Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Kazakevich to Leo (Cyprus)
Letter 1
Hi dear Leo! I am very happy to receive your response! I am very happy that you decided to continue with me :)
I like your photo! You are attractive man! You have very beautiful eyes! I would be happy to receive more photos from you in each letter!
This is photo of my dog. He died. He was my best friend. I still miss him very much! Do you like animals? Do you have any pet? I just ask this, because i love animals very much and i do not imagine life without those wonderful and kind sweethearts! I feel empty without any pet at home now.
I was glad to know more about you! I am very interested to learn every bit of you, dear! So, you are always welcome to tell me all details about your life, and your small secrets ;) Be sure, i can keep secrets ;)
Of course, you need to know who is so curious about you :) I am ordinary woman! Who works as a nurse in the kinder-garden and who has kind heart :) I chose this work, because i can help people and i can be close to children, whom i adore and can spend hours with them!
I live in Stanicho-Luganskoe with my mother. I do not have father. I have never seen him. He left my mother in the first month i was born. And guess that is one of the reasons I do not like Ukrainian men. So, my mother raised me alone.
But i did not feel lack of father's attention and care, because my mother have done everything for me! She is most important person in my life!
I was born 12 of December. I am 30 years old. But i was not married and i do not have my own children!
I like reading, watching TV, cinema, theatres, i like to meet my friends and spend time with my mother, i like go for a walk and do picnics with my friends! Do you like picnics and nature?
It would be great if you wrote me more about your childhood. I think it is very funny to remind some moments! i was a hurricane in childhood. I played with boys and i always made a lot of noise. I climbed trees, collected different insects :) Now, i am afraid of all insects and i even can not imagine how could i pick them up :) It was funny and happy time, even without father!
I love to take good care about me, to be perfumed and take care about my body, as i think it is very important for woman and i like to keep interest of my man in the whole life and in bed, of course. I like when my man wants me ;)
And i do everything for this! I am cat! I can be very tender, fluffy and soft. But i have claws ;) Do you like when woman gently scratching your back or chest? ;) I will be happy if you are my tiger ;)
I want to be totally honest with you. I should tell you that I do not speak or write English. I tried to translate my letters with help of the vocabulary, but I failed.. I can not make sentences but just wrote single words with the snail pace.. So I decided to use help of translation service. :) My female-friend used this company's service and she had found her love - man from England. She is so happy and now she lives in England with her beloved. I am so happy for her! So, she advised me this company. Hope that will not be an obstacle for you, dear. Have a nice day and great mood! Write me soon! I will be waiting for you! Kiss kiss Alyonka
Letter 2
Hi my sweet Leo! I am very happy and smiling reading your letter, because you wrote me again! It is great for me! You are interested in me the same as i am interested in you! It is a real joy for me to share letters, thoughts and feelings with you! Hope you feel the same!
Everything about you is very interesting for me!
If you think it is to early to send you such photos, just tell me, please. I am just open with you and i want to tell you that sex is very important for me in relations. Is it important for you? Do you think that woman was born to satisfy man's needs?
Dear! I think we do everything step by step towards our happy future! I like you and I will not hide this! I even do not quite understand how did you grab my attention so fast. You really make my heart beats faster and think about you more and more! I love this! I am like teenager :) I thought I forgot this feeling! But it is so great to have this feeling again!! What about you? Do you like our communication? Ok. I will tell you more, to help you imagine my character better. As i told you, i love children and one day i want to have my own, healthy and wonderful children! I will be good mother, because i know how to share love, care and attention with my children. I was brought up without father, but my mother taught me how to raise children! She is ready to be grandmother :) I want my children will be raised in love, care, happiness and respect in family. I will not let us to have argues when our children are with us. They should see our love. They should know how to love and be kind. It is hard time, but i do not want my children to be cruel as many kids are in our times. Do you agree with my thoughts? Would you be happy to spend time with children? Teach them, and do everything to be good father? You know. I can not tell you how many children i want, i think just God can decide how many we will have. But they will be made in love.
