Scam letter(s) from Olga Semenova to Dennis (USA)

Letter 1
Hello darling!!!
How are you doing today??? I really hope you are right and i miss you as usual very much!
It is Tuesday here and the week starts as usual from Tuesday!On Monday people are still so sleepy and in bad mood after weekends, but on Tuesday you became to realize that all wake up and there are a lot of people in the streets who are running somewhere in the morning, after weekends everybody is in a hurry, because got used to be lazy-bones at weekends and it is a bit difficult to start that crazy week ...
As for hospital, i didn't wonder that there were a lot of ill people and children today because as usual children spend all weekends on the fresh air playing and swimming and then got ill....So i was a hard and long day today because i had a lot of patients, fortunately there were nothing very serious with them.....
How did you spend your day?
After work i immediately came here to write you because i was thinking about it all day....finally i came and wrote you that all is fine with me and i miss yo very much....
I really can't wait to meet you in real life and tell you how much i like you....
Yours, Olga
Letter 2
It is pity to realize that you don't trust me, it is really painful!!I thought always trust is the most important thing in relations, may be it is just because of my bringing up because my parents tought me only the best and they always tried to teach me that people are good and that a person can forgive and should help always the others. May be that's why i chose my profession line, not for money, just for help the others, and it really makes me feel well. You know, we always and often visit children's shelters with homeless children or children whose parents are alchololics, deseased or just simply can't afford the life and bringing up of the children, and it is so difficult each time to see them, but on the other hand we make them feel better!I really think that life consist not only from bad things but good too, my friends usually call me to be very naive and too kind, they often tell me that i should not feel so sensitive about people whom i know for a small time or even don't know at all, but i can't in other way!They tell me that if this time i will help someone, that person may not help me when i have problems...May be they are right a little bit but this not change anything for me.
On the other hand honey i really understand the other side of this situation, how can you trust me if you never see me in reality!???Yes, we write each other for some time such nice and warm letters and we feel very close to eahc other but we both don't know who we are in reality!Yes, as for me i believe you fully but it is me, i am a girl, i am silly in smth, may be too naive, but it is my character and i should understand your side too because i have asked and learnt about bad cases with people who lie foreigners for money!It is awful!I have never heard it before...
The only thing i want to say now is that i really really have strong feelings for you and want to meet you in person!!!I am thinking of you all day long and can't stop thinking of you!!!!Please write back!!!
i have already sent you all info about me, my address, and anme and surname, it is very pity, that you tell me such things.
Yours, Olga
Letter 3
Hi, Dennis
First of all i would like to say that I will through away all the doubts and I will never touch upon this again, darling. your word is enough for me. I trust you on the whole.
honey, do you know that you are the best man in the world? the women in your country must be blind or absolutely silly to let you search for love in the internet!!!! every time I see the letter from you, I think "why do we understand each other so well?" how can it be the two people from the different sides of the earth have found each other? this is increadible, but my heart is singing and I thank God for every day for the perfect chanse that he gave me to be with you and to share life with you. let it be only the life in the internet but I am sure that the day come and we will see each other in real life! do you think it is possible? yes, I appreciate the great communication power of the internet, that brings people together but I can't but confess that it doesn't fulfill the function of the real communication. And even though I feel that the internet helps us very much, this is not enough... please, tell me your ideas on this matter, ok?
Honey, I want to tell you that I am increadibly greatful to you for the happy moments in my life! you even can't imagine how much you mean for me... for me this is not just letters... in my letters I open my soul, I am giving you the part of my heart and I hope that it is safe and sound with you... I have never been so much open with any man in my life.... I lost the faith in them, but you, you alone made all my ideas go to ruin... and now I again realise that the world is full of happiness, full of wonderful moments, simple things which you do not appreciate when you are gloomy and unsatisfied... oh, I am increadibly happy now and all this is because of you. How can it be possible????!
and by the way returning to the matter I want to ask you for your home adress. I want to send you a letter with my photo for you to keep it everywhere and also a small photo of my village. and also my postal adress, it is =================================
Russia ( country)
420141 ( zip or postal code)
Tatarstan ( name of the republic)
Kazan ( name of the city)
Fuchika ( street itself)
House number 72
a/y 296
Semenova Olga
================================ oh, again the manager said that the time is off... :( oh, and I was going to tell you so much in this letter, but unfortunately I am limited and I can't spend by the computer as much time as i want writing you... this is the greatest disadvantage of those internet cafes. you pay them increadible money, but still you can't write as much as you want... this is sad, but I have nothing to do but to wish you have nice day and to send you my passionate kiss which i hope to get back in return from your side in the next letter, which I am waiting for immensely!
I am thinking of you all the time,
bye-bye for now,
YOUR lovely Olga
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