Scam letter(s) from Alla Kostromina to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Gene. This is me Alla, from RussianEuro.
Thanks for your e-mail, I have a little detained my answer, because I needed go to shop to buy something for breakfast. And I have returned to the computer only now.
It's very pleasant to me to begin dialog with you.
You seem to me very interesting man, with rich private world. I have read at your profile, that you search for serious relations, and I consider, that we should know each other better, after all we pursue the similar aims.
You also could find out a little about me on my profile, but, certainly, there is told insufficiently.
Now at me a late evening and soon I need to go sleep. But tomorrow, after work, I promise to write you more about myself! You, must be, will have questions, so ask me, I will answer with pleasure.
You can write me here:
I will be glad to see your letter and your photos tomorrow.
Letter 2
Hi Gene. I promised to write to you still yesterday, but at me it is a lot of work. Therefore today I will be short, but it does not mean, that I do not wish to speak with you. You very attractive man, and I wish to find out you better. Tomorrow at me free day, and at me will be a lot of time to write to you!
By the way, I have decided to close my profile at RussianEuro. I have made it that other men did not wait answer from me. Men wrote to me, hoping that I soon will answer them, but to me more all interests to you, and I wish to continue dialogue with you, instead of with someone else.
I hope, you were not upset, that I again cannot write to you much.
Tomorrow I promise to write you all about myself!
Up to tomorrow!
Letter 3
Hi Gene. I'm very glad to receive letter from you!
At me today remarkable day, pleasant spring weather.
My mood, as well as always, perfectly! I am not able to be sad... Fairly! In my last letter I have promised told more about myself …
So I'm 35 years old, I have birthday at 19 August.
I never was married, I have no children. I had serious relations with the man, but is not has reached wedding, we have dispersed, though were together almost 4 years.
I live in city Kazan in Russia. Here live more than one million people. I, of course, like to live in a city, but I more like the nature. I like to go on lakes, to go on picnic. I have many good friends with whom we often go to have a rest, and we spend remarkably time together.
I have no bad habits. I almost do not drink! Only wine occasionally supplements a supper.
I do not smoke, and before did not try to smoke.
But round me often smoke, and consequently I easy concern, if smoke near to me.
I work as the surgeon, in city hospital. I have the high medical education. What I can tell about work... I make surgical operations, I have high qualification. But work as work, is time to think about creating family! Smile.
By the way, about my family...
My father lives separately from me, in house with a fine garden near to Kazan.
My mother, unfortunately, now is not with us. She has died several years ago of heavy illness...
I do not have native brothers and sisters, but I have a lot of relatives. Two sisters of mum, brother of my father, and still many relatives.
And I send you some photos. I with my father, he can seem strict, but it not so. My father is very kind and love me. He simply hates to be photographed.
They are my colleagues, they also work in hospital. By the way under me at photo Olga. It not only my colleague, but also very good friend.
We with her in fine relations.
I in general very affable, and always smile to people!
It's very pleasant to me, that you have sent your photos! I should admit I very much like it! Hope to see more your photos in your next letters! I have told much about myself, but has not told what I want to find in "man of my dream". I wish to find the man with whom it's possible to talk about all! I wish to create strong family in the future, with the responsible man on which is possible to rely. As I told in my profile: "The man not words, but affairs!" Ok, I will finish my letter. Soon we with friends will have a supper, to communicate, find out news, in general, to have remarkable evening. We not often gather everything, therefore each time is event happens very interestingly.
Let's continue our dialogue tomorrow!
Always smiling Alla.
Letter 4

Hi Gene. Very sorry for my long answer. I had to leave on Monday, and has not had time to write to you before leave. I had to leave for work in suburban hospital. They did not have a suitable expert, and it was necessary to perform operation for 4 persons. I have returned only today.
If you not against, I write you ****** letter tomorrow. I would like to take a bath, and to have a rest. I had a heavy week, and I could not have a much rest.
Up to tomorrow!
Letter 5
Hi Gene. Continue our conversation!?
I have not written to you during week-end as promised. Do not think, that I did not wish to write to you. I very much wanted! We had orthodox Easter. I went to church on Saturday, yesterday I went to my daddy, he organised a holiday, has invited many natives. And I should be there, otherwise daddy would take offence.
Therefore my letter, late a little. But I thought about you! You are very many-sided, and I think, each character trait in you is very interesting.
