Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Novchenko to Leo (Cyprus)

Letter 1
Hello, dear Leo! Thank you so much for the interest in me, my dear! I will appreciate if you could send me some of your photos in the next e-mail, ok? My family is short. Even when my parents are still alive, they are old people. They are pensioners. And I just have one brother, 2 years older than me (he is a married man, but they don't have any baby. He lives in Russia very far from us as he is a military man. We do not see him very often, I miss him very much. In fact, I have not seen him for 3 years already, we just write each other letters by post). I attach a photo of me and my brother in the childhood. And for me, that's my only family, even when we don't have much relation, because, even when we live so far from us, we usually only talk by phone when I go to the post office and call him. I usually go one day at week (usually on the weekend) to visit my mother's home, but, she is always asking me about my life, about why I'm living alone, and of course, she only would like to see me happy, with my husband, my own family.... I have my birthday on the 24th of April, 1982. Also, I am very happy with the woman in which I have become at this age, and I do not have any bad habits. Also, my temperament is very constant each hour all the days and every day of the year:) I work as the teenager psychologist at school, I try purposely to live the ordinary life and I seek the man that will be comfortable with my life style. Oh and by the way, I live in Ukraine, in the east of it, in the small town of Starobelsk. If you ask me about my hobbies, my answer is the following: I've been thinking a lot about that and decided that I'm not interested in one particular thing. I like to do many things. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to read a good book, to watch an interesting movie or to communicate with my friends. And what about you? Do you have many friends? How do you spend your free time with them? Kisses,
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Leo! Thank you so much for the letter, my dear! I just hoped to see some of your photos in it and there was none;( I am sorry, i can not chat with you as I do not have a computer at home;( I'm a real romantic at heart and when i have a strong feeling about something it is hard to stop myself pursuing it. But what i mean to say is that when you have a good feeling about something/someone you should go for it always with 100 percent positive attitude and hope it works, and if not, then at least you tried but if you don't try then you will never know and one day you will wish you had tried, but by then it may be too late. I think so often things fail because people are cautious and it is logical why because every time someone lets someone else down they get disappointed and then next time they are more cautious. i am the sort of person that never normally does anything by halves I am a bit of perfectionist both in what i do and everything, i believe in especially being reliable about what i say or commit to is one of the most important things in life. My attitude is that I might well be let down but at least while i dreamed it i loved it and if it works i will be happier than ever. Nina.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Leo! Did I tell you, my dear, how much I like receiving your letters and photos;)?
I have to tell you that i consider you a very handsome man but I am sure you have heard it a lot from other women:) I am sure I will be ready to move abroad if i find a beloved man there:) My parents are fine, thank you for asking! I have a few friends that I trust and I know a lot of people. I like go to the lake or to the shore of the river, go to bar barbecues, camping, sometimes go to dancing clubs, movies, comedy clubs, amusement parks and sometimes just relaxing at home and watch movies or reading a good book are some of the things I like to do. I'm an adventurous person, I like to have fun in life. That's one reason why I like talking to you because you are in another country and that's new to me and your attraction and kindness captivates me and makes me fantasize how I can talk to you, see you and so on. I hope you don't take what I said In a bad way, I'm just saying what I feel at the moment, let me know if it did or not I won't say things like that anymore. I find you extremely handsome. In fact your are awesome.
I have had people send me pictures and you're never sure if they are the persons you are really talking with. The Internet is a strange bed fellow. I'm very active and work out regularly at a local Gym. This is my hobby, if to be exact. i am moved by the way you feel and how you are determine to find happiness. i hope that happiness is with me. i can feel in my heart that you are for real and are very serious about finding the one for you. on that thought, i want to tell you that i am very serious also. i think i might have just become the luckiest woman in the world. the reason why is you. you have given me hope that there are still good people out there. i want you to trust that i am one of the good also. i feel in my heart that i am doing the right thing in trusting you. i can tell that you truly do exist. your letter is filled with feeling and what i can tell are your own words. i want to focus on the present. and the present is you.
like you, i can tell that you are the man for me and i am the woman for you. Yours,
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Leo! Your letters always bring me comfort and warm my heart. Each letter brings me closer to you. My dear, it is my dream to see your smile early in the morning. I would hold you tight and never let you go. It would be nice to drink coffee in bed with you and caress and cuddle. I can only dream about you for now. I have to tell you, my dear, that i do not want you to be surprised or worried if one day there will be no answer from me. The matter is that I need money to pay for the correspondence with you, but also need to pay for the flat rent, for the food to eat something, for the clothes, so if I do not write you, it will mean that I have run out of money and I am not able to write you any more. But i will miss you very much I care for our correspondence a lot, my dear! i will never want to lose you! I need you very much, you are the best thing that happened with me here, in the Internet and I am very serious about you! Yours,
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Leo! I do work, but I earn $100 per month only:( Honey, I will appreciate if you could help me. The matter is that I have to pay for the correspondence with you. And I want to meet you so much, and now when I do not have an opportunity to send you the letters, there is no chance for me to discuss the meeting with you! I pay $8 for one letter to write and the same price is for each letter I receive from you. There are two variants which will be cheaper if you want to write me every day: 1. To pay $130 for two weeks.
2. To pay $225 for the monthly unlimited correspondence. If you are serious about it, like i am, then you will need the following information in order to send me the money, using the Western Union System or the Money Gram one: Nina Nikolayeva, Starobelsk, Ukraine, 92700. With great hope,
Letter 6
Here is the informaion again: 1) Name : Nina
2) surname : Nikolayeva
3) Address : street and No. str.Gor'kogo,5/7
4) City : Starobelsk
5) Postal code : 92700. Kiss,
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