Scam letter(s) from Olga Aktanaeva to Volkert (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello new and the distant friend!! As to me it is pleasant,that you have answered my letter.
I understand, that it so is unexpected for you and for me.
But in my first letter, yes it any more the first, I have written the first to you on a site, I do not know from what to me to begin.
I think, that acquaintance to me will be interesting to you. As you have understood, my name Olga.
I think,that it is a lot of you about me have learnt on a site.
But registration on a site it only the questionnaire. I think, that it is possible to learn the person if with it to correspond is better.
I think, that our acquaintance will be not short. I believe that I have found that I searched.
And I have found you simply that has set parametres of search and here your profile before my eyes.
Well, I think further to you all clearly. So I have written to you, and you have answered me.
I think, that acquaintance at us will turn out fine.
Though I also do not know, how acquaintances through the Internet come to an end, but I think, that I need to try them.
Now many people get acquainted through the Internet, very many find the destiny.
I think,that I not such and bad. That I too need to try.
I think, that our acquaintance remains to ours for a long time.
I will send today to you my photo. I hope, that you will answer me and will send the photo.
We will begin our acquaintance with this step. Tomorrow I will write to you a little about myself.
It is very interesting to me to learn about you. Whence you, than you are engaged?
It is simply interesting to me to learn you!!!!
But I think, that in the future we will know each other perfectly!!!!
Your new acquaintance Olga
Letter 2
Hello Volkert as it is pleasant, that you have answered my letter!!! It is really pleasant!!!
Today my day has begun since the morning with fine mood, and here he proceeds together with your letter.
I have just now come for work. Well here also has decided to check up my mail box.
It not empty, it became interesting to me, that you have written to me in the letter.
Here so I was not kept and I write now to you. I think,that it is interesting to you to know a place where I work.
But it not a secret. I work as the trainer on dances. It is interesting, but very heavy work.
To have it is a lot of to go in for sports and support a diet. But I like to dance.
As wise men - body language speak dance is.But it so, I have distracted.
And I write from work, I work at children's school of dances.
Well I think, that it is not not enough of it, that you had some opinion on me.
I use the working computer,this computer at the secretary. As the secretary my girlfriend works.
Now I will ask, there is at it on the computer my photo, she has told,that is.
I think, that a photo you will not laugh at it. I will try to send tomorrow to you a photo better.
And now it is time to me to go on employment, I am am waited already by children.
Well I have run, I wait from you the letter with your photo.
While from new acquaintance Olga
Letter 3
Hello Volkert!!!! Today I in my box have seen from you the letter.
To me it is pleasant, that you continue to write to me!!! Now I have time before employment.
I think, that I can tell to you a little about my life.
Well that to me of 28 years you have already understood from my questionnaire.
I was born on September, 25th, 1980. This year in our country there passed the Olympic Games!!!
Here this fine year I also was born. And already 2009, me 28 years as a lot of time has passed.
I have had time to go to school for this time, have left school of dances.
And here now I work as the teacher of dances. I have started to dance very much early, my mum has resulted me in studio of dances.
Here so since the childhood I like dances. With them I have divided the course of life.
I had big plans, I dreamt to become the dancer.But when the country tested changes, in the country has much changed.
My life has changed also. My parents have left, I began to live with mum and the grandmother.
Here so I have lived my childhood. When I have left school, very strongly it wanted to me to continue the way.
I have arrived on the dancing-master. And here now I work with children at school.
I like to be engaged with them. It reminds me my childhood when I the same small studied to listen to music and to guess a step.
I think, that it is not boring to you to read my letter. After all I yet do not know what not to write about myself.
My life passed in such conditions. I was given to dances, and I did not have time for the private life.
Now I at home am am waited only by my favourite kitten with whom I play every day.
It for me the closest, with it I divide all problems and heavy minutes.
But only the life goes, and its continuation demands from me very many.
As I am said by my grandmother, that to me 28 years, and I do not have either the husband, or children.
I calm her, I say, that all ahead.But she to me only waves a hand and says, that so I and will live all life in loneliness.
But it so. I have written to you about it that to you it became little bit more interesting.
And that I wrote all about the work and the boring childhood. Children here have already started to gather for employment.
I need to finish the letter. Well I will quickly answer your
questions. At leisure I like to be at home and to read books of domestic writers, I love verses A.S. Pushkin, I love different products.
I like to look serials, romantic comedies.
Well I have absolutely undersigned, it is necessary to run, make toilet more soon!!!
I send today to you my photos, where I with my favourite kitten.
