Scam letter(s) from Maya Vasilyeva to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my friend Gavin! How at you has put today? At me all is normal. You have not forgotten that at me on May, 29th day a birth. Now I
On work and I have a small break. I in all am done not frightened by a difference between our age. In the following letter I necessarily will send to you to a photo of the city. We have an audit and
There is not a lot of free time. So there is everyone
Month. Before allocating wages, check presence
The goods. Sometimes happens, that it is less than money, than should be, and
Sometimes opposite. I do not know, because of what it occurs. It probably error, and
Probably, someone is not pure on hands. And if - it is less than money than the sold goods, our collective divides the shortage sum into all fifty-fifty. Thus we work. But to finish conversation on work, it is boring.
If it is fair, I do not trust in friendship between the person and the woman. If
The person is on friendly terms with the woman, for some reason, he usually wishes to lay down in one bed with it. Or he loves it, but it is indifferent to it,
Also it is necessary to be happy with friendship. I think so. And
Still some, thanks for the kind letter for me from you. Thus
It is pleasant to hear a compliment. As to me it is frequent on work do
Compliment, but I know, that the majority of men think how to glance to me under a skirt. Men such ridiculous! If the woman is very beautiful, it can make all with the person, that she wants. I not
Beautiful, I know it. Probably I am good a little, but it is no more. But mine
Dream - that. I want, that someone has estimated me for mine
Personal quality of my appearance. Tell to me
It is independent, good? What do you expect from our dialogue? That you love, and
What unlike it? Tell to me about your country, about yours a city and
About habits. Some people say, that people in your country are lonely and
They are closed also have few real friends. It is the truth? Tell to me about
Your house, please. - that, where do you live beautifully? Tell more in detail about the family? What weather
At you? I would like to tell to you, that I live in City Paranga in Russia. It approximately 850 kilometres
From Moscow. As to my favourite season it is spring and summer, in the spring when the nature
Again clears up after winter dream, and in the summer when all around blossoms and pleases. It - so is beautiful, extremely
And it is romantic! I love spring and summer very much.
These are very remarkable seasons. Audit will be finished now, and I will follow the trading
Counter. To serve buyers. So long! Your acquaintance Maya.
Letter 2
Hi my friend Gavin! How - your affairs? At last, I can take advantage of the computer.
Also I hasten to write to you. At us on work now and I have a lunch break
Half an hour to write you the letter. Ha. Ha. It - very much
Interestingly for me to study it is more about you. I in all do not use the translator. I quite well know English language. Yes having read your letter, it was very pleasant to me to hear about that that you were very much in many places of the world. And you still ask why why I use heading Nastushka because email the address to me was done by the girlfriend, and her name is Nastushka. Yes my name is Maya. Thanks you are final for that that have not forgotten about my birthday. It will be very pleasant to me to receive from you your gift. The address where to send your gift I will write to you in the end of the letter. You not against, that I
I set to you some questions? But it later, because
Now I have no time for this purpose. I adore, to have a rest with cheerful campaign on
To the nature. With that end in view it is necessary to take with itself ****, meat
And certainly cheerful guys. But all in norm, I do not wish to offend you. You are probable, wished so vigorously to have rest?
With me all is good and on my work all is good also. On Saturdays I
Usually I like to go to cinema or to cook food! Write to me, what you do at leisure unlike the worker?
Well? Tell to me about the house, it is good? As you there create
Cosiness. Also tell to me more about the work. Well, I should run. Write to me
Please also be not absent! Maya. PS. Here now those data which that me asked...
Name: Maya
surname: Vasilyeva
city: Yoshkar-Ola
index 424 003
Drugba st. 89-1
Letter 3
hello my Dear Gavin! How - are you? How are you at work? Perhaps - all ok. In such a person as you should not be a problem! I am confident in this!
You ask how I am doing? I hope, because I start with the same. Ha. Ha. Ok. I would like to say thank you very much for your perfect greeting and your gift. No Paranga is not part of Yoshkar-Ola, just where the main postal office. It is more likely that I will be able to get your gift. Have you already sent a gift. If there is no secret that you sent? I was horrified as curious hurts.
What say you? At my job now everything is in order, soon to be to pay. Perhaps I will go, to shop and will buy clothing. And you love to shop? Yesterday, my friend called me at the concert. We arrived in the city Yuri Shatunov, my girlfriend loves it songs, and I like to listen to his own songs, and I will go to his concert. You, likely to know a group of «Laskovyj May»? Yuri Shatunov before they acted, and then the group dispersed, I know. This is - very sorry, they played excellent music! During the years in school, this group was one of the most popular in the world of contemporary music. My friend went to his concerts and was deeply impressed with his songs.
What do you prefer to listen to music from?
I think that music like many, as the music calms. you agree?
