Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Tarchevskaya to Gary (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Gary.
You are probably wondering getting my letter, why is that this lady is looking for her mate abroad and not in her country?:-) Well, I will tell you! I wasn't lucky to meet my match here in Ukraine. And to my mind, Internet is not the easiest way to meet someone as well. But still it is a chance. Love knows no boundaries. And regardless of the country we live in, we experience the same emotions. We are all human. I know that a lot of Ukrainian women have met their husbands through this route. And I want you to know that I take this process very seriously. And what about you?
I want to meet a person who would be easy going and light and comfortable to be around. Who would take me as I am and understand me, and I will respond with the same, giving him all the sincerity and tenderness I have within me. Mutual understanding is very important for me. I hope for you too?:) I want to care about my beloved and to give him all my love. I am very giving person with a big heart. And what are you looking for? Tell me, and maybe it will be a first step on the road we will walk together? :-)

Translated by Lidiya Sokor

Letter 2

Dear Gary,
How are things going? You seem to be very happy. I like such people, who are always optimistic and full of energy.
I want to say that my goal is to find a good man. And if he is a foreigner I will be glad to live Ukraine and join him and live together. I will easily leave abroad as I have nothing here except for my son and my mom. I have one more goal – to secure happiness to my son. But to tell you the truth I cannot do much about this now. Probably he will be the happiest only when he will see me happy. And I will be happy only when my dream will come true and I will be with the right man for me. So I hope you have a better idea of why I am here on this site.
You seem to me a very serious and very intelligent person. Your work must be very responsible. As for my job - I work as a chief of all services in Zhulyany airport. That is not my own business; I’m a chief of government service, the non civil airport.
I prefer quiet vacations – nature, picnics. May be one day we will enjoy them together.
As you, I believe in romance, passion, intimacy, fidelity, and mutual respect and open and honest communication. I am tired of being lonely and want to meet the deserving guy with whom we will share all the gladness and sorrow together.
Tell me please about your trips to Odessa. What are your impressions? It is a pity that you had such a bad experience there. I cannot describe you all the possible relations step by step. I can say only that we need to met in Kyiv for sure and then if we feel chemistry in reality we will know what to do next.
What if I am your movie star?
Feel free to write me everything you want. And tell me also about your sons please.

Letter 3

Hello Gary,

Glad to hear from you too! Nice that you feel good as well. Thank you for the photo. The track is really so huge.
Be careful with the trainings for safety. How was everything going?
The weather here is also nice. It is very warm and sunny. I went to the lake in the country, did not swim, just enjoyed the nature.
It does not matter what name the chocolate has, the main thing is that it will be tasty ;-)
As for the translator, I have the girl at the agency, she helps me to translate our letters and will help us if you come. As for my recommendations, you can rent an apartment through the internet; I think you will squeeze into the expected price.
My photos are recent. Due to the regulations of the site they should be not older then two years or so. I can send you some extra photo right now. I look exactly the same, may be even better. Do not worry about this point ;-)
What else can I tell you about my family? I am happy that my son is working near me at the moment. I can help him with advice and he can already help me as for some point ;-)
Do you know the exact dates of your arrival? ;-)
Sincerely, Svetlana.

Letter 4

Hello Gary,
How are you? I am fine and very glad that you will come soon.
The agency address is 10 Proreznaya str., apt. 67, code on the door is 6,7 ( one by one)
They are open from Monday till Saturday, from 10 till 6. It is the street perpendicular to Khreschatik. So, if you rent an apartment in the centre, I guess you will easily get there on foot. As for the things I would like to do…show you the city and talk to you about this and that. I think it will not be a problem to decide what to do when we are together. I do not know my schedule yet, as soon as I find out I will let you know when our first meeting will take place. I guess that even one meeting can let us know if there is chemistry or no. Do not you agree? May be my list of questions for you be very long but it will not definitely beat yours ;-) I like the idea to meet at the restaurant with the translator to make the meeting a little more relaxed. They have menus in English, you worry about such trifles ;-) You are funny ;-) But I like this!
Looking forward to your reply.
Sincerely, Svetlana.

Letter 5

Hello Gary,
How are you? My family is fine.
Mala Zhytomyrska is very close to Independence Square. I do not know whether you will be in the north of the street or in the south, but the street itself is very short and it is not a big deal at which part of it to live. The only disadvantage that it leads up the hill and you will have to take pains to climb home every evening ;-)
I will try to think over a kind of a restaurant for us so that you will have no opportunity to order cow’s
eyeballs or something strange ;-) that is true that there are no Russian menus in Africa and Asia, but the menus in English I bet are all over the world.
I think that it is better not to tell you all the peculiarities of our culture so there will be things to make you surprised. ;-)
And as for Rafaello's, you can buy that everywhere!!!

Letter 6

Hello Gary,
Thank you for the letter. I am glad that you are in Kyiv already and hope that we will meet today. I and my family are fine. Thank you for asking. I hope that you are also happy with your apartment and have seen a great deal of the capital. My mom did not feel well and I have visited her in Vinnitsa. But everything is fine already. I am in Kyiv already. Working today. Lydia has told me about your coming to the agency. I really can work at night and day shifts, thus sorry that I cannot spend much time with you.
You are not the first men I am dating with. But I have not met anyone yet I would feel chemistry with. I am really excited and a bit nervous before our meeting.
Hope you will not ask me to sing songs in Double Coffee.

Letter 7

Hello, Gary

I have only nice impressions after our meeting. It was very pleasant for me to meet you and to spend time with you. I can't say anything definite as to chemistry.
My hair will grow and for me to lose weight means a lot, it's a good thing for a woman to be slim. I'm really a shy person and I can't understand why you had such an impression. Did I get you right that you didn't like what you saw?
For me to get the transfer not only my passport is necessary. I also need ID of the transfer and your name, surname. Country and city (USA and Tenino) I know already, they told me that address is not important. Thank you.

Waiting for your reply,



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