I wait from you tomorrow the letter with your photos.
The far girlfriend from Russia Olga
Letter 4

Hello Volkert!!! I again can write to you. My girlfriend gives me such possibility.
I think, that it is interesting to you though a little to find out about me.
I think, that in the letter I will try to make it, but I am afraid, that something I will necessarily forget.
Well that I from Russia you have already understood. I think, that it will not frighten you also you continue to correspond with me.
It is pleasant to me to read about you. But at me a life absolutely another.I live at the grandmother in settlement Znamenskiy.
It is small settlement, in it there is not enough population, but it is near to the big city.
In this city I go every day for work. And so I live with my grandmother.
My mum, I about it know a little, I know only, that they have left the daddy in the beginning of 90 years.
Then she has left abroad. She could not take me, she has left one.
Since then I do not know from it any news. My grandmother says to me, that the life happens such, that brings different gifts and surprises.
And then,when we become adults, we start to understand all errors that have made for the life.
I think, that in the childhood dances to me have helped to transfer parting with parents.
To me it was heavy. I understand it now, but now I became absolutely adult.
It is time to me to think of the future. Here I also have dared at correspondence with you.
I think, that I have written the basic stages of my life to you.
But only one I cannot understand, to me it is so much years, but I do not understand, where my girlfriends have got to.
All of them already became mums. For me it is now simply surprising.
I have met yesterday my schoolmate, she has resulted the daughter in me on employment.
I with her have got to talking. To me it is simple so interestingly.
As it so, has passed identical number of years, and at it already the husband and two children.
Really I live the life so, that then I will have nothing to recollect.
I have talked to the grandmother, she to me has told, that at each person the life begins and comes to an end on a miscellaneous.
The person can start to live on the present and in 30 years, and someone already considers, that his life lived.
Ourselves do to ourselves start for a life and finish. I have thought, that it is fine words.
My grandmother really very clever!! So I consider, that my life only begins.
And I have given the beginning of a life to myself. And how you consider Volkert?
I simply now feel with you understanding connection. I think, that now you have found out little bit better.
I send you a photo which I hope you will please. It is time to me to finish.
It is pleasant to me to see your new photo.
Well now I need to run, it is necessary to have time to change clothes before employment.
I wait tomorrow from you the letter.
Your girlfriend from Russia Olga
Letter 5
I am very glad, that you have answered me, that you continue to correspond with me!!!
It is already interesting to me to find out you better!!!
Absolutely so it is necessary to interest me in a little corresponding with you.
Now I even will not write that I write from work. Now I start to come little bit earlier on employment.
I hope to see in a box from you the letter. It is interesting to me to know, that you to me write, what photo to me will send …
At me with you absolutely two different destinies, we so know each other a little,but this secret and pulls me writing to you more soon.
It is very interesting, to know about your existence, but not to see you.
In general, such interesting acquaintance through the Internet …
I think, that as well as me it is interesting to you to receive from me letters. I here so write to you.
I do not know, that to you to write,so it would be desirable to tell about myself but when I sit down much to write, all my thoughts vanish.
I simply do not know, as as to me to collect the thoughts.
I start to prepare new dances with children so it is interesting to work with them.
For them I as mum, is such children who me really name mum.
To me at first it was unusual, but then I began to understand, that to learn to dance sincerely and beautifully
it is necessary to grow fond of the work really. Here so I started to understand, that this my calling.
And let to me pay not enough money, but I receive huge happiness of that I receive a lot of children's attention!!!
You do not represent Volkert as to me it is pleasant when enamoured children's sights look at me so much many!!!
And at all at them in hearts the passion spark, a spark of love to dances burns!!!
Well here, today at me it has not turned out to write to you the letter of the big maintenance.
I need to prepare for employment. Today, now I wish to send you a photo where I with the girlfriend walked on a city, it was in June.
We with her walked on a city and talked about our lives. That will be further, I simply do not know now.
And I would like to understand, how my life in the future will change.
I think, that these photos will like you!!! I wait and from you a photo.
So it is fine, that the Internet can give me such fine dialogue with you Volkert!!!!
I already am late for employment. I wait from you necessarily answer!!!!
Your Russian girlfriend Olga
Letter 6
Hello Volkert!!! As it is pleasant to me to correspond with you!!! I am simply glad, that have got acquainted with you.
Now I began to look even more often in the Internet. My girlfriend to me allows it to do.
Simply at me not enough time is very frequent to write the letter. I should check mail simply.