Gavin dear, unfortunately today I have little time for writing letters, and on this I finish the letter. And my work day ends. I wish you have a good weekend with friends. I wait for letters from you! Your girlfriend Maya.
Letter 4

Hi my Dear Gavin! At me the working day and I before going home comes to an end, has decided to write to you. I in all am not going with to break off the relation. Why I did not write to you, because I have written you the letter, and from you have not received. I thought are occupied or that that still. I - so am happy, that our chief allows to come into the Internet during free time from clients. How are you doing at you today? Well? Perfectly? I
I hope, what yes. As to me all is good also. My dear, today I have decided to write about my working day. I think, that it will be interesting to you that nobility about my working day there is more. Yes? Well, I clear up
At 6:30 in the working days having cleared up, I do not rise at once, I am in a bed
Some more minutes also I listen to power and cheerful music. And then I
I do 15 minutes physical exercises, then I enter into a bathroom, and I take a shower, from the beginning hot, and then cold and so some times,
The dream leaves at once. Tone of a life raised, the body is filled
Energy, good appetite. Also I welcome my mum and the daddy. Mine
The daddy, clears up, as well as I at 6:30, but mum, clears up earlier, at 6:00. It
Makes to us a breakfast. After all of us have cleared up, we all family have breakfast and we watch on TV news. Then we go for work as I wrote to you, I works as the manager in the company, and my mum
The secretary in other firm. For work I go by the bus or a tram.
But sometimes I am am brought up by the father on an official car. For work I come at 7:50. At 8:00
Opening of our drugstore. And I work till 13:00. During 13:00 till 14:00 we
We have dinner. Earlier I went to cafe, but now I take my dinner from the house, that with to save though what that time to write you my next letter.
My girlfriends even are a little offended that I spend with them time a little, they speak that I at least during a dinner have forgotten about the Internet. But I can talk to them and in working hours. When we have dinner, we tell each other news
Also we joke. They - very amusing and good girlfriends. And then we work
Till 18:00. It is so good, when our working day is close to the end. Home I go with the girlfriend. She lives near to me. When I
I come back home, my mum - already at home. And it has already made a supper. And we with mum, wait the daddy. It comes from work a19:00. But sometimes it happens is very occupied and comes from work at 19:30. When I have supper with mum and the daddy, we speak about our work. And now I speak to them about you. After a supper my daddy, watches TV or reads the newspaper. My mum is engaged in house affairs. As to me if weather good we walk with girlfriends. And if
Weather bad, is cold or a rain, I sit at home. I look TV with my daddy or I help mum to be engaged in house affairs. Also I like to read books before I go to sleep. From books I prefer to read the Russian classics. You like to read? Also what you in general prefer from the literature? To sleep I lay down at 22:00 or at 22:30. I think, that have written you all. Now you know, how I live. Road, probably you will write to me about your working day?
Gavin I would like to tell about my previous relations. Probably it will be interesting to you to learn about it. As you already know about that that I never was married. I met one guy, I loved it very much, but he has thrown me.
It has found other girl as I have understood. Also I saw that it
The fan to drink alcohol often. I do not love, when men often drink! I am teetotal and not non-smoking. Simply, I have no bad habits. Also I heard, that men from other countries are very good, and they can estimate and respect women as considerable men also. Gavin and still I know that you, foreign guys, consider Russian girls much better for creation of a family and serious relations. It is the truth??? You too so think??? Tell to me your opinion on Russian girls, it is very interesting to me.
Gavin tell to me, you have bad habits??? I ask, because I do not love guys who smoke or drink alcohol. I will wait your fast letter. Yours Maya.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Gavin. I wish to inform you Gavin, that I very much waited for your letter. I very much liked your fine letter. You have very perfectly written. Yes in Russia celebrate such holiday as at you, but it is called Day of the Victory, it is marked on May, 9th. It is date when the Soviet union (Russia) has won fascist Germany. It is very interesting to me to hear your opinion on the Second World War. As on February, 23rd all man's population of the country celebrates Day of Defenders of Fatherland. Which I sent a photo to you have been made in Kazan. In my city there are no such high buildings.
Expensive Gavin very good and attractive person!!!
I want the good relation to me directly. I want the person who becomes
The good father to my children, and the careful husband for me.
Also I want the person whom sincerely you concerns to me, and will love me.
I search for serious relations with the person who can understand me
And who will be understood by me.
The relation between the woman and the man are very important. The man
Should treat the woman kindly, with love and respect.
It should be with it nearby during bad both good times and care of it.
The man should give to the woman all love and care. It should do so
That the woman was the happiest on the Earth.
Also the woman should make the same for the man. To support it always,
To be with it about when it requires.
And I think, that the love is very important for relations between the man and the woman.
Type of relations which I search for it.
My ideas - coincide with yours?
Inform please, for this purpose, that relations search for you?
You should know, that I live not in the best country.
I very much want, that we have continued with you our relations.
