Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Anisimova to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Gustavo!
How are you? I am glad, that I am interesting to you. My name is Ekaterina. So my mum in honour of sacred Ekaterina. I’m 34 years old has named me. I wish to tell to you, that English language for me not native, but I try study it and at me already is successes.
English anguage I studied at school And then at university, but till now at me it turns out better To talk, than to write. I live in Surok.
The Population Approximately nearby 1300 person. It is small settlement of city type. The settlement is very beautiful, when there comes spring, trees and a grass begin To turn green. It so is beautiful. I live together with mum. I was Married 2 years. But here 4 years I am dissolved. Children at me are not present, But I very much would like to have the children. I would not like to speak About it because it there was I big mistake to marry for it The person. He me has very strongly afflicted. I have lost all hopes To meet the love there where I live. Usually men look at mine Appearance, also do not want
to learn, that at me inside. To me it not To like. I wish to find such person who will look On me not as on hobby, and as on the person with the ideas And sights. For me the age of the person is not important, for me the main thing that we were Are happy together, it will be not important, what at him age, growth, Color of eyes and so on.
I the sociable person and am interesting to me about much to talk and learn Something new. I have higher education. I am engaged in economy.
I work as the bookkeeper in small firm. It seems to me, that it is interesting. And at you Gustavo what work? With the letter I send you the Photo also I wait from you Gustavo a picture.
I forward to hearing from you.
Letter 2
Hello Gustavo!
How are you? I am glad to read your letter. It is interesting to me learn about you. I the first time so get acquainted with the man.
In my opinion it is an interesting method Dialogue. How you think Gustavo?
In this letter I shall tell to you more about myself. My growth of 168 centimeters Or 5 ' 7. Weight of 54 kg (120 pounds). But likely it is more clear from mine Photos. My friends consider me the attractive girl. But it All by nature. I consider, that appearance of the person am more important for Men. Perhaps, only so it seems to me, but, in my opinion, it so. I consider, that the man should not be very beautiful. The main thing that he was Reliable and Responsible. You are similar to such person Gustavo. I already spoke that to me not important what age. For me it has no Values. Now I wish to tell to you about my hobbies. I love Cookery. Perhaps, I shall seem not modest, but me very much praise For that that I prepare. To me to like do various salads. It is not Heavy food also it is tasty. In the letter tell to me more about the Hobbies. Unless I Gustavo did not speak you that I from Russia? My city Approximately 900 kilometers from Moscow. I do not like men in my country, therefore I in the Internet. It is a pity that we far, but If at us to turn out that I think that it will not be a problem. I think That I can make all to be happy. I do not like to live In my country, in it a lot of bad and a deceit, at me in plans to leave From it sometime. Me men in my country do not interest. They it is bad Concern to women and drink alcohol. You can tell more to me About your country? You love it? How there live people in your country? I hope that you write to me about it in the answer.
Also do not forget to tell about your hobbies. I hope for reciprocity.
And still the question to you, at you is a computer of the house?
How your weather now? Gustavo, I look forward to hearing from you!
Letter 3
Hello my friend Gustavo!
It was interesting to me to read your letter. I wish to tell to you, that I not I have houses of a computer. I write to you the letters from a computer which To be at me on work. I cannot write to you very often. I write Only when at me the lunch break, and at me begins Approximately 30 minutes to read through and answer your letter. In mine City of very few people has the computer. Phone at our place too No. It is only on mail in a public telephone booth. At me was earlier Phone, but it have stolen. How at you Gustavo with it? I wish to tell to you about the family. I live with my mum and the sister in two To room apartment. Daddies at me are not present, I him never saw. Mine To mum of 54 years. Her name is Marina. She works in small state The organizations. She at me very good and kind. We with her very good Girlfriends. For it she has learned me to prepare onkitchen. But speak? That I have already surpassed the teacher in itand I prepare better, than my mum. My sister is more senior than me, her 33 years. Her name Natasha. She works In tax inspection. Natasha too not married, but she recently Has got acquainted with one man,too through the Internet, and it is fast Is going to go to him.
She now it is happy. Perhaps, looking on her, I also have solvedtoo try happiness. To me to like to write to you Gustavo. Also I havea grandmother. She live in village. Approximately 70 kilometers From us.