I all wait from you for the letter. Well I think, that today I will have more time.
Here I now also write to you. I admit to you fairly that I very little in the life was engaged in the life.
Always dances were my purpose. I very much love a waltz. For me it is love dance, hope and tenderness dance.
I always learn it to dance with huge pleasure. You do not represent, as it is fine.
Children start to respect each other. At first boys so shy conduct themselves, they always do not obey pair.
At them it turns out nothing, feet constantly get confused.
But when at all of them it turns out, to me simply it is very pleasant.
Parents of children thank me that I learn their children to dances.
After all dances do the big contribution to education of children.
After performances I receive various gifts, flowers. For me it is the hugest award.
To me very much to like to look on happy faces of parents and their children.
And here such happiness to me also helps to live. But now simply you understand, that itself you wish to be happy from such instants.
It would be desirable to see happiness in the opinion of the child.
Here just now I understand, that already it is time to me to reflect on creation of the family.
I admit to you Volkert, I search for myself for the man who can understand me, ready will divide with me the life.
As it is heavy to make it. I simply did not know, that all will be so difficultly.
At me already too big age. I did not reflect on it, but now really understand, that my years leave.
And in my memoirs there are only pleasant moments since my last life when fathers of children gave me gifts that I learnt their children.
I wish to send you today some photos. I have received flowers, I received soft toys.
But now my years leave. And I still had from it only memoirs. And now, I do not have anybody, only my cat.
I will send you a photo, where I one. It is a photo it has turned out so, as if at me behind wings.
So it is interesting. … here it is time to me and to finish, employment will already begin.
I so have not enough time. With your letters time so quickly goes.
I so am glad, that I have you with whom I can correspond and to whom I can tell the thoughts.
You very interesting on these a photo.
It is time to me to run. I hope, that you will like my photos!!!
Necessarily I wait from you the answer!!!
The girlfriend from Russia Olga
Letter 7
Hello mine Volkert!!! I think, that you will be not against if I name you mine!!! I am already simple so became dependent on your letters.
To me it is simple there is nobody to talk here, and I write to you.For this time, that I write, I have very strongly become attached to you.
The Internet for me became connection between me and you!!! I think, that photos which I have sent in the last letter to you have liked.
I now try to tell to you about me as much as possible that you have learnt me better.
But it is very frequent at me happens so few time to write the letter, I come for work and to me to have to be engaged. But these employment like me!!!
I today under impressions, at me have now developed such bad opinion on men …
Was not present, I it not about you, and about others. I have simply faced such situation when my girlfriend was offended by the husband.
I could not believe in it while itself has not faced it. Yesterday I went to her on a visit.
She me has asked, that I have helped her at home. I have agreed with pleasure. I do not have man and at me so there is free time much.
When we have arrived to her, her husband was very *****, he began to abuse her. It has very much angered me.
I have suggested her to cause militia, but she has told, that has already got used to such relation.
To me became her so it is a pity. I have thought of you Volkert, and to me became so perfectly!!! I have understood, that you the fine man.
I began to appreciate our correspondence even more. It became a pity to me a little, that you not near to me. You have precisely proved,
what should be the real man. To me it became very warm with such feelings to you. We have put it to bed, and steels to sit and tell about the life.
I have understood, that she can do nothing, She so strongly loves it. I have understood, that love, she comes unexpectedly.
And you pulls to your favourite what it would not be. All it so is interesting to me.
I began to understand, that for the life at me and such inclinations to the man, as now to you were not shown.
So quickly, but why so? I simply do not know, I do not know, how you could me so to interest. But I simply do not have now such life which I lived.
And a variety, the new feelings, new you have brought in my life so I and start to become attached to you.
But me it is terrible, terrible, that I can simply make a pain to myself and you. It is so much all at me now in a head, all it was confused.
I have dared to write about it after yesterday's conversations with the girlfriend.
So I am frank I can communicate only with her. And now in my life there was you. I can simply tell to you everything, that I think.
I understand, that I will find attention and understanding. Now I have a little got confused in the life.
I need to be untangled. I so have got agitated … to me it is time to stop to write. Now I can write much about it.
But I need to go on employment. I will quickly answer questions, what you to me set,
I have answered more, but I hasten on employment, you will not be angry with me?
I not so well know English language, therefore I was mistaken filling the profile. I never was married.
Today I will send you a photo, where I at home. In my native settlement. These photos were done by my girlfriend even in the warm autumn.
Here I in the street come back home. And on the second photo we sat and talked. She has unexpectedly made a photo.