I hope, that you that person who is necessary for me.
I with impatience will wait news from you.
Sincerely yours Maya.
Letter 6
Hi Dear Gavin! How - you today? How - your mood? How are you doing on work? I hope that perfectly. I apologise for so later letter. I have arrived only yesterday, I went with a working trip behind party of medicines. I very much liked your letter. It is very pleasant to read your letters. Thanks you for your fine photo. I very much love children, I at all do not know how many I wish to have children. I think it most likely depends on will Divine. For me who too does not matter the boy or the girl, the most important thing that the healthy were born.
As to me I have good mood. Yesterday Olga my girlfriend, invited me
And our girlfriends in a swimming pool. At us in a city many go to pool, because in the river water cold now. It is a pity, that I at me so am not enough time to go there more often. I so like to float.
I so want to the sea! On the sea I was only once, on Caspian sea. It was when I studied at school. So strongly it was pleasant to me there. I was very happy with a trip on the sea.
When I descended in pool I have recollected that trip on the sea.
We were in pool only one hour.
And what concerning you? You like to float? You have a sea near to your city??? How you are frequent there happen?
Still, I want, to ask you one question. What your plans about me on the future? You seriously concern me and to my desire to construct our relations??? You do not play my feelings??? Do not break my heart if you do not love me. As I seriously concern you! Probably it is my destiny and yours also. I know, that we do not know very well each other, But I want
To meet you face to face. I do not joke with you. Please, answer me. My parents will be happy for me if we meet, I know it.
So long!!! Yours Maya.
Letter 7
Hi Dear Gavin! I am very glad to receive and read your letter, it is very pleasant To me to read your letters. How there has passed your day, how your affairs? How are you doing on work? I'm fine. I would like to tell to you thanks for your compliments. Yes I went in working business trip, This trip was very heavy because extremely it was not convenient me before you, that you wait for my letters, instead of I can write. I am very tired from this trip. Yes for me there was a big happiness to come back home.
Caspian sea from me is more two thousand kilometres. I think of our meeting, it is better to us to meet in your country. If probably send me a phone number, I very much would wish to hear your voice.
This night I dreamt about you! It was for me the unfamiliar place similar on what those a city. Around there passed people and I did not understand where I am, and suddenly in a distance I have heard that calls me by name, it were you. We ran on a meeting each other, but the people crowd stirred to us, we ran making the way through crowd, for a second not taking away from each other sight. And the distance between us has started to decrease. On your person it was visible, that you are very glad our meeting. I was glad to it. We adjoined in passionate embraces and kisses! There was a remarkable feeling!
But, when I have woken up you was not close, on your place there was a pillow.!!!!
I have been very afflicted!!!!!!
I hope, that at you good mood, and safe health!
I feel well and I dream do happy this lonely day.
Thoughts on you always will help to relax during the hard times.
You give me belief in a life.
To my biggest regret I should finish the letter.
I give you heart, and I very much hope, that very soon we can already embody all dreams and desires during a life!
I with impatience will wait for your letter. With love and respect yours Maya!
Letter 8
My greetings dear Gavin.
I am very happy to receive your letter. For me the great pleasure to answer your letter. I am very grateful to you for attention and interest to me.
Mine Gavin I want you, will be possible to ask, that I named you in letters my love? I think, that it will be pleasant for you.
It - very much pity, that we, while - far apart. We are divided into thousand kilometres and between us the big ocean.
But I think, that we can break all barrier by means of love language.
Even the most difficult obstacles have no force close to such the strong, clever and careful person as you Gavin My love. I will remember day of our romantic meeting all life.
I very much wish to speak about love. I a lot of time dreamt, as we sit at a fireplace.
Candles burn soft, pleasant light. Wood of fire (fire) is a little
Cracks in a fireplace. We look against each other and all our ideas concerning love.
I always try to continue traditions of my family. My parents very much love the friend the friend. They always help and hang together.
My mum always learnt me to be independent.
I very much love clever and strong people who have the point of view
From representation concerning a life.
I would like that round me always there were fair and careful people to whom I could trust completely.
The love to me means freedom.
I think, that family creation should be based on love. If marriage is created on love, it will be long and happy.
Love - a gift which is made for the sake of the favourite person.
If the soul of the person is remarkable, its weaknesses remain not noticed.
The love allows me to look at the world on the new.
I would like to have love for which I am ready to give the life. I would be like to have such understanding and affinity for the sake of which I would be ready to give all. Gavin I think to us will meet in your country because I am brought up by traditions is better. Gavin I would like to tell, my aunt spoke to me that better abroad to leave through travel agency, because so cheaply and quickly. In Russia I was also in mountains Ural, and in mountains Kavkaz as in capital of Russia Moscow, and in many cities of Russia, saw many rivers of Russia, and is final the greatest in Europe river Volga.
