Letter(s) from Cumisha Jones to Herve (USA)

Letter 1

How are u doing for me? honey are u ok with me ? i have been coming online to see if u are there or not ok, but u are not online why and what is wrong? i miss u so much and i cant stop thinking

Letter 2

Hello my darling.
well thanks u very much for the money u sent me and how are u doing for me? my dear i want u to mail me some infromation ok,.

my love please give me the name u uesd to send me the money trues westernunion for me? and what is the Question u uesd? and the ans? hope u give me all, love u with all my heart and i cant wait to be with u very soon, love u so mnuch, big kisses for u alone, and i will send u some nude pics tommrow ok, i love u so much