Scam letter(s) from Elvira Svetlova to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Gene! My name is Elvira. You have left to me the E-mail, on a site I am glad, that you have positively reacted for my lines. This just fine.
I wish to tell at once, that dialogue on the Internet for me it something unfamiliar, therefore you for me will be the first conductor in the Internet dialogue.
I will be very grateful to you if this letter interests you. And you will very soon answer. As I apply some photo, for your review, that you could understand, how your interlocutor, that is I Elvira looks.
I will not write much, and to speak, as I do not know your reaction. But I am assured, if I have interested you. That at you will be many questions to me. Therefore will be just fine if you write all questions interesting you, and in the following letter, I with the hugest pleasure, will answer each your question.
Yes, you have correctly noticed excitement in my lines, it is valid so. It is connected by that I actually communicate for the first time with the man on the Internet. And, should notice, that it is very interesting to me, as this process is very interesting and pleasant.
I hope for your understanding, and mutual interest, a smile in your fast reply. Elvira
Letter 2
Hi (Smile)!!! Gene I am glad, that you have not ignored my letter. To me really it is very pleasant.
First of all, I wish to thank you, for an openness and responsiveness. It is glad, that you understand me.
I you will not weary more expectation, and I will begin with that that I to you will tell a little about myself.
Probably, you have already guessed, that to me 32. I was born in small village under the name "Afonino". This village to be approximately in 60 kilometres from city Nizhni-Novgorod. I have ended local school. After leaving school, I would go in Nizhni-Novgorod what to enter the institute. I had many preferences in a trade choice. But everything, I have ended institute with the diploma of high level in a speciality - the Ecologist. Now I live in the city. As I have received in the inheritance apartment from my grandmother who has died 3 years ago. Gene, I as wished to find out about your city, I am assured, that to you is what to tell about it? Really it is very interesting to me.
Unfortunately, at the moment of diploma reception in Russia there was a financial crisis, therefore I could not get a job on my speciality. But everything, I have found work. And now I work in a wedding palace. I could not think, that I will grow fond of this trade. The ecology for me seemed much more interesting, than registration of weddings documentary. But it appears, I was mistaken also this trade very interesting and always the different. My working days not when do not happen monotonous. I make out necessary papers for the state, and as for newly married pairs. This process very solemn, and as the responsible. But I love this work, because wedding it always a holiday. And it is pleasant to me to see every day a happy smile of the groom and the bride. Though I see every day wedding, nevertheless on my heart is sad a little. Because I am lonely. But we will not be about sad!!! Tell to me better about the work? I hope, that your work is not less interesting, than washing, and can even is more interesting.
By the way, I would like to tell a little about a photo.
I am glad, that you have sent me the photo. Now I have more representations about you. And, I should tell, that at me have appeared more desires to speak and communicate with you. I would be very grateful to you if you continued to send me the photo.
Well, I would not like that you have got tired of reading of my letter, but I hope, your answer will be fast. Gene? You know, I really wait for your answer. For it is earlier grateful for your answer. I hope, it will be very fast.
Your new, interested friend Elvira.
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Gene! It is pleasant to receive from you the letter! I am glad, to feel your interest. It is pleasant for me. I will not begin to hide, that I really waited for your answer, therefore I am very grateful to you, that you have not disappointed me and have presented to me the attention in the letter. And you? You wait for my answer as? I hope that it so.
The answer to your question! Understand that that I all life live in Russia! And I not to time was not behind its limits! Understand that that when I did registration. That I did registration some times!
Understand that that for the first time when I did registration from Russia my profile have removed, having explained thus that that I should not be registered on that site! But understand that that I have written that that I live in USA, only because of that that I liked a site! I understand that that lie, it not a way out. But would understand it only for this purpose what simply to find love!
Understand that that I tried to lie to whom!
Well, sad lines will be correct to tell about me a few.
I understand, that it is interesting to you about my relations with the man, whether there is at me a man, and what relations at me were. I perfectly understand it.
But I should tell, that it is little bit unpleasant theme for me. I think, that you will understand me. A problem that I had a husband. It was the fine man. Which with advantage the MAN carried this fine rank. But there was a tragical event. My husband has died. He has died, during war in the Chechen Republic. I hope, that you understand me and that it is really heavy to me to speak about it. As it is the difficult period in my life.
No, I am not afraid of this conversation, probably, I will tell to you about it, but not now, it will be possible after ….
Ok, from your approval, we will leave this sad note, for certain time. Yes, I understand, that you ask a question why I have decided to begin dialogue on the Internet. Therefore I hasten to answer a question interesting you.
On the Internet to me to communicate easier, therefore as people in a reality, say lies much and show not itself but only an external cover, it is very bad! And here it is possible to speak simply, freely on pleasant interesting themes, not to see any certain irritating factors from the party. I consider, that on the Internet, it is possible to find that, the person who will always understand me and in a reality.
Yes, I communicate in a life! But me easier here at first to communicate, and then, for example, to communicate with them in real! On the Internet, I can show to the person, what I as in nutria of, and outwardly, to show the minuses and pluses. On the Internet, there is time to look narrowly and understand it is necessary to you or not in a life!
I hope, my first steps on the Internet, will be positive. And I can find that person, which smog satisfy all my interests, accept me such what I am actually. To understand me, and to be that man who should be with me.
In end of this letter, I wish to underline again, that I am glad to your letters and attention for me, it is really pleasant. Ok!
I wait for your new bright and interesting letter (Smile).
Letter 4

Hi, my sweet. How are things going with you? today I wish to open a theme of the power of time over people,
How time can be the friend and can be the enemy. Actually, it is very interesting theme. Here, for example I, have noticed something, I will name it, «cunning of time» is possible, and you have noticed it. When that in the childhood, time for me seemed very big. And years passed on much longer, I did not think of time, considering, that at me it more than, but on the expiration of years, I understood, that time goes, and it is very expensive to me and as soon as I started it to understand, time began to go even faster. And that time loves us until we will not understand cunning, that it always, always left ». A second hand picking or healing our wounds, giving to us a life and simultaneously taking away a life at us, on particles, pulling out days from years. Unique that time is not capable at us to take away, it is our wisdom, experience, our history, and that we after ourselves will leave. In these things the person can be immortal. I am glad to that that, time at me still is, and I wish to fill this time with love, I do not want that this gift, to live this time, it has appeared punishment. You understand me?. This theme is interesting to you???
Probably, I have seemed to you naive, but it really my thoughts, and I open for you. I want, that we did not waste time in vain!!! Elvira
Letter 5
Hi my interesting Gene! How your mood how there pass your days? I very much hope, that at you, at your close and native, everything is all right ….
Gene, you know, I am really grateful to you, that you pleasantly give me the attention. I should tell, that it is really pleasant to me to open a mail box, and happily to smile to your letter. Yet not having read your lines, I already smile. It is all thanks to you! Ok, now smile also you …!
I have noticed, that our dialogue basically the story about myself or the friend, about the friend. Yes, it is fine, but today I wish a line of the letter to accent about parents.