What do you think of all it? What is love in your opinion?
Please answer my questions.
Gavin our courses of life have met. Allow them to burn as a bright star of our surprising love.
I will wait your answer. I hope for destiny. Love and kiss.
Yours Maya.
Letter 9
Hello dear Gavin! Thanks for your answer.
I very much waited and worried. I was afraid that your letter can not come to me. From for it I very strongly would be upset!!! But your letter has come to me and I am very happy!!! Because your letters please me always. When I see your letter - at me the mood improves.
Gavin thanks you for your letters!!!! I am grateful to you.
Gavin dear! My aunt has advised to me, that it is better to go abroad through travel agency. I yet was not in travel agency. Gavin when you wish to meet? Through travel agency will fast make documents and the visa. I am very glad that you eat to relatives. And who at you from relatives lives in Sri Lanka? You know, last night, when I have laid down to sleep, I thought of you. I often think about you. Sometimes I very strongly would like that you have appeared near to me. Sometimes to me happens very alone and melancholy!!! During such moments I would like to feel about myself your strong man's shoulder. And to feel assured of tomorrow!!! But you so are far. But I am not upset strongly in this occasion.
Probably in the future we will meet.
Gavin tell to me, what you think of our first meeting??? You in general represented sometime our first meeting??? How it will be in your representations??? Tell to me, it is very interesting to me to learn your thoughts.
I will look forward your answer. Yours Maya
Letter 10
Hello my LOVE Gavin!!!
I am very glad to receive and read your letter. I very much liked your letter. As there has passed your day, as your affairs. How are you doing on work? How soon you leave in Sri Lankan?
I all time think of you: I do house cleaning, I think of you, I watch TV ideas far with you, I read the book, and between lines your image. I, will possibly, soon lose mind. I hope only that, that we soon will meet differently, my ideas will grow in a pain.
I would like to be born in your city, and then we have met you and would be happy together. Then we with you would marry, and we will have children, personally I always dreamt to have the boy and the girl, we will lift them, they will grow worthy people. I do not doubt, that with such fine children the father would reach much in a life and also will be happy, as well as we. And when children are happy, and they are fine, it is the great pleasure and compensation for parents.
Road you dream of it? You divide my feelings? Or you consider my dreams silly and impracticable?
I do not know, can be and - silly dream of it and a regret, that I was born in Russia, but I should tell to you, that I dream of your heart and I wish to be near to you.
I write now to you, and tears on eyes seem that you are far also we we can not meet.
Excuse, that I load you my dreams, but I cannot think that except for it. You for ever in my heart, and you will already never leave it.
I write you it that you knew, that except for you in my heart was not present whom and already when will not be.
Favourite I with impatience should wait for yours after the letter tomorrow because only your letter will improve my dim free days.
Do not forget me and remember, that I think of you every minute.
I with impatience wait for your following letter.
With love, yours Maya!!!

Letter 11
Hi Dear Gavin!!! My dear I is very glad to receive from you the letter so quickly.
I am simply happy when I read your letters. Your words, give to me of force and confidence of tomorrow!!!
For me now there is nothing more pleasantly than to read your messages.
In them such big kindness and honesty. I trust you and your words.
Your letters fill with positive emotions my heart and my soul!!!!!! You have appeared in my life as a sun beam in dark empire.
You the best, that are in my life. I simply do not represent now, as I will do without you in my life.
I cannot limit more feelings. The darling I LOVE YOU!!!
I really love you! I have understood it for a long time already.
And now if we are so far apart, I simply will not sustain, I will die of love to you.
The darling I wish to be with you, I wish to spend with you days and nights.
To go under the sky of stars together with you, I wish it all heart.
And if our desires coincide, we are simply created for each other.
We should be together. Now you my prince, and I your princess.
I so love you, that I can not simply tell words all that I feel to you. The darling who could think, that in such big world we will find each other.
I never will leave you, I will be always your destiny!!!! It is my promise to you. Transfer greetings of mother, and it is obligatory to children. You spoke to the relatives about our acquaintance? My parents are very glad our meeting.
At last I have met that in my human life which me it is rather expensive and I wish to connect all remained life with you.
I have very much changed, when have started to correspond with you.
Road, I am am pulled to you by pressure not subject to the control!!!!!
I cannot is far from you!!!
Favourite, I with impatience will wait for your answer.
I love and I adore you!!!!!!
I send you one thousand the most passionate kisses!!!!
With all love and respect yours Maya!!!!
Letter 12
Hi my dear Gavin! How you today?