In me as desire boil to find out you, your sights, your principles!
I have thought, that it will be interesting to you to find out more about my character!? I'm person who always make all up to the end. I'm not surrender before barriers in a life, and always aspire to achieve the purpose. I like to cook, it, perhaps, my main hobby. Speak a way to heart of the man lays through his stomach, is it true?
I like to cook Russian and East dishes. My favourite products are fish and meat. I cook of fish many various versions of dishes.
Earlier I was engaged in sports gymnastics, recently have taken a great interest in fitness.
It helps to support my figure in an excellent condition. Since I now don't have close man, I should be strong! But I so would like to be defenceless that the man could protect me. Smile.
I send for you some more my photos. They should force to smile you even more widely, and will necessarily raise your mood! By the way, also photos with my friends! I would like to find out some your character traits, so some questions:
1. Often you do not fulfil the promises?
2. Whether you are capable to deceive the woman?
3. Whether you are always responsible for the words and acts?
4. Whether you can accept the person such what he is, not trying to change he?
5. Why you search for dating in internet? I also will answer these questions.
1. Infrequently, but sometimes it is necessary.
When circumstances develop so, that I need to choose. But, nevertheless, I make everything, that promised sooner or later.
2. I always deceive women! Smile. Here certainly I need to tell about man. I actually very fair person. I as surgeon cannot say lies to patients. And this rule gradually became a vital principle and concerns both men, and to women.
3. I am responsible for the words and acts and if, for example I cannot make something, I simply do not promise it!
4. If to be fair, not always. Sometimes I would like to try to change people.
5. Really, around me many man's sights, how can be another?! Smile. But looking at them, I understand, that *** is necessary today, and tomorrow they will forget you. I do not want simply ***. I need serious man with whom I could be all life, could have true love and a remarkable family.
And in internet first of all I can find out, that wanted man and as far as he is serious. Perhaps, I will finish the letter. To such interesting and attractive man, I would like write not ceasing, but I need to go! Today I do not have operations, but, nevertheless, I need to come into hospital to find out, what operations are appointed for tomorrow.
Tomorrow after work I will necessarily write to you!
You in my thoughts!
Letter 6
Hi Gene. You had no my letter already week. I very much apologise! I was ill with cold, and I have decided to have a rest at home that to feel good faster. I have no internet at home, and I couldn't write you. I will write tomorrow you ****** letter, ok? It is very important to me to find out you better, and I promise to try to write to you more often. Wait letter tomorrow, Alla.
Letter 7
Hi Gene! I have just come from work, at me today there was very easy day! At me remarkable mood!
How your mood? I did not write to you for a long time, I already spoke that was ill. I very much missed your letter! To me was so insulting, that I could not write. You too missed, and I once again wished to apologise for long silence.
I very much wish to continue our dialogue, I wish to find out you better, after all you very much involve me! I wished to tell, then more I find out you, then more at me arises questions about you and your life. But I not dare to ask all...
To me would be interesting to know in more details, what you in relations with the woman?
The woman for you associates with the housewife or with an integral part of your life?
I wish to be with the man where we will be on equal!
It is not pleasant to me, when men speak that they main at home!
When the pair lives together, they divide all among themselves. And man should discuss the important decisions with woman before to undertake them. After all sometimes men make, so it will like them, and to woman is not good. I don't wish to tell to you about my last relations, after all it silly to be guided by the past. Each person makes conclusions in a life. I have simply told to you about my preferences in this moment.
You know, I consider that people always should go forward and live future instead of past.
But nevertheless it's important to remember the happy moments! I have interesting photos for you!
Just happy memoirs of the early childhood and a recent holiday!
I hope, you understand, my words and my thoughts, my English not the most good, after all it for me not the native language, and for you, probably, sometimes difficult to understand me correctly.
But you should understand the main thing, that I very much like you, and I have irrepressible desire to communicate with you. I will finish the letter... I very much would wish to write to you more, but I need to make many affairs today. I will wait for your letter soon.
Sincerely, your Alla.
Letter 8
Hi hot Gene! My soul is filled with pleasure again and again, after all I receive your letters, I write to you... And it very much grasps me! I wish to tell, that I'm very glad to our easy dialogue!
You know, not easy to communicate with each person, but with you it's very easy and pleasant!
I today in fine mood, and I would be desirable to joke constantly. The smile does not go from my face.
