Scam letter(s) from Dina to Greg (USA)

Letter 1

My road Greg,
Thanks for the message me about you is direct. You are a beautiful person in each way. Any person will receive chance if you will agree to be its husband. You can bring heavens in our house and paradise during our life. Now, certainly you will like to know more about me also.
I remain in small city, Sovetsk overflown people and vehicles.
I remain one.
live in a place with mum, my daddy has died when I was still small. I have no brother or sister. From the childhood, books were the good friend, helping me to receive knowledge, to improve my individuality and to become the good person. I studied to accept the validity and alive with my loneliness.
To me of 28 years, I write to you from Cafe the Internet as I have no computer of the house, my friends have no computer as. I have no phone anybody from a moss of close friends has no phone. It is very dear Service costs very dearly. Service in Cafe the Internet costs 100.00 $ in a month, my wages make approximately 150.00 $ in a month. From for needs for money I cannot use Yahho the messenger.
As I - the trained Behavioural Doctor, some people come nearer to me for a management concerning problems of their life and an intellectual pressure. As I have studied Medicine, they often wish, that I have predicted health about their present and the future. Sometimes, students come for the help to their researches, mainly Medicine and the literature. I do all this free of charge, with the attitude of the help only.
Grace of the God, because of my earlier employment Medicine, I have no enough income to live a steady life. And I not the greedy person, by the nature.
Sometimes, I deliver lectures to professional doctors at Training Institutes, on subjects of Medicine Once a year, I go on leave, absorbing magnificence, secret and the novel of the nature. One place, the Monastery, is 200 kilometers from the house. In the past to year, I moved there completely with my friends in the car. There are also some good coast.
I - the love devoted and understanding of the person. The family, home and the world is very important. I trust in the God, but not in religious rituals. To me, the God - authority as which we feel, but we can not define.
In all this, there is a vacuum which does me sad. It intends for special men which will be happy to be my husband and to try to make our world full. I wait for it to enter into my life. I have not found my soul mate here.
For you to consider to be my husband, you should know yourselves all over again. You can adapt the wife as I, such life so my and such country as it? Only then you can solve. I respect, as men, it is more than women, should go on the basic compromises in the marriage which is so distinct from their last lives.
Equally truly, that anybody is more, any age, has not forced me to feel a way which I feel about you. If impossible happens and, some miracle, you really agree to marry me, you will try to love me completely, without conditions? Eventually, our affinity should bring divine pleasure in our own small world.
I love easy colors. All flowers admire me. And I prefer music, with a good melody, mood and value.
We can adjust dream home in cool hills within summer. On your part, I promise, that you will find in me the wife of love, reliable and understanding, the person with one woman which will never betray you.
Is so still to speak about. It is natural to soul mates. I cannot trust, as you can leave all good young women there and tell "Yes" to me. And I shall never accuse you and certainly I shall understand, whether you can tell "Yes".
My picture is enclosed. Will probably send me your photos please?
Write soon with parties more about you.
The deepest Love,
Letter 2

Hi Greg Really happy to receive news from you and to read through your e-mail, it forces me to feel very well because I feel the good and simple person in you, and I love this much. Well, I feel the good person in you, that I would like to be fair both to operate as adults and to be responsible for our behaviour and decisions, thus I do not wish to damage your feeling, and I do not wish to be injured also, it was only the message, that I am interested in you Only seeing the person, that for certain we cannot have idea about individuality, but discussions of presence and conversation on many things, which it The best way to know and is more than people, than which I trust also I trust my feeling. To have idea about people who involve that we can see our eyes and that we can feel in our heart and even more outside of our feelings So some times we meet someone, and it seems to us as, we know it/it during long time back, and some times, you can lead many years with some people, and you feel nothings for them, and they remain Not clearly for you. Thus It depends on the person, a situation, our state, our need and our feeling. I have no judgement for any body, and I cannot make a generality, everyone is unique in this world, and we should understand only each other, and especially invest time and forces, to make things better, to live happy because I believe, that happiness - in each of us, only dividing it with with what we feel well - a unique way to feel it. I loved simple and realistic, I believe, that men should be way which they, strong, are sensitive also kind, because this way which the man is, and I hope to know a way which you are now, instead of a way which you wish to be. I wish to tell, that all this depends on our desire to know each other, on our belief and to trust, and honesty to each other. The life is very remarkable when is filled by love because without love there is no life so in me also the naive romantic girl, looking it ìó÷èíó dreams, for the love, a caring gentle and sweet life. That I wish from life to have remarkable careful love and the sweet husband full of tenderness and attachment, that I shall give it my soul and a life and I shall divide with it all miracles of this life. I very much do not demand the person, I only wish to create with the person, I love my small world, the happy family based on respect, caring and it is the best than us. Yours faithfully Dina.
Letter 3

