Scam Letter(s) from Elena Solomina to Singh (India)

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Letter 1

Hi my new friend.
I hope you have a good day and mood and you really glad to my letter as I am glad to your letter. It means you are interested in me and it is great!!! Thanks for your answer and I hope we will be good friends. I hope you like my pictures. I will try to send you more in the next time. I like photographing and mostly all of my pictures were taken by my friends. Some of my pictures which I send to you are from my photosessions and I hope you really like them. So, my mood makes very well, because I can write to you. I hope, that you can answer my questions. But before I have to tell to you more about me. As you know already I am 25 years old and my sign is Gemini. My birthday is June, 9. I wrote you already I am originally from Russia and I live here. Well, I hope you don't have any problems with my letter. I am trying to make it more understandable. Hope you don't have any problems with my letter. I still learn English. I guess English is very popular language around a world. I use some books for this. But sometimes I have to use the special computer programm. But it is rarely. I live with my grandma. I am only one child in our family and I don't have any brothers or sisters. I know you would like to talk to me using the phone. Unfortunately we don't have a phone line yet. I had cell phone but it was stolen unfortunately. Somebody did it when I was at cafe.. It's really pity and I don't have any contact number so far. I write you using internet-cafe. It has only three computers but it has internet. I know it sounds very strange that I don't have a phone but.. It is true! Anyway I hope emailing is not a trouble for you. And I want you to know that I don't visit any web sites since I have got your letter. I am interested in you and I want to know you. I hope, that you make the same way. I have never travelled before but I hope I will soon. I don't know where I will go yet. If you have problems with understanding of my letters, please write to me about it and I shall accept any measures. So, tell to me little bit more about itself. You can tell any thing and it will be very interesting to me. I am 5'7 tall and my weight is 48 kg. So, I shall finish this letter to you. But I hope, that you write to me as soon as possible. I will try to send you my pictures in my each letter. I shall be with impatience to wait your letter. Please, do not make me waiting. I am very much interested in you.
Your new friend Yulia.

Letter 2

I am very glad that you had answered me. I am glad that you want to learn me more. How are you? What a weather you have there? Sorry, but this letter will be a short because I tired in my job today. I has forgotten to wrote you where I work. I work in fund of the help to the homeless and beggar. I work here already about three years and I very much like this job. I like to help people who needs in that. We are sole similar organisation in our city. I think that similar organisation should be in your city too. What about you? Do you like your job? And I hope you will not be mad if I ask you some other questions. What kind of music do you like? What kind of movies? I like to listen silent and quiet music and prefer the classical music (Tchaikovskiy is my favorite). Also I like reggae, some russian composers and some music of disco 80. What about movies I like romantics and comedy. My favorite movie is "What women want" with Mel Gibson. Did you saw this movie? It is so funny! Mel Gibson is my favorite actor. And my favorite actress is Charlize Theron. She is very beautiful woman. Who is your favorite actor or actress? do you have the driver's license? Do you have a car? What car do you prefer? I don't know a lot here but I am asking because I want to have my own car. I like BMW and Audi but I think it is very very expensive and my dream will not come true very soon. But now I want to visit driver's lessons and then get the lisence but I don't have a time for it. Well, I hope that you will like my letter and answer on my questions. I hope that you will not tired from my letter and my questions. By the way one of my pictures here was taken at our park (two faces in the wall are our famous russian poets) and other picture was taken past summer when I and my friends were out of city at one of lakes. I have other pictures from that day and I will send it to you later. I shall be with impatience to look forward to hearing from you. And I hope that you will send me your pictures. Bye bye and have a good day.
Your friend Yulia.