We sometimes, it is usual in target we go to them on a visit. You can To me in detail to tell about the family? It would be very interesting to me to learn about you Gustavo it is more. With the letter I send you a photo. Gustavo, tell to me about your family.
To me very much to like with you to communicate.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Gustavo!
I very much am glad to see your letter again. To me to like to read yours Letters and to answer them. To me to like with you to communicate and learn About you it is more. Today I wish Gustavo to tell more to you about the hobbies. I like to listen to music. But I cannot tell, that to me to like Any certain type of music. But basically to me to like popular Music. It is cheerful quiet music under which it is possible to dance, In under slow songs it is possible to dream of the love. I like many Foreign executors. Sometimes To me to like to listen to classical music. It can seem Strange, but it so. Classical music calms. I also love To look films. I basically like two types of films: these are comedies And romantic films. I like to look films with Jim Carrey. He very ridiculous actor. I looked film: “ I, again I, and Iren ” Also many other films which I looked with his The actor. About the most important Hobby I already spoke you. I like to prepare. It is very a pity to me, That I cannot prepare for something for you. I am assured, That it would be pleasant to you. In the answer write to me about hobbies, It is interesting to me to know about it.
With impatience I wait for your following letter.
Letter 5
Hello my best friend Gustavo!
I am again glad to see your letter. You for me very much The interesting interlocutor.
I would like to talk today to you Gustavo about friends. I sociable The person also I have many friends, but I have one girlfriend the best.
Her name is Lena. We with her are familiar from school. In the first class we have sat down With her for one school desk, and since then we shall not leave. At me is not present from her Any secrets, also as well as at her from me. I consider, that it very much It is good, when you have the best friend. It is possible to share with him Everything, that at you is. At Lena there is a husband. Her very much Has carried.
She has found the good person. He Has arrived to us from Caucasus.
To have the friend very well, but the most important In a life it to find second half. Here without what it is impossible to live. In a life it is a lot of purposes, but there is one obligatory - to find the love.
On mine it is impossible To be happy without the second half.
You agree with me Gustavo? I shall continue about friends. We love, to have a rest together, is usual all of us in the summer We gather and go somewhere for the nature. To me to like to spend Time for lake.
And when warmly to me to like to float in water. On mine At you rest on the nature refers to camping, it so? Tell to me about your friends and how you spend time with them? It is interesting to me to know it.
If you Gustavo have photo with friends, send me.
Letter 6
Hello my best friend Gustavo!
Today I very much hurried up to read your letter. It is very interesting to me to communicate with you Gustavo.
I not so spoke you about the work much. I wish to correct it. As I already spoke you, I work as the bookkeeper. I do not wish to brag, but I am the good expert in the area. To me accounting business is easily given. But that it is good to work, the good collective is necessary. And with it on my work it is not so good. That the good collective was necessary the good chief. And I cannot tell, that it so on my work. Gustavo I have not told to you earlier one more reasonon which I have decided to search for the love on the Internet. My mum I remember in the childhood have told to me that each person in this world in spite of the fact that the world so is huge, will have that person with which they sooner or later together so it his second half not withstanding what he races, nationalities where he lives..., this all is not important, it simply destiny. And mum has told to me whenyou will see this the man, can young, and can old, it is not important that you will feel that it is that person..., also can you will not believe..., but when I have seen you..., I had any strange feeling.
I do not speak that it you Gustavo my destiny, but I trust, to wordsto my mum and I hope, what you that person whom I searched.
That you about it think? Write to me. I forward to hearing from you.
Your girlfriend Ekaterina.
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Gustavo!
How are you? It is pleasant to Me to see again the letter from you.
I hope, that at all of you it is good.
