Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Sazanova to Al (USA)

Letter 1

My lovely
I learned also to me have told, that in this hotel there is no western union.
And to me then gave the address of bank where there is a western union: street.Rochdelskaya d.15. You may send money to this address of bank.
My lovely, I can not wait for 1-2 days, because I will not have not enough money to pay hotel.You should send it today.
You should send on the address which I have given you!!!
Too it seems to me, that 250 $ it is very expensive.
But I of nothing can change, because to me have advised this doctor from embassy....
You today should go in office of the western union because I still has not enough time.
I can not go home because I should pass physical examination and show it To embassy. I CAN NOT REMAIN HERE LONG!!!
You should not doubt about my honesty to you.
I love you, love love...
I want, that you have sent money to bank because it will be more convenient for me.
At me It is not enough time and money to be in Moscow...
Send to me control number and the information....
The information where you should send money: Russia, Moscow
My full name: Anastasiya Sazonova.
I wait for your letter...
Yours Nastya.
Letter 2

How you? I now in Moscow! I have lodged in hotel! All is good!
I have arrived today at night! In Moscow I was very much for a long time and I almost do not know this city!
In a train I have got acquainted with neighbor on a cabin and she has helped me to be arranged in hotel!
She very good girl.
I was in embassy. I have given necessary documents and have concluded the contract about manufacturing of the visa!
I was very much surprised when I have paid for hotel accommodation!!!!!
Here all is very expensive. I knew, that Moscow - expensive city, but I did not think that on so much.
Tomorrow I shall fill in set of questionnaires..... I very much miss here you!
You my most loved person on light and I want, that you were near to me!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I want to go to take a walk on city. Last time I was here in the childhood...
I shall write to you tomorrow!
I love you!!!!
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