Scam letter(s) from Olga Khaidarova to Levy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love Levy!!
I have written you the letter in the morning, and I thought that you already by this time have written me the answer. But I do not see it but that terrible, I know that today you are simply occupied on work and cannot write me the letter. My love in it is not present that terrible.
My dear, but I wish to tell to you that today I very strongly missed on you. Also thought only of you and our meeting!!
My dear, I wish to ask you. You can send me this weeks 300 or 400 dollars??
I ask you money because now my money has ended, and now I still had last money, and that for this purpose what to come to the Internet of cafe of 4 or 5 times. So my love. I now do not work. And I think that I should get a job that I would have money for meal, and the cafe Internet.
OK my love, today I will not be long in the cafe Internet, and I will finish the letter. Also I hope that tomorrow morning I will read your letter, while while your favourite Olga!
Letter 2
Hello my love Levy!!
I have read your letter, and I as talked that will be if I go to your country and I will meet the man, I did not speak that I to a train to you as the agency should not know that I go under the tourist visa to you.
And on it I have asked that will be if I meet the man there, and they have told to me that will not be that difficultly, simply from the beginning we should spend some time together, and only after that to take photos and video us together as we spent time, and to go to embassy, and then they are obliged to change the visa status that I could remain with you!!
My dear so you should not worry about it, can be there will be some difficulties, but nevertheless to me have told that it not difficult, finally if that does not leave then I will need to arrive to Russia, together with you, and here that already precisely to me change the visa status so do not worry rather it. As I took about it council and learnt.
My love, but you can send me not many money this week? That I could write to the cafe Internet, and buy meal!!
My dear if you have 10 000 dollars you can send to me either 3800 dollars, or 4800 dollars??
OK my love then now I go home, and tomorrow morning I again will come to the cafe Internet, and I hope to read your letter as soon as possible. While while your favourite Olga!
Letter 3
Hello my love Levy!!
I was very glad to read your letter. And I was to speak again with you by phone, but nevertheless, I still very strongly worry, concerning our meeting as I very strongly want will meet you, and to be a number.
But I cannot, because I do not have cash.
My love. That money of 4800 dollars, is necessary, for this purpose what to show to me on customs at the airport In Moscow that me could start up aboard the plane what to fly to you.
And then as I will arrive to you. That I will give at once you that money. Because they will not be more necessary to me.
And if now you do not have that money. That you could ask them whom or, or to take them in bank. And then as soon as I will arrive to you. That I will return at once you them back. That then you could return them, there where took. OK?
My love, I am simple I do not wish to spend so a lot of time. You cannot simply imagine. As I now worry.
Last night I could not fall asleep. From for that that I have such problem.
My love, I really very strongly worry.
Write me the letter, as soon as possible. I wish to talk to you about it.. I will wait your letter in the cafe Internet.
While while your love on always Olga!!
Letter 4

My love, please try to go to bank, and whether you can learn to receive that money.
And I will return at once you them. As soon as I will arrive to you.
My dear, please, well make that or, I now so strongly worry. And I do not know that to me now to do tell to me???
And how I will depart on Sunday when I have already given yesterday the ticket back to agency??
My dear, please make that or that we could will meet as soon as possible..
Descend in bank take the loan, or ask friends, for some time, then I will return you that money. OK?
Now I will go to agency, and I will learn, whether it is possible to make that or, and then I will write you
the letter. And you that of times ask that money whom or, and then we will give at once to them when I will arrive to you. OK?
Letter 5
Hello my love Levy!
I went to agency and learnt.
And me have told, for what this money will be necessary to me.
In Russia there is such law, what without cash not to let out abroad, any tourist. As there were many cases that Russian tourists went abroad, and there remained as vagabonds, from that that at them does not remain money.
And me have told that this money is necessary, for this purpose what ostensibly I could remove habitation, and buy to myself meal, in a current of that time how many there is my visa. Or at least the ticket.
And me have told that I can truncate the ticket, that is make the sum necessary to me not much on less. And me have told that it can be reduced, 3800 dollars.
But I do not know what to do, as at me was not present so many money. But my love. To me have told that without money me who will not pass aboard the plane that will check and reconsider them.
And they should see them.
So my love, I do not know that to me to do. And now at me is not present what mood, and I so was strongly afflicted.
My dear but you that told that that can find 3000 dollars, there can be you can occupy at least 800 dollars from whom or, what to send me that sum of 3800 dollars?
I already simply do not know what to do.
And I wish to cry, from that that I such ****** silly woman. But on all happens so, all goes well, smoothly as we planned, and that that all the same goes not so. And it so has strongly afflicted me.
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