I wish to tell to you that at me was today complex day. Today in the morning I wished to have a sleep as usually. But was not also 7 mornings, and to me in an apartment have knocked. I have been very surprised. I only have woken up still more few that understood. During any moment I have thought, that you stand up for my door! You represent it Gustavo? I approached to a door also have looked who there. It appears, that it was the chief from my work. Through the closed door I have told, that to me it is necessary a little for time to put on. After I have put on, I have opened a door and have asked that is necessary Ulua (mine the boss, she the woman) that her it is necessary. It has appeared, that on work very urgent business and me it is necessary to go urgently with her for work. There Is that one of employees, has made a mistake. And me have called urgently to correct this mistake because I understand accounts department is better, than that employee. In general my day was difficult. But you know, my friend Gustavo, I have noticed one thing, I all the day had a bad mood but when I have started to read your letter at me at once the mood became good. You understand? You became for me very good friend and from your letters to me to become well! What you Gustavo about it think?
I hope to receive your letter tomorrow.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Gustavo!
I am again glad to read your letter. I am glad that I have such interlocutor as you. To me to like to correspond with you.
Gustavo remember I to you spoke that my sister Natasha corresponds with the foreigner? And so. She soon is going to go to him! I am glad for her. Now she gathers to Turkey. But she yet has no ticket, only gathers. One sight on her it is enough to understand, that she it is enamoured. Soon we shall see off together all her in a trip. Gustavo you can tell to me that you think of us? From its part I can tell, that you like me, and I do not wish you to lose. I already have very much got used to you and your letters. Even I can not think of that all this can terminate! Promise me that it will not be!
I forward to hearing from you.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Gustavo!
I today very much wished to read through your letter more soon.
I with impatience wait for your letters. You do not imagine as I were glad when have seen your letter.
I already spoke you that yesterday there were we sat at our place with visitors and saw off my sister to Turkey. All of us were very happy to look on hands. She such happy. She loves Ramsan and he very much loves her. And today we planted in the bus and she has gone to Moscow. I am very glad for the sister. She looks such happy. But also to me yesterday spoke that I too look happy. All have noticed it. And I am valid too now is happy, in fact I have you Gustavo. I am assured that you that person with which I wish to be. My mum is very glad now. I am assured that she always wanted only one - that her children were happy. In my opinion this most important in a life for parents. To have happy children. And now the desire of my mum is executed. It seems to me that now in our family such period when all of us are happy. It is very good. Likely the God has paid attention to us. Also gives us happiness. But I think that all people on the ground deserve happiness. My mum and my sister very much deserve it. We in family really had such moments when to us it was heavy. But now My sister has the the man and she is happy. I have you Gustavo. My mum certainly will miss on Natasha. But my sister and her the favourite person have solved that soon our mum should arrive to Turkey to live together with Natasha and Ramsan. All of them together so have solved. But still anybody on knows as it will be fast. But I am assured that all to turn out and everyone will be happy. My dear Gustavo in the answer you can tell more to me about your family. You and your relatives are happy?
I understand that it not an easy a question, but try to answer me it.
I shall wait.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Gustavo!
How are you? I hope that at all of you well!
I wish to tell to you that at me today good day. My sister has well reached Turkey and today I already read the letter from her. She speaks that is very happy now. At her it is a lot of impressions of the new country, new conditions. Likely so happens always at change of the country. I wish to tell to you my dear Gustavo that seems to me that you which that person I searched for all life. I am serious above it thought. It seems to me that I feel to you can be any more only friendship. You became for me very important. I yet do not know that it but me pulls to you Gustavo. I am assured that you very good and kind person. Yesterday I walked on park with my girlfriend Lena. We much about what with her spoke. We spoke about my sister and certainly about you. And then I have thought, as it would be good if you went beside with me on park. If you were line with me that I at once would embrace you my dear Gustavo. You for me very close person. I completely trust you and is assured that you also to me concern. Tell to me that you about it think?
What does "Love" mean for you?
What are you ready to make for the Love?
It will be very interesting to me to read answers to these questions.
I shall wait.
Letter 11
Hello mine Gustavo dear!!!
Today I again thought all the day long of you. I should think of you.
You always with me. I so would like to be with you. I wish to feel, that you with me nearby. That you will not leave somewhere.
You the interesting person. I wish to continue with you relations.
