that I can live with, I am Searching For The man That I Cannot Live Without. Looking forward to hearing from you,I hope you'd appreciate my picture below?





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