I think, that it will be pleasant to you to receive from me a photo. I wait your letter. I wait your photos!!!
I so happy, that in my life have appeared you!!! Well everything, me is time to run!!!
To a kiss, Olga
Letter 8
Mine Volkert!!! As I am now glad, that I can correspond with you!!!!
After last walk with my girlfriend I have understood, how to me have carried, that I have found you.
With you I can divide the the small lonely world which is gradually filled with your attention.
I start to feel it, I am am grasped on the sly by your world, your letters.
Today I have come earlier, I simply considered the photos in the evening.
Also has thought, that I will send you these photos. I think, that they will like you!!!
I began to think more that further to me to do. My life, she such identical.
And here so I have lived about the years that has not noticed how simply became absolutely adult.
To me it is a lot of years, and I and did not have a beloved.
Strange and ridiculously, but warmly, which now in my heart, between me and you … all it me pulls connection writing letters!!!
To write. I now write also to me well. Such feeling, that I talk to you!!!
I had an idea to write to you the present letter.
But I have thought and have decided, that will be obligatory in my life and such moment when I will want to see you.
I began to think over it. Also has decided, that I need to tell all about itself at first.
I cannot open at once for you. But you and your letters force me to open before you the lonely world.
And the more I open, the more me pulls to you.
Well, I think, to me will suffice to write all about the feelings. Than you were engaged today?
I before employment have had time to make so much!!! I have prepared today very tasty dish!!!
I do not know, you ate it or not, but I like to prepare it, this mine favourite meal!!!
I have prepared in an oven of a chicken. I seldom eat it, as I should support the figure.
But when at me fine mood I suit to myself a holiday!!! Here and today.
I have thought that I will send you these photos and to me became so well!!!!
On one of photos I on performance. I think, that it is pleasant to you, I danced belly dance.
I have already thought, that was fine, if I danced it for you!!
But the life, a life will show, I can in the future I will learn you to dance!!!
I have again distracted, so after I have prepared to eat,
my grandmother to me has told, that it is time to me to search to itself for the husband,
she has told, that I am very tasty I prepare also for me the man who has estimated my talent is necessary.
Here and there passes my life. And only there is more than pleasure to me brings dialogue with you.
And this dialogue for me became more than friendship. I start it to understand, when to me so is lonely.
And me it is lonely every evening when I come from work!!! I so have much written, time so has quickly run.
And it seems to me, that I have not had time to write at all. And now I need to run on employment.
It is pleasant to me to receive your new photo.
I finish. At me now always so quickly there passes time when I write you the letter.
And time so long lasts, when I wait from you the answer. I have run.
I think, that it will be pleasant to you to look at my photos!!!
Letter 9
Volkert, I simply would like so much to tell today... And what to tell.
I simply do not know, how to me to begin... But I am simple I can not hide now...
I simply did not know, that all so will turn back. My desire will simply get acquainted with you has passed absolutely in another. I at all do not know, how to me to write... But simply, simply me pulls now to you.
I do not know, that you have made with me … But letters, your letters is simple now for me so mean much.
I began to understand it when to me it became terribly lonely.
I sit at home in the evenings one. And constantly thought of the lonely life...
That has changed for years of my life. I to realise began simply, that the love is necessary to me, I wish to be necessary not only to dances...
I wish to find the man who will protect me which loves me... I cannot with anybody about it to speak.
I am afraid to admit, that at such big age began so to be in great need in it.
I can talk only to you about it. You have given to me so much, have slightly opened to me a sight at the new.
I simply do not know what to do... On employment I simply became disseminated.
But I the adult woman... and me it is not necessary to hide all that I feel to you Volkert!!!
So events were quickly developed. I simply do not know, that you could make, that my heart so has close started up to itself.
And I would like to tell, it would be desirable to tell simply, that I do not know, how further to me to correspond further.
I with pleasure have learnt you to dance. I do not have not enough you....
I began to feel it so strongly. On employment I learn to dance a waltz as I would like that you were near to me as I want that your hand held me for a waist as your eyes look in my eyes … Dance, dance of feelings...
I cannot simply present all it. But as to me it becomes fine that I can present all it!!!
Earlier I only could learn to all to it, and now, now all in feelings …
To me so is pleasant, that in my life you have appeared!!!!
And let today you have learnt so much, I do not wish to know that all not so.
To me it is simply pleasant. Now, in my lonely life, only these sensations give me such positive charge!!!
I on employment on dances now go only with thoughts on feeling, as we together dance, as your hand will run on my waist...
