Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Frank! Privet!!!!! It means "Hello" in Russian!!!
You want to learn Russian??)))))) I was waiting this letter from you. It's very important for me...
How I want to say, not just you and me, but "US"!!!!!!! I dream of our meeting. I think it would be and you and nobody else. Only coast, a beach and we together on coast. A champagne and candles warmed us, and it would seem that all world exists only for the sake of us... I wish to be with you! Unfortunately, I don't have international passport. I spend my yesterday solving the problem with Governmental Office.
My desire to get to you is wondering me myself! Firstly, I have to get international passport
Usually through local government offices people can get international passport in 2 weeks or even faster.
And then getting medical insurance and visa and preparations for the flight will continue no more than one or one and a half weeks. I can be there with you in two weeks-max 3 weeks ! I want you to have a desire to meet me, too!
I dream about our first meeting. I think it'll be a good start for our further communication. I think I know about you guite enough to be sure that I will be safe near you. You know, I have never been abroad, and I think it would be cool to come to your country and see all the sights of it. You know, I don't think that Ukraine is the very country where we can meet. I want our first meeting to be romantic,and as far as you know now there is such a disgusting political situation here. There are haundreds of people, crying at the streets for different political parties. It's horrible and it'll be impossible to have a rest together here. What to do you think about my coming to you?
will you me at the airport? Well, so many questions in one letter)))
Waiting for the answer
*** Vika
Letter 2
Frank! hI, MY LOVE!!
My best man!! Yes, Internet is an interesting thing. Some days ago we didn't even know each other and now we write letters to each other, share our thoughts...It's cool, i think. I like to talk to people, it's very interesting for me to find out more about them. Yes, i want to know as much as possiable about you, as we are both here to find our love, that's why we have to tell many things to each other to be sure that we suit each other, do you agree with me? I also know that finding love in the Internet is very dangerous. But I don't have another choice to give myself a chance to find love.I am very glad that I met you, and I can trust you. And I feel that you trust me. I feel it in your letters!!! Dear, I want to meet you. I can't wait longer!
I have been also looking to soma travel agencies here that can help me to organize a trip to come to you. I found an agency, as far as i understood, it is very good and have good services, not expensive...
I can give you their e-mail I feel that you are serious. And if it's really so, just wrote them and find out the prices for me to come to you. Nothings happens. Please, just ask, and then think and tell me, if you really want and you are ready to meet me. The same way I am... I await your asnwer!
My love you, you are everything for me!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx
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