As parents have given us a life. I love the parents! I respect the parents! Between us excellent mutual understanding, it is important for me!
To my mum of 57 years. She very clever and wise woman. Yes, really, the truth, that mum is the best friend. As mum always will understand and will give true advice. Yes, my father, as the fine person! And I love him on the present as the daughter loves the father!
My father, to him of 59 years. I consider, that each man. Should be we resemble my father. As mine the father, it actually the man. I consider, that in the man, first of all there should be a HUSBAND and the RANK, therefore my father is perfectly entered in these definitions. As my daddy, it is valid that, the person who always was and is the noble and wise person. Yes (Smile), my daddy the present gentleman. Probably, therefore, my mum has chosen my daddy for family creation.
My parents perfectly get on among themselves. This fact gives me a pleasant basis for this purpose what to create a family similar to them.
In our family the understanding and respect each other always reigns. It pleasantly affects on development of our family centre. Yes, in each family there are problems and quarrels. Yes, it occurs. But dark stains pass in our family very quickly. As we always understand each other. Therefore quarrels inside our family come to the end with related embraces.
As I have a brother. He as the fine person. I love the brother.
I should tell what remarkably to have the big brother. As for me it was pleasant to feel care of the big brother. As there are problems which it is impossible to speak to parents. Therefore I always addressed to the brother when me treated badly at school.
My brother constantly supported me. And, I am very grateful to him for all his diligence.
Now my brother lives in the fine city of Kazan. Right after the institute terminations, my brother has gone to serve in army.
After he remained there to serve under the contract. Now, after distribution, my brother serves in the city of Kazan. In the same place he has found the female half. He married, and now lives happily. Whenever possible, we with the parents visit my brother.
(I am possible also once I will marry? (Smile))
Ok, Gene, tell, in your family everything is all right? You love the parents. Tell, in your family there is a, special distinctive character? I would be grateful to you if you have told to me about the family.
I very much hope, that you will pay attention for my lines as you will not pass my questions and lines.
Hey?! I hope, I have not tired you? Ok, I will finish this letter as I still had small affairs. Therefore I with the hugest impatience wait for your answer. I hope, that you will have time to answer me before I will finish the cares.
Your registrar of marriage Elvira.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Gene! I am again madly glad to you and your remarkable lines! It is pleasant for me! I wish to tell, I am very grateful to you for your attention. Your remarkable letters, bringing me weight of pleasure, this just fine! Today I had heavy, a working day. There was a lot of work as there were many pairs which decided to underline today the relations officially!
Yes, me my work is very pleasant, but in such sated days I very much get tired. But, despite it today at me unique, fine mood. As at me has again appeared to write you the letter. Therefore I again write these lines, putting in each word a particle of the soul against positive emotions.
Unfortunately, in my labour everyday life, I have not enough free time. Therefore my answers sometimes are late. My mad Gene, I very much hope, that it does not become a barrier to us and our fine dialogue. It is valid so?
By the way, I wish to tell about a theme of friends a little! I have a fine friend. She as works with me! I know much about that, as to friendship. Therefore I can name her with pleasure the friend. She is really worthy, to carry this serious rank "friend". I love her, as she that, the person whom never to leave me in difficulty. Tell, you have such friend? He the good friend for you, you are for it as the friend? You respect each other?
I hope not many questions? Ok, today we spoke with my girlfriend about all. You know that such «female gossips»? And so today you have got to the centre of our conversations. We spoke much, but basically we spoke about you.
Gene, I am very glad, that my girlfriend not against ….
Hey!? She even has supported me and has wished us only the good!
Yes, Gene, she transfers to you «Hi». What to me to transfer to her in the answer? She will be very glad, if you love her. I as will be grateful to you if you is attentive to my girlfriend!
My dear Gene, you know, I think, that dialogue between us in letters, it is fine. But, I think, that will be just fine if we speak on the phone with you. I consider it just fine thought.
Unfortunately, I do not have phone. Last week, I by accident have dropped phone. Therefore while I do not have phone. But, my girlfriend has offered me possibility to take advantage of its phone.
Therefore I think, that will be just fine if we speak on the phone once with you.
Yes, it would be really pleasant to communicate to you by phone.
And, I would be very grateful to you if you have left to me the phone number. That I could call to you. Therefore in following your letter to me, I expect your phone number, well?
My dear Gene, I consider, that dialogue by phone is necessary for both of us. As this live dialogue. And for both of us it will be very useful. Therefore I hope, that you will positively react to a question on phone call.
Yes, phone call, it is important also pleasant communication.
But I should tell, that use of phone for me, difficultly.
Therefore it will be fine, if we continue in letters.
My mad, Gene, I hope, that my letter has brought to you a smile, and you will allow me to finish this bright letter.
I wait for your answer, yours Elvira!
Letter 7
I again write you the letter, putting a part of the heart at lines, I hope to you interestingly, and you with pleasure read my letters? I very much hope for it. I am very glad to that that I have a possibility to communicate with you, not looking that you so are far from me. I never was in other country, therefore it is very interesting to me to know, how there live people in your country? What holiday the most favourite and many other things …. In Russia, the most favourite holiday considers «New year» It is a holiday of the childhood and miracles. It is the warmest holiday which is celebrated in a family circle. As many other holidays, are a holiday which is devoted to the beginning of spring and the end of winter, this holiday is called "Pancake week" it is very ancient holiday which is celebrated in last revival of February. He is celebrated by national celebratings. In the street various competitions where winners receive prizes are arranged, on streets there go the three of horses rolling children and towards the end of all competitions and joys, burn a stuffed animal of the woman which personifies winter, pancakes, directly in the street with which treat passers-by of people are baked. It is very cheerful holiday. There is still very interesting holiday, too very ancient, but all a favourite holiday. It is "Ivan Kupaly's" holiday, a holiday of summer, a youth and love. This day on June, 24th, young men and girls celebrate at the river, girls spin wreaths from wild flowers, dressing them on a head, all rejoice, bathe in small river and when there comes darkness young men kindle a fire, and all of them together, by turns, keeping for hands steams, jump through a fire. It as I have already told very ancient holiday, therefore, basically it celebrate in villages because in villages, people remember ancient customs, and in cities very few people knows about such remarkable holidays as «Ivan bathed»
I very much would wish to show you this holiday. It is interesting to you? In Russia as it is a lot of others, not less interesting holidays. I think that in your country too many holidays. I wait for your letters Elvira
Letter 8
You know Gene, I began to notice behind myself that that your letters gradually enter in I wash with a life. Yes, by the way, «Hello», do not take offence, simply today day difficult, but at me fine mood. And so (Oh …. Smile), your letters become a pleasant part of my life. It is pleasant to realise that you show interest to me. It increases mood. But as though I would not like to rejoice today, I nevertheless should tell about a dark spot my life. To tell about my last life.
As you understand, in a life of each person, there is a place for heart, soul and love ….
