Scam letter(s) from Elena Prozorova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello, my new friend Jose! For me was the big pleasure to receive from you news!
It is my first time when I try to get acquainted with the man through a global network the Internet. I want to tell to you, that I have removed the structure
on that site as I do not want that I was written by other men as you for me are very good.
I very much want, that our acquaintance proceeded.
You already know about me that my name Elena. I'm 26 years old, as my birthday will be on September, 1.
I live in small city under the name Yoshkar Ola, it is republic Mary El.
My city is in 850 kilometers from capital of Russia of city of Moscow.
I am the blonde with grey eyes. My growth makes 168 sm and weight of 50 kg.
I first of all think, that I am beautiful inside, in my soul.
I have big advantage to the woman - I do not smoke and I do not drink alcoholic drinks.
I work as the hairdresser in a simple hairdresser saloon of our city.
You know, I very much like my trade. It for me is very pleasant for knowing, that the visitor comes to me to make the appearance even more attractive.
Frequently my clients are women. This trade demands first of all weight of patience and very well advanced imagination. For all the day working day I very much get tired. But I all the same very much like in what I am engaged.
Also I have many hobby: to read books, to listen to music, to walk on park with my family, to have a rest on picnics, to look comedies on the TV.
Yes, my favourite genre - it of a comedy. Every summer we with family have a rest on coast of our river Kokshaga where I very much like to bathe.
I very much love the sun, water and a beach. I like to go on hot beach sand when your legs are burnt with the sand heated up by solar beams. Tell, you love the sea?
You like to bathe and sunbathe?
So, in Yoshkar Ola I live with my mum together. But my grandmother whom we frequently visit lives in village (I have village in which my mum was born) at us.
To my big regret, I have no brothers and sisters. I always felt myself lonely in the childhood. Probably, for this reason I so love children. I do not have father.
he was lost at accident on work. he worked as the builder of residential buildings.
Tell, and you have brothers or sisters? I think, that only with presence of children the family can be happy really.
I very much like to prepare. To prepare for dishes also is my hobby.
And you are able to prepare?
I search serious relations or if it is impossible, for the good friend for dialogue.
On it I shall finish my letter, but I shall write to you soon.
I shall continue to tell to you about myself directly.
Also I want to know something about you and about your life.
But I am interested first of all with a question: whether are ready to communicate and keep in touch with the woman from Russia? I hope, I have not tired you the letter.
I shall wait from you for the letter with impatience! If you have a photo, please, send to me.
My best regards, Elena.
Letter 2
Hello, my friend Jose! I hope, that you have good day! First of all I want to thank you for your kind letter. I am very glad, that you are interested in me! I should you tell, that I worry before beginning to you my second letter a little.
Dear Jose. I already a little that I work as the hairdresser in a hairdressing saloon of our city.
But before work I studied pedagogical university of our city of Yoshkar Ola and have finished it with the diploma of the teacher of initial classes on a standard of speech and the Russian literature. So I have the supreme pedagogical education. In a life at me it is a lot of friends. I very open and friendly person. At me very good work which is pleasant to me. At me very good mum whom I love most on light. Yes, it is possible to tell, that I happy because I am surrounded with very lovely and kind people. But, unfortunately, I do not have private life. I have no favourite person. All the matter is that I cannot find here good and worthy the man to begin with him serious relations and in the future to create family. But at in a hairdressing saloon where I work, one I the fellow worker has told that many women find the partners in life through the Internet abroad. She has told, that happy pairs and families are in such a way created many. First I have not given great value to her words and have considered this frivolously. But then I have understood, that in Russia I already precisely shall not find the man of my dream, and have decided to try nevertheless to get acquainted with the man - foreigner through the Internet.
Should tell, that I very much worried. To me it was very terrible, in fact it is my first experience of dialogue through the Internet. In such a way I have dared to come in Internet - cafe. Yes, I write to you from Internet - cafe as I have no a personal computer in the house. I have addressed to the employee of Internet - cafe, he has advised me that site on which in the subsequent has registered my structure.
So I have found on that site of you! Yes, Jose, you have interested me for this reason I have chosen you. Now you have learned about my intentions to you.
I want to ask you, Jose, tell to me in more detail about you. Whether you use alcoholic drinks? Whether you can roughly address with the woman? If you have to me any questions, I ask you, do not hesitate of them to set. In fact in such a way we can learn more about each other. Now I shall finish to you the letter. I wish good you day and many smiles.
With the best regards, your new friend Elena.
Letter 3
Hi, my honey Jose!! This huge happiness to receive your letter. This letter I waited more for others, whether because I asked you to answer you want to see each other in the person.