At street - sun shines, fine weather, sing birds!
Though for me every day passes perfectly, after all I always try to be cheerful! If every day was such fine for every person, all world would be perfect! We know about each other already much and I wished to ask, what first impression at you has developed about me? I communicate with you, it very much is pleasant to me. I feel a positive impulse from your side!
What mood usually happens at you? Often you happen sad or on the contrary too cheerful?
Usually if you get dating in a reality often you pay attention to a mimicry, gestures, intonation.
From this there is a first impression about the person. My first impression about you has developed in how you express your thoughts in words. And this impression "do not let off" me till now, and I have "suspicion" that hardly "will let off"! Even more! I think, that our dialogue can outgrow to serious relations, how you think? I very much like you, and I think, that, maybe, you will make me the happiest woman in the world! But I do not wish to hasten, and to think on the future now. Let all goes as it going, after all we should be based on our feelings to each other.
I as the surgeon can tell that haste is not necessary, all should be gradually. You know, I wished to discuss with you some important serious themes. I would like to discuss merits and demerits of our characters and how we concern them. I think it important to find out now, at an early stage of dating, what you think?
But today I am set up very thoughtlessly, and we will discuss these themes in the following letter if you do not object?!
I will wait for your letter with huge impatience!
Your hot Alla.
Letter 9
Hello bewitching Gene. Receive your letters each time is more pleasant and more pleasant!
I would like to communicate with you more and more often, but, unfortunately, I have very much busy schedule now and sometimes simply I have such moments when I cannot write to you.
I remember, we agreed to discuss our merits and demerits.
Though I spoke about merits already much... But nevertheless...
I open woman and to many people pleasant to communicate with me. Therefore I am able to understand and accept the person such that he is.
I can find common language with any person. I am able to keep secrets, and I am able to surprise pleasantly.
I think that my merits is ambition, ability cares of associates. You know, with my work there are many merits. I have noticed, I so much speak about work, I hope that I have not tired you with it!?
Smile. Suffice about merits, I will tell about demerits.
Each person has demerits, and it's important to foreknow about them that subsequently not to be disappointed. But it does not mean, that I will be disappointed, if I find out about any your demerits. I will know, what is possible to expect from you i.e. as you will react to this or that action. And for example not make something where your reaction will be too difficult. I hope, you understand, about what I talking… I consider as the demerit, that I try constantly to arrange the person under myself. I do not wish to concede to anybody, I obstinate.
If someone starts to argue with me I can hours, days and years defend my point of view.
Sometimes I happen too strict, and I can be captious even in the smallest and imperceptible things.
Or, for example, when I with concentration think about anything, I am not able to listen others. I simply do not pay attention. I concentration only on my thought. But it happens very seldom. Fairly!
I hope, you can accept my demerits. Maybe it's not all demerits, but it's difficult to see in myself all demerits.
I will not search more! Smile.
You know, I think, if people feel to each other something, whether it be love or friendship they always can forgive each other all their demerits.
And even more, will help to master emotional impulses, thereby to get rid of many demerits. Are you agree with me? It is necessary to distract from this theme... I send you some photos. Sometimes after work I shake on a swing near hospital. I love this sensation!
By the way do you like to go on carousels? I very much love the big fascinating attractions! I remember in Kazan last summer came park of carousels from Czech Republic. There was a huge stick and on two ends an armchair - on 4 persons on each end. Height about 30-40 metres. And this stick begins turns - it is something unimaginable.
I do not know if this park of carousels will arrive in this summer, I want feel this again! Gene why not to speak by phone? It would be very interesting to me to hear your voice.
Can you give me telephone number where I could call you?
I very much thirst to hear your voice soon. I don't know whether you can call to me, since I use special short numbers for hospital. And to me will be more convenient for calling to you myself. I will be glad to continue our conversation later.
I have some affairs which need to be made necessarily today.
I hope to receive your answer soon!
Your interested and even more, Alla.
Letter 10
Hi Gene.
I have already written you letter, but have decided to write some more important thoughts. I have detained again my answer almost for a week.
But I hope you understand, that this week was very difficult for me. I had a heavy schedule. But I spoke today with the head physician our hospital.
I have asked to lower works to me since I would like to feel little bit more freely. He has told to me, that will distribute work more freely for me. So I wish to hold contact with you much more often! I wish to communicate with you, and I hope that you also have not changed opinion about me.
