Scam letter(s) from Vera Petrova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello Patrice! I am very glad that you have chosen me among many other beautiful ladies atantheaclub. I think it certainly is an unusual acquaintance at least for me as it is takingplace via world wide web. But who knows may be there is a chance forus here? May be it'll turn into something more special than acquaintancein the street, in the park or at the party? Don't you think it issometimes possible to say more in a letter than when meeting inperson, looking into each other's eyes, Patrice? And after we get to know eachother better we may decide to meet in real life. I wish you could lookat my face at the moment, you would see a slight smile on it, my heartprompts me that you are a trustworthy person so I don't want this smileever to disappear. I have a sensation that I have known you forquite a period of time as if we met before. But in any case I feellike getting to know you more now. I'd like to know about your hobbies, your dreams, your favoritecolor, the way you usually spend your day, your favorite dish forbreakfast:)! I'll appreciate if you tell me about your family, yourfriends and relations. So now I'd like to write you about myself. My name is Vera. But my friends and my family often call me Veronica. I was born in the east of Ukraine in the town of Lugansk. I live together with my mother Irina, she is 45 and she works as aprimary school teacher. I also have a bother Anton, he is now a pupilof the 2nd form. He is 8 years old. Mother was up-bringing us byherself. My dad left us when Anton was born. Now I am in the 5th grade of the Medical University, I am going to bea doctor, therapeutist. My dream was always to help people in need, to do something good in my life. So I think it was probably the reasonI chose to specialize in a medical field. We have a family tradition to have a family re-union each year at ourgranny's place. She lives in a rural area in Lugansk region. We gatherthere and go to the picnic to the forest. It is so great when one happyfamily gets together. I am a bit envious to my granny because she wasborn at times when people were ruled by true love and sincere feelings. She managed to grow up such wonderful children. It's so different now. Most of men in Ukraine and Russia exchanged their social roles, and ithappened so that women work hard and men just sit at home with nothingto do. So I guess it was the reason that made me apply to the Internethoping to meet my soul mate which was waiting for me, a stranger fromfar away land. Tell me Patrice, would you be that stranger for Veronica?I really hope that you write me back soon, Sincerely, Vera
Letter 2
Hello my dear Patrice, Honestly speaking I could hardly wait for this moment. I was anguished with the question if you would write me? if you would still interested in me? Because when you look at the photo it is not possible to know everything about the person. But now I feel much at ease and can confidently continue our acquaintance. Do you want me to? It's a beautiful morning today and this is one more reason we will have work out nicely:) And this I hope in its turn will lead us to our further meeting. And who knows but maybe someone will write a book or compose a legend of our life: Because all happens for a reason and your Veronica is looking for her lost stranger soul-mate. By the way my family says you their regards. To tell you the truth they also want to know more about you. Do you mind? I have created a little piece of paradise at home. By the way my piece of paradise includes my cute and naughty parrot Kesha (sometimes I want to pluck him) : and beautiful fish-tank with numerous nice and colorful fishes. It is so relaxing to watch them after a hard day. I like to sit by the fish-tank watching them at least 10 minutes after I come home. And I am very fond of my flowers. But to tell you the truth I prefer buying them for my loving mother. As for cats and dogs I do not have them as I think that they need much space and it is a tournament for them to live in a small flat. What do you think, Patrice?Do you have any pets and hobbies? If so, I will be glad to hear of them. One of my hobbies is jogging in the morning. I want to keep fit and stay in shape. After that I take shower. While my family is waking up, I am beginning to cook light breakfast. Tell me what do you like for breakfast? Please, tell me more about your life and your interests, I am eager to know more about you. And I am curious to hear from you what does Love mean to you?And are you ready for serious relationship?Thanks for your photo, I liked it very much! Good-bye for now, my dear Patrice, if you have any questions you wouldlike to know about me, I will be glad to answer them. Waiting for your sincere reply, Sincerely, Vera
Letter 3
Hello my dear Patrice! How are you doing?First of all I want to send you regards from my family. But it is myfriends who are most curious about our acquaintance. They ask me morequestions than I ask you. I want to know all about you and I want ourcommunication with each new letter from you gradually evolve intosomething more. I know you for just a short time but I have feeling that I've known you for a long time and feel very comfortable with you. May be you pulled some string in my heart and I reacted in this way?:)You know, Patrice, some of my female friends have fun all nights long some leadirregular way of life, they can kiss one man in the afternoon and date another one in the evening. I can't actually understand them. Becauseas for me there's nothing better than hugs and kiss of a belovedperson not someone irrelevant to you. I don't judge them after allevery one builds his or her life in own way. Tell me what you thinkabout it? Do you approve of it? Do you think it is a proper way ofbehavior for future mother and wife, Patrice?But I rather think if you and me, I do belive that if a person wishestruly something he or she will strive and achieve it. I do hopesomething works out with us. I'll reply on your questions gladly. 1. Yes, I use make up. I think all women use it. 2. I like wearing good skirts and dresses. 3. Yes, I have a photo in black boots. 4. I'm a very romantic girl. If I love my man, I'll dress as he wants. Sincerely, Your Vera