Letter 3

Hello dear.
I am glad that you find a time to answer on my letter. I know that it is very short time we know each other but I understand that I wait your letters. You makes me smiling with every your letter. At us too play football, but I do not go on it, I like to play volleyball more. You are very interesting to me and sometimes I think that I know you already for a long time. Many people do not like to speak about their last relations. But I feel that you can understand me and I can trust to you. My last relations with the man were finished about one year ago. We had the serious relations and even 3 months lived together. But he didn't respect me and he lied to me. He also had other girlfriend and I found out this from my grandmother. It was so shame to me!!! She saw him with other girl... It very hard for me to remember this. I cryed very much... May be here is other men who respect and caring women but I don't want to create any serious relationships with Russian men. The main problem for them is they drink a lot of. But I hope you can control yourself with it. All I want is caring and love to me. General qualities what I am looking for in a man are caring, respecting.. And of course desire to create a family. I am family orientated person. Creation a family is my mail goal in my life. Dear do you have a girlfriend now? I know it is very strange questions but please answer me. Whether you can tell about the last relations? Of course if you want. And please write me what you are looking for in woman at first of all. May be you will find these qualities in me? Who knows. If you have any questions to me please feel free to ask! Now I have to go. I am going to volleyball training. I forgot to write you that I play volleyball and I like this kind of sport! Also I like swimming. We have a small pool in our city and I visit this sometimes. Well, I am going to be late. Bye bye and take care.
Yours Yulia.

Letter 4

I am so glad to see your letter and today I feel better. Thanks for your letters. As always your letters makes me fine. To me very much to like to read books in road. Especially to me to like to read Russian poets. You know today I think of you all the day. I am so glad that I have met you and I think I am lucky because you are very cool! I don't work today and I had a long sleep. I visited my friend because we didn't meet for a long time. She is my friend from the college and since that time we meet sometimes. She has a beautful daughter Natasha. She is 7 years old. Natasha likes to play with me when I meet her. She study at school first year. I so much love kids and I like to play with them. My friends and grandma tell me I will be good mother. I want to have kids and I want to have boy and girl. It is my dream. But I will have kids only from the man who will be my husband and whom I will love with all my heart! In my dreams sometimes I see me with my kids and my husband.. We are together on holiday.. It is so beautiful and I pray to God my future will be such I want this. But of course everything depends from me and I have to make my future by my hands. May be you have the same dream? I think happy family is dream for every man. I will do everything to make my future husband the happiest man at this world! And I will make our home the best place at this world and he will always wish to go home.. Well, dreams. I hope you like my picture. Well, I have to go. Please write me as soon as you can. I will wait your letter impatiently.
Yours truely, Yulia.

Letter 5

Hi my lovely.
I am very glad to see your answer and it is so cool you don't forget about me. As always I get enjoying by reading your letters. And I hope we will continue our friendship. Well I want you to know everyday I think of you more and more. You have a special place in my life and you have changed my usual life. You gave me the light and hope. My friends and my grandmother tell me that I have changed and actually I am very glad. By the way have I told you I am a good dancer? When I was a little girl I visited special lessons where I studied to dance. So I can say I am a good dancer. And my favorite here is the waltz. Do you know what is waltz? It is very beautiful. And now I imagine me and you as a waltz pair. You are in the black classical smoking and I am in the white ball dress and we dance the waltz? Do you know how to dance it? If you don't I will teach you. Sure we will make a beautiful pair together... I haven't danced the waltz for a long time already but I think I am still able to dance it and teach you if you can't dance it. It is OK. And more of that I want you to know that I am a good cook! I can cook many many things and my friends tell me that I am really good cook! What food do you prefer. I prefer european food (italian, french and of course russian food). Have you ever tried the russian food? It is very good and I can cook many things. Very tasty things. So you will never be hungry with me! (just joking but this is the true). So I hope you can see we grow up in our relationship. And now I can say I would like if our relationship will come to more serious. You are very kind and cool person. I can see that from your letter. You are very loyal and caring and you respect my opinion. And you have a good sense of humor and it is cool! You cared for me in the difficult situation which I had.. You are very great! It is my true feelings about you and please don't be shy. Unfortunately I have to go. I wish you the best day and I will wait your letter impatiently. Bye. Kisses for you.

