Scam letter(s) from Suzanna to Paul (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
My name is Susanna
I am very glad to get a letter from you. So, how are you? I hope all is fine.
May be you wonder why I have chosen your country, I don't know why, may be because I am disappointed with Russian men and I decided to find my happiness at another place.
It seems to me that you are a very good and interesting person, and I would like to know you better. I have never been in your country but I have heard a lot of it and I would like to know more about it. It my first time when I use the Internet to get acquainted with somebody. I know the English language not so well, but I hope, that you can understand me.
I will write you a little about myself. I am 29 years old, my growth is 172, my weight is 52
I have blonde hair and green eyes. I am Orthodox.
I live in Russia,city kazan. It is not the big city, but it is very beautiful and cozy. I like to walk on its streets, there are a lot of cinemas, parks here and cafes here. I love sports, i am fond of aerobics and I like very much to meet with my friends when I have free time, but, unfortunately, i have not a lot of spare time, as I work much. Sometimes we go together on picnics. And do you love the nature? As for me, I like an active way of life, I like to be cheerful and open, and I like fair, kind, sincere people, that you for some reason seem to me such, therefore I have decided to write to you. I want very much to learn about you more. Tell to me please something about you. I shall be very glad. Where do you live?
Than you are engaged? All will be interesting to me.
I am not engaged but I would like to find my love.
Tell me about your city, your interests.
Your new friend,
Letter 2
Hello, my friend PAul,
Thank you for your letter. I was glad to get it. How are you today?
I want to tell you about my work. I work in the bank, I am a cashier. I will write you from my work, I work not every day (in a day) that is why I won't be able to write you every day but I will try to write you often. I like my job, it helps me to be independent and I meet a lot of people there but I feel very tired at the end of my working day.
As I have already written you I have a higher education. I studied at the University, at economic faculty. I have degree in economics. I studied English there and a little at school. I wish I could speak it better but I hope you understand me as I understand you well. Since i have started talking about work, tell me please something interesting about your working day. It will be very interesting to me. How was your day? What is your weather? It is cold here.
I would like to tell you about my interests. I like an active way of life, I like to go camping, I go there with my friends in summer, it is very funny, i like it very much. I like sports, I like swimming and in winter I like skiing. I also like traveling but I have never been abroad. I hope someday I can visit Spain and Italy and some other places. I like dancing very much! And do you like dancing? And I adore music! I listen to different kinds of music, it may be classical music or even rock. And what about you? I like good movies, it may be a comedy, tragedy, or love story. My favourite American film is "The pretty girl" with J. Roberts. (I am not sure how to write it). My favourite actor is Richard Gere.
My hobby is cooking. I like pelmeni (it is Russian dish, meat in pastry), borshch (soup) and different salads, I like also ice-cream and pizza. What is your favourite dish?
Unfortunately, I should go. I promised to help my parents. They live in suburb. And I live in the city, I rent the apartment together with my roommate.
I will write you later, hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day,
Letter 3
Hello Paul,
I want to say you that I am very glad that I can write you. I want to learn about you as much as possible. I think it is very important to have person whom you can trust and tell everything. Do you agree with me?
Recently I went to parents. I wrote you about them already a little. You remember? They live in the small private house. My mother's name is Elmira . And my father's name is Vladimir. My father was an engineer, he worked in the factory and my mother was a bookkeeper. Unfortunately I have neither brothers no sisters. I was born here and I had a usual childhood but after finishing school I went to the city to enter the University and now I live here. My parents are on pension now. They have a small garden near their house and they have a dog. By the way, do you like dogs? I like animals very much, especially dogs, I would like to have my own dog or may be even two dogs. I like visiting my parents, you feel as if you are in the village. I love nature.
How do you spend time together with your friends? When I meet with my friends, we go to the cinema together or we sit in I, and sometimes simply we walk in parks.
But sometimes I prefer staying at home to walking. I like reading, or I may watch TV, or merely listen to music.
Well, I should go. Bye for now,
Letter 4

You cannot imagine how much I am glad to receive your letter again! I know you not for a long time, but you are becoming for me more and more dear person. Each your letter makes me happy. I always wait for your letters. It is a pity, that I do not have computer and phone at home, and I cannot communicate with you when I want.
Dear, I want to know about you everything, that only is possible. What do you like and do not like? What most of all you appreciate in people? Do you have many true friends on whom you can rely completely and whom you can trust? I have a lot of acquaintances, but a few true friends.
