Scam Letter(s) from Florence Doe to Gregg (USA)

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Letter 1

Thank u soo much, i am glad u have recieve those pics on time, i am in an internet cafe and dont have any more money to buy more time code my love, but i will be here for a while to wait for ur early respond, i believe us being toghether is more important than the pics. and the more i talk to you the more i fell in love for you. i want u damn badly. i love u more and more every secounds, u are so speacil to me, ever since i met u, my day has been bright and i am wondering was happening to em until i reallise that, that was ever since u came into my life. i want you. i love you,i need u and only you i love.we have to work on how to get my visa and come over as i ask for teh visa fee yesterday and they told me it requires my passport and pictures with my birthcertificate for teh visa and the visa fee is $450, but will increase the price very soo, i want u my dear, i can not wait to be in ut arms.mmmmm i love you!!!!!!!!i can not wait to hear from u as soon as possible i want you!!!!!!!!

With Love
Sanda Rich

Letter 2

Ok my love, i just check with teh BA agency here too and thy can get me a better price at $975 from acc to any state in the usa, will u want me to make the booking over here or will u still book the ticket for me over there and send it to me so i can pick it up here and come over? but we have to work out on getting my visa first, if u can send the visa fee today i can go and apply for the visa as soon as possible tomorrow morning probably by wednesday i have my visa ready and can come over to meet u, i will love to feel ur gentle touch all over me and kiss u all over and cuddle with u on bed and eat dinner toghether. and will love to make love to you as long as u wish , just to please u and i promise to pleas u in any way to make u the most great and happy man, i can not wait to feela nd touch u as well honey. u are so speacial and romantic person my heart and soul has been long for. my cell number is 00233243551769 dial it direct as u see it, can u call me direct so we can talk on cell and ghear each others voice? i lvoe u more than u could even think of!! of mine, even words can not express how muhc joy and happiness u have brought into my life. i want you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With love
Sanda Rich

Letter 3

i agree with you my dear, but the sooner the better, before things are late, not i am alreayd in love and i need to be with you , i have been alone for 2 years now ever since i break up with my ex, after i caught him with another girl on his bed and i decided to quit the relationship ,because i dont want him to break my heart. so i hope u will wash away my tears and love me the same way i will love, u, i am %100 percent honest and believe we are menat for each other nothing on this earth can stop me from loving u, as i already love you. i need u more than u could even think of, lets make it happen and when we are toghether there will be alot to share. right now i dont have any more picture to send. but i hope u understand me as i do understand u very much also. i believe my self that i am honest and will be honest to you. its left with u now to follow ur heart also, so we can work things out quick so we can be toghether. i keep thinkintg about you. and can ot wait for the day that i will lay next to u on ur bed, oh mine., that will be a very wonderful day. i want u more and more. u are the only perso who has the keys to my heart and i am glad and i am proud to meet someone very romantic and loving like you.My full name and address is :

Sanda Rich
74 Kanda Street
Accra-Ghana West Africa
Zip code 00233

I will look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

With soo much love
Sanda Rich



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