Letter 6

My dearest love
Very very good news! We got win yesterday! The game was very difficult
and I got so tired after this game. But we have won and now we are the best team of our small city. I am very glad for this and I think you should be proud for me! I know it was small competition but it means a lot to me. Well our team did everything to got this win and I am very glad. I hope you are glad for me too. Could you expect that your girlfriend is one of the best volleyball players? Just kidding my love. Well tomorrow I have to come to the agency and they will tell me everything about my trip to you. My love you forgot to write me your airport name. Please write me this. Because it is very important and agency can't start preparing my documetns without this information. Please honey don't forget. My sweet. I have some question to you what do you plan in our first day? I will be your guest and I think you should think about this. May be we will have some romantic dinner with candle light and some quiet music.. And then we will dance holding our hands together and looking into our eyes.. I can't wait look into your eyes. I heard that our eyes are mirror of our soul. And you will see what is in my soul and my heart. Or may be we will go to your favorite place where we could stay only you and me and look into the sky.. I so much want to be with you my love. And now I am sure you are my ideal mate. I like everything in you! And you mean a lot to me. I have never felt this before. Please believe me. I love you with all my heart. And I miss you and I wish to touch your hands and kiss your lips.. And feel your embrace.. I will make you happiest man at this world honey. All my love

Letter 7

Hello my dear.
I hope you are doing well. I am always glad to receive your letters. This is the best part of my day to receive and read the mail from you. I think you see with each letter we are coming to more closer and serious relationships. All that I can say about this - I am very very glad and happy! I hope we will continue growing in our relationships. And I hope you think also. Yesterday I spoke with my grandmother about me and you. She are not against of our relationships. But she said to me that she are afraid for me. She think that internet is the place where is a lot of deceit and she afraid for me because I am a girl with big heart and I trust to people. But I said to her that you are very good and caring man with a big heart too.. And you are very special for me. I trust you and I belive you. In my heart you are very special man for me.. I can't explain this feeling by words.. But I hope you understand me.. I wish more than just a friendship. I think this is our destiny. Don't you think so? My dear and lovely please don't be sad on my grandmother and her words. She wish only the best for me and my life. And I don't want to be deceived again by man to who I trust. I am always honest with you in my letters and I trust you. Don't be sad. I hope you understand me. I want more than just a friendship. And this reason is more important for me now. Well, here I finish my letter and I am looking for your reply with the great impatience. I want to know how you feel to me. I thinking of you more and more in my day. Can't wait to see your next letter. Thinking of you.
Your only Yulia.

Letter 8

Hi my love
How are you today? I am not too well and I am very sad. I have so many fears when I am writing you this letter. OK I will write you about everything I have found out today. Because it are very important news for us. I was in the agency of travels today. And my agent (I have special agent there who watch for my documents preparation) told me about all rules and documents. As I told you before my lovely I had not any documents to travel outside from Russia. And agency prepare all documents for that. Actually I need to have tourist visa (you know that my vacation will be only during three months and after this time I have to come back to my job). This visa will be valid for three months and I will not have any problems with coming to your country with this type of visa. Other document I need to have is international passport. I can't go abroad without this document and it is not a problem to get this. Other documents I need to have are medical insurance (it needs I could get a free medical help when I am in your country) and some other questionaries. And more of that agency will reserve and buy a roundtrip ticket for me. This ticket I will get in airport before my flight to you. Actually it are all documents I need to have to come to you honey. And I have found out other thing. If I was going to get all these documents without agency help it could take very long time. And I am very glad that I have got agency service in that. I love you my sweet and I pray to God and I hope you will not leave me. Lovely the cost I have to pay to the agency for all this is 1,780 dollars! It is a lot of money and I didn't expect this. I can't find this money anywhere here my love because it is really huge sum. And I don't have other exit because I have to ask for your help here. I am so sad for this and I am very afraid you will leave me after this asking. Please believe me it is very shame to ask you for this kind of money but I really can't find it here!!! I hate myself for that. Please my Prince don't leave me. Agent said me that my documents will be ready in 10-11 days and as soon as it will be ready I have to pay the contract. And then I can get my documents and I will know my flight information... I really didn't expect this sum and now I am crying because I really afraid you will leave me.. I am sorry if I am wrong but you know my relation to asking you for money. But I don't ask you for money for my life or other things. Honey I ask you to help with my coming to you. Because I can't come to you on my own... And I am very very sad. I am crying now... I don't know what to say else but please know that I do want to be with you. If you will not help me I will not come to you... And we will not make our dreams come true.. It is so pity. But I know that you do want my coming to you. Becaue you want to be with me like I do. It is very hard to ask you for money lovely. But I don't have exit. Because I very much want to be with you. Because I love you with all my heart!!! And please don't leave me because I can't imagine my life without you! I am very sad and I hope when I will get your answer I will be better... I love you my honey. Please don't make me waiting and write me as soon as you can. All my love to you honey.
Only your Yulia.

