Scam letter(s) from Victoria Krasotulya to Victor (USA)

Letter 1
People say that love often takes the mind from the person who it has and gives it to the person who didn't have it before. What do you think about this? I don't know, but I think that even to loose the mind loving the person is the greatest happiness that one person can present to the other! . Yours Viktoria
Letter 2
Hello my friend Vic! (Hopefully you are already my friend)
Thank you that are you interested in me and wrote me this letter. I am feeling so strange and nice because I am starting my conversation with you and who knows it can happen that it will change all my life and your life... So let's start? I am so happy that you contacted me and I hope that we will get on well. Can you tell me more about yourself?
What do you do for living? What hobbies do you have? what are you looking for here?
I have lots of things to tell you about myself and will try to tell you the most important ones right now. My name is Viktoria. I am living in Ukraine, in the eastern part of it which is famous for its industry, for coal. I was born in Aleksandrovsk on the 13th December 1981. I don't have any brothers or sisters, unfortunately. My parents had very good family, they were understanding and loving each other and I think that they would have lived till today together if one thing hadn't happened. one day I was at school and instead of Mom who was taking me home with her came father. I was really surprised because this never happened before. I asked father lots of times what had happened but he didn't tell me and only kept silence. sooner I found out that my Mom died under the wheels of the car. That was the great tragedy in my life. I had never thought that the soul can be so hurt... Surely father did everything he could in order to brought up me like the real lady, but Mom is Mom and surely he couldn't replace me her and I missed her much!
i finished school and then there was the difficult time for me. I really don't know what to do. I knew that I would not have the opportunity to finish the university. At school I went in for the sport, I went to the fitness club and after some time of trainings there my coach offered me to be coach also. I liked the idea. Since that time I am working in that field and I like my job very much. It is not so well paid, but I am trying to make ends meet. I don't give up and I do my best to cope with this!
These are the simplest things about me Vic that came to my mind when I understand that I should write you something about me. I will be glad to answer your questions and to know you better.
Wish you a great day
Yours Viktoria
Letter 3
Hello my sweetest Vic!
It is so nice to receive your letter again. This makes me think that I didn't scare you off with my first letter and that we know more about each other! That is nice feeling... I am also really sad to hear about your father. I can understand your feelings very well. i hope that you managed to cope with that grief! i think that it is great that you lead active and healthy lifestyle. So do I. I also like the same things that you do, I adore going to the cinema, visiting theaters. Today was very hard day for me, because one of my colleagues was ill and I should work for her. This is why I have a head ache today. this sometimes happens after the death of my Mom. I went even to the hospital, but they say that everything is OK with my health and probably this is only because of my shock. But despite this small unpleasant thing I am really glad that I read your letter today. The main hobby for me is surely my work. I think that it is great that work is not the routine for me, but the pleasant thing that I like doing. I cannot describe you the feeling when you know that you help the person to be healthier and more fit with your work. That is amazing!
The other hobbies... I like to roller blade. I think that this is the nice way to wash away all the bad thoughts and to be fit. The other my hobby is jogging and swimming. i really like sports. I also adore reading books and I like to discuss them with my friends.
I also have one more hobby. It is quite new for me, but I think that it is very interesting thing. Approximately month ago I started learning English. my friend Tanya started learning it also and she knows it a little bit better and she advised me to buy the book and helps me with learning it.
I think that this is enough for you Vic and I hope that you don't want to sleep after reading of my letter:)).
With kisses
Yours Viktorya
Letter 4

Hello my dearest Vic!
I am so glad to receive the letter from you again. i think that every letter is a part of you that you Vic give me and it is really pleasant to know more and more about you, to feel closer and closer... I am glad that your day is fine and I hope that this day will be even better than yesterday. today I am much better and i don't have the headache any more. I think that I just had to have a good sleep:).
Here it is going to rain and I hope that soon it will be because it is incredibly hot. What about the weather there?
The story is going on and I would like to tell you Vic about my good friend, her name is Tanya. You can see her on the photo that I attached. this person made so much for me in my life. When I lost my Mom she was the real support for me, she was like the sister for me and I am really glad that I have such a wonderful friend. You can see her on the photo. WE look different, but inside we are very close despite all those things.
I am alone about 1 year. My boyfriend was the professor at the university. He was older than me about 15 years. I thought that this means that he wants the family, that he is serious. We lived together and everything was fine till I didn't hear that he have lots of love affairs at the university. At first I couldn't belive because everything was so right in our relationships and we both were happy, but then I have seen that myself and I couldn't have any doubts in this. that was the horrible surprise for me. Tanya said that there are some people like him that are not serious, that play with others....I did everything to make our relationships work out, but that was useless. He just get used to such the way of life. But i am thankful to him because he made me stronger also and he taught me that not all people are honest and good. He made me not so naive. Now I think that I will be more careful and i really hope that you Vic are not like my ex.
with kisses and hugs from Ukraine
Letter 5
Hello my darling Vic!
I still cannot belive that you are my friend! It seemed to me that not long time ago I received your first letter and with the trembling hands tried to answer you! That was exciting! Nothing have changes expect the fact that right now I know you better and that you are the person that I can trust! I hope that you feel the same, do you? Here the weather is also usually hot but only in summer and this is sometimes really annoying. I think that you are right in some way about sisters and brothers, and friends also. There are really some friends who are like relatives to me:). talking about the past relationships I feel that i am ready to start new ones. It was difficult for me, but I coped with that. I think that the things that don't **** us make us stronger.
I knew that my life was not like sugar and that made me trying to find the best that I can Vic . In my country people say that everyone is the creator of his own happiness. So i think that everyone received from his destiny as much as he wants and asks. Don't you think so? I decided that I would like to be happy with a loving and caring man and there is no matter where he lives now, i have met you! This proved my thoughts:))!
But surely life is not only roses and it have its own thorns. The thorns are even right now in my life. I tried to communicate with you with the help of the interpreter because I understood that my English is not enough to communicate with you, yet. I thought as usual I'll achieve any goal and was sure that I won't stop this communication, but unfortunately I have to, otherwise I won't be able to buy some food for me. This is sad and i am feeling that my fingers are not able to write you all this..but I do hope that you understand me. I thought that... we are a but more then just friends for each other, but probably the things cannot be so good and destiny decided to make one more exam for me... I think that you are a wonderful man and I think that you don't deserve to be along.....
But I don't want to loose you
With the warmest affection
Yours Viktoria
Letter 6
Dear Sir
We wish to inform you that there is no more money on the account of your Lady Viktoria so she is not able to correspond with you any more.
Please open the attached document and give us your answer.
Sincerely yours "LTS"
Letter 7
Dear Sir
Thank you for your letter. We wish to inform you that you could find all the information about the fees in the attached file.
Sincerely yours "LTS"
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