My first love has begun with that moment when I have met the young man at institute. And I have got acquainted with one very pleasant person. This person long looked after me. He behaved as the real man. He to achieve a place in my heart, as the present gentleman. But nevertheless in the beginning I did not pay to him attention. But nevertheless after several years of his unsuccessful courtings I have noticed him. He was not beautiful appearance. But I was amazed with his private world. His relations to a life, his relation to me. And my heart was set before his pressure of love. We were constantly together. And in some years of study at one institute we with him have decided to get married after institute. It was-remarkable time. I simply tested pleasure, it is possible even to name it female happiness.
We with him had huge plans for the future. But all it has ended.
Also has ended for the reasons independent of us.
My husband studied together with me at one institute, but only he studied on military chair. And consequently he has finished study as the military expert. It seemed to me that it is a good speciality. As the economy in our country develops well. And people which bore military service had many prospects in the future. So I did not think that the trade of my husband will be dangerous. But I was mistaken. I have understood it when once my husband has come from work and has informed that direct it to business trip in the Chechen Republic. It was **** for me because I nevertheless looked television news. And I understood what conditions in this republic. My heart as though felt a trouble.
But nevertheless the husband as that has calmed me.
We constantly corresponded with him. And I sincerely trusted in that that all will be good.
But in half a year, I have received the telegramme. Having read which I have fainted at once. My husband was lost. I cannot explain it words at all. It was simply a shock for me. That seemed to me that I cannot go through these events. These events have changed my life. I did not wish to recollect it, and to tell to you it. But nevertheless we friends. And friends should share not only joyful events from a life. But also to speak about the bad. I have been closed all time. For me this tragedy became the big shock. To me was so alone. And at night constantly cried in a pillow. For me it was spiritual wounds. But has passed 4 year. And I have decided to take myself in hands. Simply I the strong woman. I do not wish to live on only memoirs. The life proceeds. Thus I have decided to return by a normal life.
Therefore I have decided to take advantage of the Internet.
Now I communicate with you. Yes, memoirs remained. But now, communicating with you, in my memoirs remained only bright both pleasant as a hobby and memoirs hearts. Yes, I recollect sometimes these pleasant moments. But the life proceeds. I communicate with you, and it pleases me. I hope, dialogue continuation will be fine. You agree?
It was difficult to me to write this letter. But, I understand, that it is necessary for us to be opened before each other.
Therefore to me it became pleasant and easy in a shower. As I could open to you the soul. I hope for your understanding and reciprocity.
On this note I will finish this disturbing letter. I wait for your beam of the sun in the form of the bright letter.
Ok bye bye now, before communication Elvira.
Letter 9
Hi, my sweet man. I write you the letter and I wish to tell to you about last sleepless night.
I have laid down to sleep, and very long could not fall asleep, I very long thought of us and how to me it is lonely in the bed of one.
I dreamt much and touched, in the head of ton of thoughts. I hope, you understand me, because everything, that us connects, these are our letters and our loneliness.
I laid and looked in a ceiling, thinking that where that on a planet is the person who understands me. Thought that between us huge distance, and this distance is overcome by our thoughts. Ah, as though I wished to turn to a bird, I would arrive to you on the wings of love, having overcome thousand kilometres. I laid and dreamt of how I fall asleep on your shoulder as you gently caress my hair, having embraced me. I fall asleep and I do not think of what, I dream of how to me it is good with you, how to me it is quiet. I fall asleep as the baby. This thought does not allow to me to fall asleep, I would like to dream more and more. In the thoughts I with you, I hope, you understand me? Tell to me you you think of it? To you as it is lonely in the bed? I wait for your letters. Elvira
Letter 10
Hi Gene! Yes, I understand, that I in the last letter said to you that it is pleasant to me to receive letters from you.
Yes, I understand what to speak about same a little ****, but I should tell, that only it is pleasant to me to speak about it.
You already, probably, itself have understood, that it is really pleasant to me to receive from you your signs on attention in your attention to me. It is really fine! Therefore you should not stop. I will be very grateful to you if you constantly please me with the fine lines! You feel, what our dialogue pleasantly develops into something more pleasant? Well, Gene I will leave this theme for your imaginations about all.
Well, Gene, I want again, will share the thoughts. You are ready? (Smile)
Communicating with you, I really understand, that to me it is pleasant with you. I hope, you are glad, if our pleasant dialogue proceeds to develop positively and correctly in the pleasant party, you agree? I am assured, if our dialogue to proceed on reciprocity each other we will understand and trust each other more!
You know Gene, communicating with you, I have understood, that the life in my life still is pleasure, happiness, and ….
If I tell, what I fall in love, you will understand, what in the world there is a love? (Smile).
Yes, in my life there were many events which have forced me to become isolated. To become isolated in an own inner world. But, thanks to dialogue with you, I have understood, that I still live and that the life is fine! And, I am grateful to you that you have shown interest to me.
You know, your letter has presented to me excellent mood.
Though, I have already received a portion of positive emotions on the work. My working days never happen monotonous and identical.
Every day I see this pleasure in the opinion of people who create wedding on my eyes. For me every day this joyful event, but internally I test small grief. The grief from that that wedding is devoted not to me, and other person. And my role on this holiday only indirect.
Finishing this letter, me that I have presented to you at least small a necessary portion of positive emotions and good mood would be desirable to hope. Promise, that your day will pass only on positive feelings!
Yes, it is heavy to finish the letter. I hope, you understand me (Smile)
Oh …, but I am compelled to tell bye.

Letter 11
Hi my long-awaited Gene! You simply do not represent as I is glad, that you again give to me the lines and the fine attention.
This just fine!
My dear, yes, I am certainly glad to your fine lines. But, I cannot constrain the emotions, and the feelings.
Though, I think, first of all, I should tell about your letter to me.
Now I wish to tell the thoughts and emotions about the events in my life.
As you know, recently I visited the parents. And, I said to you that I had the big entertainment in an environment of the parents. It actually was wonderful!
Has passed a few time, and my parents has decided to visit me itself.
Yes, today there came my parents. All was just fine. As should be my parents first of all looked, how I live. As my state of health. These are usual, but the important qualities of my parents, always to care of children. I love the parents!
You know Gene when we with mum spoke alone. My mum has set to me pleasant, but very unexpected question. Mum has asked «a daughter, you have very much changed to the best. You shine as a star in the sky. You have fallen in love?»
If it is fair, that I could not answer mum this question. As I really am not ready to this answer. I did not begin to speak about you. I think, that you understand, that I cannot really tell all truth about you yet. Therefore I have simply pleasantly kept silent ….
Yes, I was very happy and very glad to that I was visited by my parents.
But, I have seriously thought of a question of mum ….
You understand Gene, now I feel, that communicating with you, I have changed. I can not tell, that to me happens. But my changes are very pleasant for me and operate only positively. How you think, why I have so much pleasant and positive changes?! I feel, that dialogue with you pleasantly makes "change of scenery". And I feel, that you enter new paints of a life which it is imperceptible, but change me.
