Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Zaytseva to Steve (USA)

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Letter 1

Forgive me Steve!!!
I wish to make to you my apologies Steve!!! Know I today the whole Day I can not stop some the tears.... Today I tried to learn that My love is required to arrive to you. I have asked mine Girlfriend Natalya to help me with it. And together with it we have learnt that for It it is required. But we have learnt also not only it.... But also cost To such trip to you. I simply was horrified when have learnt how many it Can cost.... I simply do not know that to me to do.... I do not find to myself Places. You know to me very painfully to speak about it. But I cannot To arrive to you. This trip for me the expensive. I cannot to myself It to allow. I till last moment thought that all to a smog To pay. But I simply could not think that it can cost on It is so much much! Also I see that I deeply was mistaken... Steve forgive me!!! I really did not know about it. And from it to me it is very sad. I I can not simply find such big sum of money. I am simple I can not To believe in that that because of what that of money we cannot connect ours with You of destiny. I am very strong about it dreamt. I simply raved you Steve!!! And all it has in a flash failed. And all it because of money... Why All troubles in this life only because of them. As though I wanted that on all To the earth money was gone also people became kinder. But I here am powerless also anything With it I can not do! I do not know as me to arrive to you.... But not Looking there is nothing I want that you knew... Where we with you would not be, That with us there was no my heart for ever belongs only To you!!!
I already never can to grow fond of another. Yes I have more except You nobody is necessary! You for me unique in this world! And I know That I can not live without you. But I do not know that to me to do...... I not I know how to leave this situation....
Your Loving Ekaterina

Letter 2

Hello My Lovely Man and My Fine Steve!!!!!!
Steve I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you have not left me one and I very much love you and I could not live if you have not answered me.
I every day dream of you and I wish to be with you. It is very difficult, very much hard to live and know that I can not to be with the favorite person. Today I have reached agencies of travel and have given the information concerning the airport. My agent has informed me that the trip will cost to 1350$. In this sum to enter registration of the passport, the visa, a trip to Embassy, sending of documents into Moscow and residing in Moscow before interview and after. I has paid 200$ and now I need to pay 1150$ more that I could arrive to you. My agent has told to me that this money will it is necessary to pay to me within several days. These are very big money but I think that you will help me with this problem and I at last that can to arrive to you that we were together.I asked the manager to whom by you can transfer money for payment. Steve, my agent has informed me, that for moving money it is better to you to use system "Western Union" or «MoneyGram». These systems have offices practically in all cities. In my city some such offices. The agent has told, that it is very reliable and fast systems for moving money. Favourite, I reached today in office Western Union and have received there the detailed information. For moving you will need to specify my full name and the address. For reliability you will receive from them confidential number. And I will need to be shown the passport and to name this confidential number, as the exact address of bank with which you will be necessary to me will do moving of money to receive funds. The office will take small percent for payment of moving of money. Moving will demand all some hours. Dear, here my information, it
My full name: Ekaterina Korosteleva
My address:
country: Russia
cite: Orshanka
ZIP: 425250
Street: Pushkina st. 19-35
Tomorrow I shall reach in agency of travel to learn concerning the visa. The agent has told to learn concerning the visa. The agent has told, that probably I will need to reach to Moscow in embassy, for personal conversation. Though they can often extract the visa with out it. Tomorrow I shall inform you news on it.
I LOVE YOU Steve!!!!!!
I wish to be with you, your love is necessary for me only. I am ready to give a life what we with you were happy, that our love never would die, that it would be with us, that we could feel our passion, tenderness and caress.
You my life, my love my happiness. In this world there is nothing more perfectly than our love. But love which in ours hearts which warms and gives us fine dreams will help us. We shall be happy. At us in the country to have the saying. If very to want it is possible to depart to the sky. I do not want in the sky. I want to you.
Steve only you, only you the man of my dream and I shall give a life for our love.
For our happiness. Steve I will be assured of that that our life is fine.
All that would be necessary for us that it happens, it to be together.
And I hope that we can make it. If we shall make all together if the God will help us that we shall meet.
I LOVE YOU Steve!!!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina



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