Scam letter(s) from Victoria Alekseeva to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
I heard, that there are programs with which help it is possible to communicate in a mode of real time. To me said, that there are programs such as MSN. You know as this program works? I would like to communicate to you in the program of real time.
Today to me the computer master came. I have asked it, that it has installed program MSN to communicate in a mode of real time.
But the computer master has afflicted me.
He to me has told, that my computer old and does not allow to instal program MSN.
The master has told, that such computers as at me are very difficult for meeting. He did not see for a long time already such old computers as at me.
I was upset. I wished to communicate to you in program MSN.
Now at us in settlement lotteries are on sale. And the main prize is the computer.
I will buy lotteries. I very much wish to win the computer. My salary does not allow me to buy the new computer. At us the new computer costs about 1500-2000 dollars can you help me with this money.
Well my friend, I will wait from you for the letter.
Your friend Nadezhda.
Letter 2
It again me. I hope to you to like, when I write you some letters?
Today I re-read all ours with you letters.
As-as if it seems to me, that I know you some weeks.
I wish to hear your voice. I think that at you very lovely voice.
I would like to speak by with you to phone. You can write the phone number? I will try to call to you from a public telephone booth.
I do not have mobile phone and will be cheaper, if I call to you from a public telephone booth.
Also you can call itself to me on my home telephone number.
But for some reason my phone badly works also it is sometimes disconnected. But I hope, that you can phone to me.
I will write you the phone number.
You should type a code 783-365-5329
I hope, that next year I can buy a mobile phone.
Write me the phone number, well?
I will wait from you the letter with number of your phone. I hope, that we can speak by with you to phone.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend!!
I had such feeling as though I miss on you. I even badly slept at night and thought of you.
It seemed to me that with you something has taken place.
Please write to me as soon as you can and tell that with you all well!!!
Otherwise I shall worry very strongly!!
My dear. I was yesterday at my mum and talked about you my dear.
I asked mum as it is possible to receive money in the Western Union.
Last year the uncle has sent to my mum of a few money from America through the Western Union.
Mum has told, that if you wish to send me to me money you need to specify only my name and a surname and also a city where I will receive money.
We in settlement do not have Western Union and I will need to go to a city to receive money. My mum also went in a city to receive money from my uncle. I want spend my holidays with you only need 8000 euros for international passport, visa and tickets please send these money soon.
I will write you a city my dear where I can receive money. Here this information:
The country Russia
City - Yoshkar Ola
zip code-424000
Name - Nadezhda.
Surname - Marina.
Mum has told, that when send money through the Western union it is not necessary to specify the given passports. You do not need to specify my given passports my love.
When you will send money specify me my name, a surname, a city well? I love you Nadezhda
Letter 4

Hello my love!
I am very glad that i talk to you! I feel very happy.
I want receive the answer from you.
I with pleasure shall write to you the home address:
The country - Russia
Republic- Mary El
Settlement- Apshatnur
Street adress - Sovietskaya 43b-14.
It is very strange for me! I never saw you, but I feel that I cannot live without your letters.
It seems to me that my life only begins. Now I have you! I am ready to give you pleasure and love every day, all day!
Never before I am not feel such bright and joyful feeling!
Today at me very good mood!
I shall write later!
Letter 5
Hi my lovely!!!! I was very glad to receive your answer. At me all is good also I hope that at you too all well.
And you have fine mood.
I know that in my city is Western Union. In your city is Western Union???
But I did not know as it operate.
Today in evening after I read your message I came to bank.
In bank of me have assured that this company the most effective and successful in system remittances.
All is very simple. For carry out transfer money is necessary for you to know my first name and my last name.
And my address.
I should know almost the same only is little bit more.
Your first name, last name, full address and the sum transfer money.
And ten-character control number transfer money. To me have told that it refers to as MTCN. I need for papers and travel 13000 dollars, I really wish our meet please send for me all the money
Or something on this similar if I am fair has not remembered it precisely.
It is necessary to receive your transfer. My data: My first name: Nadezhda My last name: Alekseeva
-Inform me when you can do it?
As soon as I shall receive money, I shall begin to legalize papers to arrive to you.
I think that we with you shall lead fine time. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall look forward to hearing from you to me.
With love your Princess Nadezhda. Nadezhda Alekseeva
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