As I in your strong hands feel in safety!!!! And this feeling of that I love, that me love!!!!
This feeling such strong!!!! You simply do not represent, as I now write you this letter.
I understand, that for you it will be opening, but I cannot hide it from you. I think, that everything, that I feel I should not hide.
All that at us now is, all of us should speak, not hiding from each other.
worry … You simply do not represent, how many forces to me were necessary to put to write this letter.
And me now only one is terrible, terrible, that all these feelings for you will be indifferent.
Write to me openly as I do it!!!! I am simply ready to tell all HOW NOW I do not HAVE not enough YOU!!!!
But it only I and only to me and as you, I simply do not know.
You are far, but you write to me also to me from it so perfectly!!!!
I so would not like to finish now this letter, I simply wish to write and write.
As it is a pity, that I can write only from work.
I have thought up, write me your home address, I can write you the letter.
I can send you my photos, I can send you a card!!!! You will write me the address?
I very much wait!!!! I need to run on employment... Forgive me, what I finish... you on me do not take offence?
I have run!!! I wish to tell, how you are necessary to me, as I do not have not enough your letters!!!
Write to me more. When in my box from you the letter, I simply happy!!!! Make me happy!!!!
Letter 10
Mine Volkert, I can you so to name? I do not know, that to me now to think … But I happy, I very happy that has learnt you.
And let between me and you kilometres, it to me does not prevent to love you!!!!
And today, today my day at all as everything, he especial.
I for the life have woken up for the first time with fine mood, with thoughts on you.
I have looked at hours, I had 7 o'clock in the morning, and how many you had time?
I have simply thought, that now at you absolutely other time … would be desirable to write me simply to you some lines that I miss on you this morning ….
I have thought, that simply I forget about much to write to you when I sit down the computer.
I have decided, that within day I will write on a leaflet the letter then to copy it that nothing to forget …
I think, that at me it will turn out, and it will be interesting to you …. As there has passed my morning.
I have simply, simply taken a shower …
to me so this morning was pleasant.
I constantly thought of you.
I to understand began simply as strongly you in my soul … and that, that especial could happen for these some days which have changed my life …
I have reflected … on me water flew down, and I stood and recollected every instant my acquaintance to you.
Then, when I took a shower, I have decided to write all my thoughts in my note book.
You are far, and to me not so from it it is easy. But I think, that when I will read my diary with records to me it will be easier.
I think, that I will have a feeling, that I near to you. I think, that you will be to me will resolve it.
After a shower while my hair dried up, I looked my album with photos.
I thought of what to me today to send you photos.
And here I have dared at these two. On one of them I with a daughter at my girlfriend.
I like children … I very much love children!!!
Here also it is a photo to me it is pleasant. I have decided to send you it.
And the second photo, I think, that it will be it is pleasant to you ….
Favourite mine, I wish to tell at once, that I will be offended by requests for that I have sent the frank photos.
And if you do not wish to do to me painfully, do not ask them from me. I will choose a photo which to send you.
All depends on my mood, today it at me fine, I send you these photos!!!! Here I have made a breakfast …
that you eat for a breakfast? I like to prepare … But at me happens so few time for it …
But when holidays, I simply prepare different dishes …
a Russian cuisine such various!!!! I with pleasure will feed you with Russian pelmeni or pancakes with honey ….
I have thought of it, when I have made a breakfast … attempted and have run for work.
On it my records have ended. And now, now I simply do not know, that to write to me …
I very strongly worry.
I think, that you will like my letter. I wish to let know to you, that everything, that I write is not to play with the feelings, all it is serious.
Favourite mine, me now so it is easy. When I did not know you, my day passed in another way. And now in my heart the sun always shines!!!
And this the sun to me was presented by you the attention. This greatest attention which to me was given by men.
All life I was lonely, there was not noticed man's an attention.
You the very first and the most unique which has tried a key to my heart!!!!
You the present prince, you have made it so quickly …
you have achieved my love so quickly …
I simply do not know, how to me to express all it.
But I ready to you to repeat and repeat, that strongly I love you!!!!
My time comes to an end, it is necessary to run on employment to
I love you mine Volkert!!!! I wait, necessarily I wait your answer!!!!
Only yours Olga

Letter 11
Hello Volkert, I so am glad that this fine day I write to you.
Today Day enamoured, this day when the enamoured give each other gifts and in this holiday I wish to present to you the letter and I send you a small card.
I hope, that when you will read this letter your mood becomes the most wonderful and you will think of me.
