Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Tihomirova to Ryan (USA)
Letter 1
My dear,its me,Yours Kate here.
How are you doing there ?
I have just finished my work and come here to write you a letter :)
Could you provide me with phone number where you could be reached during the week or on weekend ?
My family have left for Countryside this morning, we had very good birthday party here and i think that it was the best birthday party i ever had.I wish you were here for my birthday and it would be the best gift for me.
I told about you to my family and they were very interested in you,because they have seen my shining eyes and father told to me that if it is because of you,he is very glad to you, i was very upset after divorce but now i am happy.
You know,mother asked a lot of questions about you also, about your life there,they were very surprise that we get to know each other throw Internet and father told to me that if we are good for each other in writings,it seems we should be good in person,because it is very important to have an opportunity to share my private world with man that close to me.I think that we could get in person and to check how couple able we are,by this way i will be trying to figure out about vacation here and we will make steps,i will let you know as soon as i have any news about it.Could you give me the name of the closest airport which is the most comfortable to pick me up ? also please provide me with your full address just in case,i will give you my address with the next letter,i need to check my zip code.
My family would like to meet you some day and mother told to me that if you would like to visit Odessa we can go there to meet my family :) thank you for congratulations,it is very pleasure to me, you touched my heart and you know how to make a compliment that is really true compliment,i like you for that.We had birthday party at home and i cooked on Sunday,mother helped me with that, she is a cook and teached me Japaneese kitchen and i know how to do it now,she worked as a cheef cook for Japaneese restaurant some time ago.
she is a very good cook :) By this way she teached me to cook from the age i begun to walk :) I am going to attach a picture with her,she told to me that when i will be 49 years old,i would look like as her,she is very beautiful for her age :) By this way when you meet a woman and just look at her mother,it will show you what is waiting for you in 21 years after that :) I am 29 now,but i feel like i am 19 only, it is because we get to know each other.My brother send you all his best regards,his name is Kostya and he is going to marry in Autumn,but i have not seen his bridge yet.My girlfriends are very happy for us and would like to meet you one day also.It was very nice birthday party and i have a lot of positive emotions to share with you,every one wish you were here and it would bring much more happiness to my home.Father got a new dress for me,it is beautiful and i wish to put it in and go out with you some where :)
would you like me to do it ? :)
Tomorrow i have to work for emergency and by this way i need to sleep, may be i will see you in my dream ? will you come to me ? LOL
do you like to swim ? I will come here on Saturday the next
Yours Kate
Letter 2
My dearest,its me Kate here, i have just finished my work and come up with some news for you, how are you doing ? do you miss me there as i miss you ? may be it is sounds strange to miss someone you never see in person,but you are always on my mind and when i am not here reading your writings,i miss you.It is how i feel.
Thank you for being honest with me during all of this time.
I have talked to director of our clinic this morning and we tried to figure out about my vacation,my last vacation was the last Year and i have been told that i can now take two weeks vacation from the middle of the next week.
This is what is possible for now because there is a plan for the next time for other workers and there is no more chance for this Summer,only in the end of Autumn.
i need to have some rest now because i am tired too much.
I talked to director about my papers and he has told to me that i can take it with me when i go to visit you there,by this way if we fall in love and find a job for me there,i wont be back here,may be the next year we will come here together to visit my family and friends.I will be flying out the next week,as soon as vacation starts.Or if i visit you there and we decide to take a break i can be back here and the next time to visit you in Winter or you could come to visit me here at any time you wish.I checked with travel agency here and i need about 770 us dollars to cover my traveling,it includes the tickets and papers prise,we can use "Western Union" as i have been told it is fast and safe way to transfer funds, when you send them,to Russia,Ruza,at any bank here.
you just need my full name for transfer : Ekaterina Bleenova
They will give you 10 digit number and you can send it here by email,it is necessary to pick up funds from my end.
It is easy to find "Western Union" at any bank in your area as i have been told, you can find your agent location on the site ,if you have any questions,just call them and they will explain.
Or we can use "MoneyGram" you can find them here :
i will be flying out the next week(around 2nd of July) and arrive to you the next day, what time is the most comfortable to pick me up ? i suppose that in the evening,do not forget to tell me about it also, i am going to provide you with my flight information, as soon as i have it in my hands.
By the way i do not smoke and i do not drink too much, i can drink a glass of wine sometimes and i am able to control my self,my ex had some troubles because of drinking too much on weekends, i was not happy about it,do you agree with me ?
i will ask my girlfriend to look for apartment here while i am traveling,i think it is necessary.