I was again is happy to read your letter. Thanks of your mother and to children for greetings. Transfer to them too. I am very glad that you have told it about ours with you acquaintance. I very much would like to hear to hear your voice. Send me the phone number. To me the aunt advised what better to go abroad through travel agency so is cheaper and easier with official registration of papers. I feel such division between us when I cannot
To write to you. I so wished to be near to you and not to let out
From itself it is far. I so would like to become a part you to be
c you to be to constants. Both in ideas and in
Heart and in your embraces. I feel, that we become much closer, after all we love each other and at us one dream and one overall aim to be together. I
I think of you constantly. When I prepare for a dream, I am covered
Warm blanket, I feel, that you heat up me love. From time to time it seems to me, that you have fallen asleep near to me. And always I
I am afraid to open eyes and to understand, that you not
Close to me and I cannot feel your presence near to me. Such minutes I very much do not wish to wake up, and the only thing that calms me it that I know that you think of me and I feel your love.
I all time with you also that my ideas just as my heart are subordinated
To you. I during long time cannot already belong to myself. I completely and completely belong to you and only to you, my prince. You know, the darling, I never before, did not feel that or similar. I think, that you have presented to me unique love and now I am exact, that I wish to light the life to you and to make you happy. I love you, and I speak
These words. I am glad, that your feelings to me are mutual! When I
I read your letters, sometimes I catch myself on thought, that only
It is enough to stretch a hand and we with you will be together and
Nothing can separate us. I have not got used to speak for nothing a word, I cannot speak not the truth. And this letter, first of all is written by my heart, my soul. Recently I have recollected the statement, that any love means by itself suffering. My sufferings it first of all my life in a distance from you and only our meeting can replace my sufferings fortunately and pleasure. We can love each other and we can always enjoy the friend the friend. I love you and I am ready to speak you about it the whole eternity! I love you, I require you, I want you! I should finish the letter and once again should tell to you, that I love you! I will wait for your letter, and it is very important for me! With love and respect
Always yours Maya!!!
Letter 13
Hi my LOVE Gavin!!! I am very glad to receive and read your letter. How there has passed your day, how your affairs? The darling at me all in a full order. Favourite Gavin you know travel agency do not do the visa, the visa do in embassy of your country, they it is simple as intermediaries. If I start to do the visa I should go in Moscow. And it is the big expenses, payment of road, hotel there enters. And in general it leaves more expensive, than through the tourist visa. Thereby I it will begin to cry for the services rendered by them and me where it is not necessary to run, superfluous loss of time. I will be certainly cautious my darling. I so want and I wait for our meeting with you. I will try to descend and learn today about details of a trip to travel agency. Favourite mine Gavin send me the phone number I very much I wish to hear your voice. To me so it is boring without you. But at me not looking on, that excellent mood after all your fine letters heat my soul. I re-read your letters on some times and they please again and again. I feel each phrase and I am happy, that you love and wait for me. My prince, at each new perusal of your letter, I as if get to the world of our love and I test unearthly feelings when I represent all that about what you so beautifully narrate. These minutes I am am overflowed with desire to be near to you, to embrace, caress you. I dream, about that when at last that we can will incorporate in a uniform impulse of love and then us already who cannot dissolve. Probably you the unique person for the sake of which I live and for the sake of you I am ready on any feat. Favourite, you became very my dear to heart and without you, without your wonderful letters, without your pure love, I will lose meaning of the life. I at all do not wish to think that now we far and have no possibility to meet. I think only of the happy future and I have deleted the past from the memory, after all to you my life was boring and not interesting, and you could transform it into the present holiday, in a fairy tale at which it will be obligatory the happy end. You know probably who not on light did not love as we love each other also all novels about love go not to what comparison before our feelings. My prince, I love you and I am ready to speak you about it eternity, after all on light there is no man which could though as that to be compared to you. I very often dream of our future marriage, about a happy joint life, about our children. Believe, we live to carry out the dreams and that person cannot name itself really happy who does not manage to make to realise the desires. Many live the life and not having learnt the present love, not having learnt this light and pure feeling and I am happy, that I have already met you my darling, after all now I can tell precisely, that I know, that such the present love and it is fine! Send regards to the children and to mother. Road I with huge impatience will wait for your letter. With love and respect yours Maya!!!
Letter 14
Hello the friend Gavin! How are you doing? I am so happy to receive your answer to mine
The message. I hope, that my message was the big surprise for you also.
Also I want, to say to you, that I have decided to write to you thanks to my girlfriend, she has advised to me will get acquainted through the Internet. And I have a possibility to use the computer on work.
My name Maya, to me - 26 years, I was born on May, 29th, 1982. And when you were born? In what day your Happy
Birthday? Tell to me, well? Also my height - 172ni, my weight
56ea. I never was for the husband and I have no children.
I can speak in English, but it is not so good, and I have decided to find the person from
Your country. I probably do errors in the letter, I hope, what you will understand, my English without any problems, please, speak about it in your following letter, well? I looked and read your profile, in
The general quantity, I love your description about you directly, and I have decided to write to you. Well, allow me to speak to you about me directly a little. As I have told to you
Earlier. Also I would like to tell
To you about my formation. I studied in academy. After
The academy terminations, I have received the Diploma of a speciality the pharmacist.
