Scam letter(s) from Julia to Stig (Denmark)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you my new friend Stig!
How are you?
I am glad that you have left to me yours e - mail adr. And I can write you the letter now!!
The my dear friend, I was interested by your page on a site of acquaintances.
If to be fair I for the first time here. Therefore I test now easy pleasant excitement)!
Because I have shown interest to you and consequently certainly I would like that our dialogue was pleasant,
easy and is final perspective, I mean serious relations and something else is possible in the future
stronger and deep than simply friendship and liking.
I wish to tell to you frankly that I search for my loved man,
Which to me could not be met in my life yet.
I search not only romantic relations, I search for the real man,
My warm and heart-felt partner in a life.
I am adjusted resolutely and seriously. I cannot find the man understanding me among those,
Which are in my environment and which exist in my life.
And consequently I have decided to try to find my second half by means of the Internet.
Though I know that it is unsafe and that when people get acquainted virtually some of people disappear
Under certain masks and their real person is deformed. And people are capable to idealise
Each other also show only the best parties hiding the bad.
I hope that ours with you acquaintance will not be such... And nobody will suffer and
Our dialogue will be easy and easy!!)
And I am final in the future I hope that from this something will turn out. Something light serious and beautiful.
You know in a shower I feel the child because I trust in a miracle.
I trust that I will find the unique favourite and understanding man with which we will have many general interests,
With which it will be easy to me to go on a life and with which I can create a strong and amicable family. =)
In my opinion all. All that I wished to inform to you to begin with the my dear friend.
I have written to you of that I wish to find.
I hope that you also are serious in your undertakings)
I send you my photos and I hope that it is pleasant to you. =) when people get acquainted for the first
time the first impression about each other develops of visual perception and then all is estimated the rest.)
I do not wish to write much not to bore. Today I will tell to you shortly about myself:
I am Yuliya. I am 25 years old. As to my geographical arrangement I live in Russia, in the big city of Kazan.
I am lonely, I have no children and I am in search of my man. I wish to find the reliable, clever and strong man
with whom it will be interesting to me together, my soul mate, colleague, companion, lover, husband and father of my children.
But it in the future. For now I still in search and here I have absolutely casually seen your profile on a site of acquaintances
and have decided to show the initiative and to risk to get acquainted with you, have taken the first step:) And still.
As to my knowledge of English.
I know that my English not so is good. I learnt it at school and then at college.
But I try to improve it and to develop.) because I do not want that
There were various incidents and misunderstandings in our dialogue.
And that between us there was no language barrier. have a great day!!! :-)
Letter 2
Hello Stig !
How are you today? I am fine)
I am improbably glad to receive your letter today!
You at all do not represent how much it joyfully - to receive the letter from the friend from other country.
And the more so from the person which it is very nice :-)
You are interesting to me and consequently I would like to see your photos.
To have before itself a picture of the person with which I speak) I think it would be quite good if you send me your photos in the following letter.
It is interesting to me to learn about you. To see in what way you communicate and write the letter)
I would like to hear more and to learn more about you.
I would like to learn that you love, that deny, what books like to read,
That you do at leisure.
It is interesting to me anything you like. That you wish to tell all to me)
It is for certain interesting to you to learn than I am engaged in this life.
I conduct active enough and sated life. I have finished the Kazan medical college in 2006,
I studied there on a speciality the midwife. But at me it has not turned out to be arranged at once on a speciality and consequently I had to search for work on a few other speciality.
As whom I only did not work =) being the student I earned additionally the realtor, and the nurse, worked on flood of mineral water. I tried to provide myself not to require the help of my father.
Now I a little stand standing more steadily, I work as the masseur in the Center of regenerative treatment in Kazan. I like my work, I love my colleagues and clients, my work demands to be sympathetic, sensitive and understanding. I like to communicate with my clients)
As to my favourite music is a reggae, a blues and easy rock-)
And also it is interesting to me to learn what your work and in what it consists? :-)
Certainly if it is not a secret)
I live one in the rented apartment. Sometimes I like to stay in loneliness, to reflect and put my thoughts in order. But is more often I like to spend time in dialogue with my friends, fellow workers and clients. :-) I like to chat)
I write you my letter from the house. Houses I have the Internet but I try not to sit on the Internet long because it is a dangerous thing which can tighten =)
Today I had the mad working day. Therefore it is necessary for me to relax a little.
I will go and will take a bath with lavender oil.)) it very much weakens. It is checked up by me.
Can try my dear) best wishes!!

Letter 3
Good afternoon my darling Stig!!!
Today I have come home and have again found out your letter!!
My darling I am very glad that you have found time to write to me :-)
I in pleasure!!!)
You become already a part of my life. I am glad to read again your mood and your thoughts stated in the letter.)
I smile when I read your letter. I very much like this feeling - pleasant easy excitement.
Today I have excellent mood within day.
When I went in a fixed-route taxi opposite to me the small sad girl of years 3-4 sat,
it had very sad appearance. I did not like it and I have decided to amuse it...
And I have put out the tongue at it. =) it has brightened at once and began to laugh)
Then we began to pose each other ridiculous mugs.) and we laughed.
I understand that probably it too infantily for my part, after all I already adult girl. But I consider that in each person at heart there lives the small child who sometimes should give vent. I mean that in each person the children's spontaneity and simplicity should remain sometimes to afford such small weaknesses and pleasures. After all sometimes the happiness - it so is simple)
And what mad acts were made by you Stig? Probably for the sake of your first love? You sometime made beautiful rather heroic acts for the sake of a beloved?
And in general on what you are capable to surprise the favourite person?
I do not insist on your answer, it is at all unessential. If you wish to tell about it, it will be interesting to me to learn =)
And in general I very much love children. They are such small people which bear boundless happiness while they small they are restless and chaotic)
I spoke before to you that I studied on a speciality obstetrics. Possibly this speciality has aggravated in me feeling of love to children, love to a life, a miracle and has brought up in me humanity and philanthrophy)
No. I at all do not wish to seem to you too good.
I want that you also as well as I we saw each other such with what is.
After all it is important. To accept each other. And still to have interest. The undying.)
My dear you asked my address. mmm. Probably later I will leave to you my home address :-)
On it I will possibly finish.
Today I still promised to my girlfriend to run to her on a visit on tea)

I will wait for your following letter!!! Yuliya
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