You are very important for me, I wished to ask you that you have written me necessarily tomorrow your phone number that we could talk with phone, ok?
I will wait for your letter with the big impatience.
Your Alla.

Letter 11
Hello my gentle Gene. Your letter again brings to me a lot of pleasure! It's so remarkable - to communicate with such remarkable man as you! Today at me remarkable weather. Hot!
And I would like to go on lake or to the river to bathe! But I'm afraid, that water still has insufficiently heated up, after all now only 12 May. Usually in this time in Kazan lakes or Volga still insufficiently warm water.
I very much like to swim, sunbathe and enjoy nature sounds!
Do you like to be in water? I would like to swim together... And if I have started to sink, you would rescue me! Smile.
I feel, that at us grows something more than friendship! How you think?
With everyone your letter I feel interest in you more and more. I think, that we should develop our relations to more closer. I thought that we should discuss some moments, of how our further can develop.
Such question is interesting to me. If the destiny allows us, to be together as your family and friends will react to it? The most important for me that your relatives could concerns me from a positive side, and were not against our possible union. Personally I'm assured, that I will have good opinion about your family and friends. I think, that my father always will be agree with my opinion. I talked with him about this theme not so long ago. He has told to me, that he assured that I will not choose bad, and I will not mistaken in building my destiny.
But, nevertheless, he has advised to me to be cautious with dating in internet. I'm assured, that you the remarkable person and I believe, that we can be happy together in the future. I trust you, but I do not wish to hasten too. I think, that we should be fair with each other, and not doubt our feelings. I think, that in construction of relations between the man and the woman should be a trust. And it demands time!
I hope, that you can trust me, trust my words, my letters. You should know, that each my word, is true, and I concern to you as I write about it. I wished to tell, that it's very cheerful and pleasant to communicate with you!
I yet do not wish to make hasty conclusions, but I feel so perfectly, only when I communicate with you! I very much would wish to hear your voice!
So today or tomorrow I will call to you. Thanks for gave your number. Ok, I agreed with Olga to walk a little. So I will finish here for now. I think to me on this walk will be no suffer something … or someone! Smile.
I wait for your answer with the big impatience,
No! With huge impatience!
Your Alla.
Letter 12
Hello my man of raising mood Gene. I'm very glad, to see your letters again and again!
Every time when, I think about something, my thoughts smoothly pass to a theme us, our relations. I really feel an attraction to you.
I have tested the big pleasure when heard your voice! It was really fine to communicate by phone!
I think, we yet time can speak by phone, but first time really most important! Now I know, how your voice sounds, and you know, how my voice sounds! I think, it gives us more representations about each other. I do not know, how to explain, but you very much involve me, and I cannot present the moment when I would not like to write to you. It's a pity that to write turns out not too often...
My friend Olga asks me, why I still here? She speaks to me that I must stopped to think about anything, and come to meet you. I have told to her that I think about it, but there are some things which hold me here, for example work. "Work? You will find there" - she speaks. "You live for work only? Work is not main thing. Especially together is always easier to live and achieve new heights, than alone. Otherwise how find out each other better if not meet"-she speaks.
I certainly agree with her but how you think about it? Olga is more senior me for many years, and she often gave me good advice about life.
She also has told to me: "The most important - to be oneself, not to try pleasant specially that in future not to disperse."
You know Gene, with you I such what I'm. I freely communicate with you, and I not try to invent from a head an image that it be more pleasant. I feel, that I involve you such what I am. And I am very glad to it!
You know, after our conversation with Olga I have seriously reflected...
I require dividing my life with someone. I already enough "adult" woman, and my intention - to create a family, to live together with the beloved. I wish to ask you how it seriously? How serious our intentions?
I ask such question since I do not wish to lose you. Don't think, that you have made something, and now I ask such question. No! You very remarkable person, and I very much want that we can be happy together!
For me is very important, that you knew, that I believe, that you that man, which I searched and, at last, have found! Certainly, relations are checked by time, and we are still a little familiar with you. But, nevertheless, I think, that we will have more serious relations! Are you agree with me? Today me will visit one my friend, she recently has arrived from business trip, and we have what to tell each other! I will suit a small culinary holiday, so I will go now to shop to buy some products. I hope, my letter too will be a small holiday for you! Smile.
I will wait for your letter with huge impatience!
I will try to write tomorrow!