I do not wish to hide feeling. Yes, I have to you feelings. But I cannot be convinced on all one hundred percent. But I can tell to you precisely, that I never before met such pleasant interlocutor. No, you do not think, that you simply interlocutor. You the person with whom I wish to create serious relations. I do not wish to lose you. I do not think that in me are too fast to you there are feelings. And even, if they also happen it is fast that for me them to disappear. I do not wish to hold all this in me directly if I really wish to be with you. Understand that for some people enough one kind what to fall in love, and for the some people - long time. The some people only after it is long dialogue, understand, that they have found, that the person with whom wish to be. But it is necessary for me so a lot of time, that it to understand. I have already understood it and I do not want, that you have lost. You understand me? I am afraid this, you cannot understand me simply. I am afraid, that you can my feelings to you not so to understand. I would like it, you have correctly understood me. I do not know, how I can explain you it. I wish to tell to you, that in me to you really represent feelings. It - not simple words, it goes from heart. I wish to tell to you, that I do not like to say lies. I love, when everyone speak to stand, directly. As it is not pleasant to me when people deceive me. It seems to me, that it is not pleasant to anybody. You see, that all relations are based only on trust. These are the most important for people. I to behave a principle: and you consider to people, and they touch to you. Therefore I speak the truth, I would like, and it also to me spoke the truth. I have one more quality of character. I never am mistaken in feelings. I was not mistaken in people. I determine, that for the person before me if I shall inform to them small time. It is not difficult for me. I transfer it, you are very far from me. I would like it, you have understood me. I would not like it, you doubted from me. It is very important for me, that you think of me. It is important to know for me your opinion. I do not think that I hurry events. I do not wish to be silent when my heart speaks which is firm for it without you which damaged him. That that it searches for a heat, searches for your heat. The justification, but they - my feelings to you. I cannot forbid, love to heart. For me it is important, that will wait for us in the future, when the romantic candy of the first meeting leaves. I should take a firm calculation of the decision if we wish to remain together. If we do not wish to remain always then as long it will be. This decision essential. It will be accompanied by actually irreversible changes replacements in your life and mine also. I not transfer all the connected problems with this. You know them directly. I should tell one more thing which you should understand, - that I expect romantic night is more in ours relations than only! *** not important for me when it is told about hope and chance to meet and feel real love. Ours relations the internal part will allow us to understand a lot of ours hearts. For the first time I fall in love with the person. I can tell about this not scared to be understood the wrong and thrown dirt contempt and disgust in me. It is first time when I feel reciprocity in which I see the main distinction from my previous love which has remained without the answer once or that the teenager was enamored. As you know, that you will not be the first the partner I have. Certainly, it is experiment for both of us, and it is the beginning, more likely attempt of the beginning of a new life. There is something greater in ours relations, and it is love. If one not enamored then why it requires all this? And why we could not try this experiment before with other partners even receiving such chance. You see that only you very important and dear for me. I admire with you infinitely. I imagine only you as the man, I can live rest of my life with you Gustavo. I wish to embrace you and then to go together. Not be sad, my favorite. Enter in full of dreams about to what you feel similarly to. Allow this to be only dreams, but them to inspire.
You will see. Also remember, that I - always with you thinking of you and anxiety on you. I grieve without you.
Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 12
My dear and favorite Gustavo!
