Scam letter(s) from Hasmik Galoyan to Peter (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Good surprise to receive yours e-mail :) I am pleased,thank you for contacting me. Web agency has found to me the matches. I preliminary learned them and for the first I has decided to send message to you. I hope you have time to send me some messages and we could to learn each other. I send you my picture i hope you like. I should like to get photos from you. In the letter which you have received agency on the Internet, I could not tell about itself it detailed, but I think, that now it can be corrected. I could not tell about myself in detail because I had no many time, To write to you from the Internet of cafe. I use the Internet of cafe, Because I do not need in a computer of a house. Well, in this letter, I want to tell about myself more in detail, I think, that to you it will be interesting to learn this information. My full armenian name Goharik, I was born on June, 26 in 1981. I was born and have grown, and live in city Gavarr, Armenia. Armenia is very small, but very beautiful country. Armenia is rich beautiful mountains and a plenty of fine lakes. Very kind and good people lives in our country, attitudes between people very noble as in Armenia since the childhood parents give a lot of time to education of children. The most important quality in character of the Armenian person is honesty in attitudes to other people. Lie and treachery it was never welcomed in the Armenian families, for it parents very severely punished children. Therefore I have received very good education from the parents and the most important, that I could acquire the childhood it never to deceive people, and to be always fair then all in a life will turn out. I want to tell to you about my most favourite people. Certainly, it is my family. I wants to say that I live with my family. I live with my mum and daddy. We live in a apartment, there are three rooms a kitchen a bathroom and a balcony. I have my room. I have loved mum and loved daddy. I one child in family. I have not neither brothers, nor sisters. I always grew one, and have been surrounded parental love and care. My parents very good,careful and kind people, they always understood me, and never brought me. They very much love me, and I even more....... But I always wanted to have the younger brother or the sister that them to look after. I have very good family. In my family very much close relations. My parents are someone more, than it is simple people which have given birth and have brought up me. My parents always were, and remain, for me the present friends. Especially, mum. My mum's name is Rahima, she is very sensual and kind woman. She is 53 years old, earlier she worked as the bookkeeper but now she does not work. My mum, the best girlfriend for me. When it is difficult for me, when I have problems, when me it is sad, I can always find support on the part of mum. She will tell to me advice when I need in it. She will calm me, and will warm the heat when me it is sad and lonely. My relations with father same warm and close, as with mum. My daddy's name is Armen. He is strict, but fair man. He is 55 years old. He works as the worker on railroad. My father is the unique person, is an example of the present man. From small age, I wanted, that my future husband was similar On my father. I love my family very much we frequently spend time together. In general, I very much love animals. You love animals, you have a pet? I wants more to learn of you, on your family. Tell me more about your family. Do you have many relatives? How often do you visit each other how often do you gather? I never was married and I have not children. Though I have the whole Group of children, but it not my children :) I work as the teacher in a kindergarten. I very much love children, and therefore I have chosen this work. My work brings to me every day, great pleasure, actually this my favorite business. Tell to me about the work. Do you like your work? I want to tell about relations which I search on the Internet. I wants have serious relations, find love and create a lucky family. I want to find the present love. Probably, it sounds is paradoxical, In my country recently have started to use the Internet of service, therefore I very badly use the Internet and a computer, I hope, that in the near future I shall master the Internet and I will not have any problems to communicate with you. I could not find the man in my country and consequently have addressed in the Internet, it is my first experience in acquaintance to men from other country, I am very glad, that you have paid to me the attention and I hope, that in the attitude with you success has smiled to me. At a leisure I like to read books. Basically it - novels of love, detectives and magazines. I often with girlfriends go to cinema or in cafe. We talk, cheerfully we shall spend time. Recently has tried to play billiards while at me badly it turns out. I liked game and I shall continue to study. I like cooking, and I have my own dishes. I like to make experiments in food. I like, there are various salads. I cooking for various salads, and sometimes directly I think over new salad. I have huge sympathy to music. I like to listen to various music all depend on my mood, to like me popular music, dance music, but most I like classical music. Sometimes I play on the piano. I also very much like sports. I like to observe Olympic games. I like track and field athletics, fugure skating, and much other sports. I prefer healthy style of a life. I am engaged in sports, volleyball. I very much like to play beach volleyball, but unfortunately weather yet does not allow to play. Also 2-3 times in week I visit the gym (and sometimes it is less :) I hold my body in the healthy form. I do not smoke, and almost I do not drink alcoholic drinks. I do not want to speak, that I at all do not drink alcoholic drinks, simply I drink it rather seldom and in small quantities. I any more do not know what to tell about myself,I have told all that have recollected earlier. If still that that interests you, ask me,I with pleasure shall answer all your questions. Now, if you not against I would like to ask some questions.
Your full name? Whether you have been married earlier, whether you have children? What relationship you search in the Internet? How to transfer your day? Than you to be do at leisure? You Prefer what sports competitions? I hope we shall have time for writing other interesting letters to each other. We shall look what will be...
I shall wait from you for a prompt reply. Gohara!
Letter 2
Hello my love!!! I am very glad to receive your letter. My Love, thanks you huge, that you do not turn away from me difficult minutes and want the help to me, I never it will forget. If I had a possibility I would pay for my travel to you. Probably, when I together to you we will arrive to search to me for small work that I could give you money which you will help me. Today also I went travel agency to learn the information on a remittance. The tourist agent has told, that they do not accept for payment, bank moving of money for the account, from private persons. They accept such payment only from the organisation at travel by groups. Therefore money for payment for wash documents to me it is necessary to do by cash. He has told, that in our city there is company Money Gram which is engaged in remittances from other countries. Today I also came into bank to learn the information on a remittance of the companies. In the companies to me have told, that they are engaged many years in remittances, and do it safely and quickly. It is necessary for you descends in office of companies Money Gram in the city to send me money. Also data will be necessary for you mine: my name and a surname and also the country in which I live. Here these data: My name - Hasmik,
My surname - Galoyan,
My country - Armenia,
My city - Armavir,
My address - Charentsa 73. Here all information which will be necessary for you in companies Money Gram. After you make a remittance, the company to you will give a confidential code which you should inform me. Here all information which to me have informed in companies Money Gram, I still never used this the companies, but I think, that the best variant to take advantage of services of this of the companies as it is very easy, quickly and safely. On the companies you can learn more detailed information on its official site, on this site you can find the office closest to your house. Also in my city more known company, but one of these days Western Union worked, but it times is closed, from for the state problems and nobody knows, when it to renew the work. I once again wish to thank you, that you for me do. I very much wish to be with you in the near future and now is completely assured, that anybody and can will separate nothing us. I want, that you knew, that in this huge world, there is one young girl who loves you and its heart belongs to you. I will look forward to hearing from you, as soon as possible. With love your Hasmik.
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