I hope that the life will present to us our second half and if it is necessary for destiny it will unite us.
Volkert, I want that this remarkable day all your dreams have come true, I want that you were the happiest man on the Earth. I hope that you will always think of me and when I always will difficultly preserve you against difficulties and a hardship.
I with impatience will wait for your letter.
Yours Olga
Letter 12
Mine Volkert, mine, only mine!!!! You simply do not represent, I have dared at what step now!!!
I think, that you look my photo!!! Favourite, I so wished to like you, I have dared to send to you it is a photo.
I think, that you will not begin to think that I the girl of easy behaviour.
I simply wish to prove these how strongly I love you!!! I ask you, do not show this photo to anybody.
Favourite, I simply very much hesitate, that my body will be seen by someone except you.
And I tried only for you, I love you!!!! You simply do not represent, as much you solve now.
Yes, we acquaintances very little, but you simply wizard, for this time, that we you so much for me have made acquaintances!!!!
And I, now I all yours, you only need not to lose me, to leave near to you, you want it?
I talked yesterday to my grandmother as she is glad, that I have found love.
She so smiled to me. She has abused me, has told, that I threw all and more soon flied to you.
She took me for a hand and has told, that in a life everyone chooses a way.
And this way needs to be overcome. And if we have a fear we all life will be afraid and so we will live in loneliness.
I have burst into tears from these words. I have told, that I do not wish to leave its one, and that I can not leave you.
I so love you so I want to you. The grandmother to me has told, that anything terrible,it will go to live to the daughter, to sister of my mum.
For me it became so unexpectedly … Really it does this all for my happiness …
Favourite, what to me now to do?
I want to you, my grandmother to me has told, that I am obligatory should to save up the love, that the love can be in a life only once and it is not necessary to lose it, it is necessary to run more soon to it towards!!!
And now I so think over words of my grandmother much. How you consider mine Volkert, my grandmother of the right?
It she to me has told, that I have sent you such photo. She has added, that if you will protect a photo you will protect also me.
That if you will not show to extraneous eyes always you will be near to me.
And the most important she to me has told,that you should remain for me secret to first our meeting …
I and have not understood my grandmother. She such clever!!!! She knows much!!!!
She to me only has told, that if you will send me too a frank photo you want only my body.
And if you leave secret between me and you and will tell, that will show me all only at a meeting, in the first spent night together it is true love ….
Favourite, I to you have told all,but how I can speak you a lie?
I love you, and my love, I we so opened before you!!!! Favourite how you think,
It is time to me to finish. It is time to go on employment.
I will be glad to know, that you love me, that the photo very much was pleasant to you also you wait for me at home!!!!
I love you my unique Volkert!!!!
Your favourite Olga
Letter 13
Mine Volkert!!!!
As now all dares in my life!!!!
My grandmother to me has told nothing, and has simply left.
I have come today from work, and on a table the note from it laid. She has written to me much.
To me it became sad, sad that I remained one. I sat and understood, how now it will be heavy to me to live one.
But when I have read last words in a note. The grandmother has written to me, that I have begun all anew.
She to me has told, that I do not do decisive steps in the life.
And I have dared, at last I have dared, that I will not listen to you …
have solved, I have decided, that I will simply leave all ….
I will leave the last unfortunate life. And I will start the life over again.
Favourite, I know from what to me to begin … I have dared... I long wanted it.
But I was afraid, I was afraid to make such decisive steps.
Favourite, unique mine Volkert, I will go today to agency ….
I understand, that you will tell to me, that it will be heavy to me to make it.
Favourite, you understand, that I wish to change the life.
You to me will help to change her, you wait for me at yourself?
I should know your answer … For me now you remained the unique purpose of a life!!!!
And I do not know, how I will go through loss you … I love you. And now I have seriously dared to go to you!!!!
I will go to agency, I learn all …. Do not worry my favourite, I will make everything to be near to you!!!!
I will take all savings, but I will be near to you!!!!
Money for me now not important, most important that I and you we love each other.
And this love, even through such distances capable to appear present, instead of simply .
I will go to you … I love you!!!! Yours and only your unique love!!!
Yours Olga
Letter 14
Mine Wave!!!! Favourite my, unique mine!!!!
At me such fine news!!!
I am fast, very soon I will be near to you!!!
I now simply happy to write to you!!! You do not worry, I will arrive to you at any cost!!!!
Mine Wave, you simply do not represent, as I am a lot of now I think of the first minutes of a meeting with you!!!