Hi Greg.
If I should describe me, I would tell, that I strong enough to face to the world every day, and I weak enough that the nobility, that I cannot make only one.
I am generous to those who requires my help, but modest with whom I require for me directly. I am wise enough, that the nobility, that I do not know, that everything, but is silly enough believes, that there are no miracles.
I am a person who wishes to divide in your pleasures and also wishes to divide in your griefs. I am a leader when I see a path which others have passed, but the follower when I am covered in the middle of uncertainty.
I shall be the first to congratulate the opponent who succeeds, and I shall be last to criticize the colleague who suffers failure.
I try to be convinced from where my following step will take me to avoid to come across. I like to be convinced from my final applicability, thus I shall know, whether there is I a wrong way.
I love to those who loves me and will always remember them.
In terms loves and does not love, I assume, that depends in what category we speak to address to that problem.
But as the general full categories of a life, I love honesty, integrity, loyalty and sincerity in people.
I want, that people have considered me as I consider them. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
I give the majority of people a presumption of innocence, dealing with them, the results which are being sometimes good and it is sometimes bad.
I would prefer, that people do not love me for that, than I am, instead of as I for what I not. I search for the partner which will not support me where it is not noticed and is forgotten; not before me where it - the trophy or a prize for display, but about me as equal, the partner in a life on which I can bend and catch up with its force when it is necessary and to allow for it to catch up with mine when it requires the same, and allows us to be people but partners.
The person who is real and not superficial.
Someone, that I can trust and who will be always opened and fair.
The man which is intellectual but compassionate to its supporting people nevertheless itself assured concerning the one whom it is and than it is and can be convenient in the majority of situations.
The man which the man to the world and - very ****** the man in our bedroom represents itself as very sensual.
With the best regards yours Dina.
Letter 4

Dear Greg
I read your message with greater attention. I think, that you - very much ñåðüåçíàûé the person, and I estimate this character .
I wish from depth of heart, that you are a person whom I search, and I allow me to do this honour you successful.
I love all kind of arts.
I have common sense of humour which will compel me to contact people, very good. I very much unbiassed also hate lie. I am loyal, and I expect the same from my future love.
I wish, that we were fair with each other and could speak concerning our dreams, cares wishes, fears.
I am sensitive, caring and understanding if I love and accepted enough time, I open me before you then I should show you my own world.
I cannot open all which is inside of me for each body but only if I trust.
I would like to travel and study concerning other countries, cities.
I wish to visit other countries, modern cities and ruins of ancient cities.
It always interesting to find out new things, various lives to meet various people.
I look only for very responsible and serious people who spends its words and does not wish to play any games with me.
I am interested fair, a kind, polite, beautiful, intellectual the person with common sense of humour, without alcohols, drugs lawful problems and silent.
I wish to find someone who understands, that good relations take some efforts and that we should give chance each other to develop something, to study concerning our wishes, to be patient, try to understand each other.
At last we shall receive all which we want.
Attitudes should include support the friend the friend, care concerning the person, you like and trying to achieve each other.
More you give, more you reach, old, but the true statement .
I love the Russian literature, and completely it is culture.
I am interested to poets similarly to to Arseni Tarkevsky and Anna Ahmatev.
When I do not work, I write, either I translate, or I go to character .
I do not smoke, I do not drink alcohol, and I trust the GOD, but very much to some way.
I think for presence of a good life, both from pair should change some of their attitudes. For me accepting some changes - love.
I am not annoys, that you to be set of the adult than me.
I to search for the mature person who would be to wise and Scientific life. I love people which is set of the adult than me Also can study me to something in this short life. I to want To connect destiny to the person of such age as you.
People in Russia, have not what the responsibility before the woman, and besides before family. All the Russian people like to drink "*****", I would not like to connect a life to the person from our country.
Well, I think, that you know me a little.
Only other thing: please do not forget, that me - 28 years of age, and me - not the rich person. Now I wish to ask you some questions, please answer them?
You " speak languages which " smoothly? Or you use a translation service?
You - studied at university?
- You seriously concern to marriage?
-I would like to know your weight and your height.
Can Have NEWER pictures you?
-I would like to know more concerning you and your family.
I should add, that for me "LOVE" is very important, and I seriously concern to marriage.
Please ask me any question because we should know each other better.
Your new friend Dina .
Letter 5