Kisses, your Alla.
Letter 13
Hello charming man Gene. How is your day? Mmm …
Lines of your letter, as always please me!
All weekend I was at my father. Now a season of planting of vegetables and I helped him in a garden. Friday I wrote you letter, but to me the report has come that the letter is not delivered.
I have arrived only this morning, and with horror have found out that you missed my letter 4 days!
It is a pity, that you have not been warned, that I will be not able to internet all weekend. At me everything is all right, mood fine! I think about you, and I'm smiling! Friends are surprised to my constant smile more and more, ask, what with you? I answer, that I'm happy! I have found you, and I'm happy!
I would like to express the opinion concerning development of our relations. If our relations develop with the same ease, with the same pleasure for both of us, I think, it will be remarkable.
It's not necessary to hasten, but also to stop is already impossible. I have completely given in under influence of my feelings, and is assured, that between us there will be something much more serious, than correspondence!
Only you are necessary to me! From all men in the world, I wish to communicate only with you!
I have reflected on one serious theme. If we also become further closer, if once we are together, whether that we are ready to change the life? I'm ready, and you? I think of the future, and I'm assured our thoughts in this occasion of the general future coincide? I'm right?
I want, that we could show more attention each other. But not always there is a possibility to write, or to call. So I wish to tell, if I don't answer you at once, it does not mean, that I don't think about you! I think of you constantly, you don't leave my head! I would like to tell to you some thoughts concerning the future … Now I'm not yet ready to have a meeting with you, and to speak about plans.
More precisely I'm ready, but not now. You understand, I really consider, that my future is possible only with you! I'm assured, that if we will be together, we will be together for ever.
You divide my thoughts, my feelings and you very good man. But I need to be ready to change my life. I'm ready to change my life, but time for this purpose is required. I'm ready to go step by step to had a joint future, but there are some things which not so quickly makes and consequently time is required.
You know, the life is too short to so much to wait, but it's not desirable to hurry up too. The distance, different cultures, religion, language, everything is not border! It only that people have thought up, that was more difficult and more interesting to live. Smile. Here other reasons...
Simply I need to think a little... But I'm not going to think, yes or not, I will think when! I need still time that we communicated with you, found out about each other more and more. With each letter, in me there is a feeling, that I have the increasing attachment to you. I think, the friendship gives rise to love! You for me are more than the friend, and the love only starts to be born somewhere away...
I hope, you understand my thoughts, you understand my words... I don't know now, what I can tell in this occasion. I have some doubts, but not concerning you or us. I don't know as to explain this feeling, but you seem to me too test it... It as expectation something very important and pleasant, is a few adrenaline, it's a little doubts, it's a little confidence, that all will be good! If you allow, I will distract from so serious theme...
You remember, in my last letter I mentioned that my friend comes from business trip. And so, I know her for a long time, and soon she have wedding! I am invited as the bridesmaid. Smile. The day after tomorrow there will be hen party, and a wedding already next day after hen party!
I would like to write to you more, but I still need to go for work, if you don't mind! Smile.
Your letter, will bring to me a lot of pleasure, therefore I look forward letter.
Kissing you Alla.
Letter 14
Hello the best man in the world by name Gene. Each your letter for me as a new storm of positive emotions and feelings! I wish to write to you more often, but it not always turns out... I feel guilty if I can not write to you. I had complexities with access to internet. Moreover wedding of my friend, in general it was difficult to reach the computer. But I hope, you do not become angry about me if I do not write to you. I will very much try to write to you more often, after all I think about you constantly, and I want, that we could be closer!
We had good rest on wedding. At me there are for you some photos. Some photos with Hen party and from wedding.
I have caught a bouquet! You know this tradition?
You know, when I stood among other bridesmaids. I thought, as though could I be on a place of the bride and who could be on a place of the groom.
And to the place of the groom I in a head had only one nominee... You know who it? Smile.
And when to me in hands the bouquet has arrived, only one thing was in my head, think about you!
You know, it is difficult for describing, but I feel that my heart not alone!
Now it's difficult to me to think about something or of someone else, except you. It's so strange, but I like this. In me not understand feeling, and I at all do not know how to put it into words. I'm cheerful, and, thinking about you, my life to become twice more cheerfully!
I thought, how our correspondence, our dialogue can result. I did not expect, that I will have a thought, that once we can enjoy morning coffee together. It would be remarkable...