How you will meet me? I simply do not know, I looked many films how favourite meet at the airport.
And for me, for me simply it is very interesting to know, how as there will pass the first minute of our meeting.
My favourite Wave, I am simple all raised that now all depends on me!!!!
I so would like to tell to you, that all of what I think, so it only about you!!!
You awake me early in the morning, only to you I make a breakfast, with you I go to a shower!!!
With you I go to bed!!! Favourite, at me is much that to you to tell. I have used up many writing-books …
I all wrote how I represent you when you will meet me, in these writing-books your letters.
I read them and in thoughts I already near to you!!!! Your first touches to me, your kisses …
Everything, that I think. I will arrive to you and you will necessarily read all my records!!!
And now, now I have forgotten to tell to you the most important!!!
In agency I have handed in the statement for visa and passport for travel abroad reception.
And now you, my prince Wave, it is necessary to wait for me only!!! And me, me it is necessary to pass very heavy way.
Today, right now I will go for work to write the statement on holiday.
And if at me with you all is how I want, I will remain with you!! I will dance with you!!!
I will be placed in school by the dancing-master!!! We will be the best pair!!!!
My love Wave, then I need to go to various establishments to collect documents for the visa and the passport.
I so worry, you simply do not represent, as much I think that already near to you!!!
I now understand, as to you not so it is easy!!! I will ask to send you to me your photos.
They will help me these heavy minutes. I feel, as to you it is hard without me. I will try to send to you my photos!!!
And today, I have asked to make my girlfriend a photo, they like me, I know, that you will be simply glad to receive these photos!!!
What is the hands will want to seize even faster me in embraces!!!
Favourite Wave, I so have undersigned, I need to run more soon behind inquiries for the visa for work.
Now I write to you about the cafe Internet. Favourite, I wait your letter. Necessarily write to me my husband Wave!!!!!
Yours and only your, your love Olga
Letter 15
Favourite, favourite, favourite mine Volkert!!!!
I simply would like you to speak about how strongly I want to you!!!!
I now so strongly feel loneliness!!!! I am at home constantly one. It is necessary me very hard.
To me the girlfriend comes.
She to me helps to depart from boredom a little. Unique I, remains to my meeting with you very little.
I have collected all documents to start to do the visa. I was upset a little.
In agency to me have offered some ways of registration of the visa, I so strongly wished to make the visa for short terms.
But when I have counted up money has understood, that now I need to do only by long way. And now I think, that to me to do …
My grandmother has a memory account, she has told, that saved money for me.
I have written to the grandmother the letter that she to me has helped to solve as it is better to me to do documents.
She to me has told, that I did all how to me prompts heart. But while I do not presume to make all documents very quickly.
And as though I wanted it!!! Last night, I simply went mad of boredom, I so did not have not enough nearby you!!!!
I represented that you nearby!!! I so think of you much, that have dared to make for you it is a photo.
I long understood with the camera, at last, I have understood, as it is possible to make a mode to photograph myself.
And here I have made one photo. Very much it is pleasant to me!!!
And now, as I would like, that I could embrace you so more soon!!!!
And so it is a pity to me, that I will make documents for 3-5 days longer.
The shortest term, is 3 days, and the longest it from a week till 14 days.
I will simply become crazy with boredom … I simply I do not know, that to me to do where to get to.
And so it is a pity, that I cannot take now money from the grandmother's account,
I could add 200 euros and even faster accelerate our meeting!!!!
To me so it is sick and it is insulting, that I cannot make it, that to me to be passed to do documents so long. And tomorrow, tomorrow I will go to agency to carry all documents.
I will try to ask this money from the girlfriend, but I am afraid, that she will give up to me …
And as these some days I should go mad of boredom on you!!! But there's nothing to be done, so there was a life …
To me it is necessary to embrace these days instead of you this guitar … I all has given only you were instead of this guitar!!!
I Volkert if you can present to me to meet you in the fast way, it will be for me the finest gift!!!! I love you my man, my my hero Volkert!!!!
I love you!!!!I very much worry, I write … That you will write to me? I wait your answer!!!! I love you mine Volkert!!!!
Yours and only your favourite Olga
I worry that you to me of tear, I beg you!!!! I love you mine Volkert!!!!
Yours and only your favourite Olga
Letter 16
Mine Volkert!!!
I write to you!!!
And now, now I began to understand, that I and you a single whole.
As I am glad, that you wish to see me!!! It is a pity to me, that you have not chosen a way to see me faster!!!!
