Scam letter(s) from Lisa Keith Mascot to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Sweety ,
I am very happy and excited to hear back from you asap , i am so glad that you could trust me with your personals and everything about you , i understand i have been hurt badly in the past but i still believe there will still be the right man for me out there that would make me feel happy again in life so that was the reason i gave this a chance to see where it will leads us to between me and u ... i am hoping we can meet someday to share our dreams together and make it come true. I have been through so much and i have always understand life is about pleasure and pain and i am very sorry for your past too life could be like that , we are in life to learn from our weakness to be a strong and big hearted lover.You really sound very intresting to me that was why i am very anxious to see how this goes .
So what would you like to know about me hon ?
I am very active attractive sweet caring honest romantic passionate witty ... i have a very big heart and i am laid back ..very Open minded ...I am very compassionate .. I am very Loyal and Spiritual ... i dont like lies or head games .
I have never smoked , drink or do drugs ....I am very honest and easygoing with life and people .
I am italian canadian , I weight 125 pounds .. i am 5'5 tall .. I am athletic fit/ average ...Black hair ...Blue eyes ...well i was adopted .
I was adopted because i lost mom during birth ....and dad was not a caring soul hes more intresting in making moonshine and raising another family since he lost my mom and he dumped me at the motherless home .as i heard it .
I was adopted twice , i went through two foster(s) home ... the first home wasnt much fun , i was treated very cruelly until the Govt took me off from them . then i got adopted again by a widow lady ...she was very cool and took very good care of me ... she was a dream come true.. We relocated from weatherford tx to Newark Ohio when i was 19.
I lost her a year after i graduated from college , i studied Food&Nutritions ...I lost her due to ****** cancer hurt pretty badly and it was a hardest time for me .. because i hard to start over again , i do not know anyone arround here as i am not a type that makes bunches of friends.. its really hard to start over alone , it has always been me and her hurt but i had to move on .
Since when i lost her i havent been living happily as i would like to , because i really havent got a job yet , and its really hard to survive been just you ...everything was pretty hard since when i lost her and it make it pretty lonely for me ...until i met a very good friend i used to know back from college in Ohio. I had to explaine everything i have been through to her because i am very open minded ... she felt sorry for me so shes into modelling , she introduced me to modelling , it wasnt a dream job but i had to do it to survive .
my friends are not honest .
I am 32 newark Ohio , but i am presently in west africa nigeria now , i came down here with my boss for modelling fashion parade trip. I am single i have never been married and i do not have any kids , i do love kids , and if its possible would love to have some ... someday ..... I am an Open book i tell it as it is , i do not have anything to hide about me , i would understand if i scare you away . I am very romantic.. I am very spiritual and i have been a catholic for years now because my foster mom was lol.I am very down to earth ....i love the ocean waves , i like to hike , collectings ....singing , shopping , , i like cuddling near the fireplace , i live to fish , i love to cook too ...i like ice cream .... .. I am into Blues music , Classic rock , country.. and some metal rock.
I just got out of a hurrible relationship recently , my heart was broken and i was hurt badly , my friend and my ex are not honest , i caught my roomate and my boyfriend in bed together , its hurt so much. they had to beat me and kicked me out of the aprt. i trusted both of them to be a very good friend to me , but they obviously not , it hurt me deeply and they are now together , but i believe what brought them together will scatter them in time because non of them would stop cheating .
I am very honest and i would like to meet an honest man to spend the rest of my life .
because they kicked me out of the aprt and i do not have a place to stay .. so my boss asked me to come down here with him to africa for modeling parade , so i could make some money to get back on my feet , and i could get new aprt and start over again , i had no choice i had to come down here with him ....
I thought he was honest too cause i am fired right now and he left me down on where , when we got here , he got me an aprt at 98 lagos rd .he said we are going to spend 2 weeks or so ... but that very night he started asking me for *** a married man , and i turned him down ... so he got mad cause i refused to have *** with him and he hit me bad that night attempted to **** me but i didnt let him he got very mad and left me here that night .I realised it was a set up on me , but i dont just understand why all men are not honest ....
I could not afford to share my body with anybody ... i am very clean and honest lady that doesnt believe in using yourself , my body is for the right man that would take care of me and just me and him ...
I had to report him to the consolate , they have been searching for him and they said they couldnt do anything until they finally got him to pay for what he did to me i hope so.
life is pretty hard down here as i am alone and i am always lonely with no one i know or something , everything down here is pretty crazy and i live pretty hard down here i have got no one to support me and that what make it hard i do not have a job or anything , i hardly eat on dailly bases , i dont have anything to suppirt myself , i had to sell some of my things to survive , sold some of my Clothes , my jewlery , shoes , just sold some of my clothes last week to be able to pay rent.
I am tired of dishonest men , I would like to find just someone that would treat me good and make me feel like a lady again....someone that would cherish me and respect me for whom i am ..... I am not looking for a man for what he could offer me or give me , i am looking for a man for what we could share together . I am looking for a loyal man , someone honest , very loving , someone that we can both trust each Other , work things together in bad and good times , someone we can both share dream together , build family together , be happy together , get married ....
and grow old into together ...I do very much believe in Old fashion love ... i want a man that would treat me with tenderness , someone that would respect me and love me for me , someone that would dnever cheat on me or use me and dumped me ... someone that would not play with my heart , someone that would make me strong when i seems down ... someone that would work things out with me when things are bad .....someone that wouldnt let predicament scare him off ...I want a strong hearted man ..
someone that is full of passion ... someone that is not affraid to make commitment and keep it forever .I want someone that we can spend he rest of our life together .....I want someone i can treat like a man .
and someone that would treat me like a lady too ... never hit me or make me cry .....someone we can be together no matter what life brings our way ... someone that would always stand by me .... i am looking for a very serious man that is very hard working and hardlover ....I want someone i can do everything with , someone i will always be with forever ....I want someone that would love me unconditionally ....someone that would do everything for his lady to make him happy ....... Is this you ? Are you the right man ? Do you want someone like me? . get back to me asap and let me know what you think if i havent scare you off .....i hope you would be a serious man.
Letter 2
I am not blaming you for reacting the way you reacted ... but i strongly believe you could spit out what you dont want and accept what you wanted ... i dont believe in cheating or taken advantage of anyone ... let me try to explaine something to you , their economy down here is pretty bad .... but not everybody that talks to you from nigeria is looking for your finances ...I am not from nigeria ... I am just here right now for the present circumstances and i cant blame anyone for that .... do you understand ?I can never love someone i have never met .... We need to meet in person , spend time together and see where it goes from there , there has to be chemistry and commitment and honesty and loyalty matters ....
Everything is not about money ..... What about our feelings .... our heart ... our soul .... that matters to me than anything , i dont believe in telling lies , if i ever need anything from you , i would ask you straight without lieing about it .... do you understand me ? if you want us to meet and see where it goes we can start and see where it geos but i dont want to live on your past , you have to let it go and move on ........ You have to let some certians thing get off you and move on ..... if you are a very serious person you would ingnore what you know you dont want and move on ... life is too short.
Write back and let me know what you think.
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