Tell, and in your life there were changes? What has that exchanged in your life? Your relatives have noticed changes? You are glad to our dialogue? What would you wish to change in our dialogue? Yes, probably I hurry events, but you change my life.
And I would like to know, whether do my letters the same with you.
I ask you to speak me answers. As I want, that our dialogue would become warmer. Than simply friendship. You understand?
Hey, Gene, your congenial souls did not set a question which was set to me by my mum: "... Gene, you have not fallen in love?" (Smile)
ok, on this pleasant smile I am closed. Elvira.
Letter 12
Hi, my sweet. What do you think of my letters, they like you? I think that like, therefore I write to you. I as like to receive your letters. I with impatience wait your letters. At me it is a lot of cares and sometimes, I detain the letters a little, I hope, that you understand. But I always have the big aspiration, to communicate with you. I hope, that our dialogue, will result us as a result, in happy time which we will be together. But before, we should, overcome distance. I hope once, very soon, we will meet and we will be lovers.
We will be young pair. It is my dream, for today. Understand, I am very seriously adjusted, to find the partner, the man, for creation of an excellent command, an excellent family. But to begin with, I wish to know you better, possibly, as well as you me?
I very much hope, that I was not mistaken, and you that person. Which is necessary to me. I agree to risk, both to follow you, and to be your obedient companion in a life. Where conducts, our joint future???
Our joint road???:)
Letter 13
Dear Gene, «Hi»! How your mood? I hope, you miss under my letters? As well as I? Starting to write the new letter for you.
I realise, that to me really not simply to make it. As it is impossible to transfer all thoughts and feelings in one letter.
Therefore I will be very grateful to you if you feel a storm of positive emotions in each my word.
You feel it?
My necessary man Gene. You know, I think to you interestingly to learn about our, Russian traditions of wedding?
If it is valid so I with the hugest pleasure will speak to you about it. As it is a part of my work.
As I would be grateful to you if you spoke to me about wedding traditions in your country.
Gene, it is really interesting to me to learn it. Therefore I wait for your lines about it. Gene, tell fairly, thinking you thought of me, about wedding questions?
No, I do not speak about our wedding. (Smile)
Simply I wish to tell, that this night. I saw fine, very unusual and very unexpected dream.
You cannot present to yourself at all. Today in a dream I saw ours with you wedding. First of all, I would like to notice, that our wedding in a dream was very unusual. As all wedding process was other maintenance, than in our country. Therefore wedding was very bright. Oh … Gene it really was a fine dream! And, I very much hope, that you understand, that this dream was not a part of my work. These are the true feelings which so have soon got into my dream. The dream which I saw can, was not accident?
Perhaps, it is our reality and I had a prophetic dream? What do you think of it? Similar dreams dreamt you?
Ok, I think, that now it is a high time to finish this letter.
That you could think over my questions.
Hey, Gene do not forget, that I wait for your smile and your fast reply. Also do not take in head to vanish. Ok? (Smile) after all I can dream you, and the palace of weddings will be a reality.
Your girlfriend from a palace of weddings Elvira.
Letter 14
My sweet man, as you.? I wish to tell to you the thoughts on how it is important to have the loved one as it is important to be favourite for any woman. It is the crane important, to make sense lives, in a life of the favourite person, to hope for this person and to be reliable, for the person. To be the true partner the friend and the lover. Many people having this happiness. Do not appreciate it on advantage, and live only for the interests, spoiling the love, transforming the life, and a life of the partner, in a nightmare. But
when, on what that to the reasons, they lose the happiness, they understand, that have lost, the true happiness, unique expensive, that there can be at people, this happiness in possibility to give the heart, soul and a body, to the native and favourite person. I hope that you with me agree? Probably these thoughts have seemed to you banal, but these are the thoughts valid they. I name it thoughts of loneliness. If you have thoughts, he to this occasion I wait for them, in your letters. With the best regards Elvira!!!
Letter 15
Hello my sweet man Gene! You already had dreams about which I spoke?
I hope, that it is valid so!
I wrote you many words and letters that you very much like me.
Yes, it is valid so! I think, that you have noticed, that I became, is dependent on your letters. I am always full of pleasure and pleasant emotions when I see the letter from you.
It is really fine! Dialogue with you became a part of my days, even it is more! Dialogue with you became a part me.
Gene after I have got acquainted with you, I have noticed in myself constant necessity for you! In your attention. In each letter I spoke about my liking to you? Tell, you feel it? You feel, what my relation to you not simply friendship?
Yes, really, Gene, each time, sending to you the letter, I wish to underline that I require you. No, it not a habit! These are the true feelings! By the way, do not think at all that it is simple words. I wish to tell, that I spoke to nobody about it! I speak about necessity for man's attention only to you. As only you are necessary to me!
You know Gene, last time in my soul there was pleasant and very gentle grief. I have recollected all bright events in my life, lately. I thought of happening changes in my soul much.
Many times asked itself a question: «why I so require you Gene??».
Oh …. Really I have fallen in love with you?
Gene, it is very difficult to me to pick up the necessary words, and to transfer all feelings.
That you would understand my feelings …
Now, when I have understood all that happens to me, it happens only because I am enamoured in you!!!! You hear Gene, I am enamoured in you!
No, it not words of the girl who have lost a head. I am quite serious, and I really love you, my darling Gene!!!
And I do not want, that our dialogue would proceed. What is the feelings constantly would progress. You understand me? The darling, I want, that our love grew together with us! Therefore you should be always near to me!
Oh …. I am happy! I am enamoured! I have you! And this one of the brightest events in my life!
Tell, my dear you, you love me? How you concern me? You as love me? Our love is mutual?
My necessary man, you should answer these questions! As it is very important for me!
Yes, my letter is full of emotions. I very much wished to tell that I feel And I with the hugest impatience wait your truthful and a fast reply!
Understand, the darling Gene, I should know it. I very much hope, that you will not disappoint me and will tell to me about the feelings sincerely and very soon.
With love yours Elvira!
Letter 16
Hello my darling Gene! How there passes your day? How your state of health? My sweet man, I hope everything is all right?
You know dear,Gene, today all my thoughts completely have been devoted only to you! You are glad? Gene, me actually pleasantly, simply to think of you! I love you! As you know, I the independent and resolute woman. Therefore, what to underline the love, I have decided not to waste time. My darling, I wish to arrive to you. Yes, it is valid so. And, I am very glad, what exactly love to you move my heart to you. I would want that my love became real. Now, I have definitively decided, that I will arrive to you!
It is assured, what you will be glad? My love Gene, wait for me, I soon will near to you. No, I do not joke!
Right after works, I have met the girlfriend. As, my girlfriend celebrated the honeymoon, I have addressed to her. My girlfriend has advised to turn into travel agency «New Star». As this travel agency is not far from my work. I did not begin to waste time, I have visited this agency of tourism.
I have received some particulars. To me have told about a sum of money which will be necessary, for this purpose, that I could arrive to you. I have counted up, and was resolutely convinced, that my money for arrival to you will suffice me. To me have told all details of arrival. Once again I have thought over all necessary, have counted up the approximate expense of money. I have safely signed the contract with this remarkable travel agency. I was very glad, that all so is simple.