I - such big happy hearing of your words again and again. I wish to tell, that your letters become the most part me and my life. The help of your electronic letters me continues to live and be in high mood. After reading yours of letters I feel easy and warm in my heart. Mine Gustavo, I wish to tell to you, that in us it is every day; all becomes warmer, but in the mornings, and by the evenings still remains coldly enough. Today only ideas about you also heat my dreams of you my soul. During these moments my heart flashed and wished to jump out outside. To fly to you, and to be with you for ever. Thus, it happens always when I look in an electronic box, and I see in it your letter. I always look in it with hope to find your letter, and during these moments I was not capable more what to think, except for you. At this time in me burns of hope, hope to receive news from you, hope the nobility that with all of you is good, and you are happy. I wish to tell to you my favorite, that I even was afraid of feelings a little, I was afraid, that when I shall tell to you about this, that you will not trust me and will refuse me. I possibly silly woman if I so even assumed because I know, that you the good person and you when would not make so. Thanks you, for your fine words and for your love. But I wish to tell once again to you, that my love to that you are not obliged. And if you will not wish to have continuation with me when we once shall meet, I shall not insist on it. I shall participate it. Possibly, it will be difficult for me, but I shall understand all. I wish to tell to you, that I shall be to true you, all this time. Even, while we the distant friend from the friend because all between us should be fair as it was fair before. I and earlier had not whom, now especially it will not be. As I have the person whom I love also this person mine you Gustavo. I completely trust you as, because I think what to love means to trust, possibly, it is difficult on such distance, but I always trusted you and always trusted you. I had no men already long time is closer to me, than you. With which I could divide all the most confidential with which I shall speak about ideas or vital positions on it or volume a question. I know that you never maintain me always difficult minute for me. My love I everything to think and think of you, and I cannot without you mine Gustavo. My love every day arrives for me difficultly because you are not present nearby. You my support in a life which will always petition for me in a difficult situation. And the truth very much and very much does not satisfy me you my love. My love the truth does not satisfy me, you and it are very difficult to live for me in distance from you my love. I Gustavo these days would be desirable me more love and understanding from you. And I want it my love. Each time I to enter ideas and to argue on us. Yes, without the beloved it is very difficult to live, because you are far from you, but I wish to be with you and when I shall be with you me, there will be the happiest all over the world and on all our planet a ground. My love, as soon as there arrives morning I everything to think and think of you and I cannot wait more. As I would like tenderness from you and love. Just as all dream of girls of love and I dream about big and cover love only is close to you my love. My love I to write to you, this letter and this letter speak you, that I can not without you and it, is difficult for me without you my love. My love I very impressionable girl who dreams day and night you and cannot without you my love.
You loved Ekaterina.
Letter 13
Hello my love Gustavo!
I wish to tell to you that I worried when wrote to you last letter.
I did not know that you will write to me. But now I am assured that I dear for you and that I can always count on you. My dear Gustavo I love you! I am am overflown with feelings now and I am ready to shout about it for the whole world I loved you!!! I would like to tell it so loudly that you have heard me! You do not represent as me it would be desirable to appear now now near to you, to embrace you to kiss. You my most dear and the most favourite for me Gustavo! As it is a pity that we now far apart. You represent as it would be good to appear now beside? We could touch to each other, you could press me to yourself, kiss. I very much wish to kiss you. You my love Gustavo! You do not represent my love what feelings at me now. I now all would give to be with you beside. I dream of that as we with you shall be together. I would like now that we together with you now went on park. It is very romantic. We kept for hands. Joked, had fun, ran one after another on park. And then you will press me to yourself and will kiss. It would be top of pleasure, then we would retire somewhere … It is a fantasy!!! I dream of you Gustavo! I love you!!! My love now I wish to talk to you about serious. Gustavo I have solved that you that person with which I wish to live the life. I speak now seriously. I thought about it and have made a decision. My love I shall arrive to you! I very strongly want it. Now nothing will stop me. I want to you and I want you. My love Gustavo I already spoke you that my sister has left abroad and I know that for this purpose is required. Today I shall go to travel agency and I learn that is necessary for me for travel to you my love. Inform me please exact your data and the airport in which I should arrive.
My love Gustavo I is assured that soon we shall together with you!
I Love You Gustavo!
Your love Ekaterina.
Letter 14
Hello my love Gustavo!!!
My love Gustavo I wish to tell to you that I am glad each time when I see your letter and they for me expensive. My dear I went yesterday to travel agency. I learned the information which to be necessary for me that I could arrive to you. I wish to tell to you that I thought travel to you my dear Gustavo will be simple. There Is that it not so. I know as my sister Natasha have left to favourite, and thought that I also will not have complexities. It appears what to arrive to you the country much more difficultly. To my sister to leave for Turkey it was required all about 320 dollars.
But travel to you my love Gustavo expensive.
My love me disturbs one question and I cannot find the answer to it never. You can know the answer to it? If know, tell to me.
