Scam letter(s) from Jenny Castillo to Alberto (Italy)

Letter 1
Dearest ,
How are you doing darling ? I just woke up with you on my mind and thought to let you know that i am so happy with where we stand now with our relationship. messaging you has brought me better understanding of who you are and actually i feel so much closer to you in this short time we have known each other. I want you to know that i am fully commited to giving our relationship a try for us to develop in to a deeper connection. knowing what i do about you now, i know that you are the right kind of person i want in my life.
Darling i realise that we have both been in painfull relationships in the past that have left our hearts scarred and maybe the even the fear of commiting to someone new. Well with all that i have been through i believe there is no use being beat up about the past and everyday bring brand new opportunities to find real love. Dissapointments come in to ones life its not about how much it hurts you! but how you are able to handle it that makes you a stronger person. I believe that what we have now is worth building on hopefully in to a bright future together. You have brought happiness and hope to my heart now and these are feelings that can not be paid for with diamonds, gold or money. what i really need to pay you with been with you making each other happy, we both deserve to be happy and together too, cause we ve went through same things. I want you to be rest minded and help send the money today Thank you for being there.I had not been online cause been busy rounding off and i had already told the workers im going to pay them today when i have the money from you my love. I JENNY LOVES YOU SO MUCH AND I WILL NEVER THINK OF HURTING YOU AND I DO NOT WANT THE SAME FROM YOU.
I hope to share your day with your message and knowing what you are up to. So for now love take care of yourself and gegt back to me soon and lets chat too.
loving thoughts,
your love Jenny
Letter 2
Alberto this is getting out of hand, all you asked for can be giving to you but i do not think that is the best way i can proof my self to you, I think its better i do not disturb you for the money again, all you ve asked for and getting fact will have my goods GROUNDED.
Im not a begger neither a thief that want to steal you money, im askint you this money cause you are the closest person to me and my heart that i think about all the time. I CAN FEEL WHAT YOU MEAN BY NOT WANTING SENDING MONEY BUT YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE FACED WITH THIS BUT YOU NEED TO LET IT GO OFF YOU FOR NOW AND GET SERIOUS WITH ME THAT LOVES YOU NOT FOR ANY MONEY BUT FOR THE TRUE LOVE INSIDE ME I WANT TO GIVE TO YOU FOR THE REST OF OUR LIFES TOGETHER. please if you cant help me send the money before 12noon tomorrow then i will have my goods GROUNDED. then i will know if you will be happy for me that way.I LOVE YOU AND I WILL ALWAYS DO LOVE YOU. AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW AFTER MY GOODS ARE BEEN DELEIVERED WILL HAVE HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY AND SURE WE OWN IT TOGETHER, AND YOU KNOW THAT CANT BE COMPARE TO 650 I NEED TO PAY THE CUSTOMS HERE.
JENNY CASTILLO loves you so much and this will.
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