My dear, my favourite, Gene …. Oh … I simply madly love you!
You at all do not represent, as it is pleasant to me to realise, that very much I will already receive all necessary documents, including the visa and the ticket for arrival to you, my honey!
In travel agency, me have told, that very soon my documents will be ready. Therefore I already wait for our meeting! You wait for me?
Me overflow set of positive emotions! I already feel, that I glad with you …
Gene, at me still is affairs a little which to me are necessary for finishing, for this purpose, that I could arrive in time to you, my love!
Therefore I will finish this letter.
My angel, I very much hope, that you wait for me …
Yours Elvira.
Letter 17
My true listener, my sweet man. How are you doing? I, as always write to you because I value our dialogue, it is a unique beam of a sunlight in my life, at present, because the sky is over me tightened by clouds, both weather in the street cloudy and rainy. I try to support dialogue, In hope, that you will continue to write me your remarkable letters. My important man, I wish to tell to you, that I will never deceive you because I already adult woman, and search serious for the relation. I already enough adult and wise, for togas to do harm to other people. I am confident, that any crafts of people, come back to them, in the big size.
There is a saying, one must reap as one has sown. I hope you me understand.? So if I will create not justice and a deceit itself I will suffer from not justice and a deceit, and on many more than itself have made. And if to be good, and concerns people how you want, that you concerned, all will be good, and as you want. These are simple trues, and I often observed their truthfulness in a life. Ancient prophets still spoke ABOUT these trues.
I trust in their validity, therefore I try to live, not doing harm to anybody. I believe, in good and that all will be good.
I hope, you understand me? Tell to me, what you think of it?Elvira!!!
Letter 18
Hi my honey Gene! You already smile for me? Hey?! Allow to do it together? (Smile)
My favourite, Gene how there passes your day? At you all is good? And how your mood? I hope, thanks to my letters you are happy and full of forces? Tell, I am right? Gene, present to me the smile, well?
Yes. I very much would like to move now to you. Also it is sweet having embraced to you, gently to whisper «the darling …. I love you …». Do not think At all to resist. (Smile)
Yes, a meeting it actually is pleasant and fine. For this reason, today I said with a management of a palace of weddings that I leave on a vacation.
As I was not three years in holiday and as I use the big recommendations in the work. Therefore to me have allowed to leave in holiday at own expense. The darling, you do not represent …. I am now ready to fly up on the seventh sky with happiness!!!
To me have allowed to take full holiday. That is my vacation, will proceed at my expense three months!!!!! I am madly glad! I can be in your country all this time! Tell, Gene, you are glad to it? OH …. The DARLING, I LOVE YOU! I am ready to arrive right now to you … …!
My sweet man, already today after I have carried out preparatory consultation in travel agency, I have begun at once preparation of necessary documents. You know, when I visited all establishments and institutions in which it was necessary for me to receive documents. It was very heavy to me to wait. As in each of institutions, there were the hugest turns. Unfortunately in our country it is constant so. Therefore, only thoughts on you helped me to suffer and shine with happiness.
To me remains very few preparations, for this purpose, that I could arrive without problems to you …
My sweet angel, you know, not looking on any difficulties and problems, I always think only of you. And me it is very pleasant, what even thoughts on you, help me to keep with a tone! Yes …! I love you! You simply do not represent, as it is pleasant to me to speak and speak «Gene, I love you! I love you!». From these words to me it becomes simply mad pleasantly, it is sweet and it is gentle on heart!
My angel Gene, tell, you love me?
Tell, thinking about me, you could tell to me in eyes, whether you love me?
Therefore I would want that you right now, have looked at my photo, and have told that you love me! Ok? Only I ask you, tell it so, that I would feel it! Well?
My honey, I wait for your declaration of love to me …
Your loving Elvira!
Letter 19
Hello my hot man Gene! Why the hot? Because you now to me are more important than the sun! As thoughts on you warm better than the sun! And it is more pleasant than heating system!
(Smile). You have already smiled? You know, Gene, today I met the girlfriend. Yes! You have again appeared in centre of ours «female gossips» (Smile). We spoke about you and about us as a whole much. I will not speak all details. Simply I wish to note, what even my best girlfriend having winked at an eye has told: «Elvira, I am very glad, that you have found to yourself the man! Now I do not need to worry about you! As you have a man whom you love. Love it, Elvira.». Having heard these words from the person close to me, I have pleasantly understood, that you the fine man. And dropping the tears of pleasure, I have silently whispered: «Gene, be with me, always, I love you!» …
Ohh … Gene, I have a little got confused in the pleasant emotions. I have absolutely forgotten to ask you. The darling, how you? How there passes your day? Your state of health allows me to present to you my sweet kiss? Ok, I am glad! (Smile).
Ok, I am assured, what it is interesting to you as for arrival preparation of my necessary documents and other necessities suits to you? I am right?
Yes! The darling, I hurry to inform you that I have managed to collect and prepare all necessary documents, for arrival for you.
Right after how I have prepared all documents, I have addressed in travel agency. In agency, to me were pleasantly glad. Also have told, that now it is necessary for me to go urgently to Moscow, in embassy of your country. For this purpose, what to pass interview, and to receive necessary documents, including the visa to arrival to you. I will be already glad to such pleasant development after all very soon I near to you! The darling, I already wish to be with you!
Hey, embrace me! I want it!!!
My angel, Gene, tomorrow I will go to Moscow. Therefore it is necessary for me to finish this letter what to make necessary affairs for acceleration of process of official registration of papers.
Oh … Gene, I do not know as to finish this letter. (Smile) …
Ok, the darling, I will simply kiss you and once again I will whisper to you: «I love you!!!».
Only yours Elvira …
Letter 20
Hi my gentle person, I hope, you were in time with impatience to expect my letters. You should know, that I very much like to write to you the letters as I very much like to receive from you letters. In general, I wish to tell to you, that I very much value dialogue with you. For me, this dialogue, as a ray of light in a dark kingdom. I am very serious in the intentions, I have resolved to change the life as I want. After these several years of loneliness, I have understood, that I should not go down stream and wait, when to me the love will come. I have got tired to live in expectation of the happiness. I very much hope, that you understand me. Before dialogue with you, I was not open person, never and showed nobody the grief. In an environment of people, I was cheerful and sociable, but it was a mask, I could not show the weakness and the grief. Therefore, when I came to the empty apartment, I often thought of the life, how I want a slice of the female happiness. Being in loneliness, in the apartment, I often cried, regretting myself. But nobody knew about it, because I tried to be strong. Once I have understood what to regret myself ridiculously, I have understood, that I should do the happiness itself. I have recollected, that to me, the girlfriend told about its acquaintance who has found the love, through the Internet. I have decided to try good luck, having arrived as. When I have addressed to the Internet, and have got acquainted with you, I have understood, that on a planet there is a person with whom I am am connected by loneliness which as is serious. The person who is intended to go up to the end, on a way to the happiness. The person, with live heart in a ****** which groans in love expectation. I have understood, that we can be the most important and native people for each other.