In my last letter, I said, that I need time to solve some things, to think. I had in view, that I need to receive holiday on work, I need to be prepared psychologically, etc. I talked with my friends, and all of them as one wish that I did not waste time, and we with you developed our relations, already being nearby.
After all, letters do not give full understanding each other, and I think, that we have already discussed much, and we suit each other much. I think, that you the most interesting and understanding man. I am very glad, that the destiny has allowed us to get dating. Also you know, I feel, that my heart has the big frequency of palpation when I read lines of your letter!
I hope, you will soon help to accelerate palpation of my heart!
I will try to write tomorrow, today I need to make some things.
Your gentle Alla.
Letter 15
Hello my Gene. You know, I went yesterday to my father. I have told to him about you, have shared the impressions and plans for the future with you!
My father has told to me, that approves my choice, and transfers you greetings!
I not from those women to whom the permission of the father is required! But nevertheless I consider that will be correct, that he knew more about my life.
I am very glad, that my father did not try to dissuade me from so unusual way of acquaintance. Even more, he has told, that internet is the best way of dating, after all we understand our sights, interests, we find out such important character traits, which not always can be defined if to begin dating in a reality. I was so surprised to hear from him similar conclusions... But he is right!
Now, when you have entered into my life, internet became for me as air! I need to make only a deep breath, and I start to understand, that the life is fine that I have you! It is liking which has outgrown in more. It is more than the friendship, is more than simply information transfer about each other. I at all do not know what to tell now, I really think about you much and often! Allow to speak about the future... You know, I think, that we will not live in Russia since here there is no big prosperity, and I think, that at you in your country I can earn much more money working as the surgeon. I love my work, and I like to help people. And I think, that it is really important, that both the husband and the wife had work!
You agree with me?
It is not necessary for me aspires to the big career, me it does not interest any more. For me the biggest priority - ours relations! But to sit without work also it is not so good. I communicated about a theme of my work with the head physicianin our hospital. He has told, that to get a job abroad is necessary:
1. To make the report on the made work in two languages, with confirmation from hospital.
2. To issue the diploma and all accounting papers in the resume. With confirmation in Ministry of Health.
3. To pass examination in the country where I am going to work, i.e.
at you. After passing an examination, I will enclose this paper in the resume, and already can to search for work.
The head physician has told, that Russian experts of medicine are very demanded in many countries. And usually there are no problems to find good, highly paid work.
Also I have discussed questions about holiday. I can take holiday in 1-2 weeks.
And when I will have holiday, we will solve questions about a meeting.
You not against?
I have already started to make the resume to send it to Ministry of Health. I think it should not occupy more than 3 days.
I Russian woman, I'm interested in you and nothing can stop me in desire to find out you more close, and to have more serious relations with you! I will wait your answer with huge impatience!
Your lady Alla.
Letter 16
Hello my darling Gene. Reading each your letter, I understand, what you test feelings to me, and I represent you near to myself and I departure in my dreams, forgetting about all in world! It will seem ridiculous, or surprising, but yesterday I could not fall asleep at night, I represented you, I thought about you, about our relations.
The most interesting, that I was very got tired for all day, and awfully wished to sleep. But my heart has forced a dream to wait, and has filled my head with thoughts and dreams about you and about us. I at all do not know how to describe this strange, unknown feeling to you. Love...?! Similar, but we did not meet before, and the word "love" here does not suit. Attachment...?! Yes, I test attachment to you. I miss, if I do not read your letter. I miss, when I have no access to internet and I can not write to you!
You know, I even more often think about a bouquet which I have caught at wedding of my friend. More precisely not about a bouquet, and about you. I have understood we should be together. I have understood it earlier, but was afraid, doubted a little, at all I do not know as to describe. But when I have caught a bouquet, and unique of whom I have thought - was you. And this thought force my heart to fight more often. My dream - to live together with man I love! And I am assured that this man should be you! I wish to construct the confident joint future with you. Work is important, but you should know, that I wish to be with you first of all because of you! Love and a family, this the most valuable in our life! Work is important, only for maintenance of a good life, money cannot be the life purpose. I hope, you understand me in it … My overall objective is creation of our family! I trust you, and I'm ready to go to you already now! But, nevertheless, the meeting is a serious step, and I do not want, that our meeting was usual, as a casual meeting in cafe. I want, that our meeting has given the chance to us to develop relations already with the made step. Step which we will leave doubts, and we will enjoy only that we nearby with each other.