To me it became clear, that my grandmother was right, when has told to me, that I should solve the life itself.
My girlfriend to me has told, that is glad to me to help, but she does not have such money. I so was upset.
I did not hope for anybody, only in my heart there were thoughts that you will help me.
I worried, I had a sleepless night. I constantly thought only of you.
It seemed to me, that you whisper to me how you wish to see me. As your hand carefully saves up from only.
But you will not help me … And now we will meet later for some days.
I so was upset from it. But the most important that we will meet!!!! And it pleases me!!!!
All time seems to me, that, that I know you, I have simply fallen in love with you.
And these thoughts to me betray such force and belief that all goes perfectly!!!
And the photo which I have sent you in last letter will be near to you. I will be near to you!!!
Favourite Volkert, now I will go to the lawyer to make all correctly. It is a compulsory procedure.
In agency to me have told, that you have sent to me the full data, the home address.
All it will help to be useful to me at visa reception.
Mine Volkert, I hope, that everything, that I do, all it for me and you a fine life!!!!
My darling, I have run. All to you I will write, as soon as I will return after all
I wait your letter.
Yours and only yours Olga
Letter 17
Hello my love Volkert, today in our city a holiday, day of defenders of the Native land. And this day at us a holiday. I cannot write you the big letter. I congratulate you with this day and I wish all most the best. Volkert, I love you and I will wait tomorrow for your new letter.
Yours and only yours Olga
Letter 18
Favourite Volkert!!!
As I now upset.
I simply do not know, how to me to tell to you about it. But today's my day such sad.
I now simply cry, I do not have mood to write to you all.
But I only wish to tell, that now all my hopes that I will arrive to you start to vanish.
I told to you to my grandmother much. As she wanted, that at me all was fine with you.
And all went perfectly. But now, now, when I simply, simply cannot write. Forgive me. You now do not understand me.
Favourite, I very much worry. I have just now come from bank. Also that, that I can tell to you.
My unique Volkert … I told to you, that at my grandmother is in bank of an abacus.
I so hoped, that to a smog from her to take money more soon, more soon to be near to you.
I believed, that to a smog to pay for tickets aboard the plane. We have come to bank to the grandmother.
She has told, that wishes to draw out all money. But to her have told, that at her the especial contribution of money.
Under this contribution, it memory, she put money for three years. And she cannot take the saved up money during this period.
I so was upset. I would like to burst into tears simply!!!
I have approached to the worker of bank, began to beg him that he has allowed to draw out to my grandmother money.
But all my sobbings … he has told, that can do nothing with it. My grandmother to me has told, that she has really chosen such type of service of bank, she hoped for three years to save up to me for wedding.
There have passed only 2 years. I should wait as early as the whole year!!!! And I after all have almost received the visa to you!!!
I have begun registration, have passed a medical board. Now I needed to pay only in agency for the ticket.
I have signed the contract with agency, I so hoped for this money. That, that to me now to do ….
The ticket to you costs 380 euros. Where, where to me to take such money …. I am simple in desperate position.
I do not know, how to me to arrive, that to me to do. At me simply fear, fear that I will not arrive to you that I will lose you.
I simply do not know, that to me to do, I in desperate position. The grandmother supports me, she has told, that I have asked you the help, and then, a year later when money can be removed, I can return you money and we can play fine wedding.
But I do not know, that you to me on it will tell. YOU wish me to see near to you?????. I do not know, that to me to tell.
Simply I do not know ….
Write to me what to do, how to me to be???
Your council, I in confusion is necessary to me!!!!
I wait your letter!!!
Letter 19
Hello my love Volkert!!!!!
Volkert I am glad to receive your letter. I hope that at you all well and you will not leave me one, only from for that that I cannot be with you. I wish to be with you. With you for ever.
I ask you not to leave me. Volkert, I weigh day ran and learnt all possible ways as we can make it.
I yesterday weigh evening was at the girlfriend and cried. She has told, that the way should be, and we should find it. But I do not know what to do. I have bypassed today all acquaintances and relatives and asked the help them.
Nobody can help.
I do not know what to do. Volkert can have at you what ideas about that as we can be together? How we can meet?
You have small ideas or ways? Perhaps something can be made?
Tell to me Volkert, I will make all what to be with you for ever. I very much wish to be with you. Only with you for ever.
Volkert I hope, that I will receive your letter tomorrow. I with impatience will wait for it.
And I hope, that all to turn out, both we will meet, and we will be happy.
And our love will be, the best in this world.
I ADORE YOU!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Olga
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