Now I work as the adviser - the seller in a drugstore. I
I like to work in a drugstore. Also I have access to the Internet
Through the computer which is in office of our manager here in a drugstore.
Here my brief information for you.
Possibly, I will finish my letter to you.
I will be grateful, if you write to me about you directly so,
As I have made it. I would like, it if you tell to me about you directly
It is more, for example, about your family, your friends, about your city
Where - you live. Well, allow me, to finish my e-mail, I hope to see
Your answer so it is fast, as far as possible. While my new friend. Maya.
Letter 15
Hallo my darling Gavin,
How are you doing? How mood? I trust and I hope, that at you favourite Gavin, all is good. Often I pray to the God that at us with You all became good also we have met.
Darling Gavin, thanks for Your letters and love words. You know, that Your letters favourite Gavin, give me forces to live.
How there has passed day? I am sorry that could not write to you so long. In day of my departure on work there was no Internet to inform you that I leave behind party of medicines. You know to me so there was no you. You probably too missed my letters. Darling Gavin, me it is bad, because you are very far from me. Favourite Gavin, the distance will not be an obstacle between us? Gavin we will meet in a reality? Gavin I will be with You? Darling Gavin, me it is very sad without you and only Your letters and love words rescue me from despair. Favourite I descended in travel agency to learn about a trip to you. Favourite, I have learnt all and was in a shock from the received information. Now I will try to tell in detail to you all because I can not still calm down. It has appeared, that the all-round price of a trip to the country makes 1742 euro. When I have learnt it, I long could not come to the senses. I do not have such big money. I did not think, that all so is expensive. When I came into Travel company at me were think, that I completely will mourn over a trip to you. But when has learnt, that that the trip to you costs 1742 euro, I have understood, that I can not pay it. In Travel company to me have in detail explained, that enters into trip cost.
The total cost of documents makes 542 euro. Vessels registration of following documents enters.
The passport for travel abroad 150 euro
The visa 200 euro
Medical insurance 160 euro
Consular gathering 32 euro
And still trip cost includes ticket payment. The ticket costs approximately 1200 euro, it on Emirates airlane, it is the cheapest air ticket. I at all do not know that to me now to do. The truth at me is the savings, but they will suffice only on official registration of papers. Here is how to be with the air ticket.
Favourite Gavin, I long thought of our love. You know our love it is possible to compare to falls. You, darling Gavin, know, how water near falls rustles? At first silent and quiet, it accelerates the run that through an instant to appear between heaven and earth, what though some seconds to fly, it is unimportant where, let downwards, let on stones. Desire of water to be in movement not to stop, this desire is not supervised by anybody. Millions cubic metre of water, hitting about stones on billions the smallest drops. Water does not cry, she sings, she enjoys this movement, she enjoys this rough rhythm of a life. Its delight is a noise, it that we hear being nearby. To the person this sound is very pleasant, it is very pleasant to it to breathe this air, it is very pleasant to it to see this power. It that is created by the nature, and the person starts it to love, be inspired by it, to live for the sake of it. . Darling Gavin, I wish to live for the sake of you, I am inspired by you, I adore you, I cannot without you, I very strongly love you. I wish to be with You, I wish to feel as if on the brink of these falls, madly it would be desirable to stop time, to detain him. You favourite Gavin, give a life, is assured, that near to you all blossoms and revives, from love to you I wish to be with you, this desire too not under the control would be desirable to be constant in movement, as water, and.
You at all do not suspect, how many of you force, and you do strong sincerely me. You favourite Gavin, for me the most beautiful, most courageous, most desired man for me on the earth.
I very much love you. And I very much want to you. I want,
To fall asleep in your hands, to rise from a bed from your warm breath.
I wish to sit simply with You and to look at You, favourite Gavin.
To take you for a hand, leaving on street.
To approach and embrace you Gavin, having felt as you kiss me.
Standing nearby to feel, how you strong-strong nestle on me because has got tired, and all complexities to us to pass together easier.
To nestle a cheek on your cheek.
To rise from a bed from your kiss, such gentle, warm and morning.
To be assured that You favourite Gavin, will be to me true and Your love will become only stronger. I wish to trust in it, very much I want, because I love you.
Darling Gavin, You know, you are very necessary, necessary to me for a life in this world, only thanks to you I have understood, that means on the present to live and love.
Your eyes are necessary to me, I wish to see Yours, darling Gavin, a smile, whisper of lips how you are strong me love, you are necessary to me, entirely you.
So it would be desirable to appear in your hands, the feeling of calmness and happiness, pleasure from silence, from silence near to you would be desirable to worry, Gavin around there is nobody except us when it is possible to sink in your eyes and not to think of what.