I ask: " Why money prevent our happiness, ours a meeting. "
Why such simple desire so is difficult for performance. This desire to be with favourite to be with him always and to not depart from you even the most difficult minutes of a life? To love yours, embrace, a kiss and tenderness. This person you Gustavo my love. My heart fights very often when I see yours the letter in my electronic box. And this unique thing which connects us now. But I know, that our love, everyone will win also everything, will sustain. I know, time did not become an obstacle for our love. I wish to be yours, be yours for ever my love. Also I want it you Gustavo were mine. Every day I represent our meeting. Our walks under stars, our incorporated life. And I wish to tell to you my love, that I sometimes roar, I roar, that it cannot be executed so quickly as I want it. As I cannot more without you my love. I supported only with yours of the letter. Without which I do not represent existence. Yes, my love now I only exist without you my love. And I wait during that happy moment for us when we shall be affinity. To me any more do not bring that happiness and these are pleasures a star. All of them have been closed by you Gustavo my love.
A unique star at which I can look, look and possess it, it you my love.
My dear Gustavo much will depend on your answer very much. I shall wait.
Your love Ekaterina.
Letter 15
Hello my love Gustavo!!!
I am happy to read your letter. I wish to tell to you, that I as
strongly want to you and with impatience I wait for day of ours with you of a meeting!!! We with you shall enjoy that we shall be together!
You ask how I can arrive to you? I went to travel agency to learn allabout travel to Mexico. They have given me such information:
registration of all necessary documents 1 week. Cost of registration of the visa for 3 months will cost 83 $, the passport for travel abroad 67 $. And as I learned cost of the ticket in Mexico City 1327$. Cost of all services of travel agency nearby 1480 $. These pricesare specified together with all services of travel agency. By means oftravel agency to me will not have do all documents most and to go to Moscow for registration of the visa. There I had to live about one week. And where I there would live? I should remove number in hotel.
It would manage to me on expensive. Also there would be a small probability, that my visa will be approved. Because now to make thevisa very difficultly. And by means of travel agency to issue my tripon much easier and cheaper. Also there are 100 % confidence, that theywill make to me the visa as they already long time cooperate with theMexican embassy in Moscow. You understand me my dear Gustavo? That on it will be much easier, if I shall travel to you by means of a travel company. You agree with me? My dear Gustavo you can the help to me with 1480 $ that I could pay my travel? It is very a shame to me toask your help, but I do not have another output. Understand me please correctly? I wish to tell to you, that I have already given allnecessary documents for registration of my travel and have signed the contract with travel agency. Because I very strongly want to you and I wish to make somewhat quicker all documents. How think I has made all correctly my dear Gustavo? Write to me please the ideas?
I with impatience shall wait for your answer....
I love you Gustavo!!!!! And I write it to you with all feelings!
Your love Ekaterina!!!
Letter 16
Hello My loved Gustavo!!!
My Darling, My Loved Gustavo, I am very glad that you have written to me today. My loved Gustavo, I with impatience wait for our meeting. As I would like to arrive more soon to you. I hope that our meeting will be very fast. My darling Gustavo, you ask me in what currency I shall require. As I yesterday wrote to you, it is currency in dollars. My loved Gustavo as you asked I I send you my full name, and my address.
Settlement Surok
Street World 90-13
Postal code 424027
My name Ekaterina Anisimova
My loved Gustavo, you ask from me a copy of identification, I so thinkthat the copy of my passport is necessary for you. You meant a copy ofmy passport? If you ask from me a copy of the passport I tomorrow shall make it and I shall send it to you. The name and the address of my agency of travel: "Travelworldwide". And an e-mail My loved Gustavo, I hope that it data will be enough for you. I Love You Gustavo!!! I shall wait for your answer.
You Loved ekaterina.
Letter 17
Hello my love Gustavo!!!
I am happy to receive your letter. Thanks you, that you care of me mine love. I wish to tell to you my love, that each your letter a holiday for me. I already many time speak you feelings which I receive your letter. And I wish to tell to you my love which has changed anything. I just as always with a shiver in heart open electronic box. Also is ready to jump up with happiness which I see your letters in an electronic box. I wish to tell to you my love, it sometimes to which it seems to me, it if I shall not find your letter in the electronic box will not maintain my heart. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND I DO NOT REPRESENT THE LIFE WITHOUT YOU MY LOVE.
You as a far star. It seems, that you nearby and if you try to stretch hands to take you and softly softly to capture, as you cannot reach.