Letter 4

Hello my dear Patrice! I missed you this weekend! We celebrated The Victory Day on May, 9. I went to our central square and congratulated war veterans. I have a very good news to share with you today. I was told that they would direct me to work in the regional hospital of our city after I get my diploma. You can't imagine darling how happy I am with the news. This means the white stripe to start in my life. I got the internship direction to the most prestigious hospital in town. I got acquainted with you and I hope you are the man I've been looking for. Honey how would you react if I arranged a small party for us and introduce you to my family and friends?At the beginning of our communication I was rather anxious if you were interested in me and if you wanted to continue writing to me. And now I got used and got closer to you and I can hardly imagine my life was so boring and colorless without knowing you. I now have a closer person that I can share my thoughts and feelings with and ask for a piece of advice at times. My mother often ask me about you and I always tell that you are my best friend I hope you will become more than just good friend to me. You know there are such things I would like tell you. I had a dream this night as if I was in the beach and making a sandcastle, and a guy approaches me smiling broadly and talks to me but I can not make out his words as it is some strange language to me, but I can see now that this is how I always imagined you Patrice and I recognize your smile. You take me in your arms and being me to the water and we start splashing and enjoying each other’s company. Tell me how do you picture our first meeting? Do you have fantasies?Have you already told anyone that you were corresponding with me?Its seems to me that you've stolen my heart, what am I to do?My dear I am sorry for not telling you this but I must confess thatI attended the Internet cafe to write to you and paid for translation of our correspondence and sending you letters. The thing is that I was interested in knowing you and tried to take these expenses myselfand hoped that it would work out somehow. But now I just don't know what to do, Patrice, I am anguishing because they charge me too much money for writing to you andI am afraid it will be impossible for me to go on writing you. I don't know if my feelings are worth something to you but your feelings to me worth very much to me, and I am really concerned of it. I do hope there is a way out because I wouldn't like to break with up with you. I have to pay 4, 59 dollars for complex processing of each letter as they call it, this includes translation and typing, plus scanning and taking my pictures, placing my ad on the web and typing, Internet access fees are also included. There is an option to pay 99 dollars for unlimited correspondence servicesand be able to write to each other as many letters as we want. Please dear think about it and if you give us a chance I am sure that we will gain more than loose from our relations. Parice, I understand which photo you want. I hope you will like theseones. I love life and now I am in excitement to hear from you more. With tenderness, Yours Vera
Letter 5
Hello my darling Patrice! I confess that I have thought a lot of how to continue ourcorrespondence as all my scholarship of $15 will last only to pay formy 3 letters to you. I don't think that writing via regular mail is abetter way out because it doesn't make sense to wait for two or threeweeks before the letter arrives to you and than wait for another twoweeks before your reply will reach me. I do not need a pen pal I needlive communication I want to meet you in real life, Patrice. I want thismeeting to be a turning point for us, to make us closer. But we canrealize it only step by step getting to know each other and makingplans together. I hope that our letters will be the bridge for ourcommunication. I don't want to play with you, I want to have my femalehappiness and want to be what I am. I want not only dream ofpassionate kisses and tender strokes of my beloved but sense them andrealize my tenderness and love. I know it must be hard for you to make out in your feelings and madeup your mind as we don't know each other very well and haven't evenmet in person. That's why I don't want to hasten you Patrice or have anypressure on you to do something you are not ready for. But if you finally decide to give us a chance here is my home address: Perova Vera, geroev Brestskoy kreposti street, 18/12Lugansk, 91000Ukraine, If you want to continue our relations you could make Western Uniontransfer to my name so as I could pay for unlimited correspondencewith you. In this way we will realize our dreams and make our meetingmuch closer, Patrice. I want us to be a couple very much! I really like you a lot, I want usto have serious relations. With tender kiss and hope, Your Vera
Letter 6
Patrice, my dear, I was sitting at the Internet cafe and was making areport for University. And I saw your letter! I need 100 USD to pay for Internet cafe services. After I pay for our correspondence, I'll be able to send you myletters and photos again. Waiting for your replyKiss you
Your Vera
Letter 7
Patrice, you inspire and excite me with your words very much. But I told you already that I had to pay for my letters. She is angry already that I reply to you and don't pay any money. I give you a promise to make many photos as you want. But I must pay for the correspondence to have photographer's services. I know that there are a lot of bad people in the Internet, there are alot of bad men too. I want to believe you. I want us to be open to each other, I want us to trust to each other. This letter is the last which I can write to you without payment. Please don't get offended. This services must be paid, I can donothing. I send you my favorite photo, you can see all my passion andtenderness in my eyes. But now I found you and I won't give you toanyone. Now you are mine. Kiss you
Your Vera
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