Scam letter(s) from Abana Mutumwa Dziva Mawere to Yannis (Greece)

Letter 1
My name is Marriama. I am a 28 years old girl from Lome, Togo.
About myself I can say the following: I have black eyes and my hair is black. I am slim and I am not high.
I'm straight and at present I am single.
I'm here for making friends, to find like-minded people, for sharing photos and for dating.
Briefly about my habits: I am a night owl. Among drinks I prefer only soft drinks and I don’t smoke.
I live alone. I have no children and I dont want to have as yet.
I am loving and cearing romatic kaind and honerst . I'm looking for a long term relations with the happy marriage. I want to share everything with my future husband. We'll have our joy, our success and our problems which we'll always decide together. I'm a very open person, and I don't like hiding anything. I want to give all my love to the husband of my life. And my husband will be the only one for me, because I'm a very devoted person. I hate lie and betray, and I'll never let them come to my home. I like life and think that it's always very interesting and full of surprises
Letter 2
Am kelly by name, am 27 years of age,am simple minded person,easy going person, submissive, loyal, honest, caring, lovely, understandable, faithful, sincere, trustworthy.
I reallywant a man who will care and love me,a man who will always tell me the itruth from his heart. a man who will be my brother my best friends and if the nature permit it my husband,But if marriage is out of it, I will not mind but as long we got along together with real love I will definitely be satisfied.I read your profile i develop interest, which i want to start a relationship with you,with the content of your profile,you fit the kind of man that i need in my life,you can contact me with this address,( so that i can tell u more about myself,and we can start from there and not only that i have somethng important to tell you.
Thanks and i await your reply
Letter 3
Dear Friend,
Am glad to read your mail, respond back from the email I sent you on Dating site Am Kelly Desmond Willson,25yrs old girl, from cape Verde, very good looking girl that is loving and caring in nature. Tall and fair in complexion above all trusted and God Fearing. Things are like to do on my spare time are reading and dancing ballet, going to recreation center to catch my fun ,spending my time with love one. About my family ,My Father Dr. Wilson Desmond Jona was a Neurological consultant in our government hospital ,he is a wealthy man and a loving father. But one faithful day he was coming home from the hospital after work and he ran into a failed brake lorry at a junction which made his Mercedes Benz E class beyond repairs and also my father beyond recognition ,he died instantly and at that moment, I was going to evening church service with my mum, she received a distress call telling her the news and she loosed control and developed a high blood pressure, people around help me to took her to the hospital , after three month , she pass away. Since then, I had been passing through hardship from the hand of my uncle, he is treating me like a ***** and had claimed all my parent belonging without taking care of my education, but, my greatest joy now is that my father lawyer call me and inform me about my father deposited fund in a financial firm with my name as next of kin of the said fund before his death and as the only child of the family. He deposited the sum ($4.7million Usd) Four Million Seven Hundred United State Dollars Only in financial firm with my name as the next of kin and I have made several contact with the finance firm through email letter, in order for me to make the claim, but the director told me to look for a trustee who will help me and make the claim base on my tender age to hand the transaction since the money is been deposited in foreign account. Beside, I don't want my wicked uncle to know anything about this matter that is the reason why i contacted you to assist me in transferring the fund to your country while you will help for my relocating to your country and be with you to further my education, there after you will also help me to invest the fund in business that will be profited oriented to us. I shall be willing to settle down with you, if you will be loving and caring to me, for now I am Staying with my friend here in one of the village here in Lome Republic of Togo, though staying with her here have made my life to be like one is being in a prison yard. Do you know another thing that is paining me mostly is the the car my beloved Dad bought for me is now be used by one the first son of my uncle right there in Cape Verde which am even older than him in age.I want you to keep this matter between us to avoid jealous from people, and from my uncle by not allowing him to hear it. I need an urgent respond from you as soon as possible you read this email to enable me know the next stage we are going to take, here is my number +228-948-54848 in which you can call me at any time of the day and night. I am urgently waiting forward to hear your respond by indicating your willingness and ability to handle this transaction with me at your most convince secret
Thanks and kiss
Yours sincerely Love
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