I wish to tell to you, that every day, we become closer to the happiness. We become is more close to each other. It is very important not to lower a hand, and not to lose each other, it very much will be not correct. I very much hope that you understand me, understand, on how many, for me valuably our dialogue, and how much it is important for us. I am very grateful to you, that I have possibility to write to you the letter, opening for you the soul. It became easier to me to live, because I have shared with you the secret thoughts. Accept it with understanding. Elvira!!!
Letter 21
Hello my darling, Gene! I have very much missed of you! And me it is very pleasant, that you and your gentle answers joyfully heat my heart. Really it is very pleasant to me to realise, what exactly you and only you in my heart. I wish to tell with pleasure, that I actually love you! You hear, Gene, I love you! You even cannot imagine, as though I wished to be now near to you. Yes! I wish to appear right now only in your embraces! It would be the finest gift for me!
And you? The darling, you is ready to admit to me love with all my heart? Tell, my declaration of love to you has changed something in your life? You have changed?
How now there pass your days? What new in you?
My angel, Gene as you have already understood, I madly require you and I wish to meet you. Process of official registration of papers already develops. The majority of documents already at me on hands. Therefore I feel, that already soon I already will belong only to you!
In the last letter, I said to you that to me is necessary to go to Moscow in embassy of your country, for this purpose, what to receive the basic documents, to pass interview.
My darling, Gene, today I leave to Moscow. Already tomorrow I will be in Moscow, and very much I hope, that all will pass perfectly! As I really love you and I wish to be with you!
I will try to write to you tomorrow, right after how I will receive all necessary documents.
Ok, I will finish this letter as I have some more affairs which to me are necessary for making before departure to Moscow.
But, do not forget, that the most important thing that I LOVE YOU!!!
Only your, loving only you Elvira ….
Letter 22
Ohh … my darling Gene hello! You simply do not represent, I have prepared what fine news for you! But first of all I wish to tell how strongly I love you! Mine Gene, I really understand, that you that man with whom I am ready to be a number! The man with whom I wish to be always! Yes! Gene, you that person who with advantage can carry a rank of "my man»!
My honey, how you? How are things going with you? as your state of health, I very much hope, what all is good, it after all is valid so? Tell, the darling Gene, you will present for me the smile and gentle embraces? (Smile)
As you already know I already in Moscow. Now I write to you about the cafe Internet. (It is a little unusual to me). At me it is a lot of impressions. As Moscow is the hugest city and, I will not begin to hide, that it is a little dangerous!
But it is not important, as I hurry to inform you that I have successfully passed interview. In embassy of your country to me have told, that my visa in your country will be ready in the near future. I can receive the visa from that travel agency in which I addressed. Therefore I, will come back today in the fine, native city. And I need to wait. But do not forget, that I needed to wait very little. As all necessary documents will be already ready very soon.
Tell, my sweet man Gene, you are glad to it? You love me, as well as I?
Ohh … Gene, why between us distance? You could not remove right now this distance? (Smile) I now would throw everything what right now to appear near to you! For my love to you there are no barriers, and I am very glad, that already very soon we will together! It is fine!
Ok, Gene, today I will come back home. When I will arrive to the native city, I will write at once to you. I very much hope, that I will receive your sweet answer at once as soon as I will arrive home. Hey, unless you are not glad? I am simply happy! I would want that you now, yes-yes-yes!!! Right now has thought of how we will spend time together! I very much hope, what you will not leave me on a threshold of the house? (Smile).
Gene, I have absolutely forgotten, that it is necessary for me to gather what to be in time on the train! Therefore I want, that you not simply would feel my feelings and emotions as I am really very glad, that before our meeting there are no barriers!
After all already very soon we will with you!
I wish you all the best! I want, that you would be really happy with me, my darling Gene!
Ok, I will finish this letter as it is necessary for me to hurry.
I wait for your fast letter my angel!
With gentle love, only your, loving only you Elvira! Hey Gene, I love you!
Letter 23
Hi! I wish to talk about fidelity! It is very important theme, and I am confident, that it is interesting also to you as. I wish to tell to you! That fidelity is born from trust! It is the most important factor of fidelity, as well as love! Without love and trust there is no fidelity! I very well understand it. I think, that I to very true man the woman. I am confident, that I am not capable of change. I have honour and advantage! Not to allow to fall to me it is low! I understand that in a life can there will be everyone and that it is not necessary to give fidelity oaths. But not looking at it, I want that I will always tell is fair with you in any case. I so was brought up by my parents, and I very much for it am grateful to them. I as have much gone through loneliness, therefore I understand a real value of simple female happiness. I wish to ask you, what you suspect this theme? I want, that you understood me!!! (Smile)
Letter 24
Hello my angel Gene! I have already arrived to the fine city! At me just fine mood! As I am rather happy! After all I have you! I love you ! Now I very much wished to wink at you an eye, and playfully to present to you the kiss. (Smile)
And how your mood? You waited for my letter? Why I do not feel your smile? (Smile)
You know Gene, I should tell, that this letter will be short.
As right after how I have arrived to the city, I first of all have visited travel agency. I have told about results of interview, and process of registration of all necessary documents.
Gene, you know, me have very pleasantly surprised. We will tell so, to me have given not the big gift. To me have told, that for me there is a possibility of acceleration of registration of visa process, but for this purpose it is necessary, that you would contact travel agency and left the personal data. Therefore you should right now will address on a travel agency site «New Star», or to write the letter to this agency. Here the address of this travel agency:
My lovely angel Gene, you should make it as it is possible soon. It is necessary for this purpose what to confirm that I will arrive to your country to you. And for this purpose, what to accelerate process of registration of the visa. I very much hope, that you will do it as it is possible soon. As our meeting really depends only on you. Therefore I want, what you as are possible soon addressed in this travel agency.
But! Mine Gene, you should not forget, that I really love you! Also what even in a dream I think only of our meeting with you! And it is very necessary for me to be with you! Only with you!
Well, my honey, I will finish this fast letter! What to receive your prompt reply.
Now, I want, that you again would present to me the smile!
I love you Gene! Yours Elvira …
Letter 25
Hello my darling Gene! How your mood? At you good mood? You miss on me?
You know, the darling, every day I understand, that to me all is more difficult and more difficult to wait. At me such feeling as if time does not move. As I madly wish to be with you! And I greedy would like to devote all time only to you! Therefore I cannot wait! And I want only one, I wish to be only with you! I wish to belong only to you! You wait for me?