It so damaged to see me you, to be with you, but thus to have no opportunity to capture you. But knowing, that I cannot reach you right now, I all the same try reach to you my love. As I love.... I love.... I love.... I love you. And I never shall be stop reach you to my star. As I know, that I all the same reach up to you my love. And then you will not evade from granting me softly to kiss you and to cover. When you will be in my embraces? When? When? I wait during this moment; I wait as the girl of 16 years who has fallen in love for the first time. I wait during this moment as the little girl waits during birthday. As this day she will receive many many gifts. I wish to tell you my love, that you my gift. What gift I wait first of all. I pass on you......... I love you mine Gustavo, and the love in me sings as a bird in the spring sky. I think that it is destiny. I madly love you, mine Gustavo. Your letters are filled by such heat and care. It in me fire which my love can extinguish only you, is ignited. And my eyes are the filled tears of happiness. Happiness this I have you mine love. I LOVE YOU MINE GUSTAVO!!! The darling, I am very grateful to you for all your attention and love, which contain in your letters. They very much support also force me always to feel better. The darling, seems to me, that at everyone in a life is as bad the moments, and very good. We only aspire to make so that such the moments was more. For this purpose we have the close people, which always can support us a difficult minute. For me such people always were my mum and the grandmother. These people made I wash a life happy. Now in my life there was you and it does my life is happier. I really now am very happy, knowing, that somewhere there is a person to whom I very dear and am favorite. I feel that we with you are very similar. I am assured that we with you have been created the friend for the friend. Any person is lucky enough in the life, but it is necessary to find. It is necessary to make all efforts, to meet it.
I have found the happiness. It you mine love. You mine true love.
I love you!!!
Letter 18
Hello My Loved Gustavo!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. My loved Gustavo, I with impatience wait our meeting. I would like to arrive more soon to you. Darling Gustavo, you would write that I searched for other travel agency. Well mine Gustavo. I directly this hour shall go to other agency and as soon as I shall know the information that at once I shall write to you about it. Dear Gustavo, many thanks that you to answer me so is fast, as for me it always pleasure by your letters. Dear Gustavo, certainly very much it was not pleasant to me to hear rather that that you to tell to me in occasion of that that do not trust in me and that because of this you cannot trust me. It really is very bad, as I very much hoped that all will be in the full order. But I to understand you, I to understand that you to be afraid rather of this. I to understand you it is very good, but dear Gustavo, we to communicate with you already such long time, and I cannot understand completely at all why for all this time at you is still doubts concerning me. You to know now it is a lot of concerning me and also the nobility in occasion of that that I actually would like to be together with you and to love all of you heart. It does not need any acknowledgement as you will understand it at once as soon as we shall meet also I hope that also I shall understand that you the person of whom I also long to search. Dear Gustavo, I wished tell to you that I not such girl who could do such things with feelings of the person. We to communicate with you already such long time and I think that for this time you could to understand me well. I to think what to study you very well, but I actually to not think that you to not trust me completely. Dear Gustavo, I to promise you, that simply could not break to you heart as it is deep at me in a shower. It really feeling and I will think that it to remain such very long. My dear Gustavo, I wished to tell to you that you should trust me. I love you and I wish to be with you the happiest woman in this world! Believe to me of money not the most important in this life. For me the it most important in this life that me loved also I loved. Money only spoil people, I hope for the invoice of this opinion you with me completely it agree? You are necessary to me only and anybody more. Please understand it my favourite Gustavo, that I love only you and anybody another is not necessary to me more!? I only asked your help to arrive to you my dear. Because I cannot so long to wait for our meeting and I never can find such money. I would not like to embrace, kiss you, and to feel yours of caress. Let's reject all ambitions and fears. I to think that it is possible to trust sometimes to the heart and I to ask you to make it now. I shall think of you and to wait for results very soon.
Always your love Ekaterina!!!
Letter 19
Hello Gustavo!!!
Gustavo, thanks you big. I wish to tell to you. More truly I warn you.
I yesterday went to meet my friends. They have told that help to understand with you. They wish to arrive to you to Mexico. And personally to talk to you. I hope you understand about what I to you I speak. You false cattle. You think I do not know that you have made with my passport and where it have placed. And consequently I have asked my close friends to understand with you. I have given them your address, where do you live in Mexico. They will arrive to you what to talk to you. Wait for them! They should arrive soon to you.
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