Really, I am ready to arrive to you! Give we will make so. My friend going to a honeymoon across Europe. I find out from her what she has made for this purpose. There will be necessary some documents? Simply I at all do not know from what to begin, and how to make all conveniently and quickly, to arrive to you!
I find out these details in the nearest some days. I think, we could will meet in a month that you will tell? I hope it will be possible that I could arrive to you in a month. Also I would be happy, if it could be made even earlier! After all I will take holiday next week!
Ok, I will go, to me is necessary to make a little paper work for my report. Basically the report from hospital is already ready, I need to collect all in one package, and to send in Ministry of Health.
I will wait for your letter with huge impatience.
Your Alla.
Letter 17
Hello my dear Gene. I am infinitely glad to read your letter again. I at last have reached the computer. I was engaged in the report, also found out details about arrival. I went to Moscow to confirm my resume in Ministry of Health. Therefore has a little detained my answer to you. Concerning work I have prepared all papers so it is necessary to pass examination in the future already at you!
Now about a question of documents for my travel to you...
My friend has told to me, that for a honeymoon they used travel agency. There all have made for they. I have found out many details in agency, also have made some researches.
I have concluded the contract for preparation documents. To me will prepare all documents in one package. It is very convenient. I will not go to many organisations for reception passport, insurance, etc.
Agency has contracts for the accelerated reception of documents, and it very much saves time.
I have explained in agency that I wish to fly to you, probably to remain for ever. And to me have offered a convenient variant of the tourist visa. This visa is fastest for preparation, and the least amount of red tape demands. In agency to me have told, that it is necessary for them a little information from you to specify the moments under the price, etc. Can you write to agency? They have told that know English. They will need to know your address. When I will make the visa I will specify, that my place stay will be at your address. Also the nearest airport where you could meet me. It is necessary to specify the price.
Them e-mail: and phone +7 961 379 2800
Tell, that you concerning Alla Kostromina. Probably, I could remain with you for ever. I believe, that when we will meet and we find out, each other even more close, we will not want to leave. For me from all men in the world, only you are necessary! I wish to divide my life with you, and I feel the happiest woman only from one thought about you! My darling, contact agency as soon as possible. They work till 18.00 on time of Kazan. Tell they all necessary information for faster process of preparations all document.
I wish to be with you as soon as possible!
I will look forward to hearing from you tomorrow!
Kisses, your Alla.
Letter 18
My dear sorry for long silence. I was in Moscow concerning the visa. It was necessary to pass interview.
My dear, I will write you more tomorrow, I just come from Moscow, and
I need some rest. Write you tomorrow. Kisses, your Alla.
Letter 19
Hello my dear Gene. I am glad to see your letter. My darling, agency has informed me about specified cost. It is 2629 dollars, I already paid they 500 dollars that documents began preparation. At me now is 1000 dollars more which I can pay tomorrow. But I do not know how to be. I thought it will be little bit cheaper. My darling, I do not know, but maybe you could pay a part of money? If you could pay 1129 dollars, it would be remarkable! Give me answer soon, whether I can count on you, ok?
The manager has offered me a start for July 5, it would be remarkable to meet you so soon!
I will be at the computer later. I will eat something, and then I will come to the friend again.
Kisses, your Alla.
Letter 20
Hello my lovely Gene. Your letter again pleases my soul and heart!
I think of you, and I present you, near to myself... These thoughts don't leave my head!
I think, that we are so remarkable as pair, and I cannot present man who can be the best, than you! I wish to be together with you! You very good man, and I'm very grateful to destiny that has found you!
I don't what can be better, than to be with you! In agency to me spoke that they usually use Money Gram or Western Union. You can find these companies in bank. You will need my full name and the address:
Full name: Alla Kostromina
Address: Russia, Kazan, Chataeva st. 25-11.
I will need from you, a full name, the address. A city from send money, the exact sum, and transfer number.
My darling, can be at you there is time today to go in bank? I'm a little tired today, day was very sated, everywhere it was necessary to be in time, and now I require rest. I have made general cleaning at home, now at me is ideally pure. I, of course, always keep my home clean, I wipe a dust, I wash floors. But today I have got even under a case, and into all most distant corners.
I will try to write more tomorrow! Ok?
With love, your Alla.
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