But I can rely on them completely. They are cheerful, kind, sympathetic and reliable people, they are always ready to help, therefore I love them very much . I very much would like to find in you the close person because I like you very much. It seems to me, that we are very similar with you.
What about my likes and dislikes.well, I like meet cheerful people, I like meet with my friends, I like reading, I like good food, I love my parents, I like children and I would like to have my own kids, I would like to have my own family, my beloved should be a kind, funny, responsible person, I would like my future kids were proud of him, I would like to make my love happy, I would like to have my own house or flat to live together with my family, I like jeans, I like sweets and roses (dark-red roses), I like when people are sincere and kind, when they have a sense of humor . and I dislike dishonest and rude people, I don't like when people tell a lie. Now it is your turn to tell me about your likes and dislikes.
I will write you later, I should work now. I will wait for your letter.
PS Ohh,sorry i think aeroport will be in moscow.we call it is.
Letter 5
Hello Paul,
I was waiting for your letter. I am always glad to get e-mails from you. I like learning about you and I would like to know about you as much as you can let me know. Tell me about your day. Now I want to tell you about my day. I get up at 6.30 when I should go for a work. My girlfriend with whom I rent the flat usually sleeps, she wakes up later. She works at the post-office. Her name is Kristina. I studied at school with her. Then I have a bath and have breakfast. It takes me about 15 minutes to get to my job, I go there by bus. My working day begins at 8. I like my job because I meet a lot of people, I accept accounts. This work helps me to be independent, I can buy everything I need, clothes, different things. Then we have a break from 12 to 13, I have dinner at cafe where I can talk with my friends (I have some friends at my work, it is great). At 5 p.m. my day is over and I back home. I like to walk with my friend after work, we can talk, go to the cinema, disco. But usually I came back very tired after work and I prefer stay at home where I can read or watch TV.
Tell me about your day. I am very interested in you and I want to know about you more, I think of you and your life there more and more often.
I have a break now at my work, I can use one of the computers here, it is a pity that I don't have a phone here which I can use to call you, I can do only local bells using this telephone and I can't call in other countries, I would like to hear you, may be sometime.?
That is all for now, my break is over, I will write you later and I will wait for a letter from you.
I miss your letters, I like reading them.
Letter 6
Hello my sweetheart Paul!!!
I read and re-read your letters and I am so happy I am able to communicate with you. I want to tell, that I very much like to communicate with you. You are a very interesting person, and I like your letters. I dreamed for a long time to find such an interesting, clever, kind person, as you are. It seems to me, that many women would be happy to be with you. I am very glad, that you write me. I would like to say you how happy i am, that at last i have found the man with whom i can easy communicate. But I am afraid to bore you. I simply want, that you knew, that i like you very much.
How are you? I had a usual day, nothing in particular. But your letters light up my grey week-days.
I told about you my parents. They are glad that I have found a man whom I like but they don't understand how it is possible to communicate so sincerely with the person whom i have never seen before. But when I have told them about you, they were delighted, that I have found such a good person.
They very much want me to be happy and i want it too. I want to have not only my love but also my best friend whom I can trust completely, who will believe me. I want to have my own family and I know that someday it will happen.
I miss your letters and you. I need you.
PS Dear Paul, answering your questions I can tell that that I know a computer very badly, and registration on dating site was done by my girlfriend and probably it has made a mistake. I would be glad to visit your country and you, you become very close for me but I think that that is necessary for a little more time that we learned each other
Letter 7
Yesterday I met with my friends. We were at cafe, we talked to each other and laughted. They told to me their latest news, and I told them about you, Girlfriends say that since I began to communicate with you, I have strongly changed, They joked and said that I have fallen in love and I told them that you are really a very good person.
I have a dream. I would like to jump with a parachute from height of five kilometers. It may seem to you silly, but I would like to look at the ground from height of the bird's flight. Have you ever jumped with parachute? I think it is so wonderful and you can get a lot of impressions after it. In general, I am a very impressionable person, I love sunny days and the blue sky, green grass and flowers. Adore to be in the picturesque places, I like to float by a boat, to bathe, i like to sit at a fire under the night star sky, with my friends a circle of friends.
Certainly, I prefer an active way of life. Do you like picnics?
If I want to relax i call to girlfriends and we together go to the cinema, in parks, or on dances. In our world it is useful to have a rest after heavy days.
You know, I very much like engineering and everything that is connected with it, but I have no car. In our country incomes of the big number of people are so small that, the cars for them are still luxury. I like driving, I hope that someday I can buy a car.