Oh … the darling, today at me responsible day! It is necessary for me to take away documents from work. As today the first day of action of my holiday. That is today it is necessary for me to finish small paper formalities. It is necessary for this purpose, that my arrival to you would be without additional barriers. Yes, my darling, Gene, you correctly has understood me, right after it, I can be free. But everything, I should make small tradition. Which was got on our work. All workers who go on leave. Cover a small table. For those who it is necessary to work. It is not obligatory, but everything, it is tradition. As all my colleagues are glad for me. We with them in good relations. They try to support me morally. All my colleagues are glad for us with you. Are glad, that we have found each other, that at us with you all is good. For forthcoming action, has bought the big pie, and I will celebrate this day with colleagues! As I should say goodbye to them before I will go to you, my darling! I so am glad, that soon we will together, and I would like to share this pleasure with all! Because I feel the happiest woman on this planet. And all thanks to you, my darling!
I love you and I will not get tired it to repeat. Very soon you will feel all my love as I will be near to you! You feel my love to you?
It is a pity, but it is time to me to finish this letter. As I should have time to receive papers about holiday still. But my love I will hope, that you will write to me very soon!
I give you a hot kiss with all my heart. My honey, do not think at all to leave me without the attention, and a sweet kiss for me!
With love, only yours Elvira!
Letter 26
My darling, hi. I write you the letter, thinking as always about you.
I hope you too think of me, as well as I about you. I wish to be sorry for that that I write seldom, I would like to do it more often. But I think that you understand me in that that I do not have computer. But I am grateful to the god, for that that I have this little possibility, to write you the letters, at least how I can. It is similar to a little footpath which conducts to my love. To tell the truth, on a site for acquaintances, very much a wide range, but I have chosen you, I have chosen the footpath, I am glad to it. I hope that never I will regret, because belief with me, and I believe, that I am am waited by happiness, to us not to escape anywhere from our happiness. Our dialogue, is a guiding star, therefore to us not to get off from a true way. The main thing to trust and it by all means will help! You agree with me? I very much want, that our roads were crossed and have merged in one, the big, long and happy road. It is necessary to trust only, the guiding star which specifies us a way. Also it is a unique true way. I with pleasure will become the companion, support and pleasure, for the man, for the companion, for the hero. I with pleasure add light, our star, each letter, I want, that you saw this light, and went on a meeting, adding light to a star as! And once it will lead us each other. Our lips will merge in a sweet, long and dizzy kiss. It will be the award, for all our loneliness!!!
Letter 27
Hello my man Gene! How you? At you all is good?
Ohh …. Gene, you simply do not represent …. Today very difficult day for me, since the morning. It is simply impossible to transfer it in words.
As you remember, I had yesterday the hugest problem which very much disturbs me till now. Yes, I will not begin to hide. I cried today. As it really is very serious.
My angel, Gene, today since the earliest morning, me was necessary to undertake the decision of this problem again. My neighbours are very rich people. In their apartment very expensive repair has been made. Because of a flood, the part of their fine apartment has been destroyed.
Yes, it is very bad. Therefore, what to avoid the further trial, I had most to put the finance what to solve this problem. As it is a correct and fast variant.
My darling, to me now really it is very heavy. I already said to you, that I saved money, for arrival to you. Yes, it is valid so.
Yes, I have resolved problems with neighbours and with a flood as a whole. But, I have spent all money which I protected for a trip to you.
Therefore, today, when I have come to travel agency. I have really begun to cry. As there to me have told, that all my documents are already ready, and I can receive documents. Including the visa. Yes, it is certainly fine news. But, to me will not give out these documents until I will not pay.
But, as you already know. My darling, Gene, I have spent all money for the problem decision. Therefore I now not in a condition to solve difficult, no, very much very difficult problem with the finance. My darling Gene, I do not know what to do...!
After all I really love you! And I really wish to be with you! You understand, the darling Gene? I love you, and I am ready on everything what to be with you. But, I cannot anything, make! L as the help is necessary for our love. I do not know to whom to address, and where to search the help. What to me to do, my honey? How to me to rescue our meeting? Our love?
To me it is very bad, the darling … after all I love you, each section of the heart, each atom the smother …
The darling …. I wish to be with you … do not leave me!
Letter 28
Hi, my lovely person. I again write to you, trying to open it is, as much as possible, myself that you could learn my thoughts is better. I wish to tell to you today about the individuality. I certainly understand, that all people are unique, but nevertheless, who that less and who that more, some and are at all similar to aliens, in the thoughts. Sometimes I feel, that I am very various, from other people.
It has begun with school. When that at school, I have imagined, that I the daughter of the Universe, my father am the sun, my mother is the moon, and all stars, they are my sisters. I departed to space, in the dreams. Maturing, I thought of it ever less. Now, I cannot fly to space any more, in the dreams because cargo of everyday, adult problems, does not allow to me it to do. But, when I look at stars always I recollect it. Here and today, sitting at a window, and looking at stars, I have recollected it, and it wanted to me to tell to you. I hope to you it interestingly. Individual character, thus, was at me since the childhood, and remained to this day. I very often chose not that choose others, and my interests, were various. I will not tell, that it is easy, the society does not love, when who that is allocated from crowd, and I will not tell, that I was always right, in the steps, but I always was responsible for the acts itself. Thereby tempered character! I hope, you understand me. You understand me?
Letter 29
My angel Gene, «Hi»! I love you!
My dear, I am madly glad to your letters to me, it is really pleasant for me! As only you now give me hope of tomorrow. Only thinking of you, I see our meeting. Therefore, I want, that you now really would feel me, my love.
My visa and my vacation, for three months, therefore, I should see you in a current, this month, at least. I hope you understand, I have concluded the contract with agency, they have made the work, now I should pay!!!
You know, Gene, I again was today in travel agency. To me again have confirmed, that my documents for arrival to you are already ready. It is good, it really is very good. As the travel agency really helps us to meet! It as is pleasant for me!
But, Gene when I think that between us there was a financial barrier, at me the mood at once falls. As this barrier is really insuperable to me one.
Therefore, today I have told the problem in travel agency. I have told about how I love you! That only you now in my thoughts!
As I have told about a problem with financial difficulties.
You know, Gene, I was surprised to calmness of employees of travel agency.
At first I have thought, that it is a little wrong. But, when employees of travel agency have offered a variant of the decision of a problem, I have agreed.
My honey Gene, me have told, that you can carry out travel agency fee. For this purpose, you simply should address in travel agency, and solve this question with them.
My angel, Gene, would be just fine if you have helped me to solve this problem. As I now actually do not have any possibility to solve one financial problem. Understand me, my darling! Now only you one in a condition to solve this difficult question. And only you are now capable to rescue our meeting, our sweet love.
Therefore I ask, that you would address in travel agency and helped me to solve this difficult question. My darling, you should understand all problems which have appeared very unexpectedly, and you should contact simply agency what to solve a financial problem. Yes, as it will be fine, if you make remittance directly to me. Therefore you should send money or is direct to me, or to address in travel agency and to solve a problem!
My angel, I ask you, understand, that our love requires your help!
And only you are now capable to solve it.
I very much hope, that you will not leave me one. I love you, my unique man Gene!
I will finish this letter what to receive your fast positive answer.
Your loving, only you Elvira!
Letter 30
My darling, I as always write you the letter, feeling pleasure, from that that I can will share with you, the thoughts. I hope you as take pleasure in reading. To begin with I wish to tell about weather.