For me there will be the happiest day, it is day of our meeting in a reality. I am assured, that we will meet in a reality, darling Gavin. If your love to me too strong as my love to you we can overcome all barriers and meet in the near future.
The darling, I wish to feel your breath at myself on cheeks, on a neck, pleasantly simply to feel you. I wish to whisper to you, those treasured words about how I am strong you I like and to hear in the answer too a love recognition. Then you favourite Gavin, Will press me to yourself and will tenderly kiss. And again, about the God, nobody is necessary to us all over the world. And sometime all world learns how I am strong you I love. You Gavin, my darling favourite, the unique man who forces my heart to fight.
You, darling Gavin, love have made our lives better and more brightly, but we will be really happy, when we will meet in a reality. Thanks, thanks, that you favourite Gavin, are in this WORLD, that you such gentle and attentive. I want, that you knew - my heart always openly for you and I will be always with you that does not happen. I LOVE YOU my darling favourite, unique Gavin.
Now I to sleep. Sweet dreams, darling Gavin.
I hope, that in the morning Your letter will wait for me.
Yours and only Your favourite Maya
Letter 16
Hello my Love Gavin. How you today? At me all is normal. Why you do not write to me? Why you do not answer my letters? What happens? Answer me as soon as possible because I worry. I will wait very much for your letter.
Bye. Maya
Letter 17
Hello my LOVE Gavin. My love as I long waited for your letter, after all you promised to me on arrival in Sri lanka to write. You did not have a possibility? My darling Gavin than you there are engaged in Sri lanka? How your mum? Transfer it greetings from me. Your children too in Sri lanka? Transfer them too greetings from me. I wash the darling all I work, in the street a heat. I this year still never was on a beach, even still as I can not descend on a beach. Girlfriends called during week-end on a beach, but I know that they go to the beach with the guys. To me as that not on itself would be in this company. And work all prevents to descend on a beach. I think that with you my darling we can shortly descend on a beach. How soon we can with you we will meet? You speak that in July come back from Sri lanka. Tell to me exact date that could begin official registration of papers. I very much on you miss. I so did not have not enough your letters, I already thought that you have forgotten me or have lost mine email the address. You thought of me? Send regards to all relatives from me. I will necessarily wait for your letter because it is very important for me favourite mine Gavin. Your Favourite Maya
Letter 18
Hi!!! My love Gavin! At me very good news. I spoke one of these days with my parents and they have allowed me to meet you. My dear I very much want with you you to me to be very necessary Gavin. I cannot live without you. I live only you my love Gavin. You are very necessary to me. I love you and my love Gavin wishes be with you. My dear to me you are very boring without you to me I am very necessary I wish to be with you. I very strongly love you. My love to me it is very sad without you in a city it is raining and to me it is very melancholy without you Gavin. I very much wish to be with you Gavin. My love I love you and I want to you. My love when we with you at last will meet and we will be contain with you Gavin. I very much want to you my dear. Gavin I wish to ask you - whether you agree a meeting??? It is very serious question. For me it is very important!!! Please think well, consider everything, weigh all pro's and con's. Also give me your answer!!! Whether you agree to my arrival???? I ask you particularly to decide - to Gather in a trip or not!!! I do not joke, I am solved very seriously and resolutely!!! I want that we have met.
After all personal meeting will replace hundreds letters. You agree with me??? I think that we necessarily should meet!!! Do not postpone my questions. I as very much wish to hear your voice, send me the phone number. I will wait for your answer to my questions!!! Remember - for me it very important!!!
Yours Maya
Letter 19
Hello my LOVE Gavin, How are you doing? How mood? To me it is bad... But I hope, that at You all
Well... To me it is very bad, because You are far... On my soul
The big grief, because between us distance...
You are not present nearby... To me it is sick that YOU are far... I Love You
Also I wish to be with You. I very strongly trust and I hope, that we is fast
Let's be together.
Our meeting will be a sign. The spark, the Love charge, That in us, Carries away
All on a way.
As a lava torn in a distance, As earthquake, As hurricane, as a volcano.
And after all then having felt mission, Have grown fond that second, So
Desperately, so strongly! I ask to present us a fairy tale, a life Fairy tale, not
We have passed all tests And have deserved beauty of love!
You so are gentle, my favourite Gavin, Allow me to become you, And you would become
And on the Milky Way going, We would collect stars, Having thought of one desire on
We love each other, because love from the God, and any loving is born
From the God also knows the God.
Who does not love, that has not learnt the God because the God is love.
"As the Father has loved Me, and I have loved you; be in My love.
I stay in Its love.
It I have told to you, yes My pleasure in you will be also your pleasure will be
It is perfect.
It is a precept Washing, yes love each other, as I have loved you.
I named you friends because has told to you everything that heard from the Father
Not you have selected Me, and I have selected you and have put you that you went and
Brought a fruit and that your fruit stayed that that ask from
The father in My name, It has given to you.
