Scam letter(s) from Julia Striga to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello Patrice! I'm incredibly happy to write you. I am so pleased to see you wrote me,it's a real surprise for me, because I've got acquainted with internetnot long ago. Just recently I finished my college, and now I amworking like a free journalist in one of the local newspapers of mycity. They don't want me to take me to work like a complete workerwhile I don't have enough qualification. But I agreed to work as afree journalist, because I really love this job:) And just recently myemployer told me that I have to study work with the internet!! And Ihave an hour now everyday for to study working with the help ofinternet:) And I decided to ask my friend to register me on this site,because I dream to find my love here:) left my photos there... so I saw your letter and now answering you! :)So, my name is Juliya, you can call me Juli or how you want. I? 23. Ilive in Khmel'nick city. Someone may say thiscity is very small, but it? the best for me, cause I was bornhere, it? my native and I think it? really beautiful. I love mycity! Also I like reading about traveling. I think it? so great ·to see another countries and cities, to see people who have anothernationality, but, in fact, the same people as living in my city,because the main for anyone - is to be a good person. It's a pity,but I have never traveled. And also I dream to travel because it wouldbe useful for my job!! And what about you, Patrice? Do you loveyour native city? Do you like traveling? Have you ever traveledsomewhere?Also I can say I am merry, cheerful, optimistic person, I hope you areoptimistic too, but if not, I think my optimism will be enough for usboth:)Oh, by the way!! Sometimes my co-workers photo me for to put my photounder my articles, I like these photos, and I am sending one of it toyou now, hope you will like it!!! I? like to know more about you, any information will be interestingfor me. Also it'll be great to get different questions from you. I?lanswer honestly, my promise! Hope for your back honesty, Patrice;) Good bye, Juliya!)
Letter 2
Hello, Patrice! I so happy you wrote me a letter, told me different interestingthings about you and your life in it, I was really glad to get it.Sometimes I make up my lips and eyes and sometimes not. I like towear miniskirts, but not usually. I think that I am very romanticperson:)You asked me about why do I look for relations with the help of internet?First of all it's truly to say, that my life seems to me quitenormal ·I have a good family, I study in college, I have my friends·everything is ok, except maybe the only thing for today, whichcosts a gloom over ·it? my solitude. Though I'm sociable girl, Ican't find a person for my future life in the city I live. I don'tlike temper of surrounded men, maybe because the only they have intheir minds - is a ****** side of relations. Having understood, thatI can't find my "second-half" in the city I live, I've come tointernet cafe, and so I found you! And this is great!:)) You know,Patrice, I wanna tell you something about my family, becauseit? such an intimate theme, as for me:) Firstly I can say that Ihave a wonderful family. Maybe it is not very large, I have onlymother and father, and I? an only child in my family! My parentsare the teachers both.My father is a teacher in college, he teaches biology. Studentslove him, because he? a very clever and kind person.My mother teaches English in school. She? a very good, kind andcheerful person, she likes her job and her pupils. She?magnificent mother and wonderful wife for her husband. I love myparents so much! And I? so proud of them. First of all of theirprofession, cause it? very honorable, as for me, (but, as itseems, not honorable by our government, because it? not one ofwell ·paid profession in our country). Also I? proud of theirrelationship. You know, my parents have been living already 30years together, loving each other passionately, and they are sohappy!! I? like my future family would have such relations. Youknow, I dream about to have only one beloved husband for all mylife, being always happy with him.And what ideas do you have concerning family relations, Patrice? Whatrelations would you like to have in future? What is the idealrelations for you? I?l wait for your answer with impatience! Take care, Patrice
Letter 3
