Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Gavin.
It is Oksana. How are you? I am fine and become more better when receive your answer to my message. Now I have some free time and I will answer to you.... At first I want to ask you that you always close read my letters and answer on all questions which I will ask you in mine letters and also I will always close read your letter and always honest to answer on your questions. Simply i get tired from men on internet who even not read mine letters and answer on it by a couple of lines and it insulting for me because i spend usually not less than hour what to write letter. But if you will notice that i not answer on any of your question please ask me again and i will obligatory to answer it. Simply i am not so good in English and sometimes simply can not understand or not notice anything... Thank you for spend time to write me... I hoped that you will answer to my message and very glad to have your answer. It show that internet really work :-) I not so good user of computer and I feel myself a little similar savage in it :-) I have a computer at home but not have internet on it. I have learned to use it on rates of computer science when I studied in college. I am paper worker in firm of advertising and I work there already 4 years after I finished college. I like my work very much not looking on that it sometimes become very rigid to me. But I use to it and cope with it good, as I think. Now I write to you from computer at mine work:-) I live in Russia as probably you understand already, at city Perm.
I am 28 years old, my birthday on 29 of December. My growth is 171 cm, weight is 51 kg... I hope you understand how much it in cm and kg, probably at your country you have other things to measure weight and growth.... I live with my sister in appartament not far from center of Perm which we rent for us. Name of mine sister is Maria, she is 30 years old. It is she advised to me try to search man through internet in your country. Matter in that my sister one year ago also using those agency acquaintances has got acquainted with one man. He live at your country, but he is russian. He leave to your country already about five years ago and till now he live there. His name is Eduard. He have good work there, he is boss of one from branches of the big company which is engaged in consulting. Eduard was at us on visitors on last Xmas, also he plan to come again here soon to Maria birthday. I am glad that mine sister have luck to find her soulmate... She was alone too long... Eduard also was alone enough long time, he lost his wife before leaving to your country.... Ok I will back to me...... Not looking on that that I am savage in a computer :-) I not badly know English, which also I has studyed in college. I can understand what you write and answer to you without translator, but if we will to continue our correspondence I will use translator sometimes if I to not will have time to answer to you, because I spend much time to think what to write at first and after I think how it better to write on English. I hope you not will against it that sometimes i will use e-translator... Also I can speak and understand but not so good as write because it more difficult to me understand on voice than on reading. If our correspondence will develop we can talk by phone one day in future. I am very glad that with help of it all we can communicate with you. To Maria was more easy to find and communicate with Eduard because they have no language different. Ok, now i should finish and back to work. I hope my letter not was too boring for you and you still interesting in me. Probably you hear about scammers - people who use photos of girls and saying words of love and later asking for money. I hear in internet it is a lot of similar vermins. So i want to say you that i am not one of them and i would NEVER start ask you money. Especially i would never start write you that i fall in love in you, because i consider that it is not serious and a little absurd. I am here what to find right man with which i can be happy and can develop serious relationships for real in FUTURE not for relationships in internet. I applied a couple of mine photos what you know how i look, i hope you like them. Please send me also more of your photos, I would want to have it. Ok, have great day! And write me soon. Oksana
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