Dear Greg.
I feel, that I am so similar to you.
I feel, as though I - enough the simple person. I - very gentle, sensitive, gentle, romantic, love, care, Compassionate, granting, understanding, loyal Sense of humour with more! I think, that I am a person who understands Dynamics of serious friendship and attitudes and Ready to make the obligation. I search my Partner, washing other half which would make my life and its Full.
First of all I demand " the best friend ". The friendship Based on it is based on mutual respect and trust for everyone Another, I demand it because the best friends inform also to a share All with each other. As soon as you have in general With each other there should be a unconditional love to each other, And is accessible to accept each other for who, as As we - as people without intention of change of it the Person, to who, it or as we thin k which the person should be! When 2 persons "will fall in love" accessible the big prophetical Occurrence emotionally, physically and At last it creates conditions, will lodge also legality, real, the Life establishes century Easily to fall in love, but it is steady work To remain fascinated in and to hold fires of burning of passion Brightly and requirements, those both participations of the parties have made it Works. When we shall fall in love, we as people often pass or do not pay attention to qualities, or shows another The person who could be a source of the enterprise. Now, when there is a Mutual respect, Trust and a unconditional gift of love, there Is not anything, you cannot speak more likely to develop or carry out and there is no limit as it is far, your love can be accepted, as there are two persons living for each other and about Desire of the full purpose of eternal love to everyone Another. There is nothing more useful or satisfying than When 2 peo ple from their love to each other, make love, Create love, and will expand their love through their children.
I shall repeat, the Person in Russia are not created to have family.
When the man meets the woman more beautifully and is younger than you, the man will leave the family and children for the sake of this woman.
To be beautiful, it is necessary to watch the beauty constantly.
When the family gets ðåáåíîêà, the woman gives all attention to the child, íåõâàòàåò time to watch the beauty.
The beauty demands many money, for purchase necessary perfumery.
In our country there is one problem, shortage of money resources, the most part of women of Russia cannot buy to itself beautiful clothes, descend to the hairdresser.
95 %-s' person, look at beauty of the woman, but men they forget about that what exactly should help to create this beauty.
Above all I would like to leave the country, Russia is the corrupted country where all is supervised with "Mafia".
From lack of money of Russia perishes more 20 thousand people a year as here nobody wishes to work.
Everyone wish to have many money not applying to it a minimum of efforts. It is impossible to find well paid work as the government of Russia does not wish to think of people, as about itself equal.
I do not wish your arrival here, foreign citizens arriving in Russia, very often, can become the mortgage for "Mafia" to demand money.
In authority "Mafia", all the Airports and railway stations, police of Russia completely depends from "Mafia". What do you think?
Reflection concerning you.
Your friend Dina.
Letter 6

My dear Greg.
I estimate your character and I think, that we can continue to knowledge each other better so I ask you some questions, and I am ready to answer your questions also:
You would like to change something concerning you directly, and if so, You - think, what there is some thing in you, what you should change?
If "yes", what is it?, who - your ideal person?
-what sense you a life?, what reason for existing? I thought much concerning it and that I have found, that is: My the way to lives consists in loving and giving love, and to help people to be Happy.
I think, that the love is made everyday things, small pleasures of a life.
You know Greg, people often speak, that they are unable to find happiness in a life.
I approve, that the happiness is in each moment of existence, and you Only should notice it, feel that it, or that second was really Full happiness.
It is so easy, and so difficult in Same time.
But two souls of love - are much closer to understanding What things really are than someone in the world.
I trust This our applicability should find other part of our soul, and to Enjoy the friend the friend. I hope, that there is a plenty of things that you And me could change to better together.
You know, my motto Should help with a life to people, and do their life of happier.
You want to Dialogues of the beginning?
You can ask any questio ns, you want.
You know, I do not like to speak concerning me directly much, but the answer Questions - rather various thing.
And please inform me more rather Independently, concerning your life, you finds pleasant and hates, books which you love To read, music which plays to your head, and words, you would be Like to hear, and everything, that you consider important concerning you directly.
... And: care of yours.
With sincere warm-heartedness yours Dina.
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