Hello, my dearest Patrice! My gratitudes for your letter. With your every new letter I have afeeling, that now I know you a little bit better, than a minute ago.And this is such a pleasant feeling, do you have the same?:) Dear, I? like to tell you about my hobbies, cause I think this theme shouldmake us a little bit closer to each other;) As you know, I am working like a free journalist. And this is my mainhobby, of course:) But also I have always liked studying Englishlanguage. I like this language, how it sounds, how people pronounce it, and so, that is my main hobby, I think. AlsoI have a good knowledges on russian and ukrainian languages. Also I like looking pretty for surrounded people (especially forintimate person;) and for myself. I am looking after my body, that?why I like making sport ·I like dancing, it? just incredible, whenpeople speak with the help of their bodies, with the help of wonderfulmovements. For my mind, every person can dance, just if he wants it.And it? great even just watching how people dance, every dance- is aspecial story, and it? always beautiful.I am so gladto send you this letter and to share a little part of my life! Do youlike it? Formerly I visited lessonsof music, I plaied piano, and it was really my hobby several yearsago, now my life has changed, but knowledges in music theory and,certainly, practice, left. So I told you briefly about my hobbies andnow waiting for a letter about what you think about it!:))) Take care, my dear Patrice
Your Juli
Letter 4

Hello, my darling Patrice! First of all I? like to thank you for your letter. I was so pleasedto get it! Because all your letters are really important for me.Yes, I like dancing very much!!:)Honey, I think it's a good time for you to know about my previousrelations. I can? promise to speak about it with some very pleasantfeelings, but I?l tell if you are interested.I had relations with a boyfriend during enough long period of time(about two years). Relations ·is a very important and serioustopic for me. My parents taught me to have serious attitude torelations, not to have ****** relations before wedding, beforeboyfriend becomes my husband. And everything was quite ok with myprevious boyfriend till the moment when he wanted something more(concerning ****** relations). All in all I? like to tell you,that maybe the majority of men in my city and in my country havethe same attitude for relations, such·ot serious, you know. Now,weighing everything passed, I don? think it was love, but I? notsorry for the lost time. Generally, for my mind, people shouldn?be sorry for what is passed. Because nobody can return to the pastand change something as he would like. And what do you think about it,Patrice? Do you agree with me?Did you have such experience as mine with previous relations? And whatdo you think about my situation? I? very interested in your futureanswer! Take care, my dearest Patrice,
Your Juli.
Letter 5
Hello, my sunshine Patrice! Thanks for your letter, I was happy to get it, honey!:) thisweekend I didn't do anything truly special! i spent it with my friendsand family... Honey, I’d like to tell you about relations I long for to have.First of all I’d like to tell you, that my life seems justwonderful for me – I have a good family, I study in college, I havemy friends – everything is normal in my life, except maybe the onlything for today, which costs a gloom over – it’s my solitude.Undoubtedly, I’m dreaming about serious relations with a good man,I wanna make a happy family with a good person. I’m dreaming aboutromance in my life. I wanna man, who will be my “second half” to beso kind, trying to make a really romantic life for me. And I am,from my side, will make everything to do just a little piece ofparadise for him. I consider, that appearance gives nothing, Idon’t pay any attention on this side of a person. ( But maybe womanshould be pretty, cause she’s the flower of a family, as they say:)But, undoubtedly, soul in every person is the main – it should be afoundation in relationship. Patrice, what do you think about myopinion? Do you share it?Though I’m such a sociable person and I can find a common topicswith practically anybody, I can’t find a good person for futurelife. It might be because of society, which surrounds me, people,whom I have to associate with.Please write me how you see your future relations, what kinds ofcharacter you wanna see in your future “second-half”? What temperwould you like to see in your future girlfriend and wife? It’s avery interesting theme, I think. So, I’m waiting for your answer. Patrice, take care, my darling!
