Scam letter(s) from Elena Dmitrieva to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Bob! I’m very glad you answer me and I hope our communication will continue. Bob, what do you want to know about myself? Ask me! I have good education, I finished the university. And, Bob, what is your education, where did you study? What is your profession and where are you work? How do you like your work? I like my work but it isn’t let me live as I want. I can’t buy many necessary things. My family consist of three members. There are my parents and I. I like and respect them very much. They don’t work now because they are on pension. Before the pension my dad worked in police, he is the militarian. And my mom was a school teacher. She taught Russian language and literature. So I like to read Russian classical literature. Bob, do you know Russian writers? And maybe you even read any poems or novellas? My mom taught me to cook well. I like to prepare cakes and different biscuits. I don’t like to have a meal in caf?, I like my own cooking. But I often go to different cafes with my girlfriends, we like to be together and discuss different questions.
Bob, I want you to try my cooking. And can you cook? What is your favorite food? Bob, what do you think about using alcohol and smoking?
I don’t smoke. Sometimes I can drink some vine. I believe in God and fate. And I think that all events in person’s life are outlined in advance. Our communication is God’s decision too. And do you believe in God and fate? Bob, do you like to travel? I like it very much but I’ve never been beyond the boundaries of my country. I was in different towns of Russia. I liked very much traveling on Volga by the steam-ship. Volga is one of the most famous Russian river. Gold ring of Russia is chain of the most beautiful and ancient cities what situated on the Volga banks. I think you will like Russia! Do you like nature? What is the nature of your country? Our is very beautiful!
Russia is a country of forests. Any town of Russia is supported forests and lakes like a house from a magic-tale. I like to grow flowers. All my flat is in flowers! And do you have flowers in your house? Bob, I have a lot of questions to you. I’m interesting on all about you! I hope it’s interesting for you to communicate with me and to know more about me. I send you my photos. I want to believe that you will like me. Tell me what do you think about me. Look forward to your answer. Wish you fine mood and good luck! Bye! Elena.
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