I am very excited about flying to you there, i belive that destiny gave us very big chance and we need to keep it in our hands.You are the the best gift i ever get in my life and i hope that we will be good in person.I am very glad that i can share my private world with you and that is important.
You gave me hope and made my days full of bright emotions.
Thank you for being in my life.I had very beautiful dream yesterday, I so that i arrive to you and it was rainy day,
My heart beat so speedy when i come out from plane looking for you, there were not many people and i run to your embrances and we begun to kiss each other,we stayed under the rain without umbrella and we were very happy,then you told to me that will never let me go and i begun to cry,it was tears of happiness.I wish my dream to come true and we just need to wait,do not forget about red roses, it will make me the happiest woman in the world :) i am going to send some pic from Tunis, there is my co-worker also, she moved the last year P.S My address : (Zip,Country,City),143103,Russia,Ruza,(Street name,house,apartment #)Sovetskaya Street,53-27. Looking forward to hearing from you soon With hot kisses,
Yours Kate
Letter 3
My dear Ryan,its me Kate
How are you doing there ?
I am fine,thank you for your letter, i have always been honest to you and i am very serious about our relations, i would never let you down and i have no back thoughts about our future together.
i see that it is not easy way for getting me there,could you tell me if we have only problem to put funds together for my trip there ?
May be you are not ready ? Let me know.
I belive that God has connected us and i think that if we have a chance to meet now and if we have a possibility to check how couple able we are in person,why do not we meet now ? If it is Destiny and it is about us,just lets make it True and enjoy our happiness.I do not belive that we have find each other by mistake.Our life is too short and there is no way to wait Autumn for getting together.
Do you really want to put me in such situation when i have to wait 5 more month for our meeting missing you all the time ?
Belive me i do not really think it is necessary to do if we can make it now.I Do belive there is no impossible things in this World if people do really want it.I want us to be together and try relations,i listen to my heart and it tells me that you are good man.I try to come up with funds from my end, i will be getting around 470 usd today from my girlfriends so i will need about 300 usd your support,please go to bank and send it here asap,so i can pay for tickets before weekend, use the instruction i send you in my last letter and make transfer, the next week is going to bring us together and i hope you will come to the airport with red roses and we will have our first kiss there.
And much more at home after that :) We need to hurry,we have very less of time,i need to go to work now I am looking forward to hearing from you Yours Kate
Letter 4

My dearest Ryan,
its me yours Kate here, how are you doing there without me ?
I am happy to get your letter, i have a very good new and it will be surprise for you, finally i return my last name i had before marriage and now i become Ekaterina Wauhkrushewa, as my mother's and father's last name.
I do not want to bring something like my ex's last name to you there, and i am glad to get it is fixed now.
When you send funds you should put for my last name as Wauhkrushewa.
i was looking forward to come here, and thought of you all the time.
I wish us to be closer my love, much more closer because this separation make me feel so far from you at night and i just have to imagine you are here with me.
I do need you so much and i am happy to know we will be together soon because it is what i what the most of all.When i married first time i fall in love, but it was not so deep and real as i feel now.
I could not realize that i will be able to love and to be happy after divorce because i felt so bad.
Your brought light in my love and lead me from darkness and i love you for that.I belive that people come to this world to love and to be happy and you are the main man in my life to share my private world.
I am very excited flying to you there and i am sure that our first meeting will be very special.
I am going home and i know i will see you in my dream... I need you and i miss you With kisses
Yours Kate
Letter 5
My love Ryan,
it is me Kate here, certainly i am interested.
how are you doing my love ?
yesterday was my girlfriend's birthday and we first celebrated it here and after that went to the country side to her parents house and have just back from there.
I thought of you all the time and you was in my mind.
it was very nice party and she become 30 years old, there were many guests and i wish you were here to celebrate.
My girlfriend do know about us, and wish to get together soon.
i pray to God and i belive he has prepared for us special future and we will be together soon forever. I wrote poem for you my love, it is not about me to write poems, but you make me feel so and i want to share it with you : Love is the main,
We are looking for...
Wish is something,
We want to come true...
If you feel lost,
Just get out of lonely thoughts,
Because one lady on the other end of Earth,
Thinking of you...
You are always in my mind,
In my dreams...
Forever in my heart... I love you and i miss you With kisses
Yours Kate
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