Yes love each other.
(Eiai.15:9-17) "It is words from the Bible.
Darling Gavin, read all attentively and YOU will understand, that the God is Love
. That the God gives us Love because the God it and is Love. And ours
Love pure and sincere. We should trust each other and trust.
You know, the darling... I love
You... And from that I would like to fly... On the sky pure, or through
And can simply lay on a grass... To Meet a dawn on the bank of the river,
From the hands not to let out your hand, Each other to kiss and... To kiss,
To whisper words clear only to us, As in the sea, ocean, a chasm...
Let our life will appear more wonderfully, Any of fairy tales, is better than everyone
Fire in hearts, let will be eternal, And we with you will support it.
You my fortress, You my back, With you I wish to divide the world,
With you I wish to be always,
You my happiness, I LOVE YOU Gavin!
You liked a verse?
Favourite Gavin, I hope YOU has attentively read my letter... YOU have understood,
That my Love to You has no borders, and I wish to love You in
I LOVE You and we will be happy in a reality if we will meet with the friend
With the friend. Hope we will meet. I hope and I trust in it, because
I LOVE You Gavin.
Darling Gavin, answer me precisely. YOU will help or not??? Yes or not???
ONLY answer particularly... You answer not with concrete words...
Answer me precisely that I have understood... To me to hope for Your help or
Is not present??? After all you understand that I need to start to prepare documents.
Know, that all my thoughts only about you... I LOVE You and I wish to love
More strongly in a reality.
I hope Your answer will come quickly. Darling Gavin, write to me as it is possible
Faster, I hope Your letter will wait for me in the near future. Write
To me it is as much as possible. My mood depends on Your letters.
I Love You and I wait your letter favourite Gavin.
Yours and only Yours Maya
Letter 20
Hello my LOVE Gavin. How you today? How you my darling? Probably when you will receive this letter, you will receive it it already at home.
I am very glad that very soon we with you will meet. My love you spoke that you were in embassy. Yes that you offer that I can make. It leaves on much more expensive. I should go to Moscow (expenses on road there and back by train about 200 dollars) to wait when to me will make the visa in Moscow (residing at Moscow in hotel, I at all do not know how many there costs cheap hotels). You know probably that Moscow expensive city, it takes the second place, after London. And here houses to me can make the visa much more cheaply and faster. Except all it I after all still need to make an insurance policy, the passport for travel abroad. You understand to me all they will make, I need to pay simply for their services. I consider that it much easier.
If you speak that soon will houses I descend in the near future in travel agency and I will conclude with them the contract. You favourite mine need to send me money for the air ticket as soon as possible. Because under the contract they to me buy the ticket for a next flight. Darling Gavin it is much easier for me, I should not go to Moscow, and to buy the air ticket, and not the fact that there during the summer period will appear the ticket. Again I had to wait when there will be a next flight. And for me, I after all when was not abroad, it not that. I do not know that I will do favourite mine. Here I also have decided what better to take advantage of travel agency services. Favourite you understand me. I am very glad that very soon we will together with you. My love I write you now this letter on emotions. I will be soon very glad that the most remarkable event in ours with you to a life my darling Gavin. My love I very much would would like to hear your voice, send me the phone number. We could discuss all details wash trips to you mine Gavin. I will wait very much for your letter favourite mine Gavin. Your favourite Mayya
Letter 21
hello my LOVE Gavin. I have been very touched having read your letter. I was simply in a shock! I did not expect from you such! About what men from Brazil you in general speak? You for whom consider me?!!! Once at me cracked email the address. Thereby probably who that has taken advantage of my photos, and letters to you. You can tell to me from where at you such facts, for charge me? I do not know that to you there have told in embassy. I loved you, I trusted in you, I planned on the future. And you took me so have offended, as you so could. If you did not want ours with you of a meeting, would tell to me that you do not want ours with you of a meeting. You have very strongly offended me. You have counted me for the **********??? As soon as you could tell it. To me it is very insulting. Unless I asked money for myself??? They were necessary to ours with you of a meeting. Unless only the meeting is necessary to me? You very interestingly speak. Unless the meeting is important only for me? After all you said to me, that wish to meet. And I have believed to you, thought, that have found the happiness... But leaves, what all is a deceit? You do not trust me though spoke to me about love! And after all the love is under construction on mutual trust!
You very much have strongly afflicted me. To me said that do with Russian girls in others much
The countries. At us showed on TV transfer about it. I will tell
To you Gavin, that there spoke. On TV showed and
Told about that foreign citizens invite in the countries
Russian girls. Russian girls come to them, then at girls
Take away all documents and force to work as the **********, then do
With them different distortions... Or in general sell girls, as the goods...
Gavin completely trusted you because I loved you, but you now remain in my soul. I did not know in general where meal. Yes you have very strongly disappointed me with the letter
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