Weather very much pleases me. The sun, clearly, with rare clouds, very warmly shines. This morning, I stood on a balcony of the apartment and thought of us. I stood and looked in a distance. Looked there where the sky and the earth incorporate, I looked at their horizon. We are very similar to the sky and the earth. Between us too very big distance. But I hope that our horizon ahead, horizon, this time and a place of our meeting which depends on our aspiration and desire of a meeting. As I thought that, from the moment of world creation, there were millions conditions to make this remarkable morning, and thoughts, in my head. There were millions conditions that we have found each other. We should not miss the chance, chance for happiness.
He can be the only thing. You understand me? I stood on a balcony, looked, at freakish figures of clouds, and to me it became unusually easy on a shower. This morning has told to me that I not one and still ahead. I wish to tell to you that you too not one! Know that on a planet there is a woman who thinks of you!
Letter 31
I very much would like to observe a decline near to you, it for us will be romantic.
When I will arrive to you, we will enjoy together a decline, it after all so?
My gentle man Gene , to me really it is very pleasant, that you are ready to help to collect to me our meeting, our love!
This just fine! Now I feel, that you that man who should be only near to me! And I very much hope, that you are ready to help me! My honey, for this purposes what to pay cost of services of agency, me it is necessary only 1237 dollars. Therefore I hope, that it will not be for you a problem as all documents are already ready, and, now it is necessary to pay it only. My darling, I will be very grateful to you if you do it as it is possible soon. As I actually want, as it is possible to be soon with you!
My dear Gene , I today I learnt about possibilities and payment variants.
For this purpose that you could carry out payment you can translate money to directly me personally, or you can send day to travel agency.
But for this purpose, what to pay services through travel agency, it is necessary for you to connect with travel agency simply.
Therefore you should decide to whom to transfer you money. If you translate money in travel agency you should contact travel agency simply.
If you decide to send money to me you simply should will address in the company «Western Union» or in company "MoneyGram". As these companies the most reliable also are most effective.
As I already visited these companies, therefore I wish to inform you that you should know details of my data.
My full name: ELVIRA
My full surname: SVETLOVA
My address: Russia, city of Nizhni Novgorod, Mira st. 17, 23
My angel, I very much hope, that you will really constrain the word, and will carry out the help for me as it is possible soon!
I love you! You hear, you are necessary to me!
Letter 32
My medical Hi! To begin with, I wish to ask for you a pardon.
That that, long could not write to you. The reason for it that I
Went in village, to the parents! With me there went my girlfriend. It
Was in my village for the first time. Very much it was pleasant to it. We went to bathe
On small river, basked in the sun and ate a strawberry, in a parental garden. To us was
Very well. But it does not mean that that I have forgotten about you.
I was at the parents. I it have told about us. I have told that I am going to fly to you! My parents very much worry for me, therefore I had to tell it that I know you a year, I think you not against it was necessary to me so to say. I hope that you understand me. Not looking at their excitement, they are very glad for me. My mum, has sent for you a gift. I will bring to you it. I hope to you it will be pleasant.
I wait for the help for our meeting. As soon as I will have money I at once will arrive to you. I love you!!!
Letter 33
I do not understand that has happened, I will try to learn in agency, tomorrow.
Letter 34
I went to agency, and they have explained to me! They have told to me what to give visa number, it is very dangerous to me because there is a lot of swindle, they have told to me that there are many cases when with people who are going to fly to other country, swindlers use, for this purpose, what to do swindle. Therefore the agency, very cautious, also does not risk!
I wish to call to you! Leave to me your phone number.
Letter 35
My darling. Hi! Today very hot day. Summer in the heat. In such days, it would be much desirable love. Very much it would be desirable to walk, keeping for hands, on coast, barefoot. To kiss, seeing off a decline. To look each other in the face and to speak about love. Ah! As it is fine! I very much do not have it. I feel requirement for real love. I have very much become bored of caresses. I hope you me understand? I hope that you as want the same as. At us much in common. You see it?
Letter 36
I will tell to you at once, that to me very much it is not pleasant, that you do not trust me. I never would began to deceive you. To me it is not pleasant, that after so long dialogue and such considerable quantity of letters, you name me the stranger. But I, nevertheless will answer your questions, I hope that it will help our meeting.
1) Svetlova Elvira Nailyevna
2) My address: Russia, city of Nizhni Novgorod, Mira st. 17, 23 post all zip code: 603005
3) I do not have home telephone number!
4) Nizhni Novgorod, R ow. Autozavodsky Street Djakonova, the house 1?
5) bodies. (831 253-43-40, 253-77-74, 253-45-32. Understand, that I have taken advantage at present of the vacation, therefore I was not present on work.
6) 607680, the Nizhniy Novgorod area, area Kstovky, village Afonino, the school address. I do not know a phone number I for a long time have left this school.
7) I said to you, that have lost phone. I would buy new, but I saved money for a trip to you. But I had to pay money for repair of apartment of neighbours. Now I do not have day on new phone, understand it!
8) My mum, Ekaterina Vladislavovna Svetlova, to it 57, my father Nail Borisovich Svetlov. They live in village Afonino. Street central, the house 28. My brother Alexander Nailyevich Svetlov, lives in the city of Kazan, its phone number +79877010872. My girlfriend and my fellow worker, Irina Alekseevna Borkova, lives in Nizhni Novgorod. It has very jealous favourite person, therefore, she asked not to give its number to anybody. I will call to you from its phone, at possibility if you leave to me your phone number.
9) leave to me your number, I I will call to you.
10) I one live in the apartment. I already spoke to you! You read my letters?
11 These photos were are taken, at various times, I do not remember date of everyone.
12) At me is not present the personal car, at me is not present a driving licence.
13) you set This question to me??? (I am confused) you read my letters??? I have a sensation as though you write for the first time me the letter???!!! I spoke to you, I live in Russia, and at me the Russian citizenship.
I hope have answered your questions. I will be very glad, if it helps our meeting.
Though if fairly to admit, very much it is not pleasant to me to answer, on similar sorts questions. Sensations, as though I on interrogation. It beats off desire to go to you!
Nevertheless I love you and is ready to risk, Understand, that I too know nothing about you, and to me it is a little terrible, to fly to you. On the TV show much, that in the world a lot of ****** slavery.
To me it is terrible, but I am ready to risk, for the sake of the happiness.
I hope you me understand, and are ready to risk as. I love you! Yours Elvira.
Letter 37
I as well as many women wish to love and be favourite, to have the reliable friend and the lover in one person, to have from it children.
On mine the true *** is love continuation, but I from your permission will close this theme to that is convinced that *** it is necessary to be engaged instead of speak about it, not to spend energy for words and to save till the moment.
You are right, I did not have a man, after death of my husband. It means, that in me it is a lot of energy of love.
Letter 38
I will not write to you more!!! Do not write to me!!! I do not wish to see you! YOU the silly man, Probably you have lost the unique real woman on the Internet!!!!
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