Scam letter(s) from Elena Kulikova to Ragnar (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Good day my dear Ragnar. I attentive read your ideas about it and of course I understand you. We shall meet in dates which will be good for you. I agree with you my sweet that now it's early for us and your kids live together like one family. Kids is still little and for them it will be hard see you with other woman. For your family you have a lot of work, I appreciate it. If you do a lot of work, you spend a lot of time. It is normal. Ragnar you no need worry, of course I can wait so much time as you need my love. I hope soon you can settle it and you can say to me good dates for our meeting. My dear remember thing about my holiday. You know my dear, I'm sure in you and in your good way. I mean you will find good way for our meeting, I believe it.
Now I wish you good time, with all my love Truly yours Elena
Letter 2
Good morning my lovely. It is very unpleasant to me ask your support with it, but I really have no other way my lovely. Ragnar I shall wait Saturday that finish it. I know you wait for copy of my visa. Today I shall ask in the hotel, that they make a copy. Then I can send it to you my dearest. I think today I shall walking in the Moscow, anyway it is very beautiful city, pity that we are not together at this time.
All what I am wait for, it is Big day of our first meeting...
Kiss you strongly and gently, with love Yours Elena
Letter 3
My love I just come from airport, I try find other way to leave. But still without success. With my shengen visa invitation from you will not work. We can change it, but it will take long time with other visa. Only way to us it is money. I with great pleasure find this sum, but I really can't find such sum my love. Ragnar I know you have fears, but we know each other many time and I think you know me. I will not deceive you. All what I want - our meeting. We made such big work with it and at last our meeting can happen soon. Only we need settle this question. Some time ago I didn't expect that such thing can happen with me. I went in Moscow with sure that all will be good. My dearest, all will be good, I will give you this money back, I need only show it when I will pass customs house. If you can send this sum only in Monday, I can wait. Only again problem with hotel. today my hotel number is paid. But I have no means for tomorrow and Monday. Of course I can live at station this two days, but my dear how do you imagine it? I will try ask some money from my parents, I hope they can find 200 euro for hotel. I shall look opportunity to find good phone for call you. My love, please trust to me and to our love. Our meeting will happen soon. I so worry that today we can't meet. It is real sad to me my darling. Ragnar remember that my heart with you and it belongs only to you. Great time our meeting will happen soon, I need to go now, write you soon as I can or call you. Your beloved princess Elena
Letter 4

Hello again my love, please don't be sad on me for little delay with answer. Well, I was at the airport and already settle question with other air tickets. At that time I didn't know if you will have way to support me with this problem, so I took flight for Monday. I hope it is good my love? I still have problem with pay for hotel, but I think I will settle it also. I connected with my parents and they have told that will try to find 200-300 euro for pay hotel. Tomorrow I shall know better. My hotel "Baikal", but I don't think that they will connect us. Phone at my number is not working, I even can't hear ******* there. I shall ask manager, maybe you can call there. Today I didn't have opportunity to find good phone. You know, my phone with me, but without sim card. I hope when I come you will buy for me new one?;) Tomorrow I hope find way to this and hear you voice my lovely. Thank you very much for your support and care, it means much for me. Darling this all we do only for our happy and special time together. I will return you all sum when I come to you, not worry. Of course I know what this money for you, you will get them back soon. You can send other part tomorrow? It will be good my dear. You know, at travel agency, even at your embassy spoke me about money for travel and live at your country. But at that time I really didn't know that all will be such seriously. I thought when I come, you will care about me my love. But today I knew that my dreams was not perfect. Here is details of my flight on Monday. Now I wish you good night my love, my heart with you and I shall dream about you tonight. With big love, only yours and forever yours princess Elena P.S. Aeroflot Flight SU229 Departure: 03 2009 10:20, Sheremetyevo Arrival: 03 2009 12:00, Schiphol
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