I hope you like what you learnt about me :) I hope you will have great day and you will smile thinking about me :) Write me soon! I will be waiting! Kiss you! Your Alyona
Letter 3
Hi my dearest Leo!!! I am very sorry for delay in my answer. It is time for vacations. I was at countryside and i could not write you my letter. Sorry. But i missed you so much! i am so happy that now i have possibility to write you!
Thank you for your wonderful words about me :) They are always pleasant for me!
You know, today i woke up and understood how happy I am! I am happy that you exist in my life! Because you are very important for me and we had chance to meet each other and have this wonderful relations! Dear, i do not have such a beautiful words and sentences to describe my feelings. Now at last I am happy in my heart and feel harmony. I know now that I am truly ready to accept and give love. I know now that i am ready, ready to accept the love I have always yearned for. I am ready to commit myself totally and completely. Not just my heart, but my mind, my body, my every being. I hope to share every thought in my head with you, because my heart beats so fast and i try to write you every thought and do not lose any, because they are so important!
I need to tell you everything that I have in my heart! I told you that i am cold, but you did this, you melted my heart and i opened it for you, for your love, for our happiness! Are you ready accept mine?
Please, read this letter carefully, because everything i tell you today is very important for me and i hope for you too. Dear! I should have a serious talk with you and i need your advice, your support. I need you! You know that i like it when people say directly what they think about and I don't like people who try to cheat others or are two-faced. We agreed with you to be totally honest and always be open. So, now, i am here for you, with open heart. I think you remember that i do not speak English and i use service of translations. It gave us great opportunity to know each other and be together! But the problem for me is to pay for it now. Yes, it is not free service. I think you know that in Ukraine people earn not so much and my salary is not too big. I help my mother and i pay my bills. If i had possibility i would be happy to continue to pay for our letters, but I have lack of money now and i need your help.
I know, you know me not so good and it is difficult to believe girl you did not meet, but i am here for you and my heart is open and sincere. I think that our meeting means something and i do not want to lose chance to be with you and maybe we were born to be together and make each other happy. Of course i am going to learn English in future. It is important for us! I hope you will make decision just as your heart will tell you. I will be waiting for your response. If you need some days to think, i am ready to wait, but please, write me back. It is very important to know your feelings to me! Hope i brought you so much gladness as you bring to me every day! Kisses and hugs,
Letter 4

Hi my dearest Leo!!! You put so much happiness and hope into my heart! I am very happy that we can continue our relations, that we can improve them with every letter, with every moment! I am happy! Thank you for your support! You made my heart beating so fast! You know that i had difficult time in my life, but i should live and i should recover. Leo, you help me with this. I understood that i can feel and my heart feels now, it feels you, your attitude, your warmness, your support. It is so important for lonely people. You made me feel that someone on the another corner of the world needs me and wants to be with me! You make me very happy! You help me wake up and understand that i am exist and i can be happy!
Thank you, dearest, Leo!
You know, i should write you information for help. It makes me shy, but i will do the best for us and we do not need to be shy as we are couple and you are my man!
I pay 5$ for one letter from you or me. Photos cost 3$.
Either agency proposes special offer as a unlimited correspondence while month or two months. It costs 235$ while month and 395$ while two months. I know that you will have to transfer money. By the post it is unsafe and i think we should use more safe ways. It could be by the bank. We can use Western Union or MoneyGramm. Manager of agency tells that it is fast and convenient. I hope so. You can transfer it directly to me and i will receive it with my ID, so no one will be able to receive it, except me. Address where you can send it: Full name - Alyona Kazakevich,
The city - Stanichno-Luganskoe,
The address - Mira Alley, 78/5,
Zip code - 91035
Country - Ukraine Dear! I will need this information to receive your transfer: - your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number. I am waiting for you, i really need you and i do not want to lose you! You are important for me! Have a nice day! Alyona
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