You know, I grieve without you here awfully. This loneliness of me simply eats.
I very much love you. My life for quite some time now is not meaningful without you.
It is very difficult to be lonely. You - my life. I very much want to embrace you and to feel heat of your body, to study your eyes and to feel like the happiest woman on light.
Near to you I shall feel like in full safety. I am sure, that all will be good also destiny will do the utmost for our happiness.
I frequently think of us and I try to dream, what life at us with you will be. Sometimes I feel, that you where - that beside. You as if a guardian angel which preserves me on far distance.
I want to be with you though I know, that we are shared with many kilometers.
Therefore I tried to learn, that is required that I could arrive to you. I have decided to go in embassy. To me informed, that to arrive to your country, some documents are necessary for me and to receive the visa. It will borrow, certainly, time and, certainly, set of documents.
But I shall make everything, that will depend on me. But there is one thing which very much upsets me. To make all necessary documents, some sum of money is required. You know, for you it will sound very ridiculously and unpersuasively, but my monthly income does not allow me to pay all sum necessary for it. I receive only 250 $. I do not want to complain, but at this crisis very difficultly now that - or to get. But I am pleased with that I very much wish to arrive to you. It will be for us tremendous time. Time of performance of desires.
I very much love you, honey, and I do not want to lose.
I am fair and sincere with you. I very much hope for your understanding.
I have already given some papers to them, and they have made for me a file.
Everything in what I need at present, it to pay the necessary sum.
It makes 100 dollars for visa, for registration 60 dollars, medical inquiries 40 dollars, 50 dollars for interview and I should receive the foreign passport which 150 dollars cost approximately, well and other fine charges. To me have told, that total I should pay 400 dollars.
I do not know, whether you can help me, but I very much hope for your understanding and trust.
I really want to see you very much, but, I am afraid, without your help I cannot make it.
So it is vile, that money now correct all. They help to overcome all difficulties on our way.
It is a pity, love, that it upsets you. I very much hope, that we can trust each other.
I hope, that you agree with me. Only present, that we can shortly be together.
I very much love you!!! You - the best, that could happen to me in this life.
I awfully miss on you, my honey, and I wait impatiently for your fast reply.
Yours forever Elena.
Letter 4

My lovely, my the most favourite Jose!
I am glad to your letter.
But most of all I am glad to that you have agreed to help me with the visa!
You know, I was very difficult for me also very much was afraid to ask your help, in fact as I already spoke some letters back, there are many unfair people on the Internet!
My love, my sun, in this letter I want to give you all necessary information on how you can send me the help for the visa.
All necessary information on my bank account. Account With Institution:
Beneficiary Customer:
account: 4x8178xxxxxxxxxxx
name: Prozorova Elena Yurevna I am very glad that you trust me, my most favourite person in this world!
You know, today, after returning home, I shall necessarily tell to my mum that you will help me with arrival to you!
You know, I already spoke with her that I want to depart to you!
She has been very upset with that I want to leave from her!
But after I have explained all to her, she has given the consent to that I have departed to you.
Now I can make documents to arrive to you with quiet conscience!
You know, I want to appear more likely in your embraces and to tell everything, that to you I feel! I was bothered with it to do through letters!
I want, that at us all was seriously! Eyes in eyes!
I hope, that you also it do!
My angel, I ask you, help me with 400 dollars for my visa!
Thus you will speed up ours with you a meeting!
I very strongly love you and is mad on you I miss!
I very much wait for our meeting with you!
I shall wait for your letter and I hope, that you will not keep me waiting for a long time your answer!
Your lovely Elena
Letter 5
Hi, my love Jose!
You know, I had a presentiment, that I need to go in the Internet - cafe because felt, that there I am waited with the letter from you! And my presentiment of me has not brought!
My love as I am glad to receive from you news! For me it became valid pleasure to visit it the Internet - cafe because I know, that you have the correspondence with me!
It for me the big happiness!
My love, I very much wait that day when there will be a miracle and you can send me these 400 $ for the visa. For me it seems, that this never will come.
As I am tired to wait...
You know, it was very cheerful, so it is a pity, that you were not during that moment with me beside!!!
My love, I ask you, have gone you as soon as possible money for this visa! I am very tired here, in this Yoshkar - Ola without you!!! To me it is very melancholy and bad without you!!!!
Every day I live pending your letters! It for me the big torture! When I shall think, that absolutely soon I will not need to write these letters for you and to spend money for the Internet - cafe because I shall be always near to you, to me becomes so warmly on soul... I think, this most remarkable, that can happen....
My love, I need to leave, but know, that I very much on you shall miss and wait for your letter with good news, that you could send me of money...
I very strong kiss you and very strongly you I love!!!
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