Scam Letter(s) from Anna Dawidenco to GuIjNn (Iceland)

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Letter 1

My dear! My love! Yesterday I looked at stars and thought of you all night long.
I have named the brightest star in the sky your name.
And now if I become sadly, I go in the evening in the street and I look at this star,
Both me also once become easier calm down.
Now I shall look frequently at stars and to think. It helps me not be lonely.
I know, of what I shall think looking on stars.
To me it is very sad, that we are divided by thousand kilometers.
I so want to feel your body. I want to embrace and kiss you.
When I close eyes to me it seems, that your hands concern my body.
They slowly slide from my neck downwards on my gentle kin.
I would be happy if you today were near to me.
I sincerely want to do you by the happiest the person on the ground.
Trust me, I can do it, because I love you the greatest in life.
You are my ideal, you are the most fine and most gentle person for me.
I hope, that you pay attention to these words and on my trust to you.
I have entrusted to you the heart and soul.
I wait for day of our meeting with impatience .
I am very happy that you can help me. I am thinkihg about our meeting all night and day long....
I can't work good.... All the time I am thinking about you and me, about our future...
I will go to my aunt and askes how can you help me. OK?
I will write you very soon!!! I love you my dear! I love you so much!!!!
Wait for my letter very soon. Kiss kiss kiss...............
Sincerely, yours Anny.

Letter 2

I was at my aunt now. She told me alot. So I shall tell you all now.
She tell me that there is only 2 methods we can use.
Do you know such systems as Western Union or Money Gram?
It's a bank system which can transfer money from one part of the world to another.
It is very quickly and safety.
This system is in each bank. So there is no problems.....
My aunt tell me that this system is the best. You can use it to help me. OK?
You need to go to the bank and send money with the help of this system and then tell me the secret number of the transfer.
My aunt tell me that it is MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER (MTCN). It will written on the paper which you will given.
Tourist firm will do all documents themselfs. So I will have my manager which will do all form me and help in registration of all documents...
I already write you my personal information, but I write you it once more...
My name: Annya
My surname: Dawidenco
My home address: Russia, Khabarovsk, Sovetskaiya str. 126-188, post code is 680655
The address and the name of the bank: "VTB 24", Russia, Khabarovsk, Karla Marxa 91.

If you need here is the address and the name of the tourist firm:
"Fareast travel company", Russia, Khabarovsk, Kalinin str. 86-1
So there is all new to you now. I love you very much!!!!! I want to be with you as soon as possible!!!
Mua mua mua....................

Letter 3

Hi my dear, I have very good mood today!!!
At us in Russia is a very warm now...
By the way you have received my air kiss?:-)
I have sent it to you enough for a long time and I think air kiss already have arrived to you and have got on your beautiful sweet lips.:-))
I wanted to ask that you sent me more your photos.
In photos I see a part of yours life and it helps me to find out you better.
You are my prince and I am your princess.
I shall respect you and your opinion. The main thing in joint life this respect for loved to the man,
to understand your dreams and to have with you general interests,
to be to you the friend and somewhere probably the adviser, to help to overcome
difficult minutes of your life and to calm you when to you poorly,
Each day I thank the god on the world in our family and happiness which he shall present us.
Please know, that I love you of my female love, and know, that this is true, I sincerely need in you.
I shall be yours truly in joint life.
I shall give you love which nobody did not felt on the ground, Only you!!!
I tell you long ago that my phone is not accept international calls.
I need to bye a newone. Or I will call you from post office. OK
Very soon I will have some money from work and we can hear the voice of each other. I madly want to hear your voice ...
Perhaps I think that it will be easier to call you from the post of international calls. OK?
Yours Ann



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