Well, I should go now but I will be waiting for your letter.
Good bye,
Letter 8
Greetings my dear. I am glad to receive from you news, they are like asterisks in the night sky, lighting up each evening. I understand that we are as two stars, we are far apart, but I know that where that there, behind ocean to me there is my guy whom I find a very good person.
I talked to my parents about us. I tell them about each your letter, they speak that you are a nice person. You seem them very attractive. They are very glad.
I have wonderful mood today. I hope you too have good mood and good day. I like getting and reading your letters. Sometimes I want tossing with happiness. Today is my daddy's birthday, he is 55, it is a good round figure, anniversary. There will be many visitors. He has been living with my mother for 26 years. I love my parents very much, I am happy to have such good parents.
Well that's all. I should help my mom to prepare for a celebratory table. I should go home.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 9
Hello, how are you today?
It was a wonderful birthday. There were many visitors. There were a lot of friends of my dad. We had many jokes and fun.
My dad got a lot of presents, my mother and me gave him watch. The dinner was great, there were a lot of food and drinks, I don't drink much, it is not my passion.
I am glad for my parents, my dad is a very good man, I love him very much, I think that my future husband should be like my father, he should be very kind, tender, polite, sincere, courageous, with sense of humor, he must understand me and I will always support him.
Dear, you can write me everything you want, I want to know you better.
My break is over but I hope to write you soon.
Bye for now,
Letter 10
Hello, My dear Paul!!!
So, how are you today? As for me, I am not bad but I am sad a little bit because I can not be with you now. I very much have got used to you, and I can not be without your letters any more. I like you very much, but I do not want to leave the person who has become dear for me.
I see, that you are a very good, fair person. I am so happy, that i have found you. I want to ask you one question. It can be not so good question, but I want to know. What do you think of me?
What do you think of us? Sorry for asking. If this conversation is unpleasant for you, let's nit speak about it . But we already know about each other so much. With each letter you become closer and closer to me. You became the important part in my life, and I do not want to lose you, because you are the best man i have ever met. I am constantly think of you. I think about what can you do this moment, and I imagine, that we do it together. I like these ideas. What do you think of me, of us? Do you think that we would be happy together?
I with impatience shall wait for your answer. I hope, you understand me.

Letter 11
Hello Paul!!!
I very much waited for your letter. Every day I understand more and more, that I cannot leave without you. I need you very much. I am always madly glad to your letters. I am grateful to the God that I has got acquainted with you. I want to tell you so much , but I can not find suitable words to transfer everything, that I feel to you. I very much want to meet you to tell you all i feel. I want to see you, to speak with you, to feel you, to smile you. I want to walk with you, joining our hands, to laugh with you, to kiss you. May be my ideas will seem to you too impudent, but it is so. I can do nothing with me.
I think and dream of you constantly, I hope your days and nights are full with laughter and happiness.
I am truely honored to have you as mine dear in my life. you complete My life truely. and from what I truely feel and see and your letters and dream of you, I know I am made for you. You are a true gift from the heavens, you are everything I ever wished or hoped for in a man and I thank you form the the very depths of My soul and being, your are all I seek and need in my life.
Letter 12
My dear and loved Paul I am very glad to see your letter!
I so am glad to see yours warm and tender words but I from the very beginning wrote to you because I have been seriously interested in you and I spoke you that age for me not a handicap and only figures and anything more!!
I spoke about you with my mum and have asked that she thinks of you and she has told that she would be very glad if we were together and now I want to ask you that you think of that that I have arrived to you to be with you?
You want it?
If yes that you are ready to help me financial that I have arrived to you and auaa with you always!
I very much love you you can tell that that we did not meet yes correctly but my heart never tested that that I test to you now I do not know but my soul roars also my heart speaks me that you that who is necessary for me!!
I of you whole also wait for your decision
Letter 13
Dear Paul, I am very glad to see your letter.
I am glad that that you want that I was yours and have arrived to you. I too want it. But I as well as you am not rich also I have no money to pay a trip.
I was in travel agency and have asked that I need to be yours and how many it will cost.
I am very afflicted. BUT today I shall have contact to mine the aunt which lives in Austria, I hope that that you remember about it.
It has the financial company and I hope that that it to agree to help to pay to me a trip. But there is still a reason why I shall have contact to it. My mum in hospital and is necessary to it operation and treatment, but doctor has told that its insurance does not defray all charges.
I as wish to ask to help to pay the aunt it.
My loved write to me yours cell and home number and may be i can try to call you.
love and kiss you
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