Your Juli
Letter 6
Hello, my darling Patrice! How are you? I hope everything is ok? I am fine. I am so happy toget all your letters, every word in these letters is read hundredtimes by me! I am waiting so much for your every letter, because itbrings so much pleasure and joy in my heart. You know, Patrice, firstlyin my life I have a feeling, that somebody needs me, that somebodyhas the same feelings as I have in my heart. How pleasant being inlove, I wanna tell it thousands times, and hear your words of lovein answer. Now finally I feel sureness thinking about my future.Cause I'm sure that we'll be together soon and everything will begreat, my life will be as some dream, because I will always betogether with my the most beloved person in all the whole enormousplanet! You know, my dear, I just can't fall asleep all the lastnights, because I always dream about you, Patrice! I am dreaming so muchto hear everything what you wrote me, all you pleasant words! Nowyou are my beloved prince, and I'm sure, that when I see you, whenwe already be close to each other, so close to be able touch yourface,look into your eyes, take your hand and, finally kiss yoursweetest lips you'll become my wonderful king! I am so dreaming tohear the most pleasant words in the world from your lips, this mostimportant three words... Then everything will be great forever! I amsure that you are dreaming to tell me these three words as much as Idream to tell it just for you! Am I righr?Oh my sweetheart, if it's true, we should seriously think about ourmeeting, cause I feel you are so close to me, that I can tell youeverything I'm thinking about. And you know, Patrice, that I can't sleepanymore...without you. Only meeting in reality can show our realfeelings to each other! Please, let's not waste our time anymore!Let's finally meet, our future depends from our decision now! What doyou think about it? I am sure we both should do everything for ourdream to come true. That's why I decided to come to the travel agencyin my city and ask them what documents I need to visit you and what is the best way toorganize it. Darling, what do you think about it? After your letters Ibelieve that our dreams and goals are just the same! It's all becauseI'm dreaming about you every moment of my life now. I need youranswer, I'm waiting for it impatiantly! Kissing you, my dear Patrice,
your Juli
Letter 7
Hello, my darling Patrice! Today I decided to come to internet cafe before college, to see if mydear Patrice answered me..And I see a letter from my love!!!:) I amreally happy! I am smiling all the time!:))) Oh, my honey, I wanna feelyour loving arms around me, I think it would be the safest and thehappiest moments of my life! I am so happy that you are mine now,cause I LOVE YOU and I am only yours, my honey...Darling, I visit travel agency in my city and got some informationabout my future trip to you. For the person which hasn't been abroadthe procedure started from getting an international passport, its costis 185 USD. Having the passport I should get a visa to your country. Ican get a tourist visa, its cost is 275 USD, it will permit me to stayin the country during 3 months. It will take 3 weeks to get passportand visa in the travel agency, and the total amount it is necessary topay is 460 USD.The amount is very big for me, I am a student and it is impossible forme to collect the money. Darling, will you help me to pay for this? Iknow you understand it is necessary for us both because our meetingwill change our life and will make us happy, my heart tells me thatand I listen to it!Oh, my lovely Patrice, I am waiting so much to hear news from you, tohear what you think about I wrote you! Please, dear, don't make mewaiting and nervous, cause you know, I can't sleep, I just think alltime about our soon meeting, I am sure, it will be very very soon:) Take care, my love! I kiss you 1000 of times!:) Your Juli
Letter 8
Hello, my beloved Patrice! I am so happy to get your letter, my love! I am see now that you arereally serious to me and really want us to meet in the nearestfuture! darling, is I am!:) I am just dreaming about meeting, to seeyou, to see your eyes, to see your smile, to kiss your dear to myheart lips:)Thank you for your promise to help me with money. There is a bank nextto my college and I went there to ask them if it possible toget money there. I was told either that Western Union was a safestmoney transfer system and I'd get money easy there. You should know myfull name and address to send me money and I send it to you:Juliya StrigaRichko, 10Khmel'nickUkraine29000Darling, I was in travel agency yesterday again, and they told me thatbetter to begin making documents this week, cause if to make it later,documents might be doing for a longer time that we expect. But I amsure that you really want us to meet, understand everything anddocuments will be ready very soon, and maybe in a couple of weeks wewill already be together, my love! I can't wait for this moment,please, write soon very good news, I am waiting for your answer! Take care, my love! Your Juli
Letter 9
Hello, my love! I am incredibly happy to get your letter today and to see that youare ready to help me with the costs for to come to you!! But I wasreally surprised to see your words about I should prove you I amreal...I thought that you believe me as I believe you, because Ibelieve that the faith is the main in any relations!! But, darling, iknow what I can do. I am sending you the copy of my Ukrainianpassport. I think it is the best prove of all that I am real:) Andalso you can call me and we can talk anytime, you will hear my voiceand understand that I wouldn't speak to you if I would be a fakeperson:)+380957329422. This is my telephone number. Please, try to call meduring the day, not at night, cause I'll be sleeping and couldn'tanswer you! and what is your phone number?:)Darling, please, write me soon, am waiting impatiently for you nextletter and news from you:)) Take care, my love! Your Juli)
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