Scam letter(s) from Alisa Zalevskaya to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Great to see your letter! I am really very happy and exited!I haven't used internet before and i have so big emotions like a child:)!But i think it is great when grown ups can be children deep inside and can be so happy as little children:)! Sorry i forgot to tell you that my name is Alisa just like the character of Carol's"Alice in wonderland" and i am very happy that i have such associations cause i love this novel. By the way this name is very gentle and suits me a lot!:) My family name is Zalevskaya because i have some Polish or Belorussian roots i guess. I live in a very picturesque place not very far from Lvov and this place is one of the most beautiful in Ukraine. In Lvov you can find lots of places to visit like old castles and museums. By the way are you interested in history?Or i should stop here:)? So,my family consists of my parents and my older sister,her husband and my beloved niece Karolina(she is my favourite and i spent a lot of time with her).My parents are hard workers,my father works on land and my mum is a teacher of Ukrainian language at school.I love them so much cause they have taught me everything that i can and how to love your motherland and nature and people that surrounds you!They are together more than 30 years. As for me i am the youngest daughter and i am 23 years old and my sister is 26 and my niece is 2. I also dream to have family and children cause i love them so much and i think that it is the most important for woman to have children.Do you agree with me?Of course now we care more about career but we shouldn't forget about children and family! I haven't met a man of my dreams yet but i am not disappointed cause i am sure that soon it will happen!I am born to love and to be a good wife and mother and i am sure that i will be with Him soon! Sorry,may be you think that i am too romantic but it is not it is just me!:)Can you accept me as i am? Please,tell me about your family and your country because i am very interested to know about you! Hope to hear from you soon! yours Alisa
Letter 2
Oh,hello my dear Patrice.I am pleased that you liked communicating with me and you answered on my mail!Thanks you for sharing emotions with me i think it really makes people closer to each other!!!Just imagine what would we do if there was no internet and we needed to write letters!It could take so much time just to keep in touch!!!:)) You know about my family already and as for my occupation i want to say that i am a student right now.I study economy and i study English language also cause i think that it is one of the most popular languages on the world and it is really useful to know it. Sometimes i think that i should go to the medical university and study pediatrics cause i love little kids so much!When i see my niece i always dream about having my own children and give them all my love and care! But children is not all that i love!;)I also adore cooking and i can honestly tell you that i am very good at it!I love doing dishes from fish and meat and of course something sweet too!What do you like to eat?Have you ever tried Ukrainian cuisine? I also like reading and often spend evening with a good book.I think it helps you to understand the world better. And what do you prefer to do if you have a spare time? Sorry,i need to go to watch my niece to my sister's house and she leaves far from the internet cafe where i write you.Anyway it is great to see you letter! Have a good day and if you have time please answer me! yours Alisa
Letter 3
Hello my dear Patrice. It is so nice day here!The sun is shining and i am so happy since i have waken up cause the day is nice and bright!! And i want to share my positive emotions with you!!Cause you are always so nice with me and it is a real pleasure for me to communicate with you!! Today i will definitely go for a walk with Karolina and we will visit our favourite park where we go so often.There is a small lake there and we usually feed ducks,whish are swimming there all day long and even on cold days.My niece love animals very much and she is always interested to find our something new and special!I am sure you would love her if you had opportunity just to see her!:)She is very nice small princess. I like Oscar Wilde very much and often read his fairy tales to my niece and enjoy them myself.They help me when i feel very sad. When i see happy couples who are going somewhere together i become very glad for people who have already found their love and now can spend all their time and give all their love to each other!!!I wished i wasn't alone now too!But i am sure that everything is ahead!Don't you agree with me?:)I would love to go out with you somewhere!By the way where would you go with me?Any suggestions? So i will be waiting for your letter and wish you to have a wonderful day too! yours Alisa
Letter 4

My dear Patrice, i am so happy to get a new letter from you!I was thinking the whole night about you!I do not know what is happening but i really think about you all the time!!It was so many people in the internet cafe today and i was waiting for about 2 hours to write you but i couldn't go without sending you a letter cause i missed you so much!! I told about you my sister and she was a bit surprised but very happy for us!he told that no matter how much distance between us all is in our hands and we can be happy!I was so delighted to hear such words from a close person and it gave me some strength to be not sad because you are so far away from me!Why we live so far from each other?It is really not fair!:))Why all couples can go somewhere together and we can just write!;)))But i am happy when i get your letter and feel myself some kind like in a movie!!Yeah,some romantic one!!!Don't you agree with me?Can you tell me about your feelings?I mean what do you think about all this situation? Right now i will go to the shop to buy all the ingredients to make a special dish!it is called vareniki!Have you heard about it?It is a very tasty thing which is made from cottage cheese,flour and cherries!It is really great and you should definitely try it!!!! Please,do not forget about me cause i am very serious about this relations! Will be waiting for your next letter and miss you! yours Alica
Letter 5