Letter 9

Hi my love
I am so happy to get your letter dear. You can't imagine how I did afraid that you will never write me again after my letter. I love you with all my heart and I don't want to loose you because you are very very important to me darling. It is true. I am very happy that you do understand me here. I believe there is nothing that can stop our meeting way because I do love you and I know you love me too. Everyday I dream only about you. I can't stop thinking about you my sweet because you are in my heart. I have never felt this before and this feeling makes me so happy! And I am happy everytime when I am thinking about you my love. Sometimes I dream to myself to see your smile and your sight.. Your lovely sight. I think about time when we will be together so I could hold your hand and look at your eyes. I want this so much! Kiss you and whisper to you how much I love you!!! I love you and I am ready to say it to everyone! I very much want to be with you my love. I can't imagine my life without you right now becuse you are in my heart forever! Please only don't leave me because it will break my heart.. It will hurt me very much! Because my feeling to you is very very strong. It is true my love and if you could see my eyes right now you will see that I am speaking the truth. You know eyes are mirror of soul.. The darling, unfortunately I cannot send you the passport today because my passport to be now in agency of travel but if it is necessary for you for you that I I will ask what the agent has made for me a copy of my passport. As soon as I will receive it I at once I will send it to you. My love I will learn all information of that that necessary for you and tomorrow I weed it to you. I so much hope that you feel the same about me. It is very important to me because I am only honest with you. And I want you to be honest with me sweetheart. I love you and I have no anything to hide from you my love. I always tell you what I feel inside in my heart. And I feel that I love you and it is new feeling to me. You are man who made me so happy and I believe that we will meet soon. Because my papers performs in the travel agency and it will be ready in 10 days already! This is very good agency my love and I trust them completely. And I very much hope on your help sweetheart. I do love you and I can't wait to be with you. You are in my heart. You are on my mind. Please don't leave me because it will make me very upset... I will be happy only with you. Please remember that. I have to go and I will look forward for your next reply. I do love you. Kissing you,
Yulia Krylowa (this is my full name).

Letter 10

Hi my sweet Prince
How was your day? I hope everything is fine for you. I am fine too and all that I think is our meeting sweetheart. I can't wait to meet you. I want to be with you and only with you my dear. Please don't forget about this. You in my heart and please don't break my heart because... I don't know what will be and I don't want to think about this because I hope that everything will fine for us. I hope on this because I want to be happy and I hope I deserve to be happy. And I am happy from thought that you love me and you want to meet me too. This thought make me so happy! Yesterday evening before sleep I looked at the window and do you know what I did my love? I prayed to God. I prayed for his help in our meeting. I do believe in God my love and I believe that he will help to us. Because we love each other and our meeting is good way for both of us! I love you with all my heart. I watched at the sky and all my thoughts were about you only. And I cryed that I am not with you at this moment.. My love, I found out about Western Union and what you need to know to use it. Here my information for that: Yuliya Krylowa is my full name Russia, Vladimir, 600000, Gagarina ulitsa 12-33 This full information you need to make it. All this I found out in office Western Union here. Also I found out I will need to have same information from you. I love you with all my heart my dear. Please remember this all the time. And if you get stressed there or if you are sad please remember that and it will put smile on your face. I will wait the moment when we will be together. When we will see each other at the first time! I do love you. You are my destiny. You are everything to me. I will wait your next letter and please don't take a long time before that. I love you. You are on my mind forever.
Only your Princess Yulia.



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