**** my dear Patrice! I am so happy that you also have same feelings for me!It is very important for me to hear it from you cause you have a very special place in my heart now and all that you are telling to me is very important! Honey,please tell me what you have been doing today?I am so interested in everything that concerns you and your personality!It is wonderful when you have a person who you always want to care for and want to be with!! You know i started to dream about us together!Yes,i think it will be wonderful if i could meet you after the working day and make a relaxing massage for you and surprise you with something nice and tasty!I want to care about you so much cause i feel that we are very close to each other and i can tell you about anything in my life!And you will always listen!Not everybody can listen but you can and it is so marvelous! Please send me your pictures cause i miss you and it is a great pleasure for me to watch them!!!I want to be on a picture with you and than i could watch it for hours just on our happy faces together!!!It is a pity that i do not have such one! My dear,i have to go now!But you are always in my heart and i hope that soon you will write me back! yours dreamy Alisa
Letter 6
Hello my sweet Patrice. How are you doing today?I can honestly tell you that i can't stop thinking about you!!Every time i go to the internet cafe i'm so happy because i can spend some time with you ,my darling!!but this time is so short and usually it goes so quickly and then i feel lonely again.It disappoints me so much!!!!I dream about time we can be together! As you already know i feel upset when i'm not with you.So can you imagine that it became obvious for other people!Last week my mum asked me what had happened to me.My mum is my closest friend and i can't lye to her!So i decided to tell her about you,my dear!She was really surprised but happy!!!!She always wishes me the best in this world.But my mummy was also very upset that we are so far away from each other.She told me how difficult it is to love a person when there is a big distance between the beloved people.She said that it would be great if i could come and visit you my dear!I'm so happy that my family is supporting me on such a difficult time!I need it so much now!!!!!!!!!Can you imagine our meeting?At last we can see each other!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm dreaming about your hugs and kisses and after such a long time of expectation i can actualise all my dreams!!!!!!!!!!By the way one of my dreams is to prepare for you, my honey, our national dishes,I have so many recipes that you won't be bored with my cooking!!!I promise you my dear!!!I want to make you the happiest man in this world,because only you deserve it!!!!!!!!You make my heart beating too fast! So honey, i think it would be great to visit your country,to see how you live!And what do you think about it my honey?I hope that you want it too!Just imagine how happy we will be when we finally met each other!!!!!!!We had so many difficulties and now we deserve enjoying each other! But i have never been abroad so i don't know what i have to do to travel to you my dear.But i will do my best to get to know everything as soon as i can!I can't wait long,i want to see you my love! Thank you honey for making me so happy!!!!!I'm looking forward to hear from you and to see you as soon as possible!!!!I miss you so much but i believe that soon will happen a day of our meeting and now i will be dreaming only about it!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait when i can see you!!! Will be waiting for your reply with great impatience, so please, my honey, don't make me wait for too long and write to me as soon as you can, ok?:) Kisses, yours sweet Alisa
Letter 7
Hello, my honey love! hello, my beloved man!!! My dear Patrice. I was waiting for your letter so impatiently!!!!!!!!!!!I was dreaming about receiving your letter with a positive answer!And now i have your letter and it's so great!!!I feel so happy!!!I knew that you wish the same as i do and our words are not just words!! It's great!!! I have already done the first steps in the process of coming to you!As i told i've never been abroad so i need to have an international passport. I can get it in my town in the organization called OVIR.I will go there tomorrow to clear out the situation about the passport.Honey i will try to do my best to get it as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!Also i need to have visa to enter your country,but for this i have to pass the interview in the embassy!!!But i'm ready to pass everything only to see you my sweetheart!!!!I know that i will realize my dreams!!! Dear I miss you so much!!!!!!!!But now i have a hope to see you soon and it helps me to live,to breath!!!!!Thank you so much for coming into my life!Now i cant imagine it without you my dear!!!!!!! Don't forget to write me as soon as possible my dear! Always waiting for our blessed meeting, Yours sweet Alisa
Letter 8
Hello my love!!!I miss you so much! Today i saw you in my dream!!We were so happy together,but when i opened my eyes i realised that it was just a dream:(But i hope that soon i will wake up near you! Today i went to the travel agency to discover what do i need to come to you!!!This travel agency is the best in my town!!I heard a lot pleasant things about it!!A lot of my friends were using there service and they recommended me this company as a real professional and reliable!So i went to that travel company.It's name is "Your best Vacation".Honey,i told the manager that i need to go abroad as soon as possible!The manager was very polite with me and told that their company will gladly help me to organize a trip to you!!! Sweetie,just imagine i can come to you just in 14 days!!Because the process of getting my passport will take 10 days,it will cost 250$.And i also can obtain visa!It will take 14 days!!The price of it is 180$.Just imagine if we will start doing everything in time it will take only two weeks!!!Honey,i'm so happy!!! But there is one problem,as you know i'm just a student and my family is not rich!!It is impossible for me to come to you without you help!I don't want to bother you,but now we are a couple and i think we should everything together!I hope that you will help me to arrange all the necessary documents and we will be together soon. Honey,please write me as soon as possible!!!I hope there left not so many days before our meeting! Yours sweet Alisa
Letter 9
Honey, i am so happy that you are serious about me!!I want to come to you as soon as possible!I think we can use the services of western union?What do you think about it?I have heard that it is very quick and reliable!My dear,for this you will need my full name and address:Alisa Zalevskaya,Ukraine, Lvivskaya region, Brodu, Ivana Franka St.19, 80600 Honey,i was told in the bank that i can get the money within several hours and i will come with my local documents and it will be